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Bible Stories for Kids! The Story of Abraham (Episode 3)

Jun 08, 2021


, did you all bring what I told you yesterday? Yes father! Brilliant! Did you bring yours Mateo? Yes, father, here... he is... he is in my bag. And you, Lucy? Here he is father! Good. Now I want everyone to put their building sets on the table and start building a tower. And while you build the tower, I will tell you the


of the tower of Babel. Babel's tower? Yes Matthew! Do you remember the


of Noah that I told you yesterday? Yes father. You told us how God created a flood. And only Noah and his family survived by building the ark!
bible stories for kids the story of abraham episode 3
How good Mateo! So after they survived, God said to Noah Noah: you will have many children and they will also have many more! They will fill the entire earth. Noah's descendants populated the earth again. But as time passed, pride and selfishness filled the human heart. Today we are strong, there is only God above us! We are united and strong, no one should be above us, not even God! We must find a way to be above God Yes, it is not convenient for us to be below anyone What can we do? Why don't we build a huge tower?
bible stories for kids the story of abraham episode 3

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bible stories for kids the story of abraham episode 3...

A tower that reaches to the heavens in the sky! It's a brilliant idea! That will be a monument to our people and show everyone how great we have become! Let's start work immediately! People started to build the tower. They made the tower using bricks, and the tower went up and up. But when God saw the city and the tower, he knew that humanity was lost. They were building a monument to themselves instead of worshiping God, who had made everything possible. Then God decided to confuse the people by confusing their language so that they would not understand each other.
bible stories for kids the story of abraham episode 3
Soon there was confusion. The friends could hear each other talking, but they couldn't understand what the others were saying. And because of this confusion, they had to stop building the tower. The city was called Babel, which means confused. Yeah! I have finished building my tower! Oh! That's a good one Mateo! I can see that all your towers are up. Good job everyone! Thanks, Dad! Can you tell us another story from the Bible? Please father! Why not? Now that you have all learned about the tower of Babel, let me tell you the following story from the Bible: Who is that Father?
bible stories for kids the story of abraham episode 3
I will tell you the story of Abraham. Who was Abraham? Many years after the time of Noah, there was a man named Abram. He was a good man who owned many sheep and cattle. He lived with his wife Surai, in the land of Haran. Abram was a godly man who lived his life according to the ways of the Lord. His only pain was that he had no children. One day God spoke to Abram Abram, leave your country and your people, and go to the land to which I will guide you. If you do, I will make you become a great nation, I will bless you, and I will make your name famous, and you will be a blessing to many others!
Surai... Surai... Surai... What dear? Surai... Dear... You won't believe what I'm going to tell you. What's wrong dear? Did you know? God just spoke to me!! God??? Yes dear, God just spoke to me! Can you believe it? That's wonderful dear, what did he tell you? Hello! Hello Lot, my nephew! Why are you panting? You seem very excited. Yes... Yes, I am very excited! Lot, God just spoke to Abram. What? God? I... I can't believe this! Yes, Lot, the mighty God just spoke to me! What did he tell you? God told me to leave our home and our country.
Huh? That? But where does God want us to go? Hmmm... He didn't tell me that. But He said that He will continue to guide us. But Darling? Do you think it's a good idea to drop everything and just... just leave? Yes. How can we leave like this? What's wrong with our house? And, and the flock? And our relatives? I know this sounds... this sounds crazy, Lot. But we must have faith in God and we must trust that God will guide us. Don't worry. I will go with you wherever you want me to go. Yes, we will do what you tell us.
Abram left Haran, as the Lord had told him to do. His wife Surai, and his nephew Lot went with him. They took their livestock. , the sheep, the horses and the camels with them. They wandered through the mountains and valleys for a long time. They ate wild fruits when they were hungry. They drank water from the streams. And when they were tired, they slept under the trees. They were not lost. his faith in God. And they continued traveling as God told them. And after a very long journey, they arrived in the land of Canaan Ha, ha… We have finally arrived!
Yes dear, I need to thank God! Let me go and pray. Abram, this is the land that I give to you and your family forever. Thank you, thank you Lord! But their happiness did not last long, as it did not rain for a long time and a severe drought hit the land. Abram and his family had no choice but to move south to find food for themselves and the animals. and finally they reached the border of Egypt. Is this Egypt? They say that further south, along the Nile River, there is food and grain that can be bought at the market.
Will the Egyptians allow us to enter their land dearly? I hope so. We have silver and gold to pay for everything we buy, I'm afraid dear. What if they rob us? I'm not sure about this plan. I think we should turn back. No No We must enter Egypt Otherwise there is no hope for us Don't you see that the animals are dying of thirst? We must do this. We understand. But what if they are not good people and they hurt us? What if they are attracted to your wife? They could kill us to take her! Oh Lord!
I can't let that happen. Surai, you must stay here. I'll go and come back in a few days. No, darling, I can't think of living without you. I'd rather die. I can't live without you either, Surai. We have to find a way to enter Egypt together. That could be dangerous, man. Hey, I have an idea! What if we tell them that Surai is my sister? It's a brilliant idea! Yes... Then they will respect you and welcome us as their family! I think it's going to be a good plan. Come on, let's get going. No time to lose.
Hello! Who are you? My name is Abram. We came from the north because... we were facing a terrible drought there. So? What do you want me to do? We came looking for food to feed my family and my animals. We can trade our sheep for food. We don't need more animals. Then we will pay in silver, sir. Oh? Who is this beauty? Me? I... I'm her sister! Wow! You're a beauty! So... Sir... Can we finish what we were discussing about trade? Oh, that can wait. But first leave them all with Pharaoh, I am sure he will give them a lot.
Come with me Oh no! Everything will be okay God, please help me. His Majesty. Yeah? Oh! Who is this woman? Tell her Tell her name her majesty My name is Surai I have come from the North with my brother We came here looking for food You are really beautiful Surai! May I have the pleasure of inviting you to a banquet tonight? Feast? Say yes, dear. She will get angry if you deny it. Yes Yes. I will join you for the banquet. But only if you allow my brother to join us. Of course! Your brother can come!
And your whole family can join in too! Thanks to her majesty. We are very fortunate that Egypt did not have to face drought. And we are lucky that you and your family found your way to Egypt. You have been more than generous to us, Pharaoh. We will return to Canaan as soon as it rains. Oh yeah. . But if you want, you can become a citizen of Egypt, get married and have children here. I can appoint you governor with a palace of your own. Oh, your majesty, you are too generous. And such generosity deserves its reward. Uh...
What are you doing? do you want me to do? You have a Jewel worthy of a King. A jewel that I desire more than anything on this earth. What Jewel are you talking about? I'm talking about your sister. Don't you see what a great beauty she is? I.. I don't think I can see how honored you are that Pharaoh took your sister as his wife. No.. Yes, yes, I feel honored. Let's celebrate Pharaoh, the King of Egypt had more than twenty wives and he used to take any woman he liked for himself. Fearing Pharaoh's wrath, Abram could not resist.
Go away and don't bother us. Come to me dear Hmm.. Okay.. But before the pharaoh could touch Surai, he fell down with a terrible headache and his entire body was covered in burns Ah! My head Oh what? What is this? What happened? Ah... Send for my doctor, quick! Yes, I'll bring it right away. You shouldn't touch her, she belongs to someone else. That? I don't believe this. Is it true Surai? Are you someone's wife? I.. I.. Tell me the truth now Yes Lord, I am Abram's wife I am very sorry for lying to you What? But...
But you told me that he is your brother. I'm sorry Pharaoh, we were afraid you would kill us if we told the truth. So you lied to me? Go and find Abram immediately. Why did you do this to me Abram? I'm so sorry When we arrived in Egypt, we were afraid that we would be robbed and killed. Thanks to Surai, you protected me and my people. You have been kind to us. I told Surai that she was my sister But the truth is that she is actually my half-sister And yes, she is also my wife I ask your forgiveness I am not in the mood to forgive But if your God will remove this curse from us You'll be free from leave Egypt and keep the gifts I gave you.
Thank you Pharaoh, we will leave immediately. Then Abram left Egypt with his family. They took much more gold and animals than they had arrived. But trouble awaited them when they returned to their homeland. This is the land that God promised me and my family forever. Why hasn't God granted me a land of my own? Listen When my brother Huran died, I took you into my Surai family and raised you as if you were our own son. I know. But... there is no but, you are my family and you share this blessing that God has given me.
Abram's flock always goes to the front and they get the best grass I know. Abram is getting old and looks at his wife, so vain and beautiful, but she can't have children! Yes, I think it's time for you to take your rightful place and show her that you are hers just as much as hers. I will do it dear. Tomorrow I will ask my shepherds to lead my flock ahead of Abram's. Yes. You have as much right to this land as he does. No, no... You have to come behind. Who are you to say that? My teacher told us to go to the front.
No. My teacher will be angry if I tell him this. My teacher is not a weakling. Know? My master is above yours! No... I won't leave you. Who are you to leave me? Move aside... Huh? How dare you pressure me? Here you go... Oh yeah? Is that all you have? Lot, why did you ask your men to put your flock before mine? So? Why should your flock always get the best grass? That's a good question, Lot, but you should have come to me to discuss it. Why should I come to you? If you had come to me, then our men wouldn't be fighting each other And now our animals are scattered all over the countryside Uh...
I didn't think about that Of course not, come with me Lot This is the land that God promised me Lot, We cannot allow a division in our family But, uncle... Listen, I have decided that we must separate our flocks and herds and we must go our separate ways No... I did not mean to... No, let me complete Although we will be far away from each other on the other We'll stay close to each other Yes, I'm sorry uncle Look over there On that side is the Jordan Valley And on this side are the hills of Canaan You can choose the terrain you want And I...
I'll go the other way Hm... I think I'll take the valley. Very good! May the Lord bless you and your family. Thank you. If you ever need me, send a messenger, and I will go, for you are my flesh and blood. Then Abram and Lot separated in the promised land. Abram took his family and his animals, and all his possessions, and went to live near the great Trees of Mumbreth, near Hebron. So? Did everyone like the story? Yes father! Who can tell the name of Abram's wife? Surai.. Abram's wife was called Surai! What a good Lucy.
And who can say the name of Abram's nephew? They called it Lot Right again, well done Mathew! Thanks, Dad! Now who can tell me why Abram lied to Pharaoh? I can answer that Father! Yes, you tell me that George Abram had to lie to Pharaoh because if he told the truth, then Pharaoh would have killed him. That's right, George! Well done! That's enough for today. You should take the tower you made and show it to your parents. We will see each other again tomorrow. Goodbye everyone! Goodbye father!

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