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Jan 23, 2022
wow this could be bad for me if i roll a 5 or better. I dropped two carts of items and removed the security token if I roll a 2 to 4 I take a physical damage die and the safe doesn't open if I roll 0 to 1 I take two physical damage dice and the safe doesn't open do it do it this is what it is in a room that stinks if you end up there so you better do it now so we never have to go there again. I'm going to take so much physical damage that they're going to make it.
betrayal at house on the hill board af
You've been rolling this game so well, okay? i'm going to try try to open that safe three two two four take one die physical damage so i have to dive physical damage so two surgical one mental i forgot an abandoned room oh there is no omen a shadowy mask to hide your intentions or your emotions it doesn't say if that's appropriate yes yes once during your turn you can attempt a sanity roll to wear the mask alright wait wait wait this was an omen so oh hey i got a manatee role so now there are three on the table so i'll have to get more notes three three four five who did i see yeah i saw a lot of legs. very nervous, wait, emoto is going to move in just a little boy alone in an abandoned way, well, yes, because professor reinhardt is going to be cookies and nude photos.
betrayal at house on the hill board af

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betrayal at house on the hill board af...

I don't see any. I'm on a show that was a private conversation. another lab this is a working lab and we're going to paste it here's an event going on nicely there go find me in these little labs whoo footsteps editor puttin footstep noises milk war


s creak slowly dust rises footprints appear on the floor dirty and then when they catch up with you, they're gone roll a die a scout in the chapel roll an additional dead on this roll we don't have no there's no one in the chapel you and the closest scout won one might i don't know about you why everyone is on base yeah ok so if i roll a for you and the one closest to me and so you win one i might i don't know i'm a scout who is physically next to you no if i win if i roll a three I win one might and the closest scout loses a sanity if I roll a two I lose one Cindy if I roll a one I lose a speed and one if I roll zero each scout loses a point is that each one each each Scout don't roll a zero oh, My God, everything is paid one is ok ok I lose a speed ok that was a horrible turn ok Heather Granville here in the arcade I like the games but I'm really looking for that tv so I'm gonna go here we have oh great, the collapsed room welcome to the basement let's try a speed roll of five or more to avoid falling if you fail the roll dry the basement tiles and put it into play you fall there and take a physical damage die very well so i don't fall it could be like harry i've made it to the top but i might not fall here we go so i do a speed roll which is for ford.
betrayal at house on the hill board af
I just have to get five herbs and we're going to put on a play in the basement. My God, this is crazy. I fell into the vault and guess. what the vault has two items and an event why am i taking that all day you can try a knowledge roll of six plus two open and empty the vault so you don't get the - I'm fine luckily I have five knowledge oh man I hope - perfect exactly what we wanted and im so close to dying guys ok yeah im not a powerful character event says drip drip drip. token in this room, each Explorer rolls one fewer die on all trolls on the tray, while in this room, son of a big deal, now I will never be able to open the vault and no one will be able to open the vault. no i do yeah and you don't like your sauce why can't you even try the vault right now? mpt, ok, you should try it.
betrayal at house on the hill board af
I'm going to take can't I? I just have to take some antibiotics and get rid of the drip, then have all my dye guru, so here we go. I need to roll a six or up with knowledge I have knowledge five but I can only roll for one so this is for anything and this is the junk room oh you have an omen on the way out you should try a micro three more if you miss lose a speed but keep moving your legs dog yes you have a dog oh it's a companion this mangy dog ​​seems friendly at least you hope it's gaining a power and sanity now losing a power and sanity if you lose custody of the dog that will never happen alright i'm not haunted we're alright here today we're all good vibes i'm going to the vault oh wait and i had to earn my only power and a baggage of sanity try to put on the mask first yeah in the mask why my sanity is a the seven dogs you are saying that it would be very easy to get that small mask, it is the four plus two put on the mask wi the three in you lose your sanity, so I went down but you gain knowledge she does not say much anymore no, p but this is what i go for the skin i go $2 to $3 someone stop me wait you cant open the vault if you only have three lore you only get to because of the stupid drip and then you could never get six more no I think Matt I don't think you can take it out of this we already returned what you could do is try to open that safe three.
I'm going to do this one two. Wait, yeah, oh, you only have three speeds. and then jump ok / tamari ok peter is still up there we find a library once per game if you end your turn here i got a knowledge i'm going to want to end my turn here actually well you have to because there's a disturbing event sounds a baby crying lost and abandoned a scream the crackle of breaking glass then silence roll six dice if you roll equal to or more than the number of omens which is four you gain one sanity if you don't take a mental damage die before payday sanity up to six knowledge up to five Peter Okimoto very sane on the membrane alright so to be on the other Heather has to start Granville turns he's going to try to open the vault go for needs six or more damn okay water from the vault to give me a basement card, do we have any more basement cars? alone, you release it with a single sanity and a single knowledge.
Now I'll only do that because he makes me feel good once. from the girl this omen can't be traded or stolen make a roll well i might be obsessed i have more than a five more than a five i'm based on my track record we're not going to survive this to the hots of elkhorn's father's night and something oh you have to roll your way out of there oh that's right on the way out you should try a roll of three if you miss ok speeds need a three with two dice dammit oh no you only lose one speed this turn ,okay,okay,yeah,wait till you have to walk it right,so i'll upload one that's okay,so this is a cellar card oh-oh,he made an omen that's catacombs,he says you can try a B roll arena of six plus two crosses if you miss stop moving and it's an omen another omen medallion up to say a medallion inscribed with a pentagram you are immune to the effects of the pentagram chamber crypt and graveyard see I can't roll now you are very good to get these omens i have so many of them well god roll good oh no way two three four five we are verified yes i started the ghosts last time this means i became the traitor this time i am not sure what will happen because the The last card that the laser cut took out was the medallion which is now in the book of the evil person a and he is finding out what happens during the medallion so we have to go to the medallion and the catacombs and he gives us a corresponding number which is 49 and it says under the number 49 Heather Granville or the higher knowledge.
I am Heather Granville, therefore I have been persecuted. traitor i'm the traitor oh you're in the basement alright oh man yeah guys though you're right near the exit so now you take the traitor's grave and read 49 to be the book you're holding up. ok, we read 49, leave the room. I'm nowhere, you dirty traitor. also be sure to see something special on the right just for you

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