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Best ?PEPPA PIG? Toy Learning Videos for Kids and Toddlers!

May 31, 2021
wee this is fun my word this room is a mess go play outside then after dinner you will need to clean your room too sorry mommy we'll clean it later come on george mommy pig is making dinner when he hears something outside, who could that? I'm back look daddy pig he's home and he brought something with him oh my daddy pig has brought home a big screen tv daddy pig where you got it that was on sale at the supermarket excuse me it's pretty heavy my word you made a mess oh, sorry mommy i'll clean it up in a minute oh honey another accident daddy can you please stop breaking things and help me clean up the kitchen in a minute?
best peppa pig toy learning videos for kids and toddlers
I need to clean up this broken lump, oh, it's pretty broken. we don't have room for such a big tv our house is too small you'll have to put it back now let me call the


for dinner


george it's time to eat mommy mommy look what we found outside meow can we keep her oh no we don't have room for a little cat. Guess I'll have to return the TV. I'm sorry, but we don't have room for all this stuff. Hold on guys, I have a surprise that might help you check it out. It's a gigantic


pig house and it's huge, standing over 22 inches tall and having one two three four different levels with one two bedrooms with a cool home office with a computer and a ladder that goes straight up to the attic with a telescope and a roof that opens for stargazing and a working lamp and a mud puddle to jump up and down enters and comes with three figures peppa in her fairy godmother shirt george in his monkey shirt and zoe zebra who might come when we're done fixing everything wow look at that bathroom and this beautiful kitchen does this mean i get to keep my big screen tv and our new kitty i guess so wow that's great news let's get him out of the box and put it all together, wow good job guys so let's go in and start setting it up follow me ok let's turn on the light in here great it really works and the first thing we're going to add is a big purple sofa now let's see the kitchen prime ro we'll add this white fridge i think it will look good here in the corner let's open it up and see what kind of food is inside wow look at all those goodies let's add some of our own how about some delicious donuts?
best peppa pig toy learning videos for kids and toddlers

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best peppa pig toy learning videos for kids and toddlers...

I bet daddy pig will love these. We'll save them for later. the fridge and now we have a chair and two chairs now we're in mom and dad's room they're going to need a bed did you know mom and dad didn't even have a bedroom in their old house they're going to I love this and here's a beautiful dresser that will give character to your room. Now it's time for George and Peppa's room. They will also have a bed, but this is a bunk bed. The bottom bunk has a dinosaur blanket for George and the top bunk.
best peppa pig toy learning videos for kids and toddlers
He has a polka dot blanket for Peppa, isn't that so cool? It looks great and now in the bathroom. oom we'll add this splish splash sploosh bathtub and here's our toilet that actually opens and closes i'll set it up here and for our home office we have a computer to do homework and watch youtube


we'll need an office chair too look really spin let's slide it under the computer desk and what could this be it's a telescope for looking at things that are far away like stars and planets and moons and let's not forget daddy's big screen tv complete with a fish tank and a light switch that really works.
best peppa pig toy learning videos for kids and toddlers
Hey that's cool I think this should go in the living room if Daddy Pig is going to buy a new appliance, Mommy Pig should too, how about this new oven that actually lights up? I bet you'll love it, let's put it in the kitchen. Outside, the house looks pretty impressive, but we're not done yet before I invite everyone to come see the house. I have a few more things to make it look complete. First they will need food and water bowls for their new pet kitty and how about these beautiful flowers for mommy and daddy's dresser flowers love sunlight so let's push them out the window watch the sunlight nurture the flowers , let's add some things for peppa and george's room, like this guitar to play music and this adorable ladder to help them climb up the bed don't you love it now it's time to work in the attic and here is a globe in the shape of the planet earth which is the planet we live on and here are some beautiful cacti for the family to nurture and care for but don't touch them because they're prickly let's add some things for the outside oh this will be fun it's a pool let's put it right here and here is a nice surfboard.
Surfing takes a lot of practice, but it's a lot of fun. cookout grill now our new giant house for peppa and her family is complete look how amazing it looks now it's time to invite the peppa family to come over wow that is indeed a big house l let's go inside and see what it is amazing in here come on in don't forget the kittens i think the kitten is hungry oh what a nice girl she must have been very hungry look a muddy puddle now look at you two go take a bath yes mommy pig let's add some bubbles cleaning up is fun i think it's time to try out my new big screen tv i'm going to go check out the kitchen it's genevieve's playhouse wow my favorite show oh check out some cacti thanks kitty are you sure you're a good helper i think kitty wants to take a nap on peppa in george's room ok now let's talk to mummy pig oh it looks like she's going to put some donuts in the oven now that they're cleaning the bathroom peppa and george should try on their r oopa new peppa george daddy pig snack time did you hear that come on what's all this talk about snacks that was delicious mommy now we can go play have fun oh george wants to pet kitty and look he's going to play the guitar peppa wants to play in the ho mi office wow a computer night in town and a brave band of warriors are having a slumber party hello can i come in and play ok come in wow what a nice house thanks zoe i want to go upstairs and paint a picture sure let's go first we'll need some blue, now it's time for a little red and now for a yellow what a great photo peppa what's up there oh that's the attic i want to play in the attic i'm sure your turn to look at a globe and a telescope. look at outer space there's a planet jupiter with a big red spot and there's saturn with its rings now i can see the moon there's a spaceship landing on it it's grandpa pig what lemme see is and he's jumping


it's getting late we just finished see grandpa pig on the moon and he was jumping real high thats good kids its still time for bed see you later zoe goodnight peppa goodnight george night its great to finally have a bed to ourselves yeah but where has it gone kitty kitty now that we got some sleep it's a good day for some barbeque and a swim no kitty no oh mi i just got back from the moon i didn't miss a thing today peppa and george are going for a swim in their pool come on george you can do it too scared george just pretend you're a dinosaur george loves dinosaurs big dinosaur splash there george mom daddy look at me good george make way for your big sister mommy daddy i met george everything is good george here play with you u dinosaur dinosaur mommy daddy i didn't want to meet george but our pool is too small we can have a bigger one peppa if you want a bigger one we can just swim in the community pool meanwhile in the community pool look down heads up kids the community pool it's too crowded and also rebecca's dad is hurting himself a new pool what he's holding daddy pig where are you going don't worry i'll be back in a gif i wonder where he's going in such a hurry come back wow daddy pig what is this is our new pool of course co wouldn't let the rabbits have a better pool than ours now could i new pool new pool daddy pig can we afford this of course not but I'm an expert at talking to salespeople and I convinced them to let us pay for her next 30 years, oh yeah, let's play with it, but how are we going to put it together?
Looks pretty complicated oh ok I haven't figured that part out yet don't worry guys we can help you put it together and when it's done you can play with it yeah it sounds great fantastic ok great let's start building the pool checking what's inside the box it looks like we have a lot to build and this big piece here looks like the base of the pool I think we should start with that but this white piece will come into play later ok now let's place the pool base here and then we can start adding our supports we'll need two small ones and two large ones and then let's put them together like this one and two and to make them even stronger we'll hold them together with these green pieces that one has done now for the second one.
These green braces will make the brace much stronger so they can support even more weight, like when your feet help your legs support your body. now this v shape we made is going to fit perfectly into these holes in the deck and same for this one now let's add two attachments that will help them hold up the second tier of the pool now let's add a few more pieces with the movie magic and now we are on the 2nd floor with that rectangle from earlier i knew it would come in handy with our 2nd floor in place we can add our yellow slide and it actually looks really fun i would love to go on a slide like that and im sure peppa and george will enjoy it too so let's get it ready for them and we'll add our red ladder to the side here so they can climb up how about we plant a tree?
We'll start with this dirt then add a palm tree trunk then we can add these coconuts I'm not really sure why they're red because in real life they're green when they're on a tree at least they're the color of these palm fronds , add them to our tree to complete one more set and I think our tree will look great, very good, fantastic, so let's add this connecting peg to the center of our pool and on top of that we can add this octopus that needs a face, ah, here it looks a lot better now so slide it into this square piece here it will be the support for our third tier but i think we should add a railing for safety on our second tier one longer piece here and we should be good our little third The floor will be square in shape and has a sign saying no floats this is for kids who can only swim what do you think these two pieces are for I'll give you a hint they aren't coarse candy cones I'll add these yellow pieces here and then see if you can guess one more right now What do you think it is?
It is a staircase that will take our friends to the third floor. now look at this slide it looks like they slide up then down into the pool let's open it up at the top and bottom now for our last set of brackets for our top tier we'll need one more post here and now we're ready for the wheel of our pulley then we'll add our rope with a hook now we can attach our inflatable raft to the hook this is what our pool attendants had in mind for the top slide so lets lift it up to the top this little roof red here it goes on top of our posts let's make sure we line it up there we go and now for the finishing touch on our pool an emergency accessory for a life preserver in case someone needs help ok we finished building our pool but there's still one more thing, can you guess what water is?
You're right, we're going to add it to the pool, ok, let's complete it so our swimmers can have some fun splashing around. Hey guys, come see the pool. on the yellow slide climbing this ladder isn't that hard hey george watch me go you splash me peppa oh you wanna see a real splash be careful daddy pig you splashed me daddy pig keep calm i'll save you daddy oh thank you you're a real lifesaver if you just keep calm lo would you float on your own, well if you're such an expert how about you jump in the pool and show us what you've got?
Just look at momma pig, what are you doing? I go to the top slide, but that's too high nonsense. star swimmer on my school swim team never knew that well you never asked okay kids let me show you how it's done wow mom it looks so fun it was here try it oh no mom that ride is too scary for a kid like me the slide george what are you doing looks like george needs the boat for the big slide don't worry george i'm doing fine here comes your raft thanks daddy this is going to be fun but you're scared of heights and the big slide is too scary for you not scary look at the wonderful slide there george if it's not too scary for little kids like george then it's not too scary for me im going to try im ready for the wrap dad a raft is coming thanks dad ok im ready to go that was so much fun just wish my friends had seen me being so brave we saw you peppa he looks so fun we can swim too yes my friends are here party at the to pool wow guys now that peppa's friends are here i think we shouldadd some orbeez for more pool fun a little stir with our octopus friend check this out rebecca oh grandpa dog are you here to swim in the pool no you're just here to collect the first payment oh here we are i'll be back next month oh damn good al less the kids are enjoying the pool peach peach peas george is pinching us lobster pinch yes i would say the new pool is a big splash thanks for watching the video kids and if you liked it be sure to leave a thumbs up bye see you next time, who would have thought that a baby crib would be so heavy? my cousin baby is coming to visit baby alexander is coming yay oh i think you're at the door now hello oh go ahead greetings to all baby alexander wimpy well hello kids that's right kids baby alexander is going to spend the day with you while me and daddy pig go shopping don't worry mommy pig george and i will take care of baby alexander while you're gone oh no kids only adults can take care of a baby i'll stay here to take care of it mommy george is a boy i'm five i'm an adult i'll take care of baby alexander oh peppa you're still a kid looking after a baby it's a lot of work that's why grandpa pig has to stay here and watch him do it i really have to go shopping well could you stay here and help grandpa pig stay and watch baby alexander uh i'll get the keys see you later kids have fun with baby alexander and be good to grandpa pig bye mom and dad it's ok let's roll grandpa pig can we help you take care of baby alexander oh my yes peppa thanks for asking come on in and we can take care of him together now we just put him in the pram a piece of cake if that's all you have to do taking care of a baby is easy oh no baby alexander is broken fix it grandpa pig alexander isn't not broken he's probably just tired and wants to hear a lullaby go to sleep little baby and don't let the bed bugs bye it worked grandpa pig you fixed it baby alexander is asleep grandpa grandpa grandpa george wake up the baby oh look what you did i woke up baby alexander oh don't you worry george grandpa pig is very old and needs to sleep we'll take care of baby alexander we'll just sing a song and baby alexander will go back to sleep oh macdonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o oh the food isn't working o Of course George is so obvious.
He was about to say that baby Alexander is just hungry. Let's take him to the kitchen. He is quite heavy. Nobody told me that a baby would be so heavy. Come on, George, now let's see what he eats. How are you? a cute yummy apple how rude i guess babies still need apples oh i tasted delicious pizza dont be silly babies dont eat pizza but i know what everyone likes here you have alexander a cookie but everyone loves cookies what do babies eat babies milk george that's right you're a genius babies drink milk here you go yes we made baby alexander happy after all we are good babysitters oh dear baby alexander has to go potty oh no huh what do we do? work yes it's ok party george baby alexander can't use the toilet like a big boy he's a baby he has a diaper diaper yes and since i'm the oldest i'll show you how to do it that's how you change a diaper there done now that baby alexander is fed and changed he's ready to play come on george let's show him our toys here's our bedroom go ahead george show him your favorite dinosaur toy the baby alexander likes the dinosaur but he doesn't like the loud noise george makes babies don't like the scary noises they like happy noises like this radio yay baby alexander likes music but this song is for babies let's listen to something i like oh he doesn't like it well if baby alexander doesn't like good music maybe we should come out to play here you are baby alexander this is we call outside we have a slide a ball pool and a swing you want to play in a wonderful election and i will take the slide everyone they're having so much fun dear baby alexandra thinks the balls are sweet oh no baby alexander you can't eat those they look rocky it's george's favorite outdoor toy oh my the rocket has stuck to the ceiling george i'm afraid the outside has too many sad things for a baby let's take baby alexander inside and show him how to paint don't worry baby alexander you'll love it painting george can you bring the canvas ok thanks george now we're all set use light strokes on the canvas would you like to try baby alexander baby alexander baby alexander george isn't where he went oh look there are footprints let's follow them and maybe we can find baby alexander look at george the footprints lead to mommy and daddy's room baby alexander baby alexander has made a mess george we have to give baby alexander a bath right away baby alexander loves baths now for your bubbles and he loves bubbles too oh boy there are too many bubbles baby a lexander everything is clean time to go out now baby alexander wasn't ready to get out of the bathroom here you have rubble ducky baby alexander loves the rubber ducky so much that's pretty annoying how about you put the rubber ducky downstairs baby alexander don't worry you can ride on a rocking horse upsy daisy george i think he's asleep maybe we should take him to his crib sleep tight baby alexander what's up maybe he just needs some relaxing music yes it worked baby alexander is asleep hello we're home oh hi grandpa pig i hope so you had no problem seeing baby alexander oh it wasn't easy enough no problem at all well well um where is he oh good um he's upstairs taking a nap mom taking care of a baby is so hard oh yeah peppa that's why we had grandpa pig here to do all the work it really wasn't a problem mum george and i'm afraid baby alexander won't like us he cries all the time po peppa when babies cry it doesn't mean they don't like you babies cry for many reasons oh here he goes now let's see how he is and i'll show you ok baby alexander you're done with your nap look mommy he cries all the time baby alexander's first words yes he likes us after all taking care of a baby is easy today is george pig's birthday mommy and daddy pig are decorating for the party there it looks good and meanwhile peppa throws tea to george party now that you are older you can drink tea ea like a big boy here you go george its not the tea yummy george manners please now tell me what you want for your birthday dinosaur george you talk too much about dinosaurs dinosaur go even polly popsicle grades and a finishing touch to the cake kids you can come to the party oh george did you hear that let's get dressed up for your party come let's see what to wear not too frilly perfect your turn george no those are your pajamas a halloween costume now that's a to ntería now I like that better now let's go downstairs to your party birthday party happy birthday george let me light the candle dinosaur that's right we made a dinosaur cake your favorite now blow out the candle now let's eat so we can open your presents delicious now is the moment of the gifts that you have a yellow gift, a purple one, a red one, and a green gift, well, george, you have four gifts inside, georgia's first gift is a bicycle, yay, bicycle, and georgia's second gift is a rocking horse, and george's third gift is inside it's a little red wagon rainbow wagon if george doesn't get a dinosaur in his latest present he'll be very disappointed i guess we'll have to wait and see and inside george's latest present is a big dinosaur george loves playing with his new presents there's still a last gift hey what is it we are going to a very special place and far away pack up and meet me in the car an adventure let's go george everything s are packed and ready yes but how far is it very far?
We are going to the airport and we will fly there on a plane. Wow, but is a plane scary? No, not at all, they are the safest way to travel, even safer than a car, but first we need to go to the airport now hop on I can't wait to get there don't drive too fast ok this will be fun now let's go to the airport we're here patience peppa oh here we are hello peppa if you guys would i like to ride the plane just park your car and get on board ok ok now follow me to the plane ain't beautiful look inside we have one two three seats but we are four .
There is not enough space for us to sit. Oh, that's a problem. That's what the pilot sets to fly the plane, but I played some flight sims in college. How hard could it be? third and now it's time for the expert pilot to sit in the cockpit dad where we're going you'll have to wait to get there to see it's a surprise I'll put your luggage in the back it's ok everything is safe get ready for take off let's see what does he do this button? Whoops, are you sure you know what you're doing? Yes, yes, there are more buttons than I remember.
Let me try this one. Oh here we go. It looks like we're almost there oh I see oh wow we're about to land there perfect flight I'm pretty groggy we'll take a cab home yay just that's right george and we have all day to play are you sure we should have parked the plane here oh ok i'm sure everyone does it all the time george since it's your birthday what would you like to do first peekaboo dinosaur look george is your friend richard rabbit yes i imagine there will be lots of friends here at the fair how are you if the kids take turns your turn george we dinosaur i like to swing on the swing peppa look here look it's your friend's pony peter and cat candy my friends are here i want to play with them he wants to play on the seesaw with me, I will. train for the fairgrounds grumpy pig grandpa i heard today is someone's birthday come on board and i'll give you a tour okay grandpa hehe train enjoy the train ride kids we will walk here and meet you walk if you need the exercise oh everyone a board here we are kids on the main f air-ground wow can we get off here of course kids have fun im off to the next stop look george they are married around which one would you like to ride green dinosaur of course i should have guessed i think i'll ride the red horse come on Susie, we are two in three seats, how about you ride with us?
Okay, Peppa, I'll ride the yellow duck. Come on, daddy, pig. magic mirror booth sure susie show us where it is here is my magic mirror let me see hmm it makes me look so silly but it's not really magical it sure is look open kazam susie what did you do honey susie you made me step back right now abraham thank you but i'm not really into magic candy candy get your snacks and candy mr potato did you say candy yes you and your family would like some? in many different ways w What would you like to try?
I would like red pink and green and a lollipop shake like a heart and what would you like little boy blue orange and star all right here we go let's see three pieces for the boy four pieces for the girl three plus four is seven will be seven dollars seven dollars For candy don't worry all the money goes to a good cause and look dad I have two dollars I can use to help pay for it let's see seven minus one is six seven minus two is five I need five more dollars here we have five dollars plus my two dollars equals seven bucks very good enjoy your sweet children thank you sir dad you're welcome see you later what would your children like to do now let's go to the ferris wheel hooray oh looks like we'll have to wait come here peppa i'll paint your face while you wait oh good idea thanks rebecca what would you like me to paint i can paint elephants lions and many other animals hmm how about a tiger ok hold still what do you think? ink love it thank you peppa hurry up oh you missed the trip coming mommy george hope you had a wonderful day it's just our way of saying happy birthday


birthday ever

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