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Biggest Hollywood Scandals That History Forgot / The Dark Side Of Hollywood They Try To Hide

Jul 03, 2023
Believe it or not, the Hollywood


of times past were even wilder than the ones we see today. Society was much more traditional than it is now, but that also meant that powerful studios and powerful men could get their way, perhaps literally saying that. The female stars were just as prolific when it came to extramarital affairs and drinking, so it wasn't all one-


d. The Golden Age of Hollywood lasted from the 1920s to the 1960s, but it wasn't a golden age so everyone watches the entire video to learn. on Hollywood's Most Shocking Scandals That Time I Forgot Joan Crawford's Adult Movie When Joan Crawford was a teenager long before she hit the big time she supposedly starred in a short adult movie called Velvet Lips once she was a star and signed to MGM Studios were desperate to hunt down and destroy the film before it could resurface and damage their career, reports even say that MGM producer and notorious fixer Eddie Mannix teamed up with the mob in his efforts to obtain the film,


tracked down some extortionists who claimed


could deliver the film.
biggest hollywood scandals that history forgot the dark side of hollywood they try to hide
In exchange for one hundred thousand dollars, an especially enormous sum at the time, one version of the story says that Manic simply handed over the money, another suggests that he told the extortionists that he would give them twenty-five thousand dollars for the film and that if they refused his offer, the mafia would eliminate them even though the film never reached audiences the mysterious death of Paul Byrne's husband Producer Paul Byrne was believed to have committed suicide in his home in 1932. police found a strange note he had left behind to apologize hollow for the wrong he had done her, the final line reads: you understand that last night was just a comedy, the police had no idea what he meant and Harlow refused to comment before they were married.
biggest hollywood scandals that history forgot the dark side of hollywood they try to hide

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biggest hollywood scandals that history forgot the dark side of hollywood they try to hide...

Harlow Byrne had been in a serious relationship with a woman named Dorothy Millet fell into a coma one day and doctors told Byrne that he would never wake up. Ten years later, he had a whole new life with Jean Harlow when he discovered that Millet woke up from her coma and wanted to see him set up with bones for Millet. He went to his house and it is believed that he made his wife leave the house at night, possibly causing an argument the next day. Berlin was found dead with a gun and the strange letter next to him.
biggest hollywood scandals that history forgot the dark side of hollywood they try to hide
Nine days later Millet's body was found in a river and it was assumed that she committed suicide. The whole situation is stranger than fiction. The mafia murder. Lana Turner had a dangerous taste in men in 1958. She was dating a well-known mobster named Johnny Stompanato. Stompanato was found stabbed to death in Turner's home one day when he was 14 years old. one-year-old daughter was arrested for the murder. Turner's daughter explained that she had acted in self-defense trying to protect her mother from Stompanatto's violence. Turner herself took the stand to explain the events of that horrible night, in the end the jury ruled that it was After a justifiable act of self-defense rumors circulated that it was Turner who had killed him and that she convinced her daughter to take the blame. blame.
biggest hollywood scandals that history forgot the dark side of hollywood they try to hide
Walt Disney's Nazi friends. It is widely believed that Walt Disney may have been an anti-Semite, although there is little clear evidence. There is evidence to prove this, regardless of the fact that he had no problem associating with proud and outspoken anti-Semites in 1938. Disney invited Nazi filmmaker Laney Riefenstahl to Disneyland for a tour. This was shortly after Kristallnacht and Reef and Soul's most famous propaganda film, Triumph of the Will, 1935. Already in circulation Disney was the only studio head to welcome Riefenstahl when he visited Hollywood Judy's Forced Diet Garland Judy Garland signed with MGM when she was a teenager, but the pressure to stay thin and work exorbitant hours began immediately at the age of 14 producers. and team members insulted her appearance, called her horrible names, and told her that she looked like a fat pig with pigtails when she was 18 years old.
Nimjiam founder Luis B. Mayer pushed her on an extreme diet that consisted mainly of coffee cigarettes and diet pills. The so-called stimulant pills were used to keep Garland thin and awake for the time they needed her to work, then they gave her sleeping pills so she could sleep for a few hours and woke her up again with the stimulant pills, no doubt giving her amphetamines and barbiturates. and developed a serious drug addiction that would kill her at age 47. Diet pill culture Judy Garland was not the only victim of this toxic management Debbie Reynolds recalls being sent to a doctor for vitamin injections imgm Studios because her health was suffering due to long hours at work , the injections were actually amphetamines and were also intended for weight control.
Fortunately, she refused. Female stars were pressured to have abortions. Some of Hollywood's


stars like Judy Garland, Jean Harlow and Joan Crawford were pressured to have abortions performed by the studios they were signed to. The studios controlled the lives of their actors to a degree that is unimaginable today, countless stars had abortions arranged by the studios against their wishes, if an actress was not married or having an affair, she would be sent to the hospital under a pseudonym to have the procedure Ingrid Bergman's Affair Ingrid Bergman was a happily married Hollywood star and healthy, and their fans needed to believe they were kept on board while filming the 1949 film Stromboli.
Birdman began an affair with Italian director Roberto Rossolini. They were both married at the time and ended up leaving their spouses for each other, partly because Bergman became pregnant, this completely ruined Bergman's reputation and he lost his many fans, as was customary at the time, Politicians and public figures felt the need to speak out and denounce his behavior, one even called here. a powerful influence for evil Birdman and Rosalie got married and had two children some time later they divorced she made more great movies and the scandal was a distant memory in the public's mind The death of Superman George Reeves was the original Superman in which He died in 1959 and although the official line was that he took his own life there were rumors of Foul Play, later analysis suggests that it is unlikely that he died by his own hand.
Reeves had been having an affair with the wife of powerful Hollywood producer Eddie Mannix and as we know from the Joan Crawford story and others, Mannix had mafia connections to Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, although Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo had many similarities, They arrived in Hollywood from Europe around the same time and at a similar age were never very fond of each other, at least not publicly. There was a big dispute over a lost film called Joyler Street. 1923 Garbo appeared in the film and some claimed that Dietrich did too, but Dietrich strongly denied this. A film historian conducted extensive research into Servin's footage and believes Datric appeared in the film.
He also believes that the reason he lied is that the two women had an intense but short-lived romance while filming The Joy the Street, which left them both bitter toward each other for the rest of their lives. Charlie Chaplin's team Charlie Chaplin's girlfriends Charlie Chaplin was married four times in his life. He was 29 years old in his first marriage and 53 in his last, but his wives remained practically the same age each time as his first two wives. He was 16 years old. He had to marry his second wife in Mexico to avoid California laws. Chaplin married his third wife when he was 47 and she was 20, which was a positive trend in the right direction, but he regressed toward his fourth and final wife, who was 18.
The Tragic End of Peg and Twistle Peg and Whistle was a young British actress who came to America to pursue her dream or become a star, she starred in a play along


Humphrey Bogart and got a few other small roles after that, but nothing followed. to his great theater, unfortunately, the hits of the Great Depression became harder to come by and he lost. ended his contract with RKO Studios and had little hope of becoming a star on September 16, 1932. Entwistle left his house saying he was going to the drugstore, instead he walked to the famous Hollywood sign, climbed the top of the letter H and was thrown.
She was 24 years old, her death has become infamous since then and she is known as the girl on the Hollywood sign. Part of her story was told in the Netflix drama. Hollywood. The suspicious death of Ted Heely. Ted was a vaudeville comedian and the creator of The Three Stooges. He died. in 1937, after being brutally beaten outside the Trocadera nightclub in Los Angeles, accounts of his death differ greatly, leading many to believe that powerful people were involved and that a cover-up was orchestrated. Some reports say the men who killed their actor here, what spiri future Batman producer cubby brockel and a New York mobster the rumor is that Hollywood bigwigs like Luis B Mayer and Eddie Mannix covered up the murder of Spade Cooney spekuli He was a hugely successful country music star who even had his own television show, but he had a reputation for being irascible and his flaws were only exacerbated as he became more successful.
He became paranoid and had the habit of spending all his money. He became convinced that his second wife, Ella Mae, was having an affair and really lost his mind. her for hours in front of her daughter until she died he was found guilty of her murder but his famous friends pressured then governor Ronald Reagan to pardon kudi for some reason he agreed however Cooley died of a stroke heart attack before he could be forgiven.

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