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Ben Schwartz Plays 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2' While Answering Hard Questions! | Heat Vision

Feb 20, 2020
far enough away to see it completely. Then you reach the edge of the universe... - Oh, okay, I see what you're saying. - And it's just Jeff Goldbloom. - Yes. - You look into his eyes and it's a completely different universe, like Men in Black. - Wow. - Yes, yes, and then in that universe, you enter, and it's the eye of Gilbert Gottfried, and you enter that, this will blow your mind... - And continue with the famous ones... - No, continue Back to Jeff Goldbloom , and this is how... - Oh, okay, I see it. - This is how the universe is infinite. - Is it another exclusive?
ben schwartz plays sonic the hedgehog 2 while answering hard questions heat vision
Can we label it as exclusive? - Boosh. (humming) - The last question is probably the


est one we have. - Is this the last question? - Yes, I know, I'm sorry. At the end of Inception, do you think Cobb is still in a dream? - I, no joke, put this in one of my movies. - Really, it's okay. - Yeah, I just ruined a line from a movie I wrote. But literally one of the things someone says is that they don't understand the ending of Inception for that very reason. I'm going to mention the name right now. - Please do it. - Have you heard of the WGA?
ben schwartz plays sonic the hedgehog 2 while answering hard questions heat vision

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ben schwartz plays sonic the hedgehog 2 while answering hard questions heat vision...

I'm in the WGA and part of the WGA is that they often give me the scripts for movies that are nominated, so when Inception was nominated, I went to the script to see if the top had fallen off or not. - And what did you find there? - I found that they didn't give me a fucking answer. - Wow, so Nolan doesn't even know what happened. -I'm sure Christopher Nolan has an idea of ​​what happened in his movie, but I don't think he wanted to tell it. I think that's what we wanted. What did you want to happen? -Personally I like to think that he does fall and is no longer in a dream. - Can...? - Because I'm an optimist. - This is going to be crazy, I actually know what it means. - Well. - Do you want me to tell you? - Does it involve Gilbert Gottfried in any way? - No, what are you talking about... - I don't know, I just... - Where did that come from?
ben schwartz plays sonic the hedgehog 2 while answering hard questions heat vision
No, do you want to know what it is about? - Yes. - Okay, this will blow your mind. - I'm ready. - What was the question? -Is Cobb still in a dream at the end of Inception? - Oh, I know the answer. - Okay, you're taking your time to respond. - Do you want to know? - Yes, yes, that's why I asked. - I'm afraid you won't be able to bear it. - I'm lowering the control. - What was the question again? - The question was, at the end of Inception, a 2010 film. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, it was directed by Christopher Nolan. - Yes. - Is Cobb, the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, still in a dream? - Okay, I'll tell you the answer.
ben schwartz plays sonic the hedgehog 2 while answering hard questions heat vision
Do you think you can handle it? - I'm ready. -Okay, the answer is that he wakes up, from the dream, and the whole time it has been his character from Catch Me If You Can. - That's mind-blowing, so it was a long con. - Can I be honest? - Yes. - Do you want me to tell you how that ends? - Yes. - And that's a dream within a dream, of course, because we're at the beginning, and that character wakes up and it's him dying in Titanic. - Many of your answers are something like something that turns into something else... - How dare you? - I feel like. - Look at the screen, tell everyone what you do. - I review video games and talk about video games. - So you play video games, probably, right? - Yes a lot. - Look at the screen for a second.
This is the second one, we call it Full Monty. See this? - Yes. - That's 1P all the way. - That's a complete Monty. - That's a Full Monty, we have five 1Ps. - Yes, I understood the reference, thank you. Can I do my outro now? Is that okay with you, Ben? - I will do that. - Okay, please do it. - Guys, thank you very much for watching Video Games & Ben, and this is what we do. Watch for updates and subscribe to my channel. Also, I have a vlog, it's PatrickTalks on Gmail, backslash, Tumblr, script, you know what to do with it. - You've been harassing me. - Yes, and also, if you don't mind, I have three cats.
They're a real mess, so I'm thinking about writing a whole movie about them. One of them is called Frankie, the other is called Suze and the other is called Jhizet. They hang out, make cupcakes for each other. It's like Cupcake Wars meets cats. Not the movie, mine. Anyway, you can follow me, my soc is zero, four, six, three, nine, five... - Okay, I'll stop you right there. And also see Sonic the Hedgehog in t


ers, a movie that I really enjoyed, Ben Schwartz. - Thank you, I liked it a lot too. - Yes, it was a great movie. - I'm in this and it's been fun.
Many times you have to push for everything. - Yes. - But I'm really proud of this movie. I like this movie, I think Jim Carrey is great in it. - Me too. - I think the script was great, I think Jeff Fowler did a great job. I'm very happy with the way Sonic and the world look. February 14, when do you think this will come out? - Probably that date, so go see that movie. - That? What are you watching this for? And did you get this far in the video? Go see it, man. (upbeat music)

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