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Best Prem Boss, United Vs City & Shock England Squad | Stick to Football EP 31

May 24, 2024
first time in my life and when I reached those difficult moments, whether it was just a mundane day or something that happens in one of the businesses or something that happens in life those six or eight sessions that I had with that psychologist therapist at that time those mechanisms of coping that I still use to this day visit sstf today to get 10% off your first month, that's better help sstf Arsenal what about us? What do you need? differently, we will have to do it again, obviously we have improved compared to last season, very proud of what they have done because it is difficult and I think that


has shown the levels that cannot be expected from Arsenal to not lose points.
best prem boss united vs city shock england squad stick to football ep 31
The ideal is for more people to get involved and give City more of a fight, you know what I mean, Dro, as I see this Spurs game, obviously, a couple of important moments. I still don't look at the


like I do. I've done it before as if they were proper Invincibles. I think they should have gotten something about three weeks ago. Remember W did a couple of CHs so there were times when you thought no, they listened, they did it and they won what the last eight or nine matches are incredible, but the thing is, that's what can pass: people miss opportunities and then when they have the opportunity, the city doesn't do it.
best prem boss united vs city shock england squad stick to football ep 31

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best prem boss united vs city shock england squad stick to football ep 31...

After the Real Madrid game, I knew it would all be over once they had the chance. Other than that I said, this is over. Arsenal are really going to have to do some incredible things just to get them out of the sun. The sun was a great moment for everyone who saw it, I would never forget that. I missed it I think Orga saved him and I'm usually like you know, back to you I just want to make it clear that it was both, it was both I just want to make the point about the goalie we're talking about. city ​​from the 11th to change the goalkeeper goalkeeper to come in and not only did he make that save, he made a couple of two saves before, come on, we talked, I come back to it, the team, your players were ready to come in, know this Arsenal.
best prem boss united vs city shock england squad stick to football ep 31
They had a really good team and I think they have a really good team, but they are behind the European game when they made a mistake at home against Villa. You know, the games where sometimes you can't advance, that's where City, yeah. they beat them, yes, ARS made a mistake once, but the beauty, the standards are set, you know, when they last came to Villa, you will make a mistake, that's all, you can't do that, you know the thing and when they tied with Arsenal, I'm sorry. when they drew with Arsenal when Arsenal went to City and they tied and everyone was praising Arsenal and I know City W were the


there, but they still had maybe 70% possession and were by far the


team and Arsenal were Rock Solid and Arsenal listened to the coach.
best prem boss united vs city shock england squad stick to football ep 31
I've never seen him so happy after a game after a draw because they knew going to City was a great result, but you wonder: do you think City just aren't going to do it? I react to this as if people were writing off City because they drew at home against AR. I don't remember the game, yes, of course. I think honestly because I thought in the Champions League games they might lose a game and I thought they had to win. City I did it a little too. I really said this at the time just to change the mountain that is Manchester City.
You have to beat them, you have to, but I thought Arsenal after the game were cocky, not cocky, but man. never, man, happy, no, sorry, that's the wrong word, cocky, but really, but you're happy with yourself, happy if you progress for us, no, I know, but it's progress when you talk about challenges, something that eventually you have to make a statement. against them, right, we have been tough here, we have been, you know something, when Arsenal won the league and took the league away from us. Overmars came to Old Trafford and scored and uh vtto came to Old Trafford and scored and you robbed us in our own backyard and you killed us honestly when you have to do that you do it you didn't do it when you look at the criticism of AR in that game now against the City you are talking about yes, now I understand that we go back 12 months, they went to Man City probably at the same level or just ahead of City in the title, they went there and tried it under pressure all over the field, the man was absolutely destroyed, so that's in the head of our number one tet when Talking about you've got to beat them, they took four points off Man City this season and when they came in with four, they left Man City's field, so regardless of what they went in , I think one point or They came out two points ahead, so I understand, you say Well, if they won that, obviously if they won that, but if you go to Manchester City and you don't lose and you take four points out of six, what?
It happened the season before the Villa games, kill them. V, if they beat Villa, they won the league car. I think the Villa Game around the Champions League games and all those games was always likely to happen, they had some tough games, why was it likely to happen? We just thought about it, we thought it was the reason for the game against City. I agree with you, they played very well in that game, they made huge progress during the season and we are talking about fine lines and the little difference that could make the difference. The question was what do they need to do differently and if they are in the same position again next year they will still defend with the same compactness and strength as they did, but you hit a little more and you will get the counterattack.
Yeah, listen, they can win there but they can lose at home. The things that Arsenal have done this season I think will be difficult to replicate next season and there are two things that stand out for me: They are by far the best team in my head. -matchups with the best teams, yes, so they beat United twice, they took four points from City, four points from Liverpool, four points from Chelsea. I think they got four points from Spar, so they beat everyone on that. face to face that is difficult to do that you think about it again I will not listen to you that is simply difficult to do because the five margins when you play against the best team that is difficult to achieve next season and also next season it would be difficult to have The track record of injuries they've had this season is like that, it's not just an appearance, it's probably the way they train the sports science team, whatever it is, but basically every time you put on an Arsenal game, there are nine out on first. 11 play maybe 10 just feel like I think it's going to be difficult again next season when you look at City when you look at City against the best the people around them, they haven't been great against them.
They have won, they have beaten whoever they need to beat City. You know, this is what I say, like I'm thinking about AR, you're going to have to beat Liverpool and you're going to have to beat City. and we kind of beat everyone else and still came up short, what should my son have done differently? You know, the thing is why I did it, honestly, he knows how to finish those goals, this is what he says, you know, in that I can. photo son so many times I saw something on social media where he was showing his son pass like this basically writing down how many times you're a finisher it always feels like you're on the right foot it's harder to go there because it's go I always think that son always goes there that way, he tries to go boom, but you know, the thing is with that kind of um when you're going through the goal like that and he's what you find um with the best guys who have total control until the point at which you say the goalkeeper or you say both the goalkeeper is rooted because the goalkeeper is waiting for you to do The Bad Touch on him so he can come and score the goal.
Even smaller than that, what I saw with that is why I was so confident when my son passed. If you look at a goalie, now he's rooted because when his son shoots, he stops it, he's dead, he says bam, so his son could have easily picked it up. I had to lift him up on that leg because the goalkeeper hadn't had any bad touches up to that point, but his bad touch was standing in the spot where he kicked the ball and when you look at it again there's no power in it and it's along of the ground that ends because the goalie at some point is going to have to come down, girl, at some point you have to lift her over.
I just thought the way he opened his leg is the right, right leg like that full stretch split there. a lot of gold behind him, so why was his last touch so bad? No, I think I think maybe the pressure from the guy behind him, because if you look at him, his legs standing here, he probably got shot from there, he probably got shot about half a yard away and so you have to lean back. or you have to do something you have to do something to try to achieve it and he didn't do it, the doorman told me.
Years ago, when the striker had so much time almost times the enemy was not the right striker and I know that he has incredible quality and we have seen him do it many times, but in a sense he had too much. time, but I think Dave Seaman used to say that Dave Sean used to say that that's what you as a goalkeeper, that's what you want, you want them to keep moving, you don't want to do too much, so you give them the time you give them. them that doubt and this is where oh where oh it's moving yes yes yes but you have to pass that's the moment so what went through their head that's happening and it's fractions of a second it's all and the thing is because son as if it I'm sorry if Harry Kane goes through the scoreboard because he's been through that situation so many times that he knows that the touches have to be correct, he knows that the goalkeeper is going to have to stand on the stage and that's when you make the finish, whether it's a plant through the legs, a whip over the leg and an arm, you have to pass it because there is a lot of goal beyond it, but isn't that the biggest disappointment because you are saying that Harry Kane is there?
He always thinks the Suns are there all the time, he always feels like I think the Suns have to finish like everyone else. That's why it was so surprising, it's so surprising because it's so successful at the time, it's like City scored after that. like 5 10 minutes left anyway you know what I mean well this is what people say they would have but it's different what minute it was 85 85 minutes 85 in it you talk about the team when City when Arsenal came back on the back of that European game did Villa, maybe that's where it catches up to you and you're putting pressure on the players and the European games can take a lot away from you because they lost the Villa game because of the European game, right?
Yes, I know it's also a European game and you know it's like coming back after you, it exhausts you and that's where you need it. It's great to have a stable team, but sometimes you go, we have to make some changes to them that you've seen that encourage you. Lewis and Bob make them, right? So you've got that game you go to and it's just that game you go to, boy, it's just a flat day, but that's what you need, boy, to get them in and out, they just bring. That topic we had and I return to it, everyone prays for the starting 11.
I'm back to who I give credit for, you've been waiting months and months and I'm including Teddy and the people, so when they come in, they do the same thing. business, then they come back, we thank you, boy, you helped us this week, you know, all the time, when you see how we do it on Monday Night Football, you really look at the stats and the arsenal was the best by far and, in a way, not the points. as such, but you know how they won the games, how many goals they scored defensively, everything was very strong, so you think, well, they are almost the best, they are playing better than anyone else, but sometimes you look at a team on paper. and sometimes I think he can win the league, does that win the league?
And I have this thing where I look at the Arsenal team and I see the best team in pip and I think that can't win the league and the area I think about. when I look at the front r at the end of the season like the last 10 games and they were all brilliant TR, how many goals did they score? It was fantastic sacka sacka, but I still look at that front end, I think Trad can have it and Sack. it's like a front i.e. winning the league when I look at the city and I go to Harland to BR F and it's like we have to remember that Harland and De Bren missed a lot of the season yeah so you run. about the perfect storm for Arsenal, maybe Arsenal could have done it, they didn't, but that was the perfect storm to win the league title with City's problems, including the goalkeeper and the demands of last season and come back to get up.
Able to fill that void, although Roy, you know we can't, we can't lose two of our best guys like that, the simple answer is that Arsenal need to go and have a bigger and stronger team, yes, yes, and rotate which players a little more. What the players do, I mean the centre-forward, obviously, it's a no-brainer, everyone talks about the centre-forward, but we have shown that yes, no matter how difficult it is, we can deal with the blow of not having the centre-forward. external, I think we can. I need to strengthen the support of the midfield player and a center forward, probably not two big ones, I think we need to cover Sacka, we need to cover CBA,probably another midfielder and then you know Timber is Timber tomasu Ben White, there's not enough cover for CBA, I mean obviously.
I understand that he is an important player, but obviously the ideal is that you sign, yes, but you don't want to lose someone of that caliber, no, no, no, I think I'm talking about three or three.four games while he's injured, let's say it's a hamstring, he'll be out for four games, you know you have Kio Timber, White could come in there, you know there's still a lot of them, actually AR you have quite a few defenders, yeah, but then you look um If you look at what the city is able to do in terms of bringing in players, you have to have someone who can come in and who at some point can challenge someone like William CBA for his position because we need to strengthen ourselves from all points of view.
At the bank we need to strengthen everything. I plan to keep him in the midfield and forward. I always think that when we need to cover Saka, we need to cover him. But sometimes I think when you have a good team, we were like that in Liverpool, where we could. We didn't get there in terms of the league and you're talking about oh we need a better team or we need this or we need someone to cover him or we need someone to cover Torres, you need players to go when you face 11 and then the who are in 11 become the players of the team, so ask R, say we need cover for this or that, you should go and buy a left back.
The left back is not good enough and I think the left wing is not good enough. Martinelli, I like Trossard so people keep saying AR need a striker, there aren't many strikers in the world in terms of everyone in the Premier League except Man City not happy with their striker, that tells you that There are not so many. So it could be a goal, a striker, it could be a goal for me. When I look at Arsenal, they are missing a top-class attacker to go with Sakur. I think it's fantastic. They need another one, either in the middle or on the left.
Le Mane, that VI guy, yeah, he doesn't have to be the intermediary, he could be like an incredible left winger, you know, he just takes you to another level. You need them to let you, they have the money, Aral, they have to do it, yes, they do. Sell ​​if you want, I think so, but I think Arsenal have done well with the Champions League and the money. I bet you'll have to sell some Ry, yeah, but the thing is, I think you'll have to when you look. in what he is, he's willing to do, like we saw with ramsdale, you know, we saw him bringing havs, you know, against everyone's wishes regarding what he does, he'll do whatever it takes, but the next part is the difficult part for him.
This is the most important thing, it is the million dollar question. We go where we obviously can't sit there. They need some equipment. They need this. The last part is the most difficult. I know that's what happens with 20 years of TR. I think what Arsenal have to do next is difficult. win the league, my point is that if they have to wait too, there are other trophies to win, they haven't won anything for four or five seasons, this team cannot be what Tottenham was or I remember Newcastle years ago. Keegan and the leaders talk about reaching out to a Champions League fan or artists, they didn't win a single trophy, this Arsenal team is so good it's hard to beat City, that's where the team comes into play.
Fa C, no, but when he makes changes in the first round. like they went to City last year in the cup and I think they lost brilliantly, so when they play the easier games, yeah, yeah, in the early rounds and they bring the lads in, that's where the lads go, Make sure you get us off our backs. the line goes to the fourth and fifth round and then we can start bringing the main guys back, but that's where they played Cup games. It was the forest last year. I just remember that Seas have gone to games where you go.
Yes, you brought the boys, but what is the boy's mentality about? Oh yeah, I got to play in this game and that's where the group of players that you have is going to have a decent team of players, guys, when you get into these. The games will be ready mentally next season as well, they will have to come back and he will need to make certain signings to really give the players a boost, they will need it because They have been very close 89 points, as you mentioned, you surpass, you know, they got four points from SE Four Points in Liverpool and you know what would be demoralizing.
I would double the defensive structure that they have had this year and the defensive record and I am going to keep the midfield play to completely free up Rice, yes and the others, because I think that just maintaining the defensive structure that they have will give them a great opportunity to win in the league. I think the goals will come for Arsenal. They have good


players, I mean, they have goals, when you really look at the goals, they have the goals, and actually it's probably the biggest risk in terms of if you can't respond, there's no one like him.
I mean, I think he's the only player on the team that I think was named player of the year. I thought he was the best player I've seen this season. He the best over all the trophies. The final of the Fa C. they will both be there, yes, I will be watching from behind the couch, yes, did you think why don't you call me? Do you know something I went to last year? I didn't enjoy it, it was hard work getting into the stadium. It was difficult to get back to the parking lot. I bumped into a couple of City fans on the way out, I just thought no, I just want to see it, you know, come on, they've seen it, they've played sport, they've seen it.
Haven't the fans seen it that the fans have seen it for you? I would never let the light go out. Sorry, do you think City would have had? My first thought was: I hope that's true. Do you think City would have had a great night? going out on Sunday night, of course, would have been like that, but we've done it, I know, I just want to say, look, they're in great shape, but it's only a couple of days and it sets you back a little bit trying to do it. Did this happen before every big game United played?
He started convincing himself that we did it 20 years ago. I'm just saying that it was a surprise, yes, we won, we did it, we won the league and we know that we played against Liverpool in the final that we won. Liverpool, yeah, and that was going to hear and that wasn't a night we went out, certainly, yeah, Saturday Sunday, I didn't, I didn't do it on the Tuesday before we played in Liverpool. I'm open, I'm fine. I'm opening this, I'm still celebrating, no, no. No, yes, but they had enough time, enough time. I remember, um, no, still a c, yeah, the only encouraging thing is that for United, in the last two games, they scored some goals again.
The forward scored a couple. I know they're giving up. possibilities, the same old things, that's a bit of consolation, the last game I played for United. I didn't see two guys come back, so the Arsenal game was obviously a big game for Arsenal, but they defended differently in that game. From what they had been doing, obviously, Crystal Palace was a disaster. Are they going to play more defensively on Saturday than they have been doing? Are they going to play differently? You can't do the same thing, but Arsenal Arsenal at home were slightly different, yes, it felt like it took a lot longer, it was harder to break them down, they seemed to have a bit more structure. what they were doing, but you know, this is like City at Wembley going for the double, you know what I mean, it's like we're defending United to begin with.
Can United? It's a C final. How did United win that game if the players have to show up? People like BR not defensive, they have to be a lot, they have to be closer to people, they have to make it difficult for them. He came to St better than in last year's final. I think he has to take chances with players who probably aren't. completely fit and he has to put them into who he is, although he is a martinz and a fan, those two have to play as a central defender, so Martínez only played one hour, he didn't run at Wembley?
God City, I play with Martinez, I am what I am. What I'm saying is Vanan, if he plays at the level he can play, he's a good player, so who are you going to put there? Casemiro Johnny EV. I mean, you have to stop Highland. I think it will be Johnny Evans and Martínez. I can't think that he will play with Varant and Martínez, both have not played. I mean, it's a huge risk, yes, but hey, you're not winning with knowledge. I hate having the conversation about the place we're going to, yeah. saying you'll be behind the S, you know it's a sad situation if you feel like you can't see the L man, the Fin cup and you think they can still hear, there's always the hope that they'll show up and produce some kind of performance.
Performance or moments I think they have moments when I look at the City team in recent weeks and I honestly think Spurs did well against them. The Spurs had opportunities. I look at The Forest game, those are the opportunities and I look at the city team. Are they obviously favourites, of course, yes, but do you still think you have to go down if you believe in United that they can turn up at Wembley and produce a performance, the few that are the midfield, it's the midfield area and how I'll try, for Of course, I will try to get it, but then the for de foden, you know what I mean, and de bruy, so you will have to get close enough to them not only to stop them, but also when you have stopped. them, can you execute? can? he has the package he has to pack the midi my concern last year if you remember after the game last year and they are talking about getting to a final c and the noises coming out of United last year after the defeat the final was that they almost fell They were patting themselves on the back for making it to the finals and not getting beat up, yeah, yeah, stop that shit, you know, I mean, you gotta show up and perform and not go down to 14. or 15 seconds, hit your CH, give yourself a bit of a chance, oh it was a


ing position, the game was over after that of course and he said he just followed it and T moved the ball away a bit and gave him a bit of encouragement. but you still have to believe that if you're a Man United player our city is stronger, better, yes of course, but you still have to believe that you can turn up in one night, the problem, the problem, the problem is that we know that we know as The Players and I don't think anyone at Manchester United, whether it's the manager, the players or the fans, goes into that game, believes they can win well, that's the biggest concern Jimmy.
That's my concern because of how bad the season is, of course. but you have to produce moments where you still have to do it, you sit in that dressing room before the game and you still have to look at your manager's players around you and if you don't have that belief and you are playing for Man United you have a Big respect for Manchester City, they are brilliant, their record is fantastic and they could win the double, almost like a consolation price compared to last year, but if you are a Man United player this is my concern.
Looking at the coach and the staff you know we are talking about great coaches, great coaches produce cff fins moments and get your teams over the line and all these coaches we mentioned earlier, I don't think they were favorites in every cup. they've been in but your coach finds a way or helps them or you get the play just came back from injury and it's a cup final, you take us through this line, is there a way to do it? Is there a way to put Bruno mik Tomy Mayu and uh amra bat in the same somewhat tight midfield and then have like a Rashford and a Hland literally because there is no doubt that Rashford and Hland can cause problems for Manchester City yeah , at times in the games, they can do it, did you mention that?
The team's form early on against Arsenal United's team's form against Arsenal was okay, I actually think it was nice, but their quality later on was rubbish, yeah, that's the situation. He's fine, he's sitting fine, you're fine, but Bruno wasn't there, he wasn't there. to be, I'll be back, can you somehow get M Tomy Bruno Amat and Manu into a tight midfield? I looked obviously I didn't see Bri's game, I looked at the match of the day, but when I saw that the teams were going up, he didn't play. with a striker, no, no, so I was thinking, surely this is almost a preparation for the final, surely you know that, we are not going to go with a striker, we are almost going to play with strong field players, you know why not you would do he plays hland in the last game of the season away to Brighton, you know what Tottenham did.
Tottenham played obviously. I'm trying to think that what Tottenham did now last week was in the game, but Tottenham played Madison almost as some kind of fake bodies in There Yeah, and then they had Strikers' two wide players split in Son and Brennan Johnson and I'm kind of thinking if United because United have beaten City like that for a few years now, but they've beaten City like where Bruno almost played. there are many, yes, Mayu with am City, it doesn't matter, you have a diamond of some kind because if he goes there, I mean, in addition to playing, he will play as a four, like a box, the two sitting and the two in front, they put bodies.
There you have theJordan, will we be in a situation now where Gareth Southgate, just because of the personnel he has, will be forced to play an attacking midfield almost like a dream? If you think about that, Rice Fen Mayu Bellingham, you know? You've got these players that now England are going to have to play because they have no other options, that's exactly what everyone has been crying out for, they haven't even been tempted to go back to their bench and think: "I'll put Jordan in, I'll put Jordan in." Calvin and that's the only thing that comes out of this.
I'm surprised we're in this position because I thought Gareth would just pick a more experienced player who obviously thinks a lot about Mayu too let's not forget the last few England games. We always think about how. team players play at the club, but if you're an England coach you always go back to your own team and your own performances and listen. I think he's very young and I think he's found it difficult recently Mayu probably played too many. games, but in the England game he was fantastic, right? So he probably has that in the back of his mind as well in terms of I think Trent will be the one who thinks he's putting.
There's a little bit more defensive, that was the idea at the beginning of the season, that was the idea at the beginning of the season, right? You can't play there against one of the best teams and one or two games in the group. you get abs if you play Trent there against one of the best defensive sides in the nations game if you're talking about the right thing yeah you can't defend that would be ironic for you so Ro yeah yeah what people are calling. because if it was just F and Belling rice, would it be a woody to you?
No, no, no, really, I think Rice has enough with him, he's played a lot of games, but no, I don't have a problem, just like rice is your option. not about that, I think he has a tendency to play with him, yes, no, yes, even as a two, I think Trent against the real best teams in France or Germany, whatever it may be in the knockout games if you play with Trent there on the defensive. He can't defend very badly, I think he is in midfield, although yes, in midfield, you have to go to hell, you have to defend him with cover.
I don't think he has any defense, I think he swings his leg and remembers the Everton game. he is not aggressive in defensive situations with the ball and that is all Lov, but at that level we are talking about in the knockout games, England will have enough OPP to make the group no matter who they are, but in the knuckleball games if Trent there and they asked me to do some defensive work for England against a really good team. I see it a little differently than you, the reason is I think Rice will play here and Trent will play here and he will play, let's say I probably know Bellingham. here or something, but because Kyle Walker is in that channel and will probably just come out and leave Sacka maybe a little higher up, I think he has the cover behind him with rocks and Walker there, that wouldn't mean that.
Okay, that's your opinion. I do not agree with that. I think you'll be, what's up with G on the defensive? I don't care who is defensive, who is not bad as a defender but brilliant. I think he is their defensive side of the game and I watch him closely at all times. The game he is playing for Liverpool is right back or when he comes on. I don't think he has. No, it doesn't smell dangerous. It's not, but it's not the point to put him in the midfield, it means the defensive side. Of the game he wouldn't be as exposed, yes, but you'd still be behind him, people would be running towards him every few minutes.
I get what you're saying, of course, he's a b higher up the field and he's got that confidence behind him, but I still think, guys. who were on defense, I still want guys to drop and run at us all the time, the best teams, I'm talking about you, will run away against the lesser teams, but if he plays there, what about the fact that he? He knows Rice can play there, I know he'll bring the gays here and I know he likes it, can he play? The Stones can do it, yes, get into the midfield, can the Stones make a step and Kyle, yes, could he step in?
I think that's the only reason. Why, because it seems like God left us a little short, but when you look at what Stones could step in, I think we can cover that, so here we go, they understand that Warton gei and Dean Henderson are in WoW Palace the palace wow yeah Adam won what was he saying about Palace and 14 where did he end up? The Euro Four players are going to win. Hest wants to give more news, he continues, Wild ry may be back to match of the day is that I was watching Blazing Saddles again the other day just text me and said I need to give more breaking news, it's honestly, honestly Honestly, Jesus, a climate, that's my wife's trick. say call me call me don't answer J what was it? don't call me call them directly so they don't answer put me in the bag I'm sorry my kids are the same what do I have to admit I have to do it I mean, I'm excited about what we're going to do in this tournament, really excited because I think, but honestly, generally you said in all the tournaments, I know, but we are left without a tournament if you can't go with hope, what can you go?
With what you just said, United, you will be hiding behind the fish for next week for Man United. I'll be there with my gear on and looking for boots right in England. Obviously the defensive part of our team is probably the only point that let's say it was a bit of a weakness, so I'm a bit worried that the midfield will now be a bit more open, but it will be exciting. Community questions, right, no, I think there's a question, I think it's interesting, you know? If your team is poor defensively you say we are worried about the back four, does that mean they should have more protection or if you have the attacking players you say no, let's just play, the attacking players are going to try? write someone down, you'd rather say it, so you wouldn't.
I think that's what I'm saying, if you have F and Bellingham, even though you would talk to the defense, you say well, okay, I'm not going to play them at center right now because the defense needs more protection or you say you know what The defense has problems but we, our players, are very good in the future, we are going to lead the team Jimmy, look at Garrett Garrett is a coach, he played as a center half, no, no, he has that, but at some point he will manage to overcome the line in one of these tournaments, we all say the great player, great managers are players, sometimes they play on and off the court, Garrett, that's me, I think that's why you look at Garrett, we.
When you're talking about midfield, you don't think about betting. I don't know, you probably know better that he's betting now because he has to because whoever's playing now, whether it's Mayu Rice and Bellingham, whether it's Folded Rice and Belling, it's Trent, it's a definitely something else that you didn't mention could be in there. Does G have to win this? What happens if G doesn't win? Will it be the same question? I would never say that. I know you wouldn't say that, but if we're looking at Garrett, the group of offensive players he has, listen that's the feeling coming into the tournament, isn't it that almost if we don't win we need to change the coach because we have the players that I think what we have?
I think we have some of the best, we have the player of the year, the best player in Germany this season has already arrived, the best player in England, Phil Fen, and the best player in Spain is Jude Bellingham, we got Dody back for the SL. back for pickford probably had had i mean pford to be fair he's he's in good shape decent pigford is in good shape no yeah he doesn't as long as we don't as long as we don't get up as long as you don't go to Germany and do a B and B, it was good, it was great, one of the best experiences of my family's life.
B and B left behind, it's a problem, this is a proper podcast. What a B and B, yes, it's a podcast in itself. What are you going for? What is the community question? What's going on? I wanted to ask a question about something else. He has done it now that he is on his phone. Shall we finish the program? I fell and I came to pick up some trash. I thought we were asking some community questions or. something I like Community Questions right, it's the last show of the season, it's that sad, are you reading that or are you saying I should be a host?
Is it easier to continue with


or work in television? It's easier to continue with football if you give it. You have time to talk, the location helps, doesn't it? Yes Yes. Which current footballer do you think will be a good expert in the future? I have two. I always say Jordan Henderson. I know James Madon and Rice who are James Madison and deam rice I'll go deam rice and Tren Alexander Arnold I'd go Trent Alexander Arnold and Connor Cody oh I don't know what makes a good pund so why do we say these players what is it, you know what? it's only when you speak with confidence and the author of BR de bruyer if he wanted to do it too, when you hear him speak you feel like you're wow, he's giving you something, you're hearing something about what he's done.
I've seen something, he's a special player, what you shake, what you shake your head, you know what I mean when he, when he does his interviews and you listen to him, you think well, yeah, that's pretty interesting, yeah. I agree, I should have mentioned Trent actually. I think he was on Sky with something very interesting, he was good. I think they're all going to be amazing and hopefully they keep our jobs and we don't have to do this, yeah, yeah, yeah, there's another one, go on, go on. They speak well, they know that modern players like it, but there are more of them.
They train the media. You don't like to offend anyone. They do not do it. They are not going to cross that line. We didn't receive any training. Who has been your favorite guest? What about football, oh I'll tell you what favoritism stuff I thought Ronny was one of the top five on the list, yeah I thought Ronnie was awesome, oh yeah I gotta say Eddie ER is very impressive. I love Eddie and then JJ. I love JJ. Look at his face. I mean them I gotta say I love all the men


L St Ferguson yeah no no we need more we need more we need more of that don't we need more than the


stories about the


then we got to Dennis and Dennis has to come, yes we have Denn as a first guess for next season, just get Denn.
Ronnie was good Ronnie Ronn Ron FAS, he went on and watched the boxing at the weekend, oh God, did you see the? You look it. Look, wow, I had it in the middle of. rounds I don't know what you know something you thought he was gone here he is also it was one time when he caught him and he just didn't go and finished him off it was like, when I was looking I thought He was doing a lot of things like at the beginning around the sixth round and there was so much rubbish in boxing that what I loved is when I went to the corners and H dad, dad, come on, man, it's just him, do you think that's it?
Do you think his father is there because he is not good that his corner said it after your half? ask what are you sick of having quants every week what snacks would you like to have next season Quant what would you call them crossons you call them crossons you call that what do you call it cross cross you start with a you said a q you said start with a c yes I said cross, get Pantry cross, I love it, I love it, I love them, they're nice, there's eight of them, we miss Jill today too, yeah, we haven't had, we like it, let's be honest, we never miss anyone, we just come, this is the end. of the bright season I love that you see in Berlin Berlin we will be in Berlin Berlin I need to find in Berlin I need to find a walk a cafe a place for breakfast and lunch Place What is that you are talking about in a gym in Berlin who? loc I'm there for a month I'll be there for a month I need to sit down the first day a restaurant a cafe a walk I need to find him I've got you I've got a man I'll sink from I'll sink from there for a month.
Well done. Everyone was like that. Good Ben. The five best.

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