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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom | Triple episode: 40 to 42 | Cartoons For Kids

May 08, 2023
today's adventure begins in the


castle camping hi ben hi


are you ready to come camping yes please um why did you bring an orange it's to scare gnomes you know what they say to scare a gnome bring an orange from home what about gnomes oh you dont want to take a gnome on a camping trip they talk and talk and talk and talk yes gnomes are like elves absolutely not gnomes are greedy boring creatures that talk talk talk and look at the moment when we really should go bye-bye mommy and daddy right? we've got our orange here's the schedule one set up camp two hang up laundry three make a campfire four dads we're on vacation try to relax mr goblin i'll do my best mrs elf here we are yes can we sing songs?
ben and holly s little kingdom triple episode 40 to 42 cartoons for kids
There will be no dancing or singing Just camping here is the tent Jedi magic is a tent to us Mr. elf Ollie I'd rather you didn't do magic remember this is an elf Camp elves have We've been camping for hundreds of years. We can pitch tents with our eyes closed. Wow, a lovely tent. Now we're on vacation, yes, and that means there's vacation work to do. Newcomer Why do you need to hang clothes? A camp can never be too neat and clean. I'll cut the orange. How do oranges peek? on the list pick up sticks for the campfire here are some sticks here are some more ok that's enough hello a gnome before we join you uh well thanks i'll only stay for a week or two oh no but we had an orange yeah no we would have found you if it wasn't for the smell of this orange, but nob's hair hates oranges normally, yes, but i'm on a balanced diet and 20 steamed puddings.
ben and holly s little kingdom triple episode 40 to 42 cartoons for kids

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ben and holly s little kingdom triple episode 40 to 42 cartoons for kids...

I need to balance that boy by eating fruit, come on. make a fire how do you make a fire mr elf rub two sticks real fast so you have to rub the sticks a


faster would you like to hear how interesting i know about sticks oh sticks grow on trees amazing isn't it's a nice time and warm that's because the fire is hot I'm hungry too what a surprise I hardly ate anything today I only had 10 pies a container full of chips 30 apple pies wow that's a lot of cake 100 hot dogs and that orange I thought you said that you were on a diet oh i am there are some things i don't eat like rocks and wood and tvs but no one eats those things you are on this diet too oh i never knew. it was so popular what's for dinner Mrs. leprechaun cheese and onion pie thank you very much tasty tasty yes very good what is that it has very big eyes do you want me to tell you an amazing fact about owls? the owl is actually a bird it has big eyes to see things o'clock bedtime i'll put out the fire you can't leave it to keep the air warm it's dangerous to leave a fire going princess


that's roy don' don't go to bed until put out the fire and don't go to bed with a carrot on your head so holly you go into the tent and go to sleep mr gnome you have to go home having fun elf camping isn't meant to be fun bedtime it's six o'clock not in the middle of the night oh oh you know a song about the middle of the night would you like to hear it i won't take it as a yes in the middle of the night the stars are shining bright all together now it's time to go to bed it was nice meeting you mr gnome but now we have to get some sleep oh yes oh good nights sleep is very important ly would you like me to stop yes and please go would you like me to go yes bye oh sleep well see you in the morning mr gnome is funny he's silly yes very silly good night everyone good night oh it's the gnome he's back to eat our breakfast oh a mole go away more princess holly you know a magic spell to get rid of moles sorry mr elf , no, my God, I think, mister elf, what gets rid of moles? it's ok what's for breakfast the molate all the food oh dear good morning how was your night it was very strange mr gnome showed up and he loves oranges and mr naim sang a funny song called rinky dinky doo then a mole came and went ate our laundry line and all our food and now we haven't had breakfast yeah i thought that might happen that's why i brought breakfast from the magic picnic basket for everyone oh actually i'm really hungry oh neither have you eaten today? empty not empty it's a magic picnic basket magic basket please breakfast everyone hey i get the idea magic basket please 20 poached eggs lots of toast knowing jars of jam 40 sausages and 90 pancakes what a splendid breakfast thank you mr gnome is breakfast one of the things gnomes know a lot about yummy yummy oh i almost forgot my balanced diet.
ben and holly s little kingdom triple episode 40 to 42 cartoons for kids
I shouldn't be eating all this without also eating an orange. oh, today's adventure begins in the little castle. pudding I hope it's not too heavy Draco biscuit pudding with Blanc and custard hello excellent Nanny Plum is the best cook in the Little Kingdom I say Nanny Plum is the best cook in the world oh thank you majesty hello hello Queen Marigold here is the king and queen Marigold oh no they are so boring and smug we would show a delicious meal of meerschaum spinach when we thought how nice it would be if you joined us for dinner tomorrow they invited us to dinner tomorrow oh no don't worry I'll take care of this sorry we can't go to dinner oh shame i know you will hardly ever be able to eat good food i want you to know we have the best cook in the world. you have the best cook in the world yes yes well then we should go to dinner with you instead of seeing you tomorrow.
ben and holly s little kingdom triple episode 40 to 42 cartoons for kids
I have good and bad news. What is the good new? dinner tomorrow, hey, what's the bad news, they're coming here, oh no, what are we going to do, the King and Queen Marigold will want to eat something special. Luckily, we have the best cook in the world. Nanny Plum, no thank you, Your Majesty. potato stuffed potato with chips and mash and a fried egg on top no babysitter they will want modern food special i can cook porridge that's not modern food what is modern food mommy it's very delicate food in small portions i can do small portions well done babysitter that's it a small house will of course get bigger when the magic wears off.
When is the magic going to end? to think of something, uh, yes, Your Majesty, well, that's settled, Nanny, what are you going to do? cook she's the best cook in the world ben but she can't cook modern food why she needs to cook modern food it's what the king and queen marigold like and they're coming to dinner tonight what in any age is a cookbook come on wait for me where are we going the big leprechaun Library this is a library sorry we need a modern cookbook for nanny plum but nanny plum is an excellent cook yes she is the best cook in the world but she can't do modern cooking hmm litchy the leprechaun book Feet the world of spaghetti and mash a whole history of egg sandwiches there is something modern what exactly is modern cooking Princess Holly is food that is very delicate and special and not oatmeal oh wait a minute this doesn't seem like a book of goblins thats because im not a fan of magic by goblin library tell you how to cook it we want to cook a special modern meal please very modern secondly you will need the following ingredients potatoes peas and cheese that doesnt sound very special im thinking voila a recipe for a very modern meal this is a library can i borrow this book Wise Old elf you can't keep it Princess Holly fairy books don't belong in the elf Library thank you king and queen Marigold how lovely we see you Hi darling always a pleasure to visit your little


I hope you're hungry Nanny has been in the kitchen all day we haven't had enough since breakfast we didn't want to spoil a dinner made by the best cook in the whole world I wonder if baked beans are trendy no we have a magical cookbook hello nanny plum oh you found my cookbook where was she in the elf library what were you doing there i was getting really bored the book tastes like a recipe for a modern meal oh well what are the ingredients an onion a little bit of pizza and cheese but that is what i would normally cook yes the ingredients are simple but the way we cook them is not now boil a pot of water minced potato carrot onion cheese and cheese and put them in the pot boil for a minute and then collect the steam and serve it is that it is a very delicate dish it is so good for you to have so little notice no problem at all Ricard wait to see what is the best cork in the world cooks for dinner, sorry, that's my tummy, i'm looking forward to this love, dinner is served, enjoy your meal, your majesties, oh yes, such a delicate taste, so subtle, nanny, your majesty, what do you call this cloud soup or vegetable soup? how wonderful can i bad you taste it comes with potatoes huh no nanny i'm hungry too no problem these leftover potatoes carrots onions peas and cheese have made a delicious soup um this scheme is delicious of course but is there something else to follow yes, although it's very filling, I could have some more, I could eat many, many more stones, that lovely smell, it's coming from the kitchen, it's delicious, babysitter, it's the best ice here, what's this, it's just dinner from the


it smells so good it's just a soup i made from The Leftovers it's not very trendy wouldn't you like it you could try just a little bit with a flavor it's yummy tasty i can taste a little too and me and i oh yeah i feel oh wonderful babysitter I have an announcement to make to the nanny.
Plum is, in fact, the best cook in the world. Thank you so much. Now, what would you all like for pudding? Something modern or my day of treacle pudding. The adventure begins in the little woodpecker's castle. knitting is my hobby why does it have to be so loud? someone's a little grumpy i'm not grumpy i'm bored maybe you should have a hobby like collecting stunts what to collect stamps you collect stamps and put them in a book why would anyone want to? to do that, how about you see trains? You look at the trains and write their numbers in a book.
No one would want to do that or there is bird watching. I love birds please try daddy oh ok what do I do? You will need binoculars, a place for birds is bad, and of course a book. try it oh a bird what kind of bird is it daddy um it's a robin yes a robin and i saw it this is pretty funny oh there's another bird how it looks um it has a long pointy beak whoa it's a woodpecker a very special bird can i check it out dad yes ollie the woodpeckers landed in the big elf tree orange juice ben yes please mom it's not an earthquake yes it's worse than an earthquake it's a woodpecker crushing the tree, it made a hole, it has, it's not in my flat ugh it's not in my foreign flat i think we found the bird everyone keep calm and don't panic everyone face for your lives hello Ben hi Holly we have a bird in our tree yes i saw it first it's a woodpecker that's right i didn't realize your majesty was interested in birds oh yes i'm a bird watcher here's my badge so it's very well you showed up we need all the help we can get take me to the bird oh thank god I heard that his majesty the woodpecker is in our house, he is building a nest and soon there will be eggs and when they hatch they will be woodpecker chicks and woodpecker chicks are extremely rare to detect.
Fantastic when they are born. I can return. and mark them in my book she has to go now before she lays her eggs she can't leave i want to see the chicks this tree is for goblins not woodpeckers no nesting creature is to be disturbed that's the law so eh it's now by royal order oh it's in writing we'll have to obey it elves never break the law Splendid that's settled can i stand holly? I'm trying to attract some rare birds. Do not delete it. Are you sure, Your Majesty? We don't want to attract a mouse.
Look at Holly's eggs. They are incubating baby birds. they're so sweet they'd be so much sweeter if they weren't in our house I think they're trying to fly but they can't fly I can teach them fairies are good at flying and I'm a fairy it's alright little birds just copy me flying is easy oh, you're not copying me, maybe we should start with something simpler, how did you learn to fly? I have been flying since I was a baby. I don't remember my first flying lesson. flapping like this here they are copying you Ben now they flop faster now they jump they are flying smart Ben you taught them to fly even though you can't fly yourself bye birds there they go bye little ones oh don't say you I miss them now no I just got something in my eye the chicks have hatched but I want to mark them in my book they flew away Daddy I taught them to fly oh baby woodpecker chicks are a once in a lifetime thing for a bird watcher but you missed them it ain't right now, i'm not going to see anything good, hello king thistle, we have a strange nest. the castle a nest I'll be there right away Danny where's the nest?
It's in the middle of my kitchen. It's a babysitter. Do not tell me. I want to be the one to spot it. my kitchen Nanny Plum my law says no one can be disturbednesting creature Nanny this is my hobby, not yours. I'll name it whoa. She has beady eyes. The speed could be the small-eyed blackbird. wizard like this and it has a long scaly tail a scary tail this bird is so red i don't even know it i discovered a new bird it will be called the king thistle if you say so your majesty but i don't want that disgusting stinky rodent in my kitchen nanny Plum that's no way to talk about the king thistle bird we must let him lay his eggs in peace I don't think rats lay eggs rats rats yes get out of here you filthy rat no your majesty he must be allowed the king thistle bird to keep whatever your law says you can't disturb any nesting animal did i say yes daddy well um maybe the law should say um uh let me see this law you see it's in writing there's nothing we can do about it as queen i declare this fool law abolished now get this rat out of my castle um Nanny Plum you talk rat tell him to go away please now what is rap for please go away oh yeah um out of my kitchen oh manny have you heard the feelings of a rat i think i can live with it why does knitting have to be so loud whats daddy cool baby woodpeckers are here now you can take them off in your book oh yeah lovely honestly darling why do you have to have such a noisy hobby

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