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Big Ron Manager Ep4 (3/4)

May 30, 2021
What are you saying? What are you saying? shelf, go away, go away, go away. I could leave it. I already have enough. He needs to see it. No. I'm my Jamie. Back stick. Piz again on the front. Jagger's had enough of an idiot, you told me. to get in, you set me up with FL, so jump to that, don't argue with him anymore, so you know, just treat people with no respect, like he's a CL. I mean, for Steve, the fight with St Ledger is the last straw and him. finally confronts some ugly truths at home I think there are five or six players who don't want to be here I still want the playoffs, it's a tall order uh, if you want my personal opinion, I don't think we can do it.
big ron manager ep4 3 4
I don't think we have the character to do it. I don't think we have the leaders to do it. We certainly do not have courage in front. We don't roll up our sleeves. They dont want it. Same as me, they don't want it. The beginning of my career as a


. The plays are Ru for you. They will ruin it on the eve of the game with mfield. Steve is summoned to a board of directors meeting. What went wrong in the last two games? next uh a DEET of with injuries absolutely exhausted P's eting faz's eting s's out quin's out Doo's out this sounds like tomorrow we go out with a white flag I I don't know if that's the feeling, he's totally fit, I just SP fit and Sean St L just said I won't play as a right back.
big ron manager ep4 3 4

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I said Sean about you last night. I said please, Sean, can you do me a favor? I need to return by tomorrow, the sensors are out. I can only play as a right back, can you? do me a job yes B great just for the game form didn't want to do it the other day Not bad Barry is not backing the


, he desperately needs the cash that the sale of St LED would secure to keep the club afloat and it's understandable I want to put it up in the shop window in its best position. I have to be honest from a club point of view.
big ron manager ep4 3 4
We had Celtic Blackburn Birmingham looking bigger, everyone is coming on Saturday and for me it's a waste of time playing with Johnon Ler. When we have to rely on selling someone to exist that afternoon, Barry receives several phone calls from players complaining about mixed messages from management, everyone is confused and the St Ledger issue appears to have reopened divisions in the ranks. Central defender. Steve told Phil Bolland that he might have to resign to let St Ledger play in his position. I was told I wouldn't be playing tomorrow in the space of 5 minutes since I was fit this morning at training and, um, second player.
big ron manager ep4 3 4
I had kicked a first goal because he was in a position and within 10 minutes he was playing in my position and I wasn't, so I just wanted to know what was going on with a good club, no one knows who runs the place that I don't. I don't know, you can see that there is a team that is not working as a team and until you do that you are not going to win anything or get anywhere B, come see me and said that uh uh, the manager said that they left it for me blame and uh, I could grow old with Steve and say, I haven't left you, buddy, I don't pick the team and then of course Chon Ledger came with his version of events and I have three messages on my phone to ring. other people, I mean, the camp is clearly divided I read the newspaper we are playing 352 talking to Steve we are playing 442 he doesn't know if he's playing she doesn't know if she's playing no one knows if they're playing or not and if they're playing where they're playing Like the best man, what the hell is going on in my club?
Go on, what's going on? Now B clearly has a problem, something really bad went wrong. I mean, I've had four players in it, I really haven't. I have no idea that we clearly have a big problem. I mean, the players don't know where they are playing. If they are playing. Why are they playing? I have to see Steve when he answers his phone. Can't. get it completely i can't see it just disappear without even an effort we gave up today we gave up the white flag i don't have that i think you have to get him into tomorrow before someone comes and you have to sit him down, have a heart to heart conversation with him and, uh, get you out, okay, buddy, right, I'll see you in the morning, I'll be there early.
We'll be there early, cheers, goodbye with Steve off the radar. Barry takes control and makes the key decision for him. Phil, uh, I couldn't get the gaffa, but I'm telling you, you're playing tomorrow, so get ready. your head is fine, you are playing in your normal position, there is no excuse, just go ahead and do what we paid to do Sean, you will play tomorrow in your normal position, have a good night, get your head right and the player who you totally did last monday. Focus on the game, nothing else, see you, friend, good night. God bless you.
In 3 hours, the Posh will face mfield in a game they simply have to win, now convinced that the coaches have lost the support of the locker room. Barry has called Steve into his office, it's clear. to me that you're confused it's clear to me that you don't know what to do there's no you don't care you care passionately about the club for the players it's just I wish the players cared as much looking back I asked you to do it It's kind of unfair, but he made it brilliant. I know you did it and I know you did it, so the only way I can do it now is to go see the players at half-and-half and say, "I'm picking the team." my team, this is what I hope for, you know, and keep going.
What you're saying is I don't have the job, it's as simple as that, no, I'm not saying that, Steve, I'm not saying that. not at all one minute listen if it goes wrong I'll face the press if we win go and face the press the press doesn't have to know who picked the team after they've picked their starting 11 Barry calls Ron and the backroom team I told him to Steve that he would take it off his hands since he would be choosing the team today. They are not giving him support. It's not his fault. He has had problems with one or two players.
Everyone has observed it, even I observed that it's, you know, the attitude, they don't respect anyone, they don't even respect themselves, so we're all in the hot seat, well, you are and I need you not to come. and play, but to get into the players because Steve can't get into 16 players, what's your body language going to be? Steve, yes please, I'm fine, yes, it's been very positive, Ron, the reason I say that is because if it's not like it's a disadvantage in the locker room immediately people say oh what's going on here, Well, I'm fine, I'm just worried about the tactical changes, that's all.
I want you to be free to say what you want. e yes, but I don't want to, I don't want to be S, I'll just speak in general if you ask me to be good, Ro, the right ledge, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I don't blame Steve B at Dale in everything he's been thrown into the deep end if you're like me he doesn't like me he doesn't like me he doesn't like anyone else I wouldn't care if you like them you get paid to play football I have all the assets that you're not getting anywhere near it right now, not even close, so today I'm going to choose the team, it's my fault, so many injuries and the only thing I assume now is that no one knows what their job is today. coming out there someone confused Tyler you you you you Pete unknown to Barry this turn of events has pushed Steve to the limit with only an hour to go to kick off he drops the final bomb I'm sorry, you want me to close down to the defenders what he's playing in a free role in midfield yeah so I just passed the point and quit guys good luck everyone see you later well that's obviously not what he said yesterday or today but there you have it life is full of present surprises.
Nothing should surprise me. football, but there you go, so we gotta move on guys, we gotta stand up and be counted, don't get soaked, you didn't like it anywhere, you showed that you showed that when he was here you didn't give it to him . lots of support so don't be upset when he's gone it's okay we're all here to help you we're all here to cheer you up what one thing is bringing out the best in you and you clearly haven't been doing that. The first Posh fans on the scene are as stunned as the players by the breaking news we're on camera.
Yeah, what did he say? He says it's left to choose the team after weeks of restricted participation as troubleshooter Ron takes control of the pre-match talk. second, guys, just a second, I mean, it's like watching a soap opera, no, I can't believe it. I mean, can I have two minutes? I come down and look at your train and see you. Pop the ball and I'm I'm impressed by me. I think everyone likes playing football now, why don't they go out today and enjoy it? It's okay, I enjoy it. I have to admit, when I saw it in his room, that's what I said. about I thought his body I thought his body language didn't suggest he wanted is a Well, it's an amazing experience situation, there you go, you made a right or wrong decision, keep it up, aggravating, give me the leg S, I'll be.
I'm glad I sold you, so amidst the unfolding chaos, the Posh are about to self-destruct and put on one of the most incredible games seen on London Road in years.

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