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Best Arsenal Last Minute Comebacks

May 08, 2024
Erikson snatches it and United can look forward and rolled it here for Marcus Rashford Rashford eye to eye with white is Rashford is a j that has destroyed and has CED, belongs out there the rest of him looked in the shell until that moment senchenko mtia Martinelli CR the level proud prous working on go to C and no sacka take well he spent the money he spent the money so well and Dean Rice is one of them hugged and hugged take it Pier runs towards the halls Captain thees it's for Himself it's Gabrielle Jesus, sat down and won the game and a stadium that Bournemouth have never managed a draw in, but they are looking for an early opportunity there and they had it.
best arsenal last minute comebacks
What a start, how quickly it was for Philip to invoice a matter. of seconds on the clock, my God, a great goal for Bourma, a great blow for Arsenal, Zamar caught the ball, Erard, it's open for him, Erard and a sure f from Netto Saka can't put him in a good steal from the ball, right? is in the Arsenal defense Rothwell with a corner and it is two o'clock and it is huge the ball is sesi to double their advantage the cherries chasing the title Zak's corner that is uncomfortable for Netto hits him in the air Smith's line keeps him live goal back for Arsenal and it's Thomas party a return shot the gunners send it to Nelson Nelson on the other side oh that crosses the line the answer is yes two2 trying to turn it around and Ben Whit with his first goal for the Gunners and one at a time to get it, that's the goal of the game they need it now, the corner is cleared only to the extent that Nelson has to hit his shot, oh that's amazing.
best arsenal last minute comebacks

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best arsenal last minute comebacks...

It was glorious for Arsenal in this extraordinary season. For the Gers, they came up with other extraordinary moments that Shaw parts didn't. pass either of the two and here is Rashford Marcus Rashford has scored it, it is a crushing goal for the Manchester United unit Senchenko Mard, why in an instant the GNA suot returns? This is a challenging group, Erard Martin Erard, escapes to zaka zaka Kaio Saka, that is. a diamond of a goal, how that boy shines now that Lee is special and what we know is that if he wants to come with that left foot and make a shot or a cross, his talent, his personality fueled by Erikson Ramsdale through the crowd two2 lissandro Martinez threw his frame at him and propelled him Past the ramster towards the top The corner made an instinctive block tra outside of him is chenko zinchenko oh little touch on Mia's line and right at the death the leaders snatched it from her Antonio has boen has space here if he can get there it's Jared Bowen and it's a great opportunity for West Ham and it's a penalty Ben Rama does the business straight through the middle against expectations West Ham have the home advantage of the league leaders and the guard is going to have a try that is sent in on a useful pass and Kao Saaka levels for Arsenal just what the doctor ordered for Mikel Aletas' men when it comes to the probability of winning, it is no real surprise that Jaa Martinelli is angle against it, but he made it work.
best arsenal last minute comebacks
The guns are firing again now showing the mentality and determination they will need if they are to stay the course in the Premier League title race one down at half time they lead West Ham Now by two goals to one Haa oh lovely from White Ard and ktia oh magnificent irresistible from Arsenal who is showing his class now food V decent to the imported man from the Aston Villa team Hy Watkins who can salivate and score what a start for Aston Villa is the super finish of OE Watkins who can't stop score at the moment when Chino managed to send the cross with shots, oh, what a shot, what a shot from Theo Saaka that went in like an absolute rocket.
best arsenal last minute comebacks
Emy Martínez, Argentina's hero in the World Cup final, didn't even see Ito run. behind they are finding it expertly When he lets it run oh that's brilliant that's brilliant in front of the ball here's a chance for Zinchenko on that left F oh he found the corner it's another fantastic goal here at Philip Park today brilliantly struck by cenko Gabrielle Martinelli georgin Oh, he got into what a time for Arsenal. Georginio shot behind the goalkeeper's back and if they win with that goal, what a way to do it, Luca did it. Now the breaks for Fabio Viera and they are flooded.
Striker Martinelli through the middle Martinelli has an open goal which he is celebrating before scoring it and Arsenal go fourth and Arsenal return to the top of the table as Arsenal move to the shoulder of the Champions League group with games to spare to press the ball. there and chase it quickly Gabrielle's back pass Quang left the goalkeeper alone and slipped it skillfully Gabrielle offers Wolver Hampon W is the leader Cedric sacka P high rard and CIA finally did it forcing Johnny sackos to retreat a good save lacazette P Alexander Lacazette 95


s, he won it and is worth millions.
Oh my, what a night and what an ending, baby, you're giving me, and you're giving me wind and rain.

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