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Big, Medium and Small Plate Challenge #2 by Multi DO Challenge

Apr 30, 2024
mmm I love Chupa tubes. I'd like a little more, but I guess this will do. Where is my Chupa Chups? Hey, where did I put it? Oh, that's right, it's right here. Where we are? I don't know, but it looks great, that's all. I have never seen a Coca-Cola so


. I was much luckier. You should see how lucky I am. I have never seen a bottle this big. But the less fortunate starts. Mary, go easy first. I just have to open this bottle somehow. but how even my teeth don't help I'm going to deal with you anyway, open up I already told you I might find it delicious, too bad it's so


Emma, ​​now it's your turn to drink yes, this is my favorite, it's delicious Hey, do you know What do I know to make this even tastier, for example, can I add honey to Coca-Cola?
big medium and small plate challenge 2 by multi do challenge
Okay, all made overseas and of course I can't drink a hot Coke, so let's get it nice and cold and ready, now I can drink it or In fact, I guess I can eat it. It has cola flavored gelatin. That's thanks to the honey in the refrigerator. I love this. I want to eat it all right now. It must be very tasty. Yes, probably very tasty. Yeah, oh damn. The honey stuck my hands to the bottle, could you help me? No way. I guess I'll use the table. What should I do with my hand now? Well, I guess I can do this right.
big medium and small plate challenge 2 by multi do challenge

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big medium and small plate challenge 2 by multi do challenge...

Now it's my turn and I have a straw. ready, looks cool right, oh no, I dropped it, damn, now I'm definitely not buying the coke, but I can always use a bunch of straws, now I can make a big long one, hey Emma, ​​I think that we should borrow his idea and his Coca-Cola, hey, what is this? Wait a minute girls, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Didn't anyone ever teach you not to steal from others? Get out of here. We have to teach him a lesson. Luckily I always carry Mentos with me. Ready. Now there will be.
big medium and small plate challenge 2 by multi do challenge
It's going to be a blast hooray, what a blast, so cool, sticky and I have nothing to drink, but now we all look really funny, so I guess it's okay, yeah, this definitely won't be enough to fill me up, yeah, but these noodles are spicy , Oh no. I have fear also. I have this huge cube in front of me, but then Kate starts this time. I'm not a coward. I can definitely handle these noodles and there aren't many of them. Wow, that's hot. Girls, have an unpleasant surprise. I'm coming for you, yeah, this isn't good, I'm not jealous of you at all, the faster I ate this, the faster I can finish this, okay, I guess it's okay for now, uh-oh, I think I get it what Kate was really talking about. hot, my goodness, I haven't seen a flame like that in a long time, okay, it's much better now, the water really helped, okay Mary, that's enough talk time for you guys to eat some noodles.
big medium and small plate challenge 2 by multi do challenge
No, I'll try. Hi girls, I don't. I don't feel so good Emma give me some water we are friends and friends always support each other we will help you Mary thank you that is much easier to eat now I can continue eating but don't forget to spray me Mary you can always trust us, that's very sweet girls, but I need water uh-oh, I think we ran out of water, it was a very bad time, oh my God, whoa girls, I'm sorry about your hair, it was an accident, what a sharp cactus. It's sharp and very big you have a big one, have you seen mine?
But just looking at it makes me want to faint, okay, calm down, calm down, we'll see how calm you'll be when you have to eat all that Mary. Okay, I'll go first. I have an idea why I don't remove all the needles from this cactus and then I definitely won't get hurt. This is coming out great, it's still pretty, but at least my tweezers idea worked well. I'm done, it's Emma's turn. I have to get rid of these thorns, too strange. You are like a real ninja. Bravo, thank you. I did my best. That's enough conversation time to start eating.
Oh no, this is so disgusting that even a ninja can handle this disgusting cactus. but you still have to eat it all, who made up these stupid rules, oh no way, I want to throw up. I haven't eaten something this disgusting in a long time. Now it's just you, why are you doing this to me, I think. I'll try what Mary did. I just need to remove all the needles with these pliers. I have a better and much faster idea. Kate, take this saw. Oh no, I don't know how to use it anyway, but these tweezers are super easy. uh, that's cool, I guess we'll just sit here and then he sent her that and she told him this oh, it's not over yet, that's already taking so long, stop complaining, there's only a little bit left, oh well, everyone's asleep .
I guess I'll have to try this cactus myself, it doesn't smell bad, the girls were right, this cat tastes horrible, but since everyone is asleep, no one will notice if I get rid of this cactus. Disgusting, I had to throw away the pot, oh poor thing, they bought it great. I love Nutella, especially when there is so much of it. Wow, I love it more, yes, you're lucky. Okay, you're off to a good start. I can't eat Nutella. so I want to make toast with it then I can spread the chocolate look I have this little kitchen for that let's wait a little then we turn it over and our toast is ready now it's time to spread Nutella look how delicious, it's so cute, I love it, I could eat it for the rest of my life, shame, the jar is so small, it was gone so quickly, okay Mary, now it's your turn, finally now I can enjoy Nutella and I don't need it. anything else with that I need my fingers thank you oh yeah this is just amazing it's not very clean but it's very tasty oh my gosh hey my hand okay you have to help me.
I can use the saw, no, please don't be a foreigner, oh Emma, ​​you. You are a genius, thank you very much, well it's time to say goodbye to the jar anyway, okay Emma, ​​now it's your turn to eat look how much chocolate there is, this is amazing, I can eat it pretty quickly, especially since I have such a spoon big, oh yeah, this looks delicious uh oh this spoon is too small for the jar I guess I'll have to finish this without the spoon oh yeah, I'm finishing it hey, where are your manners? um Emma you might need to clean yourself up who cares about this.
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