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Jun 10, 2024
later. Boxster. It's okay, if Blankiebox was in Piggy. the mall station oh wait where am I? I'm at the mall I'm driving I literally have the mini plastic at the missing person's house. Well, here we are, this is the place where George Pig was lazy. Hey, it was George Pig. this is like the introduction to chapter one we are a house our astute senses are tingling i heard something ok what's good what was it what is it cl


it's mr p it has to be oh wow they both got knocked out oh no what? It happened brother Adam, you're not alert, yeah, okay, Foxy, oh no, where's his box?
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Foxy's helmet fell off his head dude that's crazy you really let this happen to Foxy I don't know I'm sorry it could have been Mr. P. They're demoting you. You'll go back to junior detective. Please no, I can't go back. He says you were supposed to back me up. Sorry, Foxy, I'll find you a new box. Okay, we'll find out. foxy, are you yeah, I'm relaxing, yeah, I'm fine, oh, there's our box in the hull, yeah, it looks like we're in the house, yeah, later, stuck in the house, we don't have time for this, we have to Let's go, yes.
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best lankybox fan reaction videos ever fan animations fan art subscriber videos more...

The goal is to get out of this house and contact the station to get reinforcements, damn, okay, we have to get out of the station, okay, I took some pictures for


, okay, it looks like Adam has a key, so you are playing the pig. I have the green key. I need to find the hammer and I found a green key in the kitchen pretty pretty pretty I know where the green lock is she says oh no no oh oh wait this is sick this is clean okay what was that thing oh it's piggy whatever it was?
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It's not safe here, we gotta get out of here, let's split up so we can open the door faster, okay, hey, okay, okay, oh, boxy, climb up the vents, bro, oh, she's in the vent, she's got what is it, the silver key, yes, something like that. that Adam doing some strange things, what is this Adam, is it not the bunk, they are giving you a wrench, oh yeah, you are hanging on something or maybe you are just being oh, that's like the stairs, I see why do this. it's the backflip i have the orange key in my mouth doing oh he's doing cartwheels doing cartwheels and it looks like we only need the white key okay, I just need the exit key okay, I want to take Adam to swallow, he should be here oh brother uh- Oh, Adam's in trouble.
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What do you think happened to me? Make your predictions. I'm going to say this. I think he might have been distracted by the little pig when he saw it. Well, he could have tried to do some giraffe movement. about him, some good hits hit him with a neck, huh, and they might have twisted his neck, oh that's my prediction, okay, he twisted his neck or realized he could. try to make friends with piggy and then he called his mom, his mom showed up and piggy infected them both. Do you think my mom is mom piggy? I didn't say that, I didn't say that, you just said that my mom showed up and lured me in and elected, I said that the little pig infected you and your mom, oh yeah, now before we find out guys what star code you should use .
Foxy star code length oh that one yeah guys hey when you buy robux make sure you use a star code like a box that helps. us and also subscribe we are getting really close to five million


s so help us get there okay let's see what happened to me bro and them oh oh Adam got a little upset I broke my leg , I got a little, oh no, actually I could call her mom, yeah, wait, what if I fell from the top stairs of the house and that's how I got hurt? Do you think that's what happened?
Yes, maybe I don't know. I've seen this happen in real life. Really. Yeah, you went down a slide with the boxing yeah, yeah, scraped your knee, yeah, I had to wait there, you called your mom and everything, yeah, I didn't cry, even though that's a lie, you said we weren't going to talk about this in front on camera yeah I made you promise you wouldn't bring it you uploaded it and you promised if I didn't mention it you would choke me yeah which you didn't I was crying I'm not stopping at KFC if I'm hurt Do you want me to live inside KFC and get a bucket for you, oh, we can go through the drive-thru, I can't drive with a hurtful mother, okay, let's find out what happened, I got my leg caught in something, probably a bear trap, oh, it's a trap, oh, wait, this is really sick, okay? like the story, okay yeah, looks like he ran too close to the bear trap that was on the wall, oh, Adam got trapped, that thing must have chased him when his leg got caught in the trap, dude, that would be crazy, oh wait, is that so?
I'm going to get infected, please no, please, not like this, don't try it, not like this, thanks again, foxy up, I have the white key, okay, foxy, let's go, I'm detective foxy calling for backup at Piggy's house , this is fine, she is repeating herself requesting backup, brother. There's no one there no one oh brother where's boxie? oh no, where am I? no one answers I'm probably eating donuts somewhere let's go back to the station so they can help us with that thing okay, okay, it'll continue there I am, you know, wow, boxy and foxy. they are so cute wait this is sick guys now this type of animation takes a lot of work.
I'm excited about the second part, yes, injured, he could get infected now, okay, now talking about fan


, that's why I met you, lanky box's number one fan. right here, okay, very nice, we have three different speeds, this one is also sneaky, we have our own mini fan, you know, we have the Lanky Box fan club here, you know what I mean, yes, because they are very fast, yeah, okay, now we are. I'm going to watch another fan video now this fan actually got the color changing t-shirt oh let's see his review okay could you give us some honest reviews now this is the t-shirt that is our merchandise and it changes color okay Let's see how it works Hello guys.
What's happening? Good. What's happening? Good. Come on, you just received it in the mail. Also shout out to lanky box. Fresh out of the mail. Awesome so let's go out, okay guys, you've seen it, this is real time guys, here we go, okay, it's in the sun, oh it happened so fast, yeah guys, it's so fast, it's sick , it was completely white, this is incredible. if you bring it back inside it goes back to black and white very very quickly yeah yeah then it's back yeah exactly normal hey we hope you like it and we see a lot of you who have gotten the merch back to classes or a lot. of other cool stuff and speaking of merch, guys, if you want to get your own color changing shirt or boxy or foxy or something like that, I know we talk about that a lot, but it's just because we're so excited about our own merch, lankybarkshop. com that's where you can get it we're super excited and we've got some new stuff we've got some crazy stuff coming guys in the works it's going to get pretty lit now for now Adam we've got the lanky box fan club I'm going to go eat a sandwich replaces me

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