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Jun 08, 2021
yeah, I want to sit down and Jimmy twice, who got that nickname because he said everything twice like he was from the state of Victoria, hat, whose little cookie, but we're doing the Ritz. I know it was racial, but I saw it because he was trying to prove it. for us, here, real, here in Rachel, right to put the fighters at full speed, let me decide, I'm getting into his wife a little black, he will only see your body in the, you will eat these first, Lord, I will I will put. you at that sweet pea job there are these geeks doing the worst all the Bee Gees jobs because you ask and you can't hire yourself like see three shirts pants but I'm not a problem and I just let them hit and get a free boom like they I did.
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I miss them, no, not even bullish, end your chat with a couple or just light it up with a bet like we have them in trouble. The Glock Steph Curry won't be the only dirty hit I'll cause by law, but you didn't even catch them the last thing he said in the fifth was the DA about that bad Sam Sam the fight went past the line at his door so that can you get Clips asked asked replied Oh girl from a magazine like a face look, we already know where he stays sweetest, so all week, anyone will make them feel that every day each colony only arrives, we clean the house and now I there are no draws in your face, they had not said that you are Napoleon's uncle.
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I'm the only one who passes these fakes on the record and what I said this was real but from the 50s now you'll see I'm Vivica intrepid a little Walking Dead I'll stay with I'm Morgan, good bus, all of you and you've already seen how I get. down now look how I go down Babs, it's kind of like port-a-potties, you hate taking this outside because right before I catch that lamb over here on the ground, God please save me from the asshole you decide to get in its way, oh no . That means like tonight, but I'm somewhere different like a scrap or let the city throw out a new map in this jet black look like Gwennie Gums.
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I just saw Rodimus's waist, wait. Are you like he's Spanish? Not your parents? I don't know you well, I know you left the mafia for that from the Bronx, you shut it down, oh but you see the hood on my face, that's Illmatic colored tennis month, but it's just a stepping stone to help me get to the top, but apparently he's high. It's his plot, I guess not, he was pretending to be high, I'm not begging for rock, but they called me names thinking they were difficult, he's acting out that fourth quarter, only I should have changed for a dollar, wait, wait, so everyone wait. up, look at all these Crips you spit out of your mouth they don't mean a thing when I'm on the road your white flag what's my clique in their house, that's when you see them in vivid colors right after the first clip that comes out, or you cut the chicken lose the corner of the leg but you ain't on the streets you're burning your heart won't be strong enough to run that base you John son you strapped on scream caps I'm trying mine out wait wait wait sorry no gun that produces sparks, but with the bad grip of the series it hits him in the face like he ran with Queens flip baby I don't, none of this if you were raised to reach the F just don't be average because you're talking like that now pump accent let's go back In fourth place- fourth Phoenix to win six shots was Paxton.
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I saved that fifth and dealing the foul, then you aim for the back of the head which is facing south, the little girl stays, it's child's play, Internet, dig into this clown, you think we'll explode. Try to be a digital underground casino three, but as soon as it catches you, rest in peace. Look, I'm getting it again. These were checking me. Basically, you can eat from my flow. I'm Victor, sweet. See, that's what sets us apart profoundly. so that's what we're different, we can see I've been in action thirty less than forty, that's an improper fraction, let's take the facts, we don't spit the same, you can't hit the current, I'm not going to change the game.
I'm in a different lane, you can't touch the flow. I'm not a twisted game. I'm in a different lane. You all put up the money and it's like the second cake. They crushed me. I want to eat. but you can get more than one way for Zini to be honored at the gun fighting awards, so I hope this knows because right after we left, he got 30 to eat instead of the lunch break. Oh, I see, beauty, as if I disrespected his face between us. He'll see more than just my punches, he only puts the stocking on his shoulders if I hit him in the face and then he gently sways behind the counter, he likes to say that we cleaners are, you believe, you see because they know they're true, like that that if you have a problem with a superior relationship with you, I mean, he's not going to keep hitting you, just move, swinging towards my Lou, but if we shoot, you better watch what you call, that guy will make Bingle dance so we can.
Hang that better because when we hit that metal the first thing we draw is the head I guess he picked the wrong thing, man, kind of disappointing. His chest like a cup. I'm on a mission. I told the murderers to magnify me. He will bring a chess. I play knowing I'm Bobby Fischer I'm traveling alone because Charlie ran out of fire Your plus was riding Nick more than Mariah We know which room he's in for a real welcome back Do I know I'm with you? I'm waiting for the settlement on the bill to come see what happens Julie told me she was a murderer as soon as she called him alcohol.
I finished. I'm bringing the yak. The place where he was trapped was something. They arrested me. If he survived, his back will be bandaged like Teddy. Ruxpin, what's up there and if your neighbor wants trouble and if your name wants trouble, tell Erica with gratitude, I'm sick of this little battle nonsense, turn it up and let her do slaps, let me Adam do and see the app and you eat. put together a video I'll choose an avenue not bad they're going to play just cut that gun playing just talk I'm going to applaud him coming out of the cave with the tree I feel like Batman Butler didn't have these people thinking Yahoo that they, but they clean up when they explode like Ida Pappy Don't sing to me about the pendant.
I don't care if she barely touched it, she will still leak. Put a night poker in your hand. It's Nino in this week's meeting, so let it go. play like he's not going to war with us that service bus won't open his hand look at Morpheus' red pill until your man is left behind or look at the tanning spray throw away mine see how to block me to translate that because I'm back, put me in front of my class I'm the idiot poop teacher when it comes to throwing oh like a semester or pop if I put money on you like an investor trying to shoot you in the face I'm a contestant bang wow no one stuck to you guys you've been The shout from the door had a great effect on him because statistics are not a debate, but look what rap will get eight and if he moves to goals, his fruit of the loom is a tag for the red apple on the grapes team.
I'm Corey. Maggette II, tell him to come to me, tell him to come to me, tell him to come to me, I bet he took me at an angle, no, no, I'll be in Jersey with the biggest fake fake ready to kick. Oh, you fool, and it hangs there and that's the The end of your redhead moves like the Windi logo, but if he stole the shotgun scarface back in front of the balloon statue, I can wrap you a shirt, but someone dragged you because Your last battle was very bad, fortunately they gave me rednecks and I say that.
I mean, even the trailer trash, look, now I'm out of the


price of the night and I could slack off and walk away the legacy is not like a bag of ice I told you the last battle I lose, I lose our last battle or since the shoulders I'm a good scratch so every time a punch comes from the Colosseum fight alongside him with stripes which means you have the premise of running with the biggest clown in the business and that's a fact so when he speaks of the trap, don't think it's just rap. I'm up rhyming and I'm tightening the straps, open some silver next to your noodles, that's the season that hits with tofu, it stretches and they just flex, don't buy a banana.
Lee softens next to breaking just the products section, next level clip. Who is the helicopter genius? Because when I shot Betty, I found him in the back field in Jersey with his stomach. You know she saw Elliott. He might throw some. I'm going to make a soft movie. Stop a charter bus. Go to your brain. You can get up either way, you choose the pain and then leave the cross towards your garbage or the infrared towards your body. It's like boxing. I give it sugar rain or sugar shadow to where your mint is great and watch how it handles when it hits the ground.
He finally reaches the top. I am strength. with chest and that's just good and that's because I don't care, poppy, how can the bear stop me? He is a fan under the table like a hawk, pays my men and he lights up or has privileges like my choice of Hennessy. he caught a pack of vikings he had to put up with a lion like that it was simple I love you it's more like they chose me he had rounds reserved for the cow he never wanted a grizzly somehow the bears came before you but dig me I can still help you get your battle a cow maybe 40 or 50 you'll lose that dirty grass will make you bounce that ass hood New Jersey twerk don't talk to me to death about the fight I come from pain you just go to bed playing with your mother for a reason don't do it Preach me our flaws here.
I'm going to say that you use a punch to hit the apple in the fall away from the tree telling me that I should be on the bench today because all of these serious crimes that she claimed allowed her to try me here tonight. during the second week something strange Eddie off script life will never be the same angle I'm not going to entertain I'm not going to entertain the live discussion out of the hip and its transport to the baby forty that's Benjamin Button it's nothing more fish I'm a sloppy vegetarian something smaller wearing something small like Mugsy Bogues I make my money on elbow mousse I'm Dusty Rhodes there's a final point where letting the moonshots make noise in silence about the crime that the singer Kali had committed.
I didn't understand that, put a rope around your neck, I'll tie you up, Sam, you're acting like you weren't in trouble before my man died, my mom was fine, she doesn't even want to sleep and moans, his wife Courtney, loudly low. the fight seems like please don't go with Rose, never do it right and do it even though the fight warning warns a warning so who wanted to? I warn you if you choose to take the hard route, you will get a Deposit and Oh, rant. as soon as he ran away, Bebo already liked what and we, Akali, those are the crooked eyes and your mouth, yes, God, like those that will make a man with Heartbreak Kid like Shawn Michaels, this is wrong, I have to make a man out of Heartbreak Kid like Shawn Michaels. that's right so what I'm spitting this gospel we had guns running in tan that's Roscoe's chicken and waffles that's life

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