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Feb 27, 2020
today is a duel to the death where the kids face off against each other's creations in an all out battle arena each player has ten minutes to build their machine but only one will reign supreme it's the siege battle robots we have ten minutes to build a battle royale after that done yeah three two one build im nervous just gonna place miniblocks as much as i can and figure it out later good strategy start with a basic framework the classic framework , the almost built plastic frame. a swastika on crash boards a real crash classic classic classic about it happens all the time yeah i'm like oh i didn't do as good as for you guys i'm gonna i'm coming to you big wheels spoiler i never got big wheels the biggest wheel the biggest alleles oh man i'm gonna win can we wear armor? you can do whatever you want, except don't explode or start burning, that's instant.
besiege battlebots
What have I done? I have made a terrible mistake and what is the problem. But until I rotate your object, I won't tell you that the enemy, the enemy, got a win at all costs, no matter what, no matter what you click, you're more likely to win, this is tough as billy-o. What if which way to return to the siege? TRUE? A little Nardo da Vinci is right. He has a fast build to fight this vehicle. Come on, what do you mean by intersection? There are no intersections. no intersections i'm just going to redo this i'm just going to do like a little guy with the top of the propeller like he ain't even steering I'm ready for battle are you ready? one minute one minute till battle no one has spikes what it takes to do some damage alright one little turtle my little spiky turtles ready to go i messed up all my restraints i can't currently i'm not moving i think i'm ok it's time in which you get a three second call time but ok buddy eve rybody brandon hands on three boards i unleashed everything this is how we fight the fighters in life whats your


name you cant handle the truth its ok cool smoke vs no you can handle the truth i'm taking odds i mean you can handle the truth get ready you gotta say like the rock you can't handle the truth is you can't handle the truth not even a rock can you smell what the rock is cooking there's more there's more it's Jack Nicholson you want the truth here we go the truth here we go the fight is on three two one ding ding man all these bystanders bystanders need to get out of e the arena they didn't know it's starting though Sam is spinning Oh Bray throwing a ball you know I'm tearing Apart from Sam's machine, oh no, oh no, Sam's, you've got a lot of redundant wheels, okay, and you can't guess a little nose, man I'm going to OH my machine is pretty pathetic I was really sick ok? the truth turned out that it would only handle part of the truth the crossbows the versatile defensive crossbow is a very very good crossbow for the party it lit you up before you even got around to reaching it well i'll see you on the battlefield well i'll see you in hell bro and then we have a royal four way royal rumble yes a royal rumble wait I'm a Google rock and you can shout the truth while you guys it's not Nicholson he's probably said it once in his life but I wouldn't say that is one of his sayings a few minutes later there's no evidence the rock says you can't handle this picture of him in the sand oh here we go here we go we're doing this right so i got blasty boy against what's yours a spiky turtle pointy turnovers, boy, okay, good luck and versus no chance here we go three two one go oh man oh man when are you going to shoot on wednesday?
besiege battlebots

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When is each question going to open fire? my wheel causing the problem below you oh my god two armored can't can't g or resend the event more chances to control my wheel still Leo has protected himself from a bug any aerial threat no chance to catch him yes Ramon then bring him I'm trying I'm trying all they can do is send my little wheel attack after you, is there anything too easy? Yeah come on, no way, the only losers are the people who bought tickets to see you. oh but can i get a ring out even though i'm pushing them on a waiter? oh I think that's pretty much outside the arena and check this out if you can get back in. immediately broke D it's a good fight giving a tough fight was not a good fight don't sponsor me that fight all over so you know how i feel i feel i feel a little arrogant there's something i am i'm going to make my secret i think ultimately it's wise to see well let's see what you got it's nothing glamorous armored the whole bottom of my thing because almost every fight and people bumping ends with someone on top that's why and that's why when sam that's why when i got thomas they both look like this just ended but nico is the yin to my yang ok guys good luck versus you can't handle the truth here we go hold on y'all got beth i'm gonna say jack nicholson's vehicle is going to win i'm gonna to bet three armor plates that Brandon will win if you're ready Nico, I'm ready three two one kite over Brandon Oh, the wizards are being bitten Nico's vehicles are smashed in the peasant boom if you have all of brennan's friends the technique is working quite a bit DS what he is repeating crossbow is much more pushing power than Nico according to the rules Brandon could push Nico out of the ring oh no ok with the rules that Nico said before ides is a strategic mastermind.
besiege battlebots
Oh no, leaving is easy, well. B starts to break apart. These beasts are very strong. The king is. Brandon hasn't written a lot of Dukes, a lot of attack power, but Michaels kept all the boosts and armor plates. left ran zero wheels wheels wheels dude i got a wheel all my wheels on the front broke dropping the front leaving me to grind my brain and climb up with my drills on my roof its not the way i drew it are you stuck are you mobile alright guys i think we have a timer here thanks seconds i think i'm going to say i'm going to call me oops oh wait what happened it froze I definitely impressed yeah Kaneko structurally it still sounds like wheels but he hasn't broken any on that's a corner yeah you got four corners four corners and you can still move Brandon made a valiant effort but yeah Nico's defense is very strong ok let's do this you understand five minutes to upgrade your ship and t Hey we got a free-for-all, oh I like it ok I'm going to start from scratch I'm just going to do one Sam I only have five minutes to scratch oh man Sam is going for challenge mode it will be what I know. to do it guys set set yeah okay five minutes on the clock from now wow I hope you guys have an offensive plan I do I do it excellent it's building on what's already started here.
besiege battlebots
I am reinforcing like crazy my problems ahead. this wheel is all i dont know what sam sam has five minutes had a reset sam is making use of the mere tool which if i had figured out sooner probably would have saved me a lot of time oh i know seam building is so fast was like the beauty he's doing working for four men i wouldn't want to face him in another round he's getting away with it faster than all of us no oh no nothing it's a thing is that thing a real bummer im no good all yeah better so just reinforce that thing.
Oh use offer a spin test to I'm Scout already in the competition ok 20 seconds left and then we'll do a minute for keybindings just ok this should work it's so bad this just me happens to me let's fight each other boyd sam niko we got a team ok ok i can be defended on all sides let's take 'em and see 'em guys check this out sam went down the strongest and came back with such a vengeance five minutes he built that thing alright guys ready to go yeah here we go just destroying them oh now it's to give a distance was it enough to get close enough?
I don't do anything right so yeah anyway my grills in the problem ok all my exercises are all over the place you're driving. Wow, come on, come on, bring it, bring it, get out of here. i'm just crushing his core you see it's your core get crushed like that my core oh oh but you've got such long straps such strong bracelets i still have i still have maneuverability barely still in this it's ok keep ramming ah sam was smart cause we all do that that's my taunt right here come on come pick me up come pick me up I thought these drills were going crazy this fight takes place on the same tires a colored blood oh that's all I've been disabled you can't move I think I've been disabled you know? symmetry mode no yeah like mirrors everything in the stars oh it was clicking so fast it built this thing that could, could have been much wider than that, that was a class of bots of battle he won right there turned into a tank now to my wheels they are just like three cars glued together if you like we saw want to see more of that you are not subscribed the channel consider subscribing and if you want to be super cool you can too Ring that little bell, alright, I'll make it lift you up

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