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Big Ron Manager Ep2 (1/4)

May 05, 2020
Ron Atkinson is a legend in the world of football after seven years away from the club's management. He has once again taken on a new role as a football problem solver for the biggest trophies. He can prove that there is more to him than champagne and tans, but now heaven willing but he still does it big. We have what it takes to guide lower league clubs to success. We've told second division Peterborough United to sit back and get a big one. The coach's spirits light up as the results are incredible, or this way there is a search for a new striker, that's what the management does. about the boy, you have to make a decision and Brawn addresses the club's financial disaster.
big ron manager ep2 1 4
I'm running out of money. I'm running out of time. I'm running out of ideas. Uncertain, Big Ron has spent two weeks in Peterborough. his first tasks this problem solver the speed to evaluate the progress of the novice


Steve pleased a sense of passion enthusiasm good training ideas I think he has to learn something is to make valid points he actually makes 400 suggestions in a second the pleasure they will have as If he couldn't accept it all, Steve has been trying to find his place since he recently took on the new


ial position, it hasn't been easy, especially since the players know that Blio is their coach and confidant, not a tough boss and it has been difficult with the coaching transition for six or seven months.
big ron manager ep2 1 4

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The key was reestablishing an unwritten rule of football etiquette. In every football club I've been to, there's a guy who's the boss, the player, and for my money, that's how he should be referred to. but it was becoming clear to this wise old owl, but the problems went far beyond job titles, for some reason, the new young people have a lot to tell me and let me tell you now about the manager right here, I mean, in any moment I tell them. You train like crazy to get to the root of this power struggle, one needed unprecedented access to the pressure cooker of the game day locker room, but when he asked for it, things started to click.
big ron manager ep2 1 4
I don't want to go into the locker room under those circumstances. his antagonism towards you I haven't been there I know the speed there will be antagonism eventually the problem was resolved amicably and Steve agreed to give Ron a two day trial as a new week dawns at Ron's mission in Peterborough our problem solver is in a philosophical mood , knows football management so well, it is no surprise that his arrival has ruffled a few feathers. I don't actively indulge in the role that I have, you know, pleasing everyone all the time, but I think anything. but the effort or attempt to do or say will be done with the best possible intentions for the good of the club and for the good of the people involved in it, they are on a good run, they are on fire. there is a good spirit and they have games that, although nothing can be guaranteed, many of them are what I call winnable, nothing more than Peter blurs the next game at the bottom of the table, Torquay enters the game at the that Porsche placed comfortably.
big ron manager ep2 1 4
He is sixth in Division Two and even has an outside chance of automatic promotion, as he feels he has done a thorough job preparing his team for the game. A recent incident in the locker room that mr. Smolla Mood, experienced central defender Mark Arbor just discovered the matter to charge him, but the tampering with a urine sample during a routine drug test was one of our samples in a bathroom in the showroom and we did not collect it or We moved it, what we regularly sigh about is that you know how to do it but there was no intentional example of it.
It's just a case of moving an object that was on my wife. Hopefully it's a slap on the wrist and I continue with my soccer on the way to talk. Please Steve has organized one last training session at non-league Tibberton Town after putting the lads through their paces, he is particularly aware that complacency could be the Pasha's biggest enemy, that's Alice , come quickly tomorrow, let me tell you. You treat this game like it's the last game in the league and you'll go under. It's like an attitude game. You have to do it right. You have to be aware because we need the three points.
You gotta be on we gotta be pumped we gotta be in the races and you chase 'em if you don't you'll go down tomorrow okay any questions that's all please Dale's words of warning hanging in the air are spoken, but it is a calm night on the day of the game on the English Riviera and it seems that the sea air has put the boys in a very good mood, although it is no laughing matter for one of their teammates, Mark Arbors, the stomach pains of the bodily functions continue this time. He's suffering from a nasty bout of gastroenteritis, he's in the mood for a gastronomic sermon and the kids are editing, but just when all of Leo's preparations seem to be disappearing into the pots, big Ron comes to town, what's the news?
I said Ralph's big sin marks here and it's like four or five. times and he feels a little sick and the soda always gives them some subleases he's eating for the first time and what happens, what happens to the fighter with the rest, that becomes well, BL, you thought you knew I've had a lot of cuts. with them a lot of second quarter and obviously you will enter the room. I'll get them going right before we start, you know, let's get them motivated and get them ready for the game, we're on target, he said again when the players arrived. in talkies, the small plot by the sea, Mark Harbor finally confirms his place in the starting lineup, that's Perron, the new Liat, he read, access to the locker room, now he can take the measure, are these pre-match team conversations .
I always like to keep my team conversations fairly positive, short and clear. Make it clear to the players what you expect from them, try not to leave them confused and since that is a danger, sometimes I speak too much from my experience with footballers and with good reason, to a certain extent you can do it if you talk to them about their attention span to the maximum. Okay, do you want? Just give me 10 minutes first of all, my team, this locker room brimming with confidence, full of great spirit, adaptable, flexible, I know that on our day we can kill teams, we can follow your formula and that. minute to me you're just stuck in fourth gear.
I'm waiting for that fifth gear. I tell the survivors and the way they look before the end is sloppy, we don't do it, it's 100% attitude, I know. I can do it? I have a good feeling today. Do you have the same belief? Yes, yes, also, correct body language. Convincing and confident deals as soon as the match starts. Leo's worst fears come true despite repeated warnings not to underestimate him. No DTaP spare parts have been produced. maneuver completely cut off many of the runs here I mentioned the runs there he's a moron even Ron moves to intervene heads to the dugout finds leverage deals you know when the ball lands in the middle of the face he turns and runs three times and then, what?
Who is the next one who retires so that he does not witness it with elegant people unable to get on track? It's not a big surprise when you clearly talk about the only goal of the game Tony fart reinstall a fantastic ending Supergirl bertocchi date these days at the end of the leeks, the players completely ignore all his warnings, it is clearly knowing that the coach finally Leo explodes , once in that game and I said, watch out, I've never spent so many 10 minutes before the game telling you how good you are, maybe it was me. talk to me to tell you I'll shake it sometimes it seemed like an eternity passing the buck they have to do everything early we throw them fight all day carelessness no one gives me anything but attitude and carelessness that's what I'm saying we were at the races, none of the runs, careless attitude, the drive has been humiliated by the last team in its league time because of the verdict of the experts and because the finger of blame clearly points in one direction.
I think I'll tell your boss. the front people in general will fluff today I really did it I don't know what gave you I don't disagree with that sloppy cast at all use the word you entered in the adjuster's name I feel like Ocoee can score a goal I thought not "Don't play nothing, no, rich stuff, what you're doing on a football field, you know he's running, they can't stop you, so every time I say you want a cheap ball and a defender, it's easy to market, you know ?" I'm afraid if it continues like this, you're carrying it, your places are real, we have to get somewhere.
Obviously I'll know what went wrong today and I'll even see the two forwards in Tommy's mind, Blake Nelson. him in that's what my lakum the defeat makes a big dent in the club's promotion boost all hopes of automatic promotion now a rapidly fading dream the search for a new striker is far from simple that's what the management guy, you have to make a decision and Ron gets some shocking financial headlines from his old friend Perry, Peter, very late night and sinks, I was seized by mistakes, I ended up with nothing, nothing at all.

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