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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom | Gnome Invasion | Kids Videos

May 05, 2023
Today's adventure begins in the meadow the dwarf mine captures I want to be a strawberry for you Holly wait what was that I don't know it came from the old dwarf mine but the dwarf mine is not empty yes I think I can hear voices that were loud maybe we better tell the adults in mind mine the mine what mine the old dwarf mine you're not supposed to be there it's dangerous we weren't there we just heard a big bang yeah and the ground shook oh no the dwarfs have woken up they they woke up yes deep in the mine the dwarves have been sleeping they sleep for years and years then when they wake up they start digging today digging four precious jewels gold diamonds precious stones but digging for things they don't make a big noise they do when they do the dwarves carry out big blasts underground and then dig in the mess they just dig and dig and dig and dig yes yes lady goblin they keep digging until they are so tired they fall asleep again sleep and sleep and sleep the wolves seem more bigger than us yes it's huge this is a worrying time the whole Little Kingdom could dig holes everywhere they poop but they dig the other way I hope you don't come near us tomorrow oh I'm just telling you there will be work of digging in this area oh no wait, apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused to your trip, trip, trip, trip, we're not going anywhere, hello, what if I. where did you look into this hole someone might fall hmm i think we need to talk to the foreign elf king thistle to see you his majesty hmm dwarves his majesty dwarves are back i'm not afraid we haven't had an infestation of dwarves for years but now they've woken up.
ben and holly s little kingdom gnome invasion kids videos
I see they live underground, mostly, maybe they won't bother us, but they already dug a hole next to the elf tree, it's just a hole, maybe you can turn it into a pond or something. Your Majesty, you don't understand, this is just the beginning, the dwarves will dig up the entire Little Kingdom, Sage, Old Elf, You worry too much, everything will be fine. my Courtyard nappel don't be mad my castle is collapsing yeah you want to fix that now listen i'm the king oh one complaint you better talk to the boss? for the boss wait a minute please leave a second ok you were saying i want to talk to the boss.
ben and holly s little kingdom gnome invasion kids videos

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ben and holly s little kingdom gnome invasion kids videos...

I'm the boss. You have a date? He doesn't need her. He is the king. not even make appointments at the hairdresser's hey daddy he has no hair he's bald well that's not our fault look we want to complain about the noise what a noise the noise of the mine can't hear any noise now look I'm the king and I'm ordering you to stop digging , yeah, the thing is, you're only king above the ground up to the top of the ground below which I'm the boss, but we can't stop digging anyway, that's what we do. I won't stop until we find gold, diamonds and gems.
ben and holly s little kingdom gnome invasion kids videos
I have an idea. Nanny Plum can make you magic with some gold, diamonds and gems. Thinking well. Holly, here we go. Where's the fun you have to dig in now? If you don't mind, some of us have work to do. Come on, let's dig right. this treasure can i have it yes yes take it hush please we are all gathered here now to discuss the dwarf problem they are making loud explosions they are digging holes everywhere they have dug up my carrots yes yes we all know how annoying they can be can you imagine them far away ? no fairy magic does not work on dwarves.
ben and holly s little kingdom gnome invasion kids videos
I knew how to get rid of the dwarves. we take all this treasure. and they will be happy and stop digging the right plan excellent it's ok Nanny plums in charge wow but it's my plan ok they both can be in charge thank you majesty but I'm in charge we really need to bury the treasure deeply. down in the mind but how do we get on the smart train ben wait for me here we go oh yeah wow how deep is the mine deep real deep oh tight everyone how can we hide the treasure with all the dwarves around i know i'm good with voices, this is the boss midget let's have lunch let's go that's brilliant check this out alright guys. we found gold there we go diamonds there diamonds here and we found a treasure yes and a lot well done let's keep digging hey what do you mean keep digging in case there is more treasure of course we always dig twice as hard when we find treasure oh no what what are you doing here anyway?
This is the exclusive area for dwarves. We put the treasure there for you to find what we thought you would stop digging. well i guess all the noise could be a bit annoying yes yes it is and that's why we apologize in advance come on let's dig holy stick it's made me pretty tired oh me too boss i think that they go to sleep yeah they got tired night night boss night night boys alright now they'll sleep for years they'll sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and then they'll wake up and start digging again yeah they'll dig and dig and dig and dig adventure today starts at the elf farm cows this way for the elf farm tour now


who can tell me where the carrots come from the carrots come from the elf farm yes nanny plum does any kid know where the carrots come from ? the elf farm very well hooves please and I come by now which animal gives us eggs a sheep not a strawberry no a sheep a chicken yes jake that's how you see the elf the farm gives us all the food we need what about milk milk comes from very big animals elephants no not elephants milk comes from cows but we don't have cows in the elf farm so where do the cows live in the big farm we can go to the farm ?
I want to see some cows, no no, the big farm is too dangerous for elves. and fairies to visit very Wise Old elf you are making a fuss and what would a quite know about animals fairies love animals don't they girls especially fluffy kittens the big farm is full of big animals and people big with big feet i've been to the big farm and it was good who wants to go today. We will go to the big farm to learn about the cows. Oh, I'm not sure if the ladybug should come with us, please. Wise Old Elf.
Oh very good while he's being stuck I'm sure here we are the big farm watch out for the notes from the castle uh um now remember all the greats people have really big feet you never know where they're going to step hopefully we won't run into none great people but if we do please stay calm don't panic. Wise, the old elf is one of the big people, ah, big people, a


toy bus, foreigner, okay, it's Lucy, it's just a girl, it's a big girl, it's huge, hello, more


fairies. I want you to know I'm not a fairy I'm an elf do you have wings can you fly elves don't fly can you do magic spells elves don't do magic oh so what can you do elves do many things and we? it's fairies once out please there's a farm it's no place for magic as you can see Lucy this is quite a bossy owl Lucy we want to see where the milk comes from we want to see cows can you show us please yes follow me these are the chickens yes we know and we know what chickens give us, don't we children? eggs yes Jake and some fairies and elves of course chickens are pretty stupid creatures because they are so big and me an Argy Pig yes sorry Lucy these are the sheep. oh yeah and who can tell me which sheep give us eggs no no sheep give us wool what does that mean bat means bad to him the sheep are really very stupid but Rex is very smart who is Rex Bex likes you Delighted I'm sure that Rex is cheap dog, what is this?
Rex is rounding up the sheep and bringing them safely to his pen. Wow, Gaston wants to try it. You are too young to herd sheep. a cow likes you now children that the cow gives us a Big Lick yes and what else well done but she hasn't brought anything with her she has what I'm fine Bessie I'll be very kind and there you have it that's where the milk comes from a cow another interesting thing about cows is that they always sit when it's going to rain oh Nanny Plum that's just a silly fairy tale it's true cows sit when it's going to rain oh yeah yeah what an excellent example of a four legged bovine female i wrote a little raindrop these are the cows udders cow if only i could take a closer look look oh boy it's raining and i don't have my umbrella what about the white hotel oh he's under a cow at least he's giant in there, oh Lucy could you get Bessie up please I'm sorry cows never get up when it's raining daddy Plum now you can use magic if you want I thought you didn't like magic just take me out if you are safe?
I'm sure cows now what he was saying the last thing you said was that's the sound you made when the cow sat on you thanks strawberry oh it's not a storm everyone back on the bus Lucy you better come in but I can't and the chickens maybe i could try a Magical Kingdom in the barn oh no it's too wet for it to work my work is working look it's not magic it's Gaston he's copying Rex the sheepdog Gaston is a sheep Lady Bird thanks for all your help take a little milk with you oh so nice hooray for Lacy and hooray for the little fairies and pixies today's adventure starts at Lucy's house Lucy's pixie and fairy party it's fun to play cards with you Ben and Holly yes we love it coming to your place soon it's my birthday and you can come to my party that sounds great you could have a fairy party or a pixie party yes a fairy party from the album and all my friends can come in costumes i could have a party Magic oh yeah , please Lucy lunchtime you better hide daddy can be a little funny about you two bad I have decided to have a party of elves and fairies for my birthday that is good Lucy and I have invited Ben Elf and the fairy princess Holly now Lucy we've been through this elves and fairies aren't really real Hi Lucy's dad hi we're real but we can't have real elves and fairies at Lucy's birthday party why not dad?
There will be many other children and they are not used to seeing real elves and fairies, we understand so. see you later Lucy bye Holly was going to do some magic at my party ok I can do some magic tricks look here's a coin now it's gone oh what's this behind your ear? Lucy is having an elephant fairy party, great, I always wanted to go to a big


party, me too, what should we wear, what we always wear, after all, we are pixies and fairies. lots of big kids dressed up as elves and fairies oh oh Lucy what's up? oh mom i really wanted ben and


to come to my party well i think you can keep them out of sight and away from your dad thank you mom.
I'll go and tell them as long as it's just Ben and Holly. Ben Polly's mom says you can come to the party after all, we can do magic and play party games. It was supposed to just be Ben and Holly, so you don't want us. of course you can all come I'm sure it'll be fine as long as you promise to stay out of sight and away from my daddy we promise we're going to put your wings on you now you look like a real fairy princess Lucy all your friends are here oh Happy birthday, Lucy.
I like your fairy wings. I like your elf ears. I made them myself. Here's a balloon itch. I think the coast is clear, have fun. I'll come back for you after the party. Welcome, here is a balloon, hold on tight or it will fly. Take a quick look at all the delicious food at the party, there's the birthday cake that Gaston is going to eat. the cake is not bad lazy bird that's for later let's all party let's start with some boogie dancing musical statues When the music stops katie you moved i almost stepped on this toy look oh i'll just pop the toy here with the rest of the toys what are you doing Barnaby I'm sorry Lucy's mom Barnaby we're supposed to stay here but I love to dance now Lucy's dad is going to do some magic tricks daddy I love magic it won't be real magic just magic tricks what? what are magic tricks? you'll see hello and welcome to the magic show you'll see that's a magic trick that's a wand trick that was great my dad has been practicing and now i'm going to make a rabbit out of my hat hey presto thanks he's lazy my pet rabbit , Dad must have borrowed it. and um another and another and another Tweety where did they come from in your hat stop strawberry but he hasn't made magic jelly yet it's not a magic jelly party oh well there are no more animals in the hat oh I see you I have some chili yeah , appeared like magic it's Gaston oh no cake there's naughty Gaston come here he's stuck in the frosting don't worry Gaston we'll rescue you oh now I'm still stuck oh I'm stuck also I've stuck too long for the cake to stay still pretending to be a toy happy birthday Lucy now Lucy blows out the candles she might get a little nasty when she blows out the candles don't tell her to blow them all out at once remember to blow them all out at once and Forget about making a wish.
I want a pink unicorn. Wow, a pink unicorn. The wish came true. so to all of you chicken ah i thought i made it clear there would be no real elves and fairies at the party but as soon as i turn my back they invite allplease come on who wants to be a frog goodness how many miseries am i going to just have to do it myself zigzag zog become a frog an ordinary frog look how slimy it is and how smelly it is nonsense sounds good that leads today's nature class to a very satisfying ending in any plum you can go back now i don't think Nanny Plum can go back again she can't pick up her one oh what a shame now for your homework that's Nanny Plum we can't leave her like a frog we can't oh I guess not uh what fairy wants to turn her back again ok Holly do your best um not sure what spell to use I'm sure Nanny Plum would want you to try anyway ok I'll try this fairy oh, it works, oh, thanks.
Holly, I'm sorry Nanny, you did great Holly, but you shook your wand too hard. Abracadaberry frogs, a fairy. elf is trying to say is that ends today's nature class which was the best nature class ever thank you strawberry that was amazingly cool thank you Barnaby so from now on Nanny Plum and old man wise elf they always teach us nature class together huh ok oh if you insist

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