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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom - The Lost Egg Read Aloud Book

Apr 22, 2023



of Ben and Holly the


egg In this story you will meet Nanny Plum Worm nest of baby bird eggs King thistle the wise elf Ben and Holly Ben the elf and princess Holly live in the Little Kingdom they are the best of friends it's spring and Ben and Holly come out to play Holly look at this she says Ben they find an egg that could be inside Ben and Holly asked Nanny Plum to come see the wise old elf is coming too everyone listens to the egg to hear what's inside it sounds like a baby bird says wise old elf it's a bird egg but i don't see mommy bird says Nanny Plum what do we do like Ben if mommy bird was here she would build a nest keep the egg warm says wise old elf right then king thistle appears daddy can you help us ask Holly? does the king thistle sit on the egg to keep it warm? come down, look, says Holly, the egg is hatching, the


bird is out, it's very hungry, says Nanny Plum, they must find it a worm to eat, there's a worm, says Ben, catch it, but the worm is too fast, come back to the clandestinity, the little bird. she needs his mom, but he's too young for mom to find him. mama bird hooray Ben and Holly cheer for the birdie and mama bird fly together Ben and Holly are so glad they helped at the end
ben and holly s little kingdom   the lost egg read aloud book

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