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BIDEN IN KIEW: „Das hat immense Auswirkungen - Das hat mich in der Tat überrascht “ | UKRAINE-K

Feb 21, 2023
and in our studio we welcome general aD Roland katakata it's good that you came to us hello the big surprise today was that the president of the USA Joe Biden traveled to Kiev so he was surprised and above all , what kind of signal is that really surprised me, but I think it's cool. I have to be honest when I heard the DS news this morning that the security apparatus had been set up as murder, that was the first hint and then it was confirmed that the American president had arrived in Kiev. and I think it has a particular symbolism and, of course, I think, as my friend and fellow judge said, it also has huge effects, of course, it also has huge signals that it sends either internally to the United States, whether to Kiev, or be it Europe, be it China, be it against this free world, but above all a very clear signal to Putin that the entire western free world stands behind and on the side of Ukraine and we will do everything we can to ensure that Ukraine succeeds if you want more news. from our team you need to click here if you are looking for exciting documentaries, strong reports then follow this path and if you want to subscribe to rediscover the world click here
biden in kiew das hat immense auswirkungen   das hat mich in der tat berrascht ukraine k

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