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Between the Lions episode 17 Something's Fishy

Feb 24, 2022
announcer bunny here look what's coming here between Ginny Gilda who has already been crazy Brunhilde come and Ginny pig, Timmy Twista Pecos Bill and Kim and her twin sister Jill Billy on her misty filly Lily Milly will and the van and the cock by Trish Matilda by Christie and Kish ma Hilda chip and click if you think it was funny watch this hey now hey Wow, that's how come and read between the lion between the line coming and you'll find Heath on the facades in our section of reference, book delivery, yes, thank you. Welcome, uh, sign, sign here, please, Shirley, thank you, oh, thank you, oh, no, no, thank you, okay, thank you, it's here, it's here, I don't know, I know, let's take a look, yeah , whoa.
between the lions episode 17 something s fishy
The selfish giant, goodbye, Trish Dishman, dumb dad, not that. It's okay, it's a very soft fish, white kiss, my fish bird. Oh no, so it's her Linna hmm hmm, miss kisses, wishes from Misha Fisher, hey, that's not it either, DJ, your mom should have come. Oh, patience, my ha, ha, ha. Could this be the book you've been waiting for Lionel Roz if he didn't know that's the book he was waiting for whoa yeah, here it goes, you rule again? oh nothing, nothing, it's you oh, wouldn't you be interested in him yes, Fiona would like this book.
between the lions episode 17 something s fishy

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between the lions episode 17 something s fishy...

I call this book a whole new cliff and your adventure. I see Livingston's cliffhanger and the fish in the Eagle dangerously oh really please but you don't even like to tear up your books yeah I know they're so silly they would give it the same way every time cliffhangers hang off the cliff at the beginning and he's hanging off the cliff at the end, so why do you want to read this one? 'Cause they fly away behind the sky, oh, I just want to fly. I just want to read this book oh sorry ah I'll play later I'll read Thanks Kate cliffhanger and Livingston's fish and the eagle dangerously excuse me excuse us we'll find two here where we last left it hanging on a clip that can hold much longer, suddenly, Cliff sees an eagle flying high above the cliff, thanks enthusiastically, Cliff reaches into his backpack and pulls out his trusty survival manual using his expert decoding skills. cliff start reading if you want to get off the cliff, dress like a big fish.
between the lions episode 17 something s fishy
I want to get off the cliff, so I'll dress up as a big fish, I'll dress up as a fish that's crazy, what a fish because, because, because then the eagle will fly down and pick it up from the cliff, yes, because it's going to eat fish, if that is. yeah, oh, says Dhoni, sure they would, they wouldn't put it in a thriller book, it wasn't true, no, that doesn't make any sense in my brain, okay, okay, okay, you want proof that eagles eat fish, Yes, I'll show you. your test, come on, yeah, okay, but I don't think so and now Buster is ticklish, that's wrong.
between the lions episode 17 something s fishy
I don't have


for everyone. Oh, tickle, I'm absolutely sure not, let's tickle the arms, ah, well, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, baby, you're wasting your time with that silly gibberish oh I guess she ain't ticklish come on Buster ain't tickling ah precision in the media you saw it here first fish and now lovers of the intestine oh you and sometimes why Martha reader and the intestines I am singing the fan of Sippi and now 30 names for the short that I made sound of them I Ginny Gilda has been crazy Brunhilde bin and Ginny Pig Timmy Twista Pecos Bill and Kim and her twin sister Jill Billy on her misty filly Lily Milly will and Christy's trip to Trish Matilda and dick and Kish MA hilda send and click what's your name what's your name what's your name here is Whitney Britney Kristen finne and cliff and all these names you will find shark eye it sounds like that that's all goodbye ich ich fish fish with Bo and Leon Hello sir. fish hello mr.
CEO, hey wow, what's cooking today, feel my big water buffalo relax, hey boy, yeah, smashed fish on a delicious plate, one smashes his fish, smashes the fish swish swish swish swish swish swish swish swish swish I think that's enough, we don't want it too squashed. Wow no we don't hate smashed fish well uh put the smashed fish on the plate mmm smash the fish on the plate yeah three cook the smashed fish on a plate for 1 hour until it's brown. An hour, as if it were fish. x6x fix finish golden eagles okay, now you will see that eagles eat fish or you will see that they don't hmm there are many different types of eagles the largest eagle in the world is the South American harpy eagle mm-hmm what do you do?
They eat it, it eats monkeys monkeys I don't fish, yes, well, the harpy is not the eagle we saw in the book of key fingers either. Oh, golden eagle, fly over the mountain peaks and hunt mmm rabbits, ah no, no, osprey, don't eat, okay, okay, bald. eagles have white feathers on their heads, they are sometimes called sea eagles because they eat fish, the heat the fish walk around doing that, oh no, I'm coming here, see for yourself, she sees fish f I Sh and that's the same county eagle that was In the suspense book, what do you see near his feet?
A fish. Mmmm, dress it up as a fish. Was he so crazy after all? Maybe you just helped your little sister's greatest wish come true. Well, I five liters when you have nothing else. H18 h.o.t five little ones if you spell farce oh the same as sometimes it's time and now a word from New Jersey Nets superstar Stephon Marbury happens in victory week oh the big smart one is in a hurry notable smart , Barbie, the smart little girl, Grace Martini will make her incredible pants. Challenging the shorts, I'm a trick, Marmee, can I have three words that contain these shorts?
Let's see what we have, look, it's a chicken in a DJ wig here at the Masters national word club, where the word phenomenon is the tiger. The words come closer to the tea. You have to do the word truck. It is a difficult word with rich sounds at the beginning. us sounds in the middle and the sound at the end is true uh if he succeeds he will win a truck he is selecting his writing instruments from his pencil case it is a pen tiger approaches the tee and makes the letter R with a letter T that makes the sounds are too true so far, very good.
Tiger now picks up his pen and writes the letters C and K. He has the beginning of the word truck true and the last sound of the word truck cook. He has to add a vowel to form UH. he sounds in the middle and writes the letters I for it ooh that's the word trick, not truck, this kid never lets a mistake get him down, but he wrote that word in ink, it can't be erased, what will he do? He is reaching into his pencil. case and he's pulling out a magic one, he shakes it and the letter i' changes to the letter U and that changes the word trick on truck amazing another amazing example of calligraphy magic shown by the fearless tiger words trick tic tac what Nick wicks when Shh wish desire and now straight from infatuation Hushabye Club Rush song styles by Miss Cleo Lyon, man.
I love those two letters SH when you put them together. I found out that it is a completely new sound that shows shi shi xoxia. Now you should kindly shut up. I have the program in your silence. I'm going to shut up, I'm sorry, like I said. I'm a little embarrassed if you keep quiet. shush shush shush shush I'm starting to complain shush this is my - just as a pair of shoes are not of poor quality you love to show tiles and shells Oh, it's shocking sheesh fish okay, it's time to see the suspense hello Leona, that one book and pick me up I won oh wow oh yeah and he won't pick you up oh well why not what you said about him going fishing dressed as a fish is just a made up story?
Golden eagles aren't going to think you're a real fish. This is yes. He's anyone, he'll come out of this book, he'll pick me up and I'll fly, you'll see, oh no, I won't see him. I'm going to go back and finish that suspenseful book. Oh, real fish, come on, Eagle, take your fish, come on, we're back to the daring, dangling adventures of a cliffhanger hanging from a cliff and that's why he's gone cliffhanger last time we left cliffhanger he was hanging from a cliff dressed as a fish, so I'll dress up as a big fish to be the eagle thinks I'm a fish and I'm fulfilling my wish it's that dumb its suspense is finally going to come out of that clip oh, the eaglets are eating me you better I jump I can't hold on much longer wow, that was great right now Leona where are you pick me up?
Lioness in me you are not an eagle you are a fish yes fish I am a lion cub in ambition not a fish Lionel Lioness time for him Oh time for dinner son no no no no time for dinner it's always time for dinner hey, where is your sister? hmm been there Leona's delicious fish soup miss whoa click we need Claire mmm mouse input click drag and drop the owner out of this book mmm tasks a priority I have a lot of immediate execution commands we were very worried about do you know what eagles eat fish but they don't like it if you dress like I told you fish soup was a bad idea a bad idea I was flying you were falling you weren't flying you were falling I know where What was I dressed like a fish?
Buster is not ticklish. I want you to know that they warned us that you better do it when you do. Well, I hope you also realize that respectable statues always trump cerebral little pigeons. Hmm, no, we just realized that we were doing it uh mmm wrong, this is the way to tickle a stone statue.

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