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BH Cosmetics Lost In Los Angeles | Pastels Worth Trying?

Jan 02, 2022
hello beautiful and welcome back to my channel and welcome to this video where we are going to talk about this this is bh



in los


this is the last one i think the last one not maybe not the last but the last travel series palettes you know i love palettes from bh


they have the square pants they made square pants no pants pants optional the pants are square and i bought this from bh cosmetics germany i have had it for a while but now i am going to sit i am going to make a first and a second impression and we are going to see if this is good or not if it is as good as your other palace with the square tray and also i will compare it to other palettes because this is more or less a pastel palette just going to share some similar views on the cakes as we go so if you're interested in that stay tuned and if you haven't been here before hi my name is angie i'm a lover of fashion and makeup, especially the colorful things that we are going to play f or some


bh cosmetics lost in los angeles pastels worth trying
I'm very excited to make something clearer and brighter. It's really snowy in Sweden right now so it's brighter for a different reason, but we're going to pretend it's spring and play with color and if you want to see something. more color on your timeline if you want to see some things you might not see on any other channel don't forget to subscribe because i upload several videos a week ok like i said i bought this palette from bh cosmetics germany i am based in Sweden so for me shopping in Germany is the easiest way and if you want to skip customs in Europe shopping bh at bh cosmetics is definitely the place to go.
bh cosmetics lost in los angeles pastels worth trying

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bh cosmetics lost in los angeles pastels worth trying...

I know it's a bit Beauty Bay and of course bh cosmetics us I'll see if it's available on alt too I'll link a couple of places below where you can buy this my links are affiliated well not all but if they are affiliated , there's a little star behind them which means I'm going to earn a little commission if you buy their own links and if you do thank you very much it really helps my channel help me buy more stuff to review let's see if this is something like, do you need this palette if you have another one? pastel palettes do you need this one is even good


is it the same quality as the other travel series?
bh cosmetics lost in los angeles pastels worth trying
I'd like to dive in. I'm going to do two. As I was going to say, do two first impressions. I'm going to do a first print and then I'm going to do a second print and then we'll do a swatch and I'll compare it to some of my other pastel palettes and I think that's it I'm so excited there's a matte white I love one pastel palette with the white matte so let's play around with that at first glance i've done everything on my face except my eyeshadow so let's come over and try to get started because i'm excited i like this packaging i think this is the best just like it makes me want to travel with the palm trees and blue skies and the pastel font with the angels and then it's the star inside i really like this packaging a lot i think it's very nice though i will say i think that the other series of trips had a mirror, am I wrong? that the other travel series has a mirror and this one has a mirror and this one won't let me know i'm pretty sure i do have most of them i probably could check myself but i don't want to get up but come on zoom in and let's get started he went and dug up another one palette this is fashion in tokyo and yes it has a mirror so for some reason it doesn't have it i don't know why i can't answer that but i did buy this myself like i said with my own money so We'll try it out and see if it's


picking up.
bh cosmetics lost in los angeles pastels worth trying
I'm just fixing up the eyeliner a little bit by dragging myself in the mirror. what i want to do i want to do something with the matte white i love a matte white like a pastel because this is a pastel palette i mean look at this a pastel is a color listen chap newbie a pastel is a color mixed with white to contrast what it's very hard to deepen a pastel with a black because if you mix a lot of white with black it's going to look great if you mix it with blue with black it's going to be a dark blue but if you mix a pastel black it's going to get a little grayish and a little muddy because it has a lot of white so it makes a lot more sense to me to have white here to create contrast not with a darker color but with the lighter light which is white makes more sense to me than adding a black that's just going to muddy and gray things out that's just my personal preference i want to start with this dreamy one the green one and i'm just going to take a fluffy brush and we're going to put this in the crease I'm not even going to try to deepen this search because like there's nothing here to deepen it with this is like a mint instead. i'm going to create contrast with the matte white this is a great way if you want to want to create contrast in your look but you don't want to play with dark eyeshadows which is the opposite of my preference because i love to play with dark eyeshadows, but if you don't and still want to have contrast play around with super light eyeshadow colors i mean it's contrast too this works amazing see i just slapped it this is an old fashioned eyeshadow set by kaleidos sorry but this is just a fluffy tapered uh blending brush for the crease and i'm literally slapped it and blended it and it worked like a dream wow this could be maybe a very easy to use palette because if it's that easy to apply and blend, it's going to be a five minute makeup look, wow. i'm blown away by how easy that blend is which is unbelievably easy that's very very impressive i'm going to take a little e45 blending paper from sigma and i'm going to take lax um which is maybe this is more like a green pastel and this is more like a mint because this has m blue mineral and this is greener and i'm going to take this more bluish than mint and i'm going to take that on the inside of the crease oh that's also very pretty and i'm not going to take this as high up , I'm just going to put a little bit on the inside of that, that's nice, I was in the mood, like a light colored look, today I really wanted to play with this palette, talk a lot with my friends and say how I really want to play with this palette.
The day has finally arrived and I'm really enjoying it so far, but I'm going to use this one first. These are prawns, king prawns or king prawns. just taking this on my waterline i think its available on the colourpop again i love this eyeliner like not all colourpop eyeliners are the same but this one is beautiful so i want to take i want to take this abbott kinney abbott kinney i'm struggling with words today and i'm just taking a little bit of that and i'm just going to take it a little bit on the lower lash line maybe not all the way but like two thirds which contrasts so nice with that light blue and I don't have an under eye primer I even have powder under my eyes and it still looks great that's really very impressive ok now this is so easy to see like I've only been shooting for six minutes if I reduce this a bit it's because sometimes I'm fumbling but I've only been shooting for six minutes I'm going to use this one now the abby and I'll take it with a flat brush if you're using a white if you want to do an apar ience like this and you don't have this exact palette and the white isn't right but if you find a white that isn't opaque enough you can always put a little bit of concealer under it to make it stand out a little more or maybe this isn't it more intensely pigmented white.
I've found in my life but it's enough I'm not being too thorough I'm not cutting my crease I'm just doing a little bit of line here and then I'm just blending it just to have that contrast because like I said white is also not a contrast it has to be dark to create contrast it can also be light you can take it my inner corners and I'm also going to take it like a little bit here and mix it with the purple we have on the lower lash line. I really packed that white, so there's a little bit of white fallout, but this is basically, uh, the look let me put on some mascara.
I'm very impressed with how quick it was such a quick look, but I really like it. I don't mind not having mascara on my lower lash line I think it looks really cute but I'm actually going to put a little bit of mascara on my lower lash line and I'm going to put on a little I think half as much the lashes i think thats going to be good with this and i just keep the white i still think this looks i mean pastel look with just a lo The amount of volumizing mascara is beautiful maybe maybe i left it like that yeah maybe i'll put on even more mascara and i'll leave it like that because i want to shoot the second print today too because i have time i have time and i really want to wear another look but i love this okay let me finish this mascara even more and then we can see if i ended up putting on some lashes or not i'm not sure ok so i didn't actually put on lashes i just put on some extra mascara and i'll say i think i like this i like a light look with just mascara and this like when i want to look easier l, not so dark, not so dramatic. something for daytime something like this is what i like to go for because it was easy it was quick and it's still colorful but it's not like a dramatic crease shimmer cut with black and bright pink it's a little softer but you still know a little colorful no i'm going for a light beige in the crease maybe that's what i mean and yes i also want to experiment with color but i don't want to go for that bright and bold instagram makeup that plays with pastels might be the way to go and i'll say so now i'm really impressed with the pastels and how they work in this palette so i'm actually good i'm going to have some lunch and then i'll shoot a second look and try a little bit of the sparkles and also dig through my collection and find some palettes of pastel colors. and see if there are any similarities within the color schemes.
I don't think I'm going to cheat the shades or anything like that, but I'm just going to show you some palettes side by side to see if you think they're comparable because I'll be honest. Yeah, unless you're a die-hard fan of pastels, you probably don't need more than one pastel palette in your collection, I mean it's all fine and fancy if you're buying something because you love it and keep buying it over and over again. again but i'll say that for me if it wasn't on youtube a pastel palette would suffice but i'm going to compare it to other things in my collection and see if they are similar or not right i took my makeup off i had a lunch break there's still a little bit of purple under my eyes but it is what it is it's gonna have to stay there so i'll do it because i wanna try this sunset boulevard it's so pretty it's like a golden coral you know i love a nice coral peach shimmer so I think I'm going to do something with this one and maybe this one if I have to but I'm going to try 405 or 405.
Let's start with that one and see what we get because I want to show you what you can do . i want to show you that you can do colorful looks without it being too dramatic or too advanced like it could be easy it could be just a couple of shades it could be something 5-10 minutes and it doesn't have to be that advanced just to enjoy a bit of color and i mean to me color makes me happy and why wouldn't i want to have fun? add a little bit of happiness and let me tell you if brown makes you happy that's awesome i just want everyone to feel like they love the look they're wearing which is actually very pigmented i'm just going to pack this up and then maybe it i'll mix it up a bit with the one called wee hoo wee hoo what am i


to match and see to get the same shape on both eyes and i feel like it's the same shape i'm just using just wiping off my brush you used to use a little bit of paper if you want and then i'm taking this is the one i use now and i'm just taking this this is a little bit more light pink and yeah something a little bit lighter and i'm going to dust that on the edge that It's actually a lot more pigmented than I had in mind so I'm going to take another brush I'm going to take this kind of brush this is a sigma blending e36 and I'm actually just going to dip into this one and I'm going to soften it on the edge because I don't want it to be as intense as it was.
More like this, I want it to be more like a light dusting on the edge so they blend. I didn't want that kind of intensity. I'm just dipping back into this. I've been to L.A quite a bit but I'm not 100 sure about all these shades but maybe it's one of those things that only if you really like living there or spending years there you'll be aware of all those things even though I've been through a couple of months of my life in los


is far is far from actually living there i feel like it's pretty good let me use some where do i have? let's use this brush let me use a little bit of that 405 under my eyes let's see if we can cover this purple up and i'm going to use a little bit of white on my waterline or maybe pastel pink i have it in front of me this is the edging brightener sigma intern i don't know if it's still available but this one is really good with any kind of light eyeliner to give your eyes a little bit of sparkle now i'm going to use this sunset boulevard this one here i'm going to what kind ofbrush I want to use I think I'm going to use a flat brush this here and I think I'm going to spray my brush just so I don't have even more fallout so let me spray this and I'm going to put this all over my eyelid and I'm going to see if I can if i can blend this in oh that's so pretty in the shade i have and the crease there's a little lift this in the pan but it looks amazing on the eyes now i'm just taking and moving this in the crease a little bit so they blend a little bit but it looks very very nice I love how it looks wow one of the last thing I'm going to do I'm going to come back just with a little bit of mascara but I'm going to take a little bit of the matte white t-shirt hat we used on the other look and I'm really going to pack this into the inner corner and just drag it out of it so it's really off like white or super light in the corner depending of course on your skin tone. to give your look a little bit of shine you see the difference between the two inner corners so i mean this is what it will look like i still have some mascara left from the other look i'm just going to put on i think I'm going to put on the half lashes, okay, so the look is finished.
I have some half lashes on oh the cactus is gone, well it is what it is. I think this is a great pastel color palette. I've only used it twice but used a couple of the doilies used one of the glitters but I want to say I'll put up some swatches so you can see I think this is a nice pastel pout if you were looking for a pastel palette I don't think you'd be disappointed with this and here's the thing though by pastels I mean they're usually not 100 opaque unless you do pack them and blend the edges because like I said they're mixed with a little bit of white which makes them a bit like , I don't mean translucent, but it's the nature of pastels, it's just the way they are.
They make amazing transition shades or lid shades when you're doing looks with darker colored mattes. This will be an amazing companion palette, for example, if you have a brighter rainbow palette or if you have like the club nebula palette that I did. with kaleidos this is going to be an amazing palette to do as a different type of transition shades if you want to have more options for how you use those dark colored shadows i mean if i use that dark red with this look i will be able to dig this into little time, so if you were looking for a pastel color palette, I recommend this one.
I like that there is a mix of shimmers and mattes. I like that there is a bright white matte, there is also a more brown transition. shade here if you wanted to go with it i heard someone asked me or i heard i saw in the comments someone wanted me to compare it to glam light and i'll say let me put them next to each other i'll say there are some similarities to these, in actually they're both the same shade of pastels there's a mix between shimmers and mattes of course the glam like one has more shades and also goes a little bit darker as you can see and a little brighter and this one is like just the ones pastel shades but i will let's just say there are some similarities and i don't think you'll need both if you already have this one i definitely don't think you'll need this one because it's good quality too but yeah there are definitely some similarities between the two of course this is not a silly for this one but it might be silly for at least a pastel side of things it's kinda yeah i also wanted to show because i have two other pastel palettes these are all matte pastels i have the creepy one nante cute and pastel goth and old kvd veg a beauty when i was uh kaplan lemme see if i can show you these side by side this is what this one looks like and i hope you can see what the other pastel palettes are actually I don't want to say shinier but there's a little more shimmer in them I think you can see there's a little more shimmer especially in the creepy cute but also in the old pastel goth palette this one is a little softer this of course it has shimmers as well i don't think first of all these two are almost like goofy i will say but if you have either of these two and you were looking for another pastel palette i don't think this one would be a sucker for that let's say that you have one of these two and you love pastels and you want to get another one this is not a fool because it's not the same colors it's not the same shades you're not going to get the same type of look so this and this I'd say it's more different than these two and that's how or I h Feel just looking at them and comparing them side by side a bit, so I'd love to hear your thoughts below.
I'm not disappointed. I got this palette. I think it's a nice addition to the travel series because they haven't done anything like this pastel, I'm also really happy that they kept it colorful and pastel and didn't mix in too many neutrals because with this you have a really nice pastel palette, there's a couple like there's a gold and there's a brown and they're more of a slightly bluish silvery color and there are some more of a neutral trend but most of them are colorful and I think it's a good palette for this award and I don't think you'll be disappointed If you were looking for a pastel palette, but if you are not looking for pastels, this is not the palette for you because there are no deeper shades.
If you like deep looks like i do this might be a companion palette i saw a while back i will try and remember to link below jackie aina made an amazing video on how to wear pastels when you have a darker skin tone. great video on them so i will link it below too in case you have a deeper skin tone and want to use some pastels because sometimes pastels can be a bit more work but i like the look they give. though most of the time i'm looking for something more dramatic oh i've been talking way too much about this hope you guys liked the video let me know below what you'd like to see in the future and i'll see you guys in my next video you

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