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Beyond Dragon Ball Super Goku Enters The Last Stages Of Training! The Final Path To Power Begins

Mar 30, 2024
Time is not really on our side here for you to improve and the


that waits for you continues is just beyond that horizon. I just need a few more examples to take note of before we get into the more important area to complete. your


I can feel a big change coming Goku and it may or may not happen while we train but I can still feel it however are you starting to see it out there with Goku responding? Yes, I saw it clearly when I turned into a giant great ape. after so many decades so it's just a matter of getting used to what you said and controlling that


instead of letting it escape me well because look here we say that they await you Goku, everything that you are and everything that you hope to become. lies in your battle against them, so what do you think?
beyond dragon ball super goku enters the last stages of training the final path to power begins
Then Goku asks if you think I have what it takes to maybe oust one of them or maybe knock one of them out for the count of 10 and he answers well, but not before evolving, you won. In fact, you can go far enough to make them try, but if you hope to do something to win, then you must break through and transform to an even higher level of your Ultra Instinct, at least then you will have a much greater fighting chance. . If you want to survive them, this continues, so now fight, continued shouting, try hard and adapt using these survival skills to the fullest.
beyond dragon ball super goku enters the last stages of training the final path to power begins

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beyond dragon ball super goku enters the last stages of training the final path to power begins...

Advantage, concentrate on my movements and awaken the dream power within you, he says, react precisely and respond. By using all your power to survive, you have adapted to many things that continue, but even this will not save you from them. I want to see your full potential harnessed to become the warrior you hope to become. Will this be the limit? of your strength or is there something more to you than what I am seeing coming from within the hissing questions, although you are fast enough to avoid being hit, you are not fast enough to stop my attacks and even then you are being slowly driven towards the edge with Goku responding even if I fall short now I'll find a way there has to be something I can do to get over you oh no the edge of the well and I have to push him and make him retreat Goku says to which even then, Whi is now shown brandishing his staff and directly hitting Goku's defenses, but now Goku is shown fighting, where he continued, the only way to improve is to not just adapt to the pain you feel. but also to weigh your options as a fighter to determine which approach will work best in your favor, we say that you are not going to let yourself be a victim of your own weakness now.
beyond dragon ball super goku enters the last stages of training the final path to power begins
Was there a time that just one of these attacks would have knocked you out cleanly and now, well, you get the picture we're saying, oh, but I hope this doesn't start to get too much for you as we continue, now it's with Goku responding that No, they are far from that. IM not going to do it. stop smoking, especially not now, well, he replies, but maybe you should push the limit and Into the Fire you go, he says, to which, surprisingly, with Wii Sean having to balance his cane over his head and now aiming straight to Goku, there was something inside Goku that had now triggered him and is now fully shown having to look away from Lisa's staff in which only Goku is shown now having to do so.
beyond dragon ball super goku enters the last stages of training the final path to power begins
Reese continued to answer oh yes how very interesting you used it again and just like before you went and let it slip through your fingers once again impressive however even Goku using this power without having access to it will only guarantee that you will lose he says in which, as shown, he gave Goku a kick that almost made him fall over the edge. Goku was now lucky enough for Wii to grab his gay before he fell as he told him that of course means I still need you alive but I'm sorry to say but you lose Goku, a valiant effort anyway but just I help you for a moment He says you didn't think I would let you die fried Now he did you good but I think I know what I have to do There are many areas in which you are very good and others not so good but we will fix it He says thank you for not leaving me melt there, Goku says, you really took all the air out of my body a moment ago until you caught me, I thought I was a gunner just now, but you're too good, huh, now's where the real fun


, who answers next to see everything you've been through.
Now I better understand which areas to leave alone and which areas to fine-tune more, Goku. I hope you take This lesson is one you can learn from, he says, when in doubt, just try to make a mouth and continue simple, although of course you will need to be much stronger than this if you hope to achieve it, but I can. Keep noticing that your main problem is that your mind seems to flow in and out between your fights, meaning that one moment you seem to be one with your true self and the next you seem to be nervous or thinking about something else while you fight. the fighters fight their way through each challenge and come out stronger on the other side and for you, well we have to try to find some kind of stabilization so that you can endure with Goku responding, you mean when I told you about those two orbs .
Well, although I have trained my body enough to withstand the maintenance of Ultra Instinct, it will be a bit difficult to control it while it contains Grade 8 power, but I guess I will try it when I was in that mirror realm with that Sage. I saw a furry shape that I don't seem to recognize. Goku says: Do you have any idea what that is and if that's what you want me to become? Very interesting answer, although there are similarities between what this Super room is. Saiyan and Broly zikari power are formed in the way they were achieved, unlike them, your goal is not to transform into the ape grade, but to control it based on your immediate reaction, we say, think of it as the pinnacle of your primordial power , but with God. merged with him, it will be a little difficult at first, but maybe using your family as a trigger we could try to get you to calm down enough to contain this, but we'll see, once we leave, we say our


stop will be one. which you are very familiar with, we say it, there will be no surprises that surprise you outside of the ones I will let you know, you are not the only one who is getting stronger throughout this whole Goku, so just keep this in mind while we are inside and now up to here that continues inside the Time Chamber we go with Goku answering, so we are going to spend the rest of the year inside the chamber or we will go to another place where the Time Chamber will be our


stop, which means that Yes, we will spend every waking hour inside until we get closer to your big day.
His response, oh, the flow of this camera feels a little different, this is not the same camera that is on Earth, okay? Noah. He says this chamber is a little different, in fact one of my personal favorites, if I had to say it myself, I'll explain more once we're both in, so come on, we tell you to watch your step, of course, oh How exciting that Goku continues. Well, here goes nothing. I guess I hope this is the place where he can do it. Oh, I can feel it already. Goku this sounds. This is going to be really special and, for what it's worth, I'm excited to see what comes of this.
Once we're done here, but of course only time will tell as we move forward, so now, welcome to the Time Chamber, Goku, your last stop before fighting the five strongest and for your sake , I hope you're ready because this is without a doubt. It will be something that you will never forget, since it was right at that moment during that moment in which the


story of Beyond Dragon Ball of the 5 strongest warriors of the Multiverse manga chapter number 20 4 special comes to an end now a quick A little notice and update for those of you who believe that Goku's new supposed form will be Super Saiyan 4.
The answer I have for you is no, it will not be anything like Super Saiyan 4 per se because one might make the assumption to think that it is going to have hair when in reality he won't have any, and the only other clue I'll leave open to your imagination will be the fact that the general rule for Goku is not to become a great ape like Broly and like Goku did in Dragon Ball GT, but the moment you start to feel like you are about to transform into the great ape is what you are trying to signal to him by saying that instead of By becoming a gigantic grade ape, you condense that into your humanoid form by doing quite the opposite of what Broly did with his Ikari form by also fusing Ultra Instinct with it, so now we are much closer to Goku's big day in the fight against the strongest five. so I can't wait to show you how this will all turn out specifically for those who are members of my patreon because of course, as always, you guys will get all the content and exclusives first.
Anyone else, again, if you would like to support the work we do here and become a member of my patreon, the link to that will be in the description box below and pin the comments section below as well as where I too I wanna go. Go ahead and thank you all very much for your support and more specifically for your patience because with all the content that is produced on the channel it is a two man operation, my partner and I, so more than anything else I want to thank each one . and each and every one of you who understand how long it takes to do this, but I can promise you this once we start ramping up and getting into the meat and potatoes of this story, you will


ly understand why it took so long.
Which, in the end, you will be completely blown away because I can promise you that you will have a lot of fun with everything we have planned in this story very, very soon, so once again, thank you. Thank you so much for watching, if you're new be sure to hit that subscribe button. Also, don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up right now by hitting the like button below, tune in again for more, and with that, I said, I'm going to see each and every one of you in the section comments below and in the video below, take it easy and have a great day in peace.
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