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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom | The Crazy Cookie Crusher | Kids Videos

May 05, 2023
today's adventure begins at mrs figg's school of magic the queen the queen makes a cake hello miss lovely autumn day huh? um yeah wise old elf the only problem is the apples are starting to fall wow that was close so far i've been lucky they all missed my school of magic 20 one didn't do well you're a fairy you can't fix it with magic no magic it always brings trouble you don't like magic you do that's right Holly i want to fix the school the normal sensible Safe Way using a constructor Well you're in luck. I'm a builder, but it won't be cheap.
ben and holly s little kingdom the crazy cookie crusher kids videos
We're going to need bricks. cement tiles. I know we'll have a pie stand with the money we earn. selling pies will pay for repairs a pie stand sounds like fun lets tell everyone start baking daddy daddy an apple buddy mrs figs school of magic another school has a big hole oh boy it's a shame mrs Vick asks them to everyone bake cakes to raise money beach cakes uh well don't tell your mother about that about what darling Mrs. fig is still making a cake oh how exciting. I'll make some cakes, there's really no need, Mrs. fig needs them today, then you'd better start right away, oh no. what's up daddy your mum isn't very good at baking cakes oh she bakes horrible cakes and she gets really mad if someone doesn't like them that's weird who's in my kitchen the queen yes Nanny Plum would you like to try a cake maybe later we'll have to leave the country pack a bag for all the Queen cakes they can't be that bad they're worse than bad they're cake time who wants to try my beautiful cakes I've got Rock Cakes chocolate gingerbread cake they look lovely in fact they look too good to eat you don't want to eat them make them for them no no I can't wait to try them have a rock pie.
ben and holly s little kingdom the crazy cookie crusher kids videos

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ben and holly s little kingdom the crazy cookie crusher kids videos...

I'll save it for later try the chocolate cake ah it's not someone else's turn you don't want my chocolate cake of course I do what you think is tasty are you okay daddy what are you saying I'm saying oh I think his mouth is stuck oh, that was horrible, you think chocolate cake is too gooey, don't you hate it? the coffee just fell over it's completely dry take a bite you know i might save this one for later too good ok i can't stay chatting i have a lot more cakes to bake rock hard rock cakes super gooey waterproof fudge gingerbread we'll have the heat all the Little Kingdom the Queen's baked cakes the Queen's baked cakes oh no I can't eat one of those cakes again I can't eat them and survive hello cake time every time yourself Your Majesty we already have a lot of cake don't you want my cakes oh yeah you think they're awful don't they of course of course we're no good Ms. fig school, thank you, your majesty, maybe you should have used magic to repair the school, it would have been less dangerous, stay away from cakes, no one eats them, wow, what kind of cake is that?
ben and holly s little kingdom the crazy cookie crusher kids videos
It's a rock cake. the queen baking again the chocolate cake sticks to your mouth and the gingerbread is waterproof amazing what these things can be made of i want to do some tests on these cakes oh this machine tests how strong things are let's start with something very weak like this egg the egg had a strength of one now let's try a brick the brick had a strength of five now let's try the cake Queen's Rock Phoenix oh Jake broke the machine that cake is the strongest substance known to man the fat cake of chocolate got stuck Daddy's mouth closed hmm Let's test how sticky it really is.
ben and holly s little kingdom the crazy cookie crusher kids videos
Stop Wise Old Elf. Don't touch the chocolate cake, you'll be stuck with it forever. Well, let's just say the queen has created the stickiest substance known to man. What about the gingerbread daddy dipped in his coffee? and it stayed dry let's see how waterproof it is unbelievable the most waterproof substance known to man these pies should be kept under lock and key they should never be eaten not eaten but maybe they can be used for something else hope i made enough pies . What if they need more for the cake stand? Trust me, they won't want any more cakes. these cakes are the perfect building material.
Rock Cakes are super strong bricks. We glued them together using the super gooey chocolate cake and then the super waterproof gingerbread makes the tiles amazing but of course you never tell the queen never tell the queen what uh oh lady fig you repaired the school so you made it raise enough money selling my pies um lets just say your pies were a big help yeah three cheers for queen thistle hip hip hurray fashion hold on to these pricks that look like my rock pies yeah and this cement is like my chocolate cake, it's my chocolate cake, oh no, at least she hasn't seen the roof and the roof tiles are my gingerbread, you haven't.
I want to eat my cakes Well they're not really for eating Are they dear, aren't they if you want to survive? I thought everyone liked my cakes, but no one. I wish I had never baked a single cake. cakes we wouldn't have finished the school Holly's right it's just because of your baking Magic School is fixed I guess that's true hooray for the thistle queen we could actually use some cakes to finish off the chimney if you don't mind some more baking could you make bricks for my house i want to build a patio you make pavers well i guess i could do you make dream pipes you make MDF everyone loves my mommy's cake today's adventure begins in the


castle big bad berries oh i say so I'm a


hungry I think I'd like fish and chips too we don't have any fish your majesty what fish no but I can do magic with some fish sticks yum yum yum yum I like fish like fish sticks no Fresh fish from no one Fresh out of the lake with chips I know Ben's dad has a bite of fishing So we'll go see Ben's dad It's time to put the boat away for the winter Ben I'm glad Bunty made it through the summer accident-free what accidents the kind where the ship is eaten yes i never told you the story of the big bad barry the fish it was not a dark and stormy night i was sailing on my favorite ship when all of a sudden a fish a fish elf lord what is that i want a fish and chips dinner, oh so we'd like you to take us out to the lake to fish for one.
I was saving Bunty for the winter. Who is Bounty? My boat, well, one more trip won't do any harm, right? I'd rather not um she could get wet Elf lord your king commands you ok get on board you'll have to leave your wands here magic is not allowed on elf ships and where else we go i'll do the helm dangling in a minute you can be the one King on land, your majesty, but on this ship I'm the captain, so I'm in charge, that's fine Captain, as long as I get a fish. Ollie and Ben wind up the king engine, that's all. this is funny turn the boat to starboard what ah turn right why didn't you say it at sea we don't say left and right we say port and starboard no it's a little silly we'll fish from the stern where is that the back of the boat come with me Fishing is a tricky business you gotta have the right kind of bait what kind of bait are we using today stale bread stale bread who likes stale bread we should put some butter on it daddy and jam yes we are im not going to catch anything with stale bread, man, put some jam on it, stop it, I'm the captain, so as long as we're at Bunty, let's do what I say, captain, now calm down, fish don't like noise, very bossy you ain't. he this is so exciting shh everyone now wait are you sure this is right of course i'm sure come on let me try you'll see it takes time to catch a fish i caught a fish


grab the net get ready to catch it well done dad wow it's big it's a Whopper ok and I caught it it's just a little tiddler it must be the biggest fish in the lake it's too small that was the biggest fish I've ever seen I've seen bigger much much bigger really it was ago many years ago when i first met big bad friend big bad barry who is just the biggest biggest gigantic fish the world has ever seen no it was a dark and stormy night i was sailing my favorite boat hilda when i first saw a big bad body i knew right away i had to catch it i had to be the fisherman to take it home for the biggest fish dinner ever i tried several different beats before i found what he liked to Barry eggs cheese I put some cheese on the line and Barry was booked right away the only thing was he was stronger than my old boat.
Hilda was cracked. Sounds awful, so you built Bunty to replace Hilda, first Doris, then Peggy, Abigail Fifi, and Trixabell, not to mention Sabrina, Vicky, and Miss Booboo. Barry ate them all. I tried to catch Barry many times, but he was always too strong. so that's where all the cheese went in the end. I gave up big bad Barry, he's still out there in some amazing place. I've come to a real decision: we need to catch big bad Barry and have him with fries. Hooray, although we must not. I want to lose another ship, not Bunty. There's no cheese on the ship anyway.
I wont allow it. Barry can smell cheese from a mile away, even mild cheddar. Good. I have some cheese in my picnic basket. boring quick get rid of him before it's too late what did you do because I told you it's dangerous to have cheese on board luckily I also brought a nice filton cheese we can tempt Barry without I refuse to help then we'll do it without you I'll take care ah, it's a riot Riot at the Bunty we'll catch this Barry and have him chipped and then we'll take the wheel Holly hold the net here Barry Barry Barry come on Barry where are you?
It doesn't work here Barry come on Boy oh if we're going to catch big bad Barry let's do it right yeah you gotta do what I say as soon as I say it. Captain, big bad Barry is too big for that Rod, we'll use this one. big bad dude here's your chance excellent now we wait but not for long mmm look it's he's a big fat dude what a fish we'll be eating him for weeks he's got the cheese he's got the engine we're not going anywhere yeah we're bad Barry's pushing us backward. Wait. We have it.
We have it. I think he has our studio. Holly is right. i don't think so ah so he can have it i give it sorry we tried to catch you barry no hard feelings huh he's eating panties launch the lifeboat abandon ship women


and kings first hello everyone the fries are ready where's the fish ? ooh, what's going on? Barry is eating Bunty, yum yum, oh dear, Barry would like some chips with that. I think he is full. Alas, poor Bunty! Witch's House the witch competition is tied in my house, Nanny Plum, no problem, madam witch, my God, how many cobwebs, let's remove them with magic, okay, okay, I don't know what I'll do without you, Nanny, but change, because you can not? use your own magic to bind your house the thing is i dont do much magic these days im retired meow i still got your main joke cat i see dont be rude about mogging i say cat but its just a bag of the fleas really leave it at peace.
I warn you auntie stinks oh this is what you have turned Nanny to stone so you can do magic only if I'm angry. Nanny was being very rude to my cat. Can you return Nanny if she? Says sorry sorry I'm saying sorry to boggy sorry my boy oh I forgot she's so picky with her cat hello miss you missed that's me I'm I'm Wendy witch hi Wendy witch I'm so excited to be standing here with you you're famous i was raised on stories of you casting the fastest spells in the west that was a long time ago now i am retired and what a beautiful witch house i cant believe i will be living here hey what was that i will be living in your house but in this house there is only room for one witch, yes, now that you are retired, you will go to the Old Witch's house, you will be very happy there, it is full of others. old witches watching tv all day you know when i said i was retired i meant i'm not retired bye that was close um sorry to bother you again but since there's only room for one witch around here we'll have a witch contest winner stays loser goes oh yes of course a witch competition needs a judge someone important huh my dad is a king is important enough a king will do well let's meet this dad of yours Follow your majesty oh Wendy witch Wendy witch we are going have a witch competition and we need someone important and wise to be the judge, that will be me, I am very important and wise, if the witch lady loses, she will have to leave her house, dad, you have to make sure that the witch lady witch win.
I'm sorry Holly, but I'm the judge and I have to be fair and honest. I guess there is a first time for everything. When does the competition start at High Noon? I don't have a chance against Wendy. in a witch competition for years what happens in a witch competition there's a spell contest riding a broomstick and Gem doing well your jam smells pretty nice look I've lost my touch what a gemyou can join us for the practice of one. But I don't know where my wand is. come on you know how much fun wand practice is right now you can practice lifting rocks with magic up and down up and down up and down up and down great keep it up up and down up and down hi


hi strawberry you want to play soccer we can't we have to do wand practice you're not supposed to be nice to your wands it's ok the wands are very strong you don't want to break them don't be silly they never break show her Holly bang your wand on that rock it's ok oh dear holy strawberry practice it's not going very well.
Holly's broken hair wand, how did it happen? She was waving it very gently and she smacked it against a rock which wasn't very smart. I'm sorry, Nanny, don't worry. I'll get it Mendes hi, are you going to fix it with magic? Babysitter oh no I can't fix it why the ones that don't make magic but magic can't make wands it's like chickens and eggs chickens make eggs but eggs don't make chickens. but eggs make chickens, whatever's important, I can't fix them with magic, so who can fix them? he wants a magic and otherwise don't do magic goblins don't use those darling they just make them good morning can i help you um i broke my wands hit him on a rock one moment please laugh old elf why old L please report to reception Right away, Princess Holly, what can I do for you?
Holly broke her wand, smashed it against a rock. train everyone aboard hold on tight everyone going deep how deep is the wonder factory level 500 the deepest level exists why is the wand factory so deep underground why are the ones magical and elves don't magic should we build a factory as deep as underground? as possible oh my tummy now what's wrong with yours it ruptured itself he used it on a rock yeah yeah but we need to find out exactly what's wrong with your wand the xray shows it needs a new stick and gear service like this this is the stick house where we grow wooden sticks for ones but there are a lot of sticks lying in the middle oh but the stick for the wand must be specially grown and made from the right kind of right tree Nanny Plum the word for my wands it comes from a plum tree because I'm Nani Plum the wood for your holly wand should come from me exactly um it must come from an arbutus tree oh let's see how it feels hmm it just needs a little trimming this stage of one to repair is a mix of carpentry and gardening is my wand landed now and not yet Princess Holly we have to fix my head follow me this is the Clockwork room whistle interesting that doesn't sound too strange we can go home now not yet Nanny Plum Holly's the wand needs to be tested to the testing room the wand testing room is the safest place to do matic in the Kingdom why do you need a special room to do magic? we don't want magic to leak out and cause trouble where's the fun in that magic? it's not meant to be fun to watch and sensible magic is what we do here what is it doing? he is setting up the test robot to do a magic spell what is that lemonade?
Let's try the wand turning the lemonade into something else, shall we? turn into a golden carriage or a monster with a hundred eyes and three legs wait and see the lemonade has turned to water why would you want to do that that's not magic it's very sensible magic it's junk magic well what would you turn it into how about this, ah you did Magic outside the test room oh it's a lemon I wanted to turn it into a frog Nanny mine doesn't work right it's ringing ooh I get what you mean it doesn't sound right. 10 years ago, I checked once a year here, try that, yeah, that's much better, babysitter, you turned the wise old elf into a frog, so I did, are you going to put it back again? your wand seems to be working perfectly don't wait 10 years before repairing it again yes Wise Old owl sorry thank you for repairing my wand Wise Old elf you're welcome Princess Holly may wand i want and yes no hit her a rock i want

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