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Biblical Proof Found in Stunning Archaeological Finds: 'A Tsunami of Evidence'

May 06, 2024
Well, you have a fascinating book on archeology and the Bible, 50 fascinating


that bring the Bible to life, and you are someone who has memorized much of the Scriptures. You are known as the man who remembers the Bible. You truly know the Scriptures like the back of your hand. and when we look at the


of the Bible properly, we look at these


moments and we've seen so many of them, why do you think it's so important for so many people to be able to see that


that supports what they read? In Scripture, that is a good question.
biblical proof found in stunning archaeological finds a tsunami of evidence
First of all, I would like to say that we do not need archeology to prove that the Bible is true and we know it, and those who watch us know that the Bible stands on its own and is completely authoritative in every way. but look, you know what it's like if you're sharing your faith or you're evangelizing or whatever. If you tell someone that you need to believe the Bible because the Bible says it is true, you will get some negative reactions. you are, you are, you are G, you will get a lot depending on who you are talking to, to be able to have these different excuses that we could use to give an answer to everyone who asks us a reason for hope.
biblical proof found in stunning archaeological finds a tsunami of evidence

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biblical proof found in stunning archaeological finds a tsunami of evidence...

That's in the US, it's fundamental, it's essential, as you know, to our Christian life that we are fully equipped and the only area of ​​apologetics, the only science that I would say that continues to reveal new information from the pages of the Bible. , is archeology, like you. We know that we are not going to find a 67th book tomorrow, a 68th and 6th book is not going to happen, the Canyon is closed, so any new information we can extract from the pages of the Bible from the world of the Bible to prove The reliability and accuracy of the Scriptures comes primarily from the science of archaeology, of course, there are areas and other areas that you like about geology and other things that can prove that there really was a flood 6,000 years ago or 4,000 years ago.
biblical proof found in stunning archaeological finds a tsunami of evidence
I have to say you know those things are out there, but archeology Biblical archeology has given us a


of evidence that we already know that all these people existed, but we have evidence of their names between 50 and 100, I think between 50 and 100 people who are mentioned in the Bible, the exact name of that person, King David Isaiah the prophet. King Hezekiah ET, we find their names and


objects that, as I said, demonstrate the reliability and accuracy of the Scriptures, yes, no, and I think that really helps people in some ways because, as you were saying, we don't need this to know the Bible.
biblical proof found in stunning archaeological finds a tsunami of evidence
It's true, but for many people this evidence can be compelling enough to lead them to believe, you know, if they're right, they can say: I know, I don't know what I think, but when I see this evidence it leads me to say wow, I didn't realize there was all this archaeological evidence and that brings me to a question for you, we have so many of these archaeological


that people don't know about, let's talk about a couple of them over the last year, what would you say was the biggest archaeological discovery of last year? Well, on the one hand, we have a group of quote-unquote smaller finds that demonstrate that the Kingdom of King David is 3,000 years old.
It makes Billy actually exist in 1994, until 1994 there was not a shred of archaeological evidence that King David ever existed outside of the pages of the Bible and wrote half of the Psalms that you know if you don't have King David. You don't have the Lord Jesus in the genealogy, but when we


in 1994 we


the name of King David on a monument at the gate of Tan, which is the north pole of Israel, and ever since then we've been getting these these little drips and drops of information about King David's Kingdom and etc., but last year we found the forts that King David built in southern Israel to defend against those who would attack Israel from the south.
We found this line of Billy forts on the main routes in the main places dating back to the time of King David when they dug in Jerusalem they found a giant moat a moat dating back to the time of David a fortification defense right in the city of Jerusalem um we have found doors uh that of David's son, Solomon, hator megiddo and gazer, um, so again and again we see that you know that King David, which is just one example, is a real person, in addition to the other great finds which I did last year in the Dead Sea area, a team. of archaeologists went to the lowest place on Earth and they were going to rephotograph a cave and in this cave they knew that there was a deer light and in that deer light someone had written about it like 2,500 years ago or something like that. wrote there, uh, something, something, something in the valley of salt and they were trying to take pictures of it to find out what the words are before in the valley of salt, so in the Bible the Dead Sea is not called the Dead Sea It was not called that until the 2nd or 3rd century AD.
The Greco-Roman term the Bible calls sea salt or sea salt, so it says that while they were there taking these pictures on the way out, they were just snooping around a little to see if they didn't know, they didn't miss anything and lo and behold, what? They found? They found two perfectly preserved swords from approximately 137 AD. from the time of the Jewish revolts of the time of the Roman emperor Hadrian, so it is quite surprising that that area of ​​the Dead Sea that can, because of its climate, Billy, could preserve the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls for 2000 years, can preserve a food, we find a fruit. in the caves in the Dead Sea area, that's hundreds or thousands, maybe even years old, like a hostess cupcake, you know, like you put it on the shelf or something, or a McDonald's cheeseburger, never will change, he was like one of those guys. things is kind of scary but also amazing that that could exactly change the climate there in the Dead Sea region and could preserve these things forever.
One more find they found last year. I think it was really surprising that they found. the oldest gate that has ever existed in the holy land, so this dates back to the time of the great pyramids in egypt. Billy, this is like a couple hundred years before Abraham even and it's on the outskirts of Ashalon, on the outskirts of Gaza and southwestern Israel, and this gate. It's not complete, of course, but the foundation is there and with your imagination you could rebuild it. This gate was from shortly after the flood, when people started to become civilized and urban, and everything, planning, etc., so it's pretty phenomenal that, uh, we.
I still have these treasures buried right under the sands of time all over Israel, yes, my God, I mean, as you are, I want to go back to David because he's so fascinating to me and that's why we have to be so careful when we have a secular culture and mind because until 1994 people were probably saying we had no evidence that David existed, and then you have this discovery and this is the interesting thing about this that it turns all of that on its head. and you move on to recent discoveries that now corroborate that I am referring to every single thing that I have seen and correct me if I am wrong because you look at this more than I have only corroborated what we see in the Scriptures, not the opposite.
I have seen so many things that have been proven to be true, even down to different ships that have been found. You know they existed in the time of Jesus. They weren't Jesus' ship per se, but we know the size and description of these things. In the Scriptures it is validated by what is found, so when you went to write your book on archeology in the Bible, you chose 50 fascinating finds, but how did you narrow down what you were going to include in the book in light of all that number? ? One is that you wanted to try to cover the


story so that you know roughly, you know that shortly after the flood, with Abraham Abraham was born about 300 years or so after the flood, so I started from him because that's where we have the The beginning of at least correct evidence that archaeologists have found so far even though they have apparently found objects from before the flood, but um, I started with Abraham and it worked up to the time of the Lord Jesus, but I really wanted to focus my attention. attention to how these findings demonstrate that the children of Israel have religious and historical rights to the land. um, you know the Temple Mount, for example, you know the Muti, which is like the chief, the big wig of the Muslims. in Jerusalem they said that there was not a single Jewish stone in all of Jerusalem that the temple was never there and all these kinds of lies and that is why they do not believe that Muslims do not believe that there was ever a Jewish temple and that is why since there was never a Jewish temple, they would say that the Jews have no right to claim the land or to build a third temple.
Well, that's fine even though, as you know, the Scriptures clearly explain that there was a first temple and a second temple in both. the Old and the New Testament in the late 90's and early 2000's Billy the Muslims were digging in the southeast corner of the Temple and long story short they pulled out I don't know how many billions in over a hundred semi loads from the bowels of the temple when they were working on that southeast corner of the Temple Mount and they just dumped them unceremoniously into the Kidron Valley right next to the Temple Mount.
Well, it took them a few years, but the Israel Antiquities Authority was able to get what was left over and then review this. I did this and we worked cube by cube and examined the bowels of the temple and what we found overwhelming evidence that there was a Jewish presence here, that the Jewish people are the ones who have the religious and historical claims to the land have the claims to Hebron have the claims about Jerusalem have claims about Sheck all these kinds of things because God gave them so these stones that we found in the Temple Mount sifting project we, we look at Billy in the book of Jeremiah in the book of Jeremiah, yeah If it were a movie, one of the people in the book is called Baruk and he would have liked a small speaking role in the movie, okay, at least he's in the movie.
You already know that in the credits, but anyway, during the Temple Mountain sifting project, archaeologists found that person with his name written on a 100% seal. And there's a fingerprint on the back, which maybe it is, maybe it's not who knows, but the point is that if I could find evidence from the smallest characters of Jeremiah, how much more than you see how the plot goes well , how much more of the rest is true, yes, no, and I think this is what I mean, this is what we live in a culture where people are so caught up in the material that, as we said before, it becomes useful to use the material to show them the Eternal pointing back to all the things that are being found to say look, you can make a lot of people say, well, no I don't know what is true, there are so many different religions, there are so many, well, which ones have the right evidence and that's where archeology is so fascinating to me because when you have the evidence that corroborates what we spiritually know to be true it will bring back those people. those who are skeptical or insecure at least have to explain why all these things add up when there is no evidence for anything else, so at the end of the day, when someone takes up archeology in the Bible and again the subtitle 50 fascinating finds that bring life to the Bible, what do you hope they think and feel at the end of reading this book?
Surely two things, number one, is for unbelievers. I know a friend of mine went to talk about the Dead Sea Scrolls during the 75th anniversary last year, the Dead Sea Scrolls are good and the host told him that whatever you do when you talk about the Dead Sea Scrolls, We don't want you to talk about the Bible, it's as if you didn't talk about the Bible and the Dead Sea. They move together, but he knew what they meant, so he just stuck to the scientific explanations, and uh, etc. and to the discoveries, well, he received a letter about a week or two later from a surgeon like a brainiac who was there and said: look, me.
I have come to faith in the Lord Jesus because of your presentation, although he did not mention the scriptures even once because all his life people told him: you have to believe in the Lord Jesus, you have to believe in what you do, obviously, but he has too much intellectual right, he didn't trust the reliability, he didn't trust the accuracy, he didn't trust the transmission of Scripture, but once my friend was able to argue that the Dead Sea Scrolls clearly establish the fact that the scriptures have been faithfully trans, that was all I needed, so number one is a great tool for people like that, maybe on the fence or whatever, look at the stones, they scream and then number two is for us , for believers, for the Saints to encourage us in our faith to know that when you pick up the Bible and read it, these things really happened, you may not be able to understand them all or explain them well, but these people really lived and these events did.
They occur because the Bible explains well where people can go if they want to learn more about your work and obtain copies of the book. You can visit us at bemory That's pretty easy. Bible Memory thebible Memory We appreciate your time. today as always thank you

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