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BEST SECOND Song Auditions That SHOCKED Simon Cowell!

Jul 10, 2023
to tell it with me. I look five four four three two what is that real? Yeah, you were brutally honest last night and that didn't sit well with a lot of people online, right? How do you respond to that? um, I'm not answering them. to apologize, you know, the competition was brutal and last night we had the highs and then something incredible for me, personal disappointments and we are here and we all get paid to be honest, I'm brutally honest, so it was brutally good. luck to all the friends they are also in a bad mood I'm not in a bad mood yes I'm translating she said bad mood you know this is a good set listen Sophia many of the judges You didn't agree on many of the acts last night, why do you think it was?
best second song auditions that shocked simon cowell
Well, first of all, we have different tastes and we all have the same taste. Some of them don't know what they're supposed to do. I know, uh, I know everything we know, sometimes it's moody and Simon is sometimes local, so if there's nothing, it's very hard for me to grow up. He used to call me a big waste. You see, both of my parents wanted me to be a lawyer and they didn't even come. I'm close to becoming a lawyer, but I was once involved in a suit, but since then I've traveled around the world, gone to Spain, fallen madly in love with a Spanish sundress and we broke up and now I was married, oh my wife and I am Polly. polyester our daughter Capri brought home a pair of sweatpants hey I want to be a supportive dad but I want to see her go out with someone to iron with a crease this guy looked like he was donated she asked me if she could spend the night I told her En my house she will sleep in separate drawers.
best second song auditions that shocked simon cowell

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best second song auditions that shocked simon cowell...

You know the problem when you go to a nursing home and you look like me. Yes, they didn't let me leave. The only reason I'm here tonight is because I had to get a night pass. at the reception the first thing I discovered when I got older is that young people hate old people. That's right, have you ever driven behind an elderly person? Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, the worst thing I am experiencing now at 80 years old is that my hearing has become horrible. I was talking to this woman the other day and she told me that she has a peanut allergy.
best second song auditions that shocked simon cowell
I misheard the word. Said. What's wrong? she said. I start to choke and gag. A true story when I was in Tourette's camp. If that is. where the joke should end is a real place and I didn't realize until this moment, but I found that when other people move it makes me shake more. The first day they put us in a circle with a hundred children in a row of shoulders and my Tourette syndrome. I saw that and took it as a challenge. I gave her a nod, the girl next to her did a full body move and everyone saw that and all hell broke loose.
best second song auditions that shocked simon cowell
One of my graphics. I can't explain why they are true. I just know. from experience this is what's going to happen here is my gym locker room I'm the blue dot I walk into I start changing the moment I take off all my clothes 12 guys come in and this is lol that's so true that defy the statistics Sometimes statistics sound scary, but it's not when you look at them from a different angle when I first got married. 44 of marriages end in divorce. It's a terrifying number. Think about it. 40 My wife and I thought: Do we have a chance?
Think of the other. side if 44 of marriages end in divorce you know what that means 56 of marriages end in death for us break up those are the two ways marriage ends friends if you're married enjoy it now it doesn't end well there it was you know we We were very deliberate about whether we would take you to the finals. I think Howie in particular didn't want you to be here, they're going to the finals and you know how he was right and you know what I love about you. different and it's hard and I like people who take that moment and you took that moment and we'll remember you as the


act of the night, only two are happening remember you have to vote Howie Canada represents yeah, he's a liar, huh, no he's a real liar I'm mad at him you would have won Canada's Got Talent you guys are so good my roommate is actually white and he's like uh this is racist not all white people are serial killers . like all serial killers are white here dude we're on season 14.
Come on you know what I'm saying Clean Sweep come on and I feel bad because white people are actually the only people in the world who can be murderers in series, there is no other ethnicity in the world that can get away with eight unsolved murders in a row like you don't believe black people want to be serial killers of course they do they can't can you imagine a serial killer black man who would be stopped on the road? to get supplies yeah, he's never done anything yet, come on, indians, asians, hispanics, we can't be serial killers, our families are too nosy, old indian lady, she's a snitch, my mom just showed up, man, It's a rope, but it happened to adhesive tape. bleach, I'm calling the police, I say, come on mom, you raised me, don't do this, I'm your son, come on, the password is magic, did you just look?, no, not in this, are you talking?, no, no trick, magic. yeah, magic is the right word, who heard it, tell me the words because they heard you cheated, okay, okay, this is the final track, we're actually tied right now and we're going to start with Howie.
He's fine, he's ready. Millions of dollars. Millions. oh you are right thank you very much

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