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BEST TRICKSHOT WINS $10,000 - Basketball Challenge

Jun 11, 2021
this is for elimination yeah happy baster what's going on here guys faze rug? Today I bring you a new video and I'm here with the artists from Sherman Grow and today we're going to do a crazy indoor horse competition for $10,000. Yes, okay, for everyone who doesn't know how the horse game works, a person will try to do a crazy trick in the house. You have to get to the rim and if you do, everyone else has to match that shot. if they miss the throw they get a letter of age and if you spell Morse then you lose amazing no it's just horse it's just Oh Brandon yeah so you said when I get $10,000 who is the $10,000 paid for oh, So the last place in this


pays? $5,000 third place pays 3000 and second place pays 2002 to the first place winner so at least if you are last place you won't have to waste $10,000 like you can split it among all the other losers yeah self explanatory Same, I hope.
best trickshot wins 10 000   basketball challenge
You guys enjoy it and this is about to get crazy, like we're going to do trick shots from all the above, like everywhere, helicopters, elevators, pretty rugrats. I hope they know that once he puts the headband on, it's his undefeated season right now, he could be a real


player. but I'm so good with guys, I practiced this every day with me when this jersey is on Anthony, you might as well go to the bench right now. I know I already have 5,000, it comes out of your ass, yes, there are so many opportunities for creative shots.
best trickshot wins 10 000   basketball challenge

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best trickshot wins 10 000 basketball challenge...

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we could go up the stairs, we go to that room, we can go there, we can go anywhere in this house, as long as they make it, everyone else has to do it or they will get a letter, are you ready now? In fact, I play this off camera all the time. I always win the way you know, have you shown the rug rats moving the rug? Oh my god, guys, look what my brother did to his dog Booker, oh my god, so chew me up, okay, sit down, watch this. pause oh my gosh that's actually super cute so how do we determine who goes first in this challenge we'll go from the highest subscribers to the lowest so I'm almost close to 12 million subscribers if you're new here, hit that. subscribe button Brandi is on three point three three points throwing two four thousand like 15k 15k daddy 1 thousand okay so on that's the order of this game let's start this challenge.
best trickshot wins 10 000   basketball challenge
I hope you enjoy it and everyone get ready to go to the banks afterwards please. Is there enough room to fit 10,000 in P? Oh, I have this one too. I have this one. Yeah, okay, so for the first take we won't go too crazy. I'm going to take three long distance. They always call me, hurry up, so the first shot, oh, I'm telling you, this is my game right here. I practiced this day and night every time I pass by here, it's mine, everyone will get a letter, here we go, let's go, the bank was open like the kind I thought everyone was.
best trickshot wins 10 000   basketball challenge
I'm going to receive a letter. Everyone is doing it legit. Anthony does this. Everyone unsubscribes. If Anthony does this, I know I'm going to miss him. Okay, the right one. Oh, he was close. Try it. It was a good try. Warning: you might be able to notice a trend at the end of this video, you'll be able to build an entire hotel with all of Anthony's brain, okay, like a 200-story five-star hotel with all the fun stuff, okay, here we go, believe. so next time Brian, right inside the rim, okay, we'll see and then we have the bench there just looking at us because you're supporting me, right, you're supporting me, yeah, no, after witnessing that first round, I want to.
You can all comment below right now who you think is going to win. I know you guys gave me your money, so this may seem easy, but it's a little difficult for that aspect. Okay, so it's nailed from the side, yeah. This seems easy, but I understand you, someone is receiving a letter here, look at the rug, okay, hey, just throw your kovitch. Oh, Jackie came out, oh, okay, okay, first letter to ugh, my dad tries to do a fucking dunk on the way around the same place. right next round one two three four five this range of books D okay guys sit down relax your rested legs like this and then just shoot normal like this oh let's try two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten steps TV has a letter very quick, so we're going to want to do here, you're going to throw it off this wall, the walls, but listen, it's for the video, come on, okay, you're going to throw it off this wall, catch it in the air, turn around and Shoot, okay? a good look at this Brandon, yeah, he sits like on the Jayco album cover and I like it, oh damn, that's harder than I thought, he looks so bad, yeah, that might be my first lyric, guys, okay, Papa Road, this is for H oh. here ho2 dad it's okay it's that H oh yeah I'm pretty good at matching short slow letters for y'all babies okay so an update on the scores I got.
H Sherman has H oh nothing of course advantage oh yeah okay let's get on with this hopefully. I'm not like warriors, a guy because you won't leave, but it's okay, Brian, this right here you have to go behind your back from the beginning, my God, Dad Ross, let's see what you've got, two hands, three bowls, you just need to do one. ball just one sir I'm okay Oh ready on one knee oh wow wow wow not okay you're lucky I'm not dressed all in white so I was able to kneel that was very you Mike will blow up a rug he'll get a letter will you?
OK? I guess we all got a letter from Anthony Wow, pull from the other room, yeah, yeah, from the other room, hand up, that's definitely how it's been done for a long time, it's not that far away, it's okay another time, two hands, four balls for you, horrible, ah, how many do we have to do? do just one I just want to make it easy for you guys okay ready yeah okay so this one is simple literally a normal take; here it is as easy as possible, let's see who will drown. Guaranteed someone will receive a letter from you, take my word for it.
That's why I missed the easy ones I'm not going to lie this is 4 hours you know if you want to get lost okay dad I'm going to throw up no I don't want to say of course I'm sorry dad I'm sorry it'll be me please it's an easy shot oh my god yes sir I have a task that Sherman has h oh, I have h papa rug h o RS man, this doesn't look very good, papa rug, you know, I'm going to give you leather, guys, come here, put the fifth ball. there you have five balls just one just do one just do one okay ready to do this on horse my crazy dad ready just one Anthony just throw it into one of the hoops and that's it, yes, this looks very strange, okay, five balls, one hoop I'm not getting an S on this just to make sure, okay.
Happy Easter, why did you throw them so high? Oh my God. Oh oho, you're ready. I already made the golden egg face. Happy Easter, but what kind of shot was that? Actually, what kind of glitter is my friend in love and Easter I'm happy because this broke the air ball bond? We can't do these easy shots so he said we can't do these easy shots and you should have made him feel. very easy Happy Easter oh wait a warm hug fail by elimination but you have to try because it is your last card yes, that's right, many people play horses differently because of the way we do it both attempts are already happy Dad rode He misses this, he owes one of us $5,000 mark Dad's bag Happy Easter Don't let that get you down Dad rug Sorry, man, what happened out there, oh, how many times I miss him, I do it for fun, no, I played well, you played well, good job, how?
Does it feel like being eliminated from all the people by this guy for this body? We have the same I have Hou has hor Oh, how is Anthony in the lead? I have hor s Oh, give me a hug, I'm removing the rug Greg, come on man, you have to watch Brandon when you're filming him, that wasn't part of the deal, okay guys, Brian has two tries, if he fails both, it's eliminated, leaving him in third place. Brian, let's eat your clutch, clutch, clutch is my middle name, clutches. Lyman's name fits the rugrat, here we go, this is good, a little short for a little short, right, three, there for third place, all your guys come out, thony, oh, okay, I love you guys , I would never do this.
I'm going to make it, oh close, try to close. try to finish him off with a crazy shot right now literally I know you can do anything right now okay hit him with something crazy oh my god he almost went into the left room but spiders oh yeah you didn't call left and then left. to the right one, so I think that counts, carpet dad, what do you think? Do you think that counts? Yeah, I think it's silly, I mean they play for fun, we don't count that, but these are Brian's rules so I'll leave it.
He'll be up here, how about we let them decide? Yeah, Gus, do you think that counts more, Brandon? But now he went in himself, but usually they play where a rule is that if he hits one of the hoops, he has to go into that specific hoop. So, okay, my dad is the oldest, he owns this game, dad, is it good? Alright. Anthony two tries at least if you lose you only have two. As if that weren't enough, he'll make it. I already know Anthony will match this easily. short try short last try this is the moment of truth Anthony this is the last try Oh 200,000 if Anthony make this brother 200,000 like oh my god this is good, it's not too hard, yeah, since you guys are counting, That will give them a penny. one more try, okay, we'll give it one more try, done, yeah, what a damn cake, bro, you literally just won $10,000.
Congratulations, reward, sincerely, all of his videos have obtained D monetization and copyright, so he deserves these ten thousand, brother, I came here and did. $10,000 off a fucking plastic guy who deserves it, guys, let's end the video there. I hope you all enjoyed it, if you did make sure to leave a like, hit the subscribe button if you're new and like I said for challenges like this I'm working on getting you fans to try one of these challenges , imagine how crazy, okay, if one of you were here right now, do you think you would beat us at the horse game?
No, honestly, guys, I know. took that, I swear, I'm usually better, I swear, but I can't, I can't complain honestly, it's not a surprise that Brandon won, if we're like this, you'll realize how much good we can do with the check of good guys from Gary. pull out Brandon's links in the description, place a rug on Sherman the Worman, we all hope you have a great search quote, other than that, it's been a rug and we get out of these.

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