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BEST L Class Ships in 2023 - X4 Foundations

Jul 23, 2023


, right now we have patch 6.2 and we have to talk about the


L class


finally in X4 Foundations right now with all the DLC. Good morning Spaceman, my name is Captain Collins and today we are going to jump into all the details about the complete statistics of all the L class


and we are going to start with the most important one with the L class miners. Now, of course, L class miners are an important class because these are the miners that you can just send them and they are doing their job and even while being harassed by Xenon or by Xenon, most of them are at least doing their job and don't need to replenish them because they usually have enough shield, enough firepower or just survive those attacks and what we're going to do is take a look at all the stats and I'll tell you which ones are the


, which ones are the worst and what's in between. and some notable mentions, so you'll see in my charts that I'll have red, yellow, and green underlined.
best l class ships in 2023   x4 foundations
Red means it is the best. Yellow means it is the worst. And green gets a notable mention. Here we are starting to point out the tankiest miner. which is the crane ore, by the way, I'm only using the Sentinel, four Miners and four Freighters versions. The Vanguard versions have a little less storage and a little less hull, so if we take a look at the miners, the Sentinel crane ore does have it. not only is it the one with the most Shield, the most Hull, but it also has the most storage for a miner, 57.6K of storage, that's a lot and all the other miners don't even come close.
best l class ships in 2023   x4 foundations

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best l class ships in 2023 x4 foundations...

The next one that comes a little closer is the Sentinel magnetar with 50.4. K, just a quick mention, the roar called Boron Miner comes with 40K which is still somewhere mediocre and the least amount of storage you can get is the split wyvern mineral miner with only 20K storage and the notable thing mentioned here for the roar is that it has almost the same shield power as the crane it lacks a little in Hull, but it is also one of the most agile and it is also the fastest with a travel speed of 8200 meters per second, which is more twice as much as a mineral mining crane.
best l class ships in 2023   x4 foundations
What I want to point out is that mineral miners generally only use mining lasers and also mining turrets and that is a bit bad for their defense capabilities and in that sense, in defense capabilities, the roar is here the best because the roller call not only has mining turrets, but it also has some usual turrets that you can equip with guns, so you have a kind of good defense, I mean, with the shield, the crane, on the other hand, it's like one of the least defended mineral miners. Here, what about the other miners? A quick word about Hokkaido, for example, which is not only the slowest, but also has very low hit points and very low shields.
best l class ships in 2023   x4 foundations
I don't like that, although if you only operate in Terran space it's something like that. Well, Etonius e or Antonio Sentinel are not really preferable, they are a bit fast. Okay, they lack storage capacity, so I would only use them if a parent handles the wyvern. I already talked about it being the fastest, but it also has. lowest storage, the donium is fine, it's remarkably fast, it has some good shields for the turrets, but it's also missing the hull and the usual for shield points, it has mediocre to low storage capacity, so , in general, if you count all the possibilities.
Here I would say that the crane mineral miner is really my favorite in this entire list because he is very tanky even though he can't really defend himself, but this is not a problem when you are so tanky that you can call for reinforcements if you at least need them. for the ships that only appear when you're mining um and matters and with the highest storage capacity it doesn't really matter that it's a little bit slower or it's almost the slowest just 100 meters per second uh faster or 150 140 meters per second faster than the slowest, Hokkaido. but these miners are really made to carry a lot of stuff with them and then take it to a station, so you'll only see them occasionally at your station, but if you do see them you'll want them to have a lot of stuff. their storage goes to the L class freighters and we have a gigantic list of L class freighters and we have so many different possibilities here it's crazy, I mean, like all the original options with Celine shuyaku sonra McCoy sails, the Katra Heron Helios inker. and so on, this is a lot and then you have these versions of Sentinel and Vanguard, it is a lot, we only have Sentinels in this list, by the way, all these lists, all these images will be available for you to download if The link I want is in description below, so check it out if you want to download these charts and have them, I don't know, like a cheat sheet or something on your table or whatever that you can look at and make your own notes. or whatever, then you are free to do it, so let's talk about the tankiest one, which is the Barbarossa, at least with hull points in total, it's someone else, but I'm talking about that in a second group.
The shields are fine, you have a remarkable turret. output which is good enough for this thing to at least be able to defend itself a little. You can also put L-class plasma droppings on that thing and that's really cool because you can actually defend yourself even if it runs into a group of Xenon, so that's good, it's also fast enough to run from that group of Xenon. . He is like the fastest Trader we have in the Game. Class l trader. At least the storage capacity is low, it's pretty low, but there's another notable thing, so the things circled in red are notable things or. 160 missiles if you want, that's necessary or whatever.
I mean, it shows up as a destroyer on the map. There is some reason for that because he has L class turrets, but in the end he is a merchant, although I am not. I don't know why it has the Destroyer mark on the map but it's definitely a trailer and it's the fastest and also has the highest power points but the tankiest is actually the Heron Sentinel if you count everything together or not really you allow it. I say that the Pelican Sentinel is actually the highest, this is confusing with this gigantic list if you count everything together, it's like 270,000 shield and hull points combined, that's great and also the Pelican Sentinel has a remarkable storage capacity of 51,000 cubic meters, which is Great, but it is not the highest, the highest is the Sentinel with 54,000 cubic meters, but the problem with this is that okay, tank, it is okay, but it is the slowest of the entire selection here, with only a travel speed of 1297, not even 1300.
The travel speed is very slow and within our class freighter I don't think you want to spend a lot of time waiting for your carriers, so we definitely want to have something faster like our best ship here, talking a little bit about the sturgeon because it's the new ship is the Boron Trader, it has the lowest shield, which is a little strange because every time we talked about born ships, I always praised their shields and I heard that the sturgeon really is like the black sheep of the entire fleet born of fire because the shields are low and all the points are low and it barely exceeds one hundred thousand points in total, which is less than half that of the Pelican Sentinel , although it has a higher turret power with the highest turret power of 455 megawatts, I don't really want to trust that this is not enough to defend itself with such low points, it is not actually intended to defend itself in a battle, it is the most agile, there's a little marker that says it's the most agile, but that's really it. uh, just a side note, there are ships that I would simply never take on this list and starting from the front, for example, I would never take a Helios and I would never take a Helios Sentinel.
I would never take a Celine Sentinel or Vanguard. sonra sentinelor Vanguard or sails sentinel sails or Vanguard I would never take them only if I get them like I don't know through hacking or something because mediocre capacity very low in points very low in total life points and just not a good option, everything everything else is basically above, except Buffalo, which is like the smallest, only 16k storage capacity, has very few hit points, not even barely above 100K, okay, fast, but the Barbarossa is more fast. and you get more container storage, which is a no-brainer for taking the barbarosser over the Buffalo every time, but what if you want something that has a decent amount of storage capacity and something that can defend itself and is also decently fast In that sense, in my opinion, I would say that there is no clear winner here, but there are some that are simply better than the others and one of them is definitely the shuyaku Sentinel, which has a very good hit point and range, it has over 200.
More actually almost 240,000 hit points in total, it has 44.4K of container storage which is a high, high, medium high, there are only a few ships that are taller than that , like for example, or really just the Heron, the Inkerkatra and the Pelican, but still. the shuyaku is one of the fastest so i would say the shuyaku is the best combination of being a bit fast and also having a good and decent amount of storage and also i mention that the shuyaku has 188 crew. on board, which is an interesting ship if you like piracy and need ships to store marines or something, so you have a group of marines together from there so that not only can you use your shuyaku as a merchant, but you can also use yoshiaku. as a sort of storage for your marines, which is pretty nice, so I'd say the number one spot is definitely shuyaku.
Number two spots there are a few ships that I would put in the number two spot, one of them would be the Heron Sentinel and another. It would be the Pelican Sentinel also pretty good and I would also put the Barbarossa at number 2 because like I said, it's very fast, it can fight well and it can also defend itself well and then place three would still be good, but I would take them, but no. going for them every time is like the sturgeon for example, maybe even the incarcatura just because of the larger cable storage capacity and everything else is basically four and below doesn't really matter.
I wouldn't take any of the others, not even the Okinawa. Okinawa is like a thing, it's not really in the middle, it's not really stuck in the middle, it's like stuck below the middle, so anyway, it's not really a good option, that's it for the top fighters and Now it's what everyone expected. For the L-class destroyers, we'll first go over the details just like I did with the other ship types, but then we'll have some different use cases that I want to pay attention to, because not all ships are suitable for the same tasks and I just want to point out a few things here and there, going over all the details.
It is seen that in this case the lightning is actually the most tanky this time, just as we had it with the freighters where they were born. The option was the worst or with the least hit points now with the Destroyers, the boring option is the one with the highest hit points, that is, you have almost 400,000 hit points in total, which is just great and also the ray is the best with the average turret output, though I have to say these ships are not the best speckled they can be, so with a bit of caution the Ray has the highest average turret output of course , if you specify the other ships with elk. glass plasma turrets and other high impact weapons those outputs go up and that's why I say in this just taking the ship getting Max preset is the highest other than that rattlesnake and sin they also have average turret outputs very high I'm going to talk about that in a second the race is also the fastest at 5,500 meters per second, although that won't help you when the Destroyers are just coming out of their course.
Drive 50 kilometers before they engage the target and fly the rest at your new normal speed. I just don't get it but ok that's how the game works that's for lightning and one more mentioned that the output of the explosive weapon is the lowest or even the sustained output of the weapon which is actually even lower Importantly, it is the lowest, even I Behemoth does more damage. with his main weapons and more than double the damage with his main weapons then the array does with his lightning. One thing Rey does is of course slow down the target with her Lightning but I'm not really counting that because it doesn't really help much in a fight where the ships only fly 100 meters per second you know who cares about the next?
Sin is really nice, still, very, very nice. Very high hit points, over 300,000, are really nice. the highest average group shields, that means they also have the most third party groups and therefore shoot shields at them as well. They have the highest sustained weapon power, almost 7,000 megawatts, which is great for many reasons that I'll point out in a second.but it is the slowest, it is very slow, a sin is very very slow, just remember that when you modify those ships, they can be faster, a synth can reach a speed of up to 100 meters per second and it can also reach a speed of trip of at least more. of 3000 You can level it a little when you have some modifications that you can put on the ship for engines, chassis and such, but it is also the most agile when you are in a fight, which is very interesting and also another notable mention has the crew capacity highest with 188 uh, that's 187 marines you can put in, there's always minus one for the captain, so 187 marines you can put in a sin, which makes it a fantastic ship for boarding operations, the next rattlesnake with Pretty decent hit points 280,000 hit points, so it's not the glass cannon everyone is talking about.
It is noted that many of them in the rattlesnake are, for example, for group shields and for sustained weapon production that is almost as high as sin. I'm referring to these forward weapons. the rattlesnake, I mean, I took out so many stations with that thing just with one rattlesnake and it took me some time, but I did it all myself and it was great. Also, the average jacket production alone is also great, a lot of L class. well placed turrets m class turrets really very good speed very good almost the fastest which is great and also traversal speed almost the fastest cool that thing it moves fast and is really nice to play with, especially when modified, it is very agile, yes people who modify their rattlesnake for the first time and really get exceptional modifications and make it lighter, faster and more agile, are amazed for that great other ship that has many colors here on this list. the Odysseus e just because it has some good and bad parts it has a notable mention for the average group Shield means it has a lot of third groups uh the average t-shirt production is okay it's the fourth highest if you count in the lightning of course, and then it is also the fastest, it flies the fastest, it has the highest impulse speed, although it lacks a little acceleration because it is very big and heavy, but therefore it can increase the travel speed up to more than 5000 , which is great, so it will be wherever you want, it will be pretty fast and why I already said it, it's big and thick and that's why it's not the most agile, it's missing a lot from your patrol and, uh, strafing, but one thing further.
What I want to point out for these destroyers before moving on to the tasks is that the Odysseus variants have the only destroyer in the entire game as m-class docs, so if you need it for any specific reason, you need m-class ships in your Destroyer then you only have the only option of Odysseus sending some words to the other variants Phoenix Vanguard isn't really very good at anything Behemoth Vanguard isn't really good at anything except acceleration it's okay, it can fly, it can accelerate faster than the others but we'll talk about 52 meters per second squared, which is actually not much, so okay, it's accelerating faster, but it's still not a Ferrari, okay, so we have the Osaka, the Osaka is extremely stuck in the middle with everything, um, there's only the middle. half half everything is half but even that has some value and especially if you need ships to defend stations or defend anything.
Osaka is a great option because she has a good third location, doesn't cost that much, is basically average in everything. that makes it, even if you lose one while defending something, it doesn't hurt as much to lose, for example, a rattlesnake and now you can deploy a lot of them pretty quickly around the Galaxy for offensive reasons when you want to have ships that you are flying as your fleet aggressive, you're not blowing it yourself, very important defense and offense. I'm talking about it while you're not using it or flying it yourself, the rattlesnake is just great, it's fast, it's agile, it has gigantic weapon power.
At the front, it has L-class turrets placed very well around the ship so that it can fire the plasma shots if you are attacking stations or if you are attacking other capitals in all directions, even if it is not facing it already, then it can already shoot it with its plasma turrets. That's great. He is a fantastic offensive option and is also a contender for best player. What are the best ships for fleets? Well, a fleet is a fleet because it contains more than one ship, so there are a few ships that I would put there.
I'd definitely take rattlesnakes in a fleet, but in this case I'd also take a lightning bolt or two just for its slowdown. um Ray Beam Ray Beam or whatever it's called very Bean and with that beam they can slow down the target so that it doesn't fly away or just stop and the shot is also immediate, just like with the Asgard, it's an immediate shot and so So, a great combination in a fleet of rattlesnakes. and Rey goes very well, it also looks great and then I would possibly choose it and this might even be a little confusing, but it is cost effective for a fleet to have it in large quantities.
I'd still go for a giant Vanguard, yes, behemers still are. Great, for that reason they have decently placed turrets, so they face forward when looking at a target. They shoot very well with their turrets. They have decent damage. Sustained production of the weapon remains quite high. It's mediocre. Taller than the Odysseus, for example. Higher. The Phoenix is ​​taller than the Lightning, so it's still a great option that doesn't cost as much. They are being produced quite quickly. Argon has a lot of resources, so you can buy them. If you need to buy them, you can buy them pretty quickly. and that's cool, so my fleet would contain, I would say, maybe three rattlesnakes, two races and then a group of like eight dead giants or something to really attack an entire system and do a lot of damage and then before you.
Continue to also think about not just humus or pit snakes or something like that with your usual plasma turrets, but also think about those charges with heavy drop missiles or with torpedoes or things that they are destroying, especially stations like that, they will be a craziness. I put a lot of those missiles on giants that I normally have like those standard energy weapon giants and then I also have those giants that contain flags and missiles and they're really getting destroyed like you have them on your second row and they're firing those throw fire missiles. in the seasons, it's fireworks, it's great and then the best player that I haven't talked about now is, of course, and even after so many patches, the sin Destroyer, the only ship that, oh, spoiler alert If you haven't yet you have played the Terran story you have to skip that the next 10 seconds sin is the only ship you get for free and this is so cool it is slow like I said but like I also said if you modify it it can be faster more agile and also , turrets do more damage and in addition, your shields are even increasing and all the good things you can do from sin are really a power that no one can compare. as a player because you wouldn't modify every ship you have in the fleet, it's not really something you would do in sin, it's still the best, the highest crew performing boarding and piracy operations, the highest sustained damage from the weapon, which is the only weapon we can use ourselves, the forward facing weapon, so you have that. power when you press the button this is absolutely and still my favorite ship if I didn't play a boro race right now I wouldn't it wouldn't fly or anything else it would still fly like a sin because it's just and it looks like a damn um like a destroyer should look like a gigantic ship um it shouldn't actually be called The Destroyer it should be more like a actually it should be a frigate because destroyers are actually smaller than frigates whatever. uh, this is X4, this is not the Armada, so it's really a powerhouse.
I love it, yes, we use it as the best chip, the best L-class destroyer. A few words about the ship I have mentioned. uh, of course, the two ties are the. best compactor there is in the game because there's just no other compactor and then I think I wanted to put the goopy in this video. The Guppy sorry I wanted to put the guppy in this video it just doesn't feel right to put an aircraft carrier in an L class video so let's compare the guppy to all the other XL ships and everyone else's aircraft carriers and just We say, hey, I'm a smaller one but I do the same thing the big guys do, so we're going to have that in the next video when we're going to talk about the XL boats anyway, that was too much information.
I hope it wasn't too much information overload and like I said the full images will be down in the description when with the colors and without the colors if you want to make your own notes you will find them all there in a Google Drive folder so you can download them there for free and leave a like and subscribe if you want. so and see you in the next video okay bye

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