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Best "OMG" Plays in NFL History!

Jun 27, 2022
oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, Wilson has a lot and somehow, somehow, Paul Richardson comes up with the ball and cuts the field obstacles over a couple of people. Oh my God, did you see him punch Steve Brown? with what looked like a karate kick that's why they marked it two yards away they faked it although it's a direct cross and now a shot downfield and inside the 45 yard line it's trapped trapped at the 40 yard line there's a flag down trying to see who caught it the ball with jonathan ward at 57 yards only in this series and they are going to go to the hot hand legarrette's blood passes for the touchdown with the invisible wrapped around him from the seat of his pants lisk found young steve zabel in the end zone low newton-benz takes the snap short drop hits the quarterback draws a somersault for the touchdown oh my god the legend continues here it's aj trapasso and we have a trick play here and it's trapasso who will carry the ball for a first down inside the 20 yard line and into the end zone for a touchdown, they will fake the reverse to michael griffin to protect the old statue of liberty, everyone assumes they are going to give him the football and the bettor takes off with the ball collins towards the back of the ozone curry touchdown what an incredible play we talked about athletic ability this is this is the


catch you've ever seen castle on play action going up and oh what a catch what a catch rookie jonathan baldwin made against the back of safety brian dawkins, which was an absolutely phenomenal catch by jonathan baldwin, third down, eight slants and incompletions, wait a minute, no touchdown, harrison caught him by the hands. gilger's ultimate handoff smith comes to the right trying to outrun coverage makes a cut gets it oh he's still coming out of the shotgun here comes the pass rush and that one gets caught marty booker the ball was just stuck in his hand there it is the center here comes the jailbreak bombardment via a quick call that bounces in the air and it's oh he called it again, he caught joe jordan, tipped him in the air like a volleyball player and he's going to go shoot and It was, yes, he did it, yes, he made a little rocky mountain thunder and then the shot under the ball, oh look at him, what a brilliant play again, it was art, he almost made it on the jump, yes, he did it, He gives it to Henry, the defender, Josh Norman on his ass, don't stop.
best omg plays in nfl history
Get up with that man and let him get you out of the club and arm and back to pass, set up forced fires up the middle and he's in the air, Carter fights, it looks like volleyball, it's a catch, it's a side throw, Bradford, what? an effort by brandon gibson what a catch what attention nate washington from behind and scored on first down another fake cousin goes all the way down the sideline pulling in he's hitting inbounds and hitting the pylon that's a touchdown for the time running out here in the first half all kinds of time I'm going to throw it deep for moss he takes it out at the 10 yard line he throws it over his head this is a return touchdown to throw it in trouble they're going to catch him he doesn't run away he runs he runs away again he goes to 40 he runs away again he's at 35 he cuts back at thirty twenty twenty fifteen fifteen ten died a shift 49ers rogers in trouble he's going to arrive yesterday he turned 32 he has a vintage moment in that in the zone scoring is trapped to win richard rogers restarts stark they are going to put pressure again rogers is going to walk away throws him in the air says a prayer and janice stop oh please what a crazy cat oh god that could be one of the great shots ever once made moving to his left falling and throwing a perfect throw dante hall backing up to the eight yard line dancing middle brooks can't make him look oh now he's back inside the five but he finds a seam he's gone, he's got the kicker to beat that's black ladies and gentlemen, you are seeing something that has never happened before in the national football league here we go dalton for everything tip in the air caught by the bengals aj green david johnson cuts him back and he can escape from everyone and look this race david johnson holds his breath until the end of the open river jackson drops him and pola follows him almost makes the interception they play on the field as if he did i thought he had fallen to the ground in what we have seen him this year and over the years he just makes some incredible interceptions including the black field goal once they make the difference on third down and six and then sales and then somehow oh my gosh I've never seen a guy catch it on his nameplate on the back. oh my god, throwing deep along the near sideline will be intercepted back to the 40 45 to the 50 to the 45 of the saints the ball is released another striker has picked it up this is the lineup this will be seen in the highlights for a long time 28 watching towards the side, the ball is released and the saints have it, it's four games, if they need it, now Lorenzo Neal will field it in the 25th.
best omg plays in nfl history

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best omg plays in nfl history...

He throws it back to star, checks, he throws it across the field to Dyson, he has something has something 50. has it has it has it has it has it has it for freeman and it's incomplete or he made the catch at 15. yeah, what are they going to rule out? he caught it touchdown he did it once wow he has a blocker in front of you you're going to go down with me I'm going to put a hurdle on you mariota gives it to henry henry bounces it out five ten fifteen stiff arm twenty five thirty forty step 50 40. 30. he's on his feet are a big change 20 15 10 5 touchdowns squeeze 99 yards and he has a chance to get a couple watches he takes it to michael lewis back to mcallister still alive oh and they got him so the saints stayed alive waiting for john Kearney's extra point and found himself, he missed the extra point, here's a shot.
best omg plays in nfl history
Bernard running to the right in trouble escapes a tackle. He is going the wrong way. He's back at 46. Now he goes up the field to 30, 25, 20. up to the fifth wow getting back to the motion stepping up brent crime calm today wow, he gives that kind of impression an impact in every game he he played cowboys jumping on defense cunningham in game looks now he's starting to take off he's bouncing now he's taking off the other way he's faking and then ducking and then crossing the 40 to the 45 and Randall with a 10 yard gain I don't know how he did it crowd is quiet now instead of when the saints have the ball oh look at this run what a run marshawn lynch still standing has blockers now he's dancing for the touchdown pick up the blunts freeze the bench andre carter missed him brees spear is in play he was picked out kareem moore has the ball it's an interception and then they take it away but robert catches it mitchum comes in for a touchdown roger craig still standing he's still winning what roger craig's career you'll never see a better one than that third down and three always got the


, He has spaces in what move broke Webb's ankles and he accepts it.
best omg plays in nfl history
This is the ball game for the Browns and they give it to veteran Lewis. He's at 25, 20, 15, 10. Louis Will. that will be denied a touchdown and a pass and a one-handed grab by landry what play did jarvis landry make under his center takes the center is back looks to throw now intercepted by tom bell bell's wings it's over now directory by right sideline that's odell beckham right there look at that play action and manning is going to win it's oh it was a flag thank you catch with one hand how the hell oh my gosh crazy how do you make that catch that can be the best catch I've ever made? seen down to roger's three spins to his left he comes under and the pass is incomplete out of bounds now they say complete that's incredible, incredible, i didn't think there was any way he could have gone down and bounced with that, but he did, Oh God.
Gosh what a play mariota mariota to the line of scrimmage maybe on the other side of the line it's a fly back to him for a touchdown and three los angeles and here he goes Earl's drives he's come back beautiful beautiful Earl Campbell is strong places his shoulders on your chest third down and Seven, a little turn here to help the rookie from Arizona State and he'll break it inside the 20 and make his way to the 10. The end zone not even a touch, oh, they come and he's throwing bones and catching touchdowns and he's got that. one between his legs, I don't think he hit the ground, he didn't, what an incredible play by the tight end to the opposite side, slot to the near side, four man rush this time, Russell is going to make a layup over the up this time damn it reaches up falls down he had caught it he fell in the dark he flipped over in the air and his back hurts at the five yard line you're not kidding second and goal baldwin prepares on the left play clock at five the pass is intercepted at the goal line by malcolm butler unreal alignment very unorthodox and a fake conway looking to throw conway throws him to catch him at the end of the field and he deflected the touchdown for the incredible touchdown, it was a play that didn't work and then it worked , but they prepared it that way, didn't they?
Didn't the third and ten bombings come? Ryan dropped low and is still wide and can be intercepted surprisingly. He never touched the ground, first down, lion, here comes Taylor's run and you talk. about strong, you talk about athletic ability look at that batted ball in the air and throw it what an athletic play by polamalu watch polamalu go out and be part of a great team here's Hilton coming out of the slot again Hopkins oh my god did he catch that ? he caught that's the touchdown catch of the year yeah that's good that's awesome wow matthew rolls the pocket to the right pumps now he goes back to the left looking deep throwing to the end zone he wants calvin to be well covered he goes up makes the catch son Are you kidding me, oh, Megatronia did it again, but now they have to start from deep on their end of the field and Garrison Hearst takes advantage of it, takes the handoff, his right goes to the 20.
He's at the 30. He needs to interrupt comes back down the right sideline breaks the third inning down at 30. he's out of the 20. he has to look down he's up to five he's at the end up the steps shoot mike sims walker downed incredible down the sideline Tony Dorsett and look who caught him and Tony Dorsett goes down, only one man on the field could catch him. Daryl Green, the world sprinter from Texas, and also made up some ground. Taylor comes forward, Eric comes out and it's Patrick Peterson who comes. let's go with the spectacular interception this is going to be one-handed possession one foot two feet here's second down and three jackson takes it himself watch him spin back and forth oh he broke his ankles now he's got an entourage and he's got a touchdown he's houdini what a play here comes the run from the outside they go for the fade route in the corner and he catches it by moss a flag is there but he stayed on one end randy moss jumps up and grabs his left with one hand the hand never touched that football game pass osweiler looking left the flag is down has the wide receiver devante oh hooker with the obstacle the sideline and the touchdown just above Clayton meets without breaking the steps is caught touchdown incredible vikings win it's a miracle of minneapolis stefan diggs just led the minnesota vikings to the nfc championship game in a game none of us will soon forget they don't want to take any chances again jump the gun polamalo timed it perfectly a long time well he missed it and it appears just short and they are going to return it this is for marty and promarty on the right wing with a head from steve to the touchdown 30 20 10 5 of false and they go for the first time for harrison oh my lord a hand and he puts in and never used his left hand reached the pocket 43 collapsing ryan rolling looking will only throw it deep for the double coverage touchdown from jones and julio jones up and more posterizes luke geekly what a play with vacation protection this time after that fumble on the way to the atonement, that might be it, oh oh, you've got to be kidding me.
I don't think I've ever seen a kicker with this kind of hit. Bad Mcafee will be a legend among kickers everywhere. back he throws the pass although they are going to intercept it james harrison has it he is running down the sideline 25 30 35 40. still standing at the 45 and below no, he is still standing here comes harrison jumping over the people to the 20 the 15 the 10 the five and that's a touchdown for pittsburgh an incredible play by james harrison he took a pass that started at the two yard line he made his way through the crowd your open protection is donald driver and he throws everything runs away and is in the end zone a touchdown to the driver third and eight can the Steelers defense get off the field?
No, what Charlie Gardner's move only counts 40 30. He must have made complete moves that left people off guard. The bombing is underway. for Dallas, pick it up, dropped it, picked it up, one man missed it, another man missed it, now it's going to the right, bullseye from 25 to 30. 35, 40, 45, 50, 45, 40. OMG, Dion Sanders. he's going to score my God now he throws oh what a catch what a catch loss of seven seconds and 17 by the far sideline he's caught oh what a catch by a ronde expense inside the 40 lineyards here is collins back to pass again going deep downfield into traffic and what a one handed interception by troy polamalu wow, out of the way to block right harry to the 45 and crashes to the 40. breaks it 35 30. it's become amazing touchdown lions barry sanders oh my god What a race six cowboys missed.
Do you think you've addressed it? Some of those moves.only one guy in this game makes it and you just saw that guy Castle make it time to the end zone oh what a grab what a grab by Bowie for a touchdown are you kidding me? Tony González would be proud, he would be absolutely proud. 66 yard try tucker's kick is on its way it's a good crossbar and it falls through it's good justin tucker with the longest field goal in nfl


replaced by rookie greg here's bush on first down for the cardinals 46. ​​stays on his feet trajectory and reggie bush takes it all the way for another touchdown wise looking again from the right side breaks a tackle to the 40. wrestling is on his way 25 20 15 10 and scores here is the center one towards back play action fake throws by brad johnson over the middle two highs intercepted at the 40. center, steps forward, he's alone shoots into the end zone touchdowns gordon pumps back to the sideline hit, oh god, with enthusiasm down the sideline, they can reach for it with enthusiasm wow touchdown denver incredible hits by Rivers It goes up Rivers' gut and breaks it down the other side.
He gets a first down to the fence and is still gone. Ron Rivers here. 75 yard touchdown giants off Blitz Mcnab hit as he throws he swings it to the right and the pass almost is. Seahorse did not accept it, they have him running on the left sideline, touch him with the ten five touchdowns, what a play by Seahorse, incredible athleticism with a catch, phenomenal catch by Julio Jones on the sideline, short, he bounced on a couple and he keeps bouncing like Woody Dancer. he turned the corner and finally went out of bounds oh no he's not out of bounds Woody Dancer it's Robinson for the second play in a row look at the magic of the quarterback just moving dancing and then he throws it no look I mean.
That's awesome, don't look with the gun, oh my gosh, how can you not love watching Buffalo play ahead of Miami in the east and now the Raiders can stay in Kansas City and Denver keep Bo Jackson? The answer is that no boyfriend gets another chance. to the line quickly, right? Brady goes for the big ball, the boss rolls it up with one hand right on top of Rivas, this time he beat him. I only have to save one to catch Rebus, where is the deep security moss? I knew he had it too. Raise that hand early so you can see that inconvenience, there it is to corral the entire brigade around him, landing in Kansas City, how did they do that?
OMG I've never seen that in all my time in football, that's a surprise here in Bizarchia can just fall on the ball and there's nothing the eagles can do and Pizarcik loses the ball Herman picks it up edwards 15 10 5 touchdown eagles I don't believe it I don't believe it and it's a line kick jackson swings it and now he has to try to recover wish jackson gets a block are you kidding me wish jackson isn't in yet and now he's up for the touchdown no flags awesome stepping up and throwing deep down the far sideline into the end zone touchdown jacoby jones that's awesome victim on second and eight off the fake play has some room to run inside the 30 inside the 20. vip in the end zone Falcons win in overtime a 46 yard touchdown run big burst breaks a tough one the kick is far away look at the win take that bill, wow, that got you about 25 yards away from the vertical shot, he doesn't get close to brady, he stops on throws up the middle for adam involves 10 and julian goes for him, edelman did it, he made the catch he made, there was a bubble, but he was able to catch it before it hit the grass now at 46 moving left, one back, hand back to look around, hits right guard in Packard territory dragging Packers with him, stands with a 35 running over another guy in green got a block right 20 15 10 5 3 2 1 touchdown tampa bay look garrett blood refused to go down elliott's big hole hurdle he's standing still got jumped over his head look at this yeah eat it there you go, throws hard the hall of fame football game that goes to canton manning on fourth down manning pulls the trigger one on one lewis there it is the ball caught never hits the ground amazing caught by lewis and it's blocked it's picked up by will hill will hill runs as cunningham comes back he's trapped he ducks under three men he's watching he's rolling he's warming up a deep field for barnett who jumps up and has it at the 40 at 35-30 25-20 barnett will score a touchdown for that amazing all out farm he throws what the deep throw is and makes it into the end zone for a touchdown of greatness touchdown 15 now 21. turns his hand to lynch, stutters his steps crosses the line makes a man miss cuts back outside to the right 30 .35 40 down the far sideline he pushes the defender still fighting, he's still moving, he's going to go down to the 20. to the 15, they're chasing a 10. he dives, aren't you kidding?
And that made the plague of beasts look like a walk in the park. Dorsey has a man, Brandon Lloyd. one delivers it and this is going to be returned by barnard inside the five and barnard with a good return and he is hit for low so low he says well I don't mind doing the kick or the tackle and what a crusher it was who said the punters are not players touchdowns to Brown and they give it to him again he fumbles the ball and luck is there to pick it up and get over the goal line luck picked it up and it just catapulted across the goal line you can't do it this time for the goal line by dory jackson bounces off a hit oh how high can you lean? absolutely amazing like where did he go?
Oh, how did it go? Hey, wait a minute, how far is this? he jumped up, went to see if Fitzpatrick could do a trick. They beat him while he locked him up. He grabbed the mask and Fitzpatrick somehow pulled the ball out. It's incredible what we just saw from the 10. Roethlisberger throwing into the end zone. Antonio. brown spectacular catch touchdown wow somewhere david tyree is smiling oh my god pressure from thomas from the edge eli manning stays on his feet airs it down the field gets caught by tyree oh my god this ball is thrown and tyree just goes for it for her like a basketball player, Harrison trying to take him down would be proud of that sacred cow, what a catch, more man, hurry, Manning is still raised now that there is avenue again, a first attempt jumping over people, the kick is in the white block, the bear blocker chester. chester picked it up running chester going to oh look this is dan connelly the right guard the right guard is still going to the four yard line you can run it barbara better be careful they have him in the end zone asani samuel has a chance now green, how do you escape? incredible run by miriam barber to save two points that is recorded in the books is a two yard run sanders look at this, he turns it completely look at us here bye hello where are you thanks tannehill will throw it and this will end after the shovel or miami willing to run hanging around and watching gronkowski didn't have the anger touchdown canyon drake that's touchdown concentration understanding where he is on the field and the ability to put both feet down and bounce ready up i can't try mcafee recovers his own kick, they didn't have anyone there, jim to go up and get the ball back, look at this McAfee like he's the only man on the field, 16 seconds to play on the goal line, Fred Lewis intercepted, fumbled, that's a touchdown, or is it? touchdown jacksonville you play 59 minutes and 53 seconds to make a play like this look, this jonathan quinn takes a risk it is intercepted by lewis on third down mccoun for cooks and it is intercepted josh norman reggie white put another of those lunging moves on larry allen simply takes that right arm and makes it go up here, pressure from Murray up the middle, bowling on the run, a wobbler down the sideline looking for rondale and it's out of bounds, oh Kev, that's close now, oh my God, what trapped is that. incredibly good high kick peterson looks around back pedals he splits it in two trying to get out he takes it up the field patrick peterson passes by the punter peterson goes all the way he will do it dr peterson wins for the cardinals touchdown up and on third down and three crew falls while puts it away and that's a phenomenal one-handed interception by Crow Marty when you look at that pick he's a great athlete, he's got it, he takes it out of games from the 46 after a first ball comes off the back of martin he stays in the box, one gets him right in the chest and a touchdown for the giants bursting into the open field and pushes one, pushes another and makes his way to the end zone to make it a six point game.
Look at Collins. Skipping over that look, we first saw this with Cam Chanceller near the end zone interception by McDougall, now Seattle with Carson, oh my god, he landed he was crazy, torn apart by a man in the face fighting around 20. We are still family companions. He came up with a supporting effort on that play, one of the best runs I've seen Walter Payton make just seconds before going to commercial. Unbelievable, David, no one touches him, but he gets to the top and they rush with 115. the clock and here's Garcia, they hit him trying to catch and he does.
Brandon Lloyd made a super one-handed catch. You got to be kidding. This is one for the book. Look at him, he squeezes that ball right there and gets his feet wet. down, that's nonsense on the wing, last chance for the Steelers to crash trying to escape and his pass is interrupted by Tatum who bounces off Jack Tatum and into the hands of man of the year Frank O'hara. Here is a miracle of all miracles. This is extraordinary. I wanted to see the advantages of this guy and then land and he does it.

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