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Behind the Scenes of the Heavenly Drama | Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson

Jun 02, 2021
with that famous verse in deuteronomy the israeli hero moses says that the lord is our god the lord is one what does it mean that the lord is one then the classic translation of the jewish philosophers and others has been god as one basically denies polytheism unlike of pagan myths? where there were many gods there is one god a ruler a planner a designer a plan behind the universe the source of ethical monotheism another view discussed among my by maimonides is god as one is god is not a corporeal physical being composed of many parts, say as the members of a unified body but rather is a transcendental unity that is not a composite of parts, that is the traditional philosophical interpretation that God is one, however, mystics, especially the baal shem tov, the founder of the movement Hasidic and his successors explained it in a different way. god is one not only means that there is one god or god himself is completely unified and is not made up of various pieces and fragments god is one means that god is the only god is one means that there is one reality and that is god and it excludes all others reality, which is a bit of a strange interpretation and difficult to understand because, if I'm not mistaken, I am now standing on the podium and talking to you, believe it or not, and I see you sitting in front of me, so how can I mature? thoughtful mystics jewish scholars chasidic teachers make this what seems like a strange claim that god hashem god is one means there is only one reality and god is that one exclusive reality that excludes all other realities does that mean we believe the world is one dream and that life is a myth and an optical illusion but the same torah begins with the words god created heaven and earth all of judaism is based on the fact that there is an existence called existence called universe humanity you and me our players We are actors or players in that existence, what does this mean that God has won by excluding all other reality?
behind the scenes of the heavenly drama rabbi yosef y jacobson
This will open a portal into understanding the fascinating Kabbalistic and Hasidic approach to understanding some of the


of creation. Some of what we mean when we talk about God, our relationship with God. God is the essence of the Torah and Judaism and if I wanted to express it in a few words, I would say that throughout history many approaches to life have developed among various religions, movements of philosophers, they all share a common denominator. It's interesting that most of them. They have seen Judaism as an enemy or as something very strange and alien. Is there a common denominator between all religions and philosophies, including Darwin's philosophy of secularism based on evolution and fundamental Christianity in contrast to the Jewish religion?
behind the scenes of the heavenly drama rabbi yosef y jacobson

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behind the scenes of the heavenly drama rabbi yosef y jacobson...

The answer is yes. they all share something in common even if they seem so different from each other in contrast to Judaism and we will put it in very simple terms it is a matter of something of something or something of nothing in Hebrew something of something is yes yes yes in Hebrew it means something yes means something from something in Judaism we have a concept called something from nothing which we define in Hebrew as yesh me i in something from nothing or if you want to use the Latin term it is ex nihilo or ex nihilo something from nothing now this may seem like a conceptualization completely abstract of topics that should interest philosophers or speculators that will not have much relevance in our lives, especially not after such a heavy lunch in August 2013 here at the national Jewish retreat, but in Judaism, as you know, the concepts more abstract.
behind the scenes of the heavenly drama rabbi yosef y jacobson
They are linked and interconnected with our concrete day-to-day reality, challenges, blessings and problems, and the same goes for this concept of something from something versus something from nothing, something from something is basically the model, the rational model that we all use To live life we ​​all use it, I mean everyone, from scientists and physicists to the businessman and the housewife, from the greatest scholar who delves into texts on astronomy or philosophy and geology to a simple worker who fixes a cup of toilet or a plumber, we all use the same rational reasoning. model of something from something that can be defined as cause and effect each reality in our world is an effect that has an antecedent that is a cause that cause is an effect of a previous cause that is the result of a previous cause and so on We trace each effect to a cause and then to another that causes another cause, so when you look at a tree we all know that that tree has an antecedent, that tree is not something out of nothing, that apple tree came from the seed of the apple tree. that has been planted, which in turn is the effect of a previous tree, which in turn is the effect of a previous seed, when I look at a goldfish, I know that that goldfish did not come from nowhere, that goldfish was born of an egg, the egg also has an antecedent that in itself has a cause when I look at a wooden house, I know that there is an antecedent and it is called wood and the wood itself has a cause that is the forest, etc., I look at myself myself or I look at another human being that we made.
behind the scenes of the heavenly drama rabbi yosef y jacobson
We do not emerge from nothing, each of us has a cause and an antecedent, it is called the seed in the egg of our mother and our father, who in turn have their cause and their cause from the beginning, now you know, you know the story, okay? If you don't know, I'll tell you. There was a bar mitzvah boy. There was a Bar mitzvah kid who, uh, is one of my top ten, so he listens closely. He approaches his mother and says mom, I'm preparing for my bar mitzvah. speech and in this speech I want to talk about family lineage, where we come from, can you tell me about our origins? and mom says, of course, and starts talking eloquently about his bubba and zeda, about his grandmother, his grandfather, his great-grandparents and the prominent and prestigious lineage of this family no, he says mom from the beginning where do we start? oh from the beginning mom says well don't you know that god created the world in six days on the sixth day he created adam and eve adam and eve decided to have children and the rest is history or his history so he goes to his father.
Her father is an enlightened graduate of Ivy League universities and says dad, where do we come from? I want to talk at my bar mitzvah about our origin and that again speaks to your family lineage, no, no, dad, from the origin of our existence, oh, that's what it says, let me present to you the concept of evolution that we have evolved, we evolved from What we have evolved from the apes, their father explains to them, took hundreds of millions of years, but we are evolution in the making and the apes and that is how the apes have evolved from other primates for a long time, but how did it all start?
That says it all started with an explosion of bacteria. The boy goes back to his mom and says: you know mom, I'm very confused, I want to give this bar mitzvah speech about where we come from and you tell me that we come from God, Adam and Eve, but that tells me that we come from the apes, the monkeys and the bacteria that contracted it. right and his mother says son, there really is no contradiction, your father was talking about his side of the family where I talk about my side of the family now we live our lives based on the idea of ​​cause and effect, there is no way to that you can try it. to cure an illness you can try to invest in a stock market you can try to plan a vocation you try to create a business you try to organize your life or your home you try to work with a psychoanalyst to discover if there is no cause and effect if we do not trace the realities back to the background and We try to predict the future so that our entire life is cohesive, organized so that it makes some sense and logic is based on the idea that something always comes from a precedent of another something that comes from another something and the last something is always linked to the first, even if the chain is very distant and complex, so when I look at an apple tree in all its glory, it in no way looks like a rotten seed. on earth, but we all know that that tree, so different from its origin, is ultimately an evolutionary product of that seed, even if they seem so different or, to put it another way, I can identify the properties of the apple tree within its antecedent.
I do not see. today how I looked when I was in my mother's womb unfortunately I am a little bigger but we all know that when the sperm and the egg are examined microscopically it contains within itself the properties that will later develop and fully develop in the embryo. the fetus and ultimately the child, so yes, the link may be very distant, perhaps very complex, perhaps very multi-layered and multi-dimensional, but ultimately there is a link and each something can be traced back to a source which goes back to another source and another source and another source what is the original source here almost all philosophies and religions agree, although the secular evolutionary scholar can speak entirely of the original source in terms of natural phenomena and the Christian theologian can Calling that source god is actually a difference in semantics.
They both agree that there is something that can be identified in one way or another that gave rise to the next something that gave rise to the next something, but they both agree that there is a something and that is something we discover by going back. by extrapolating and saying here is the product now let's look and examine its background let's examine its background back back back back back man believes in random evolution he can say it started with the big bang the religious theologian can say there is intelligent design there is some mind who created it we have a mind and this being had a mind they call god, but ultimately there is something that is the cause of all the things we encounter.
Judaism has a very different perspective on existence and it is fascinating that we Jews often are. completely unaware of it and this is what I want to address with you today and examine what Judaism's perspective on existence is and see its ramifications and then you will see that all the antagonism of all religions and philosophies with Judaism, even if they are extreme . within themselves, from paganism, from paganism or Greek myth to Christianity, from secular evolutionary biology to Buddhist or Hindu theology, there is something in common between all of them and Judaism distinguishes between something from nothing and something of something, in the same way as the Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Schneider Zalman. de lyadi introduced this concept by introducing the idea of ​​perpetual creation, capitalists write that creation is not a one-time event, creation is a perpetual phenomenon, meaning that at every moment, god, the creator, is recreating the world as something out of nothing, so creation is not an event that happened 5 73 years ago, but creation is happening right now as I speak and continue to speak and as I pause perpetually why what is the meaning of this what is the meaning of this what are the ramifications of this so we still have to address god as one and there is no other reality something from nothing versus something from something and now the phenomenon of perpetual creation and for this I'm going to use a metaphor and I want you to try to pay attention to this metaphor because it is an incomplete metaphor I don't have a complete metaphor but it is the best we can think of I think one of the best we can think of okay, one of the greatest gifts that nature or God gives you has given to humanity, especially to the Jewish people.
They have been allowed to survive through endless sermons from


s, lectures from teachers, Chabad retreats, Hebrew school courses. It's something we call daydreaming, daydreaming is a wonderful phenomenon, in fact, probably 15 of the people sitting here now They themselves are engrossed in a dream as I speak. I'm sorry to bother you at this time. They will be able to return to it momentarily. What is the concept of dreaming? Those of you who had the great fortune to sit in the yeshiva for many years or other schools and many years and the teacher was so bored and instinctively subconsciously our dream starts to work and in our dream we travel the world for free and conjure up beautiful images and then when the teacher says class is over we come back to reality and off we go, we face the world, wow what! a brilliant gift I have the great misfortune of attending many Jewish dinners I don't know how many of you share that privilege but I go to many dinners normally not because I like the smorgasbord I like it too but I usually have to speak at these dinners and they usually put me in the end you know what I mean I always say get up at five o'clock let me do my spill and I'll go home I'll have dinner for my wife it's healthier whatever they put me in at the end and you know, when they're done Jewish dinners usually end at dawn because everyone has to speak well, in fact the other day I was at a dinner in Montreal now the only ones who arrive later than the Hasidim are the Syrian Spider Jews, they are notoriously late six o'clock means o'clock 10 they told me I'm going to come up at 10 to speak it was midnight and I hadn't spoken yet and I was supposed to give a 45 minute keynote and there was already a seven course meal and nine honorees and every hour I was supposed to speak for a minute and a half and they ended up talking like good Jews for 20 25 minutes more video presentations more a choir more prizes more books it's 12 o'clock, I turned to the


and I said,have mercy on God's creatures, don't put on a speaker for 45 minutes, he said you should go for an hour, I said why foo, for when you make believe I'm not here, I'm happy not to give the speech, I'm happy to come back to my hotel room, make believe I'm not here, dinner was nice, you made your money, yeah, you know what they say every time you go to a pharmacist, you could never read your doctor's prescription correctly because what does it say? ?
The doctor says. I made my money, you made your, you make your money and so be it, you made your money. the night ends no no they didn't come to listen to you I get up it's 12 o'clock you know the look of the crowd you know the look you know what I mean I got up I felt bad for myself even more I felt bad for them, you know, because they have to listen and they were being polite, so I told them, I told them, I said, you know, there was a dinner once, actually there was One time there was a dinner and people talked, people talked and they went on and on and on and on. and then there was a speaker who actually went on for an hour so everyone left the room there was a man who stayed there was a man who stayed and the speaker saw him and said ah finally someone appreciates my genius so he went on for another hour Now It was one in the morning and the man was still there.
He says, "You know, I think I've found my best student," so he continues for another hour. It ends at two in the morning. He approaches that man and he. He says do you know that Socrates had a plate, I have been looking for my plate all my life, I have found it, you will now become my beloved disciple who will transcribe all my wisdom for eternity, what do you say about my genius, the man claims to be very Sincerely with you, actually. I wasn't listening, he says, you mean, I talked to the walls for three hours, I thought I was talking to you, he says no, I wasn't listening, he says, so what are you doing here?
He says I'm next. speaker so I told it to the crowd I told it to the crowd in Montreal I told it to the crowd I said I have I have bad news and I have good news the bad news is that I am the next speaker the good news is that I am the last speaker then when it's over, you can go home not before you have a second helping from the Viennese table and then I did my spill he wanted 45 minutes, I gave him 45 minutes, he actually wanted an hour, I gave him an hour and it worked, they survived.
I survived and so on, what do Jews do? It's called daydreaming. You've all been daydreaming. I don't mean today with my lecture, but in general, in general, especially when you come to business meetings, board meetings, consultation meetings, you sit in the waiting rooms, you sit in the shul. It will soon be Rosh Hashanah Kipper What would we do without the gift of daydreaming Now I want to perfect your ability to daydream since I have done it for many years during all these dinners for many hours. I'm a bit of an expert in the process of daydreaming it's a wonderful thing because it allows you to do anything you can travel from here to Australia first class for free the food is delicious unlike plain food it's like national Jewish retreats catering the movies are wonderful you have everything first class for you it's really amazing in your daydream you can go shopping and window shopping and make real purchases you can buy everything and you can return it and get all your money back, you know when our wives tell us I made you a lot of money? because I returned my clothes and we all look forward and pray, you know, when we give her the credit card, may God help her to return everything and it's wonderful, you can buy it, you can return it, you can keep it in your dream, always.
It looks perfect on you It always looks perfect in the dream I also daydream sometimes I remember that many years ago I started public speaking I had an event coming up that 3000 people would attend I was a little anxious and I remember a few weeks before walking down the street and you know when you start daydreaming you don't realize you are daydreaming and suddenly I realized after a few minutes that I was daydreaming what was I daydreaming? I daydreamed about myself giving the speech and in my dream I saw the people. Of course, they were not real people, but in my dream I recalled the people I saw in the pulpit, I heard them calling me, I talked to them, I even heard the cheers of foot later, I heard it in the dream, I even saw the person in the I came back who didn't like me and I managed to get angry with them in my dream and deny it to harbor negative emotions towards them and then I reached my destination, I woke up to my dream and everything disappeared in my dream in my dream.
I can go to a Giants game if I like football I can go to a Yankees game if I like baseball I could join 30,000 spectators buy kosher hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut a stick of beer and Coca-Cola along with some chips and barbecue sauce sitting at the game cheering, yeah, eating the hot dog and watching 30,000 people ecstatic about the game, all in my daydream, think about any dream you ever had, think about the daydream you just had ago A few moments and you will see that you are gone. somewhere you talked to someone you experienced an emotion dreams are almost alive in our own imagination until we sober up and now I want to ask you a stupid question forgive me okay in yiddish they used to call it klutzkasa klutzkasa means question of a clot which are simple questions but a Sometimes they are good questions I was daydreaming and in my dream I saw 3,000 people I heard my speech I heard the applause I was at the giants' game and I saw 30,000 bodies and then and then when I woke up from my daydream they were all gone there wasn't a single one person there was nothing left of the event and my question for you is what happened to all of them why when I stopped daydreaming none of these realities exist anymore the answer of Of course, it's smart, rabbi, these realities never existed outside your mind , the definition of their existence was that you were thinking about them, that is the very essence of their existence, what does it mean that these 3000 people exist in my dream? independent existence of my dream what it means is that in my conscious or unconscious mind in the waves inside my brain I created an image of these 3000 people the definition of their existence is that I think about them when I stop thinking about them they are gone Why because they had no existence outside of the fact that I was thinking about them?
That is the very definition of its existence. What does it mean that they exist? I was thinking about them when I stopped thinking about them. They have no existence, but let's say that I. I'm thinking about you sitting here in front of me when I stop thinking about you you will cease to exist, of course, no, why, because the definition of your existence is not that I'm thinking about you, the definition of your existence is that you exist. . outside of me then I may be thinking about you I may not be thinking about you but regardless you exist independently of me however the character in my dream has no existence outside of me thinking about them they have no independent existence outside of my reality the definition the material itself the very substance of their existence is what the chemicals in my brain are is my thought so when I stop thinking there is no reality outside of my thought that is the meaning of their existence and therefore they cease to exist and Now I ask you this questions our world, our entire universe was created something out of nothing, so it is like the character in the dream, which means that here we get to the heart of the matter that divides something from something to something from nothing, something of something means that the last something has existence because its existence can be identified within the first something and therefore after the first something produces the second something, even if it disappears the second something continues to exist, for example, if you are carpenter and you take a piece of wood and develop it. a beautiful table on a pulpit on a stand you are a goldsmith and you make a candelabra you are a silversmith and you guess a beautiful silver cup will the cup return to its original shape when the silversmith starts his work when the artist finishes his painting and hangs it on the wall Do they have to create it perpetually? obviously not, they create the painting, hang it on the wall and leave.
I create a vessel, a piece of furniture, a house, a design, a piece. of clothes even when I finish my work it still exists why because what did I not create something new something out of nothing I created something from something I developed something from another something because I simply developed and updated something that was there in potential even after I'm gone, the moment something still exists because it has a reality outside of me, I simply developed what it is, I took the tree and I took the wood and I developed it into a shelf, but I did not create something new, something out of nothing, It was something of something, the bookshelf existed in potential within the wood within the forest, I just had to upgrade and develop its potential, so once I developed that potential, even if the carpenter left, the builder left, the product still remains intact because the product. it exists independently, but what about the characters in my dream?
I have to create them perpetually. What do I have to do to make the characters in my dream cease to exist? That I have to do? Stop thinking. I don't have to kill them. I don't have to shoot them, I don't have to burn them, I just have to stop thinking because the only way they can exist is if I perpetually conjure them up in my brain, because it's something out of nothing, they have no substance. independent of me, all their substance is nothing more than me thinking about their reality, so if I create them perpetually, they are there, if I stop creating them, they return to what they always were and are the nothingness where the piece of wood exists independently of the carpenter the carpenter simply developed the wood into a shelf, he created something from something, but that something was there independently, so even when he takes his hands off the product he is still the dreamer, on the other hand, he created something out of nothing, something that has no substance. outside of me, creating it something whose entire existence is the fact that I am thinking about it, it is something out of nothing and therefore, as long as I think about them, they are at the moment I take advantage of them, they are gone.
Now I ask you this question, our entire universe is. it is something from something or something from nothing the torah comes and says bereshit bara the word bara in the beginning god created the sky and the earth creation nahmanides ramban writes when he says the word create it is not like formation in hebrew there are two words briya and yitzira briya is creation etira is formation everything in our world is formation something from something the seed becomes a fetus the egg becomes a chicken the dollar becomes, with luck, a hundred dollars, etc. the creation of the universe is something from nothing, what do I mean? something out of nothing there was not something for God to work with there was no pre-existing material for God to use like a carpenter or an artist who has a canvas, a pigment and a pen and uses these materials to create a painting, the entire universe is something You're welcome, God wanted a world to exist and as a result of that there is a universe which leads me to this question what does God have to do for our world to cease to exist what does God have to do if he wants our world to cease to exist a word nothing has to do anything like the character in the dream what do you have to do so that that character in your dream does not exist nothing stop thinking about it because that character has no identity outside of you thinking about it, so what does it have to do? make god so that the world ceases to exist? stop thinking, stop creating it, basically you don't have to do anything because when you don't do anything, the world goes back to being what it is, nothing, it's just that God creates it in each moment. and that is why there is perpetual creation just like with your daydreaming if you stop daydreaming for a moment they are gone you have to continually create it because it has no substance outside of you the universe has no existence outside of its creator it is something from nothing it is not something of something so therefore god has to perpetually create existence moment after moment after moment after moment so Descartes said I think therefore I am the torah says god think therefore I am god think therefore I am in fact the definition of my eye is what god actively thinking however there is a big difference between the dream metaphor and the idea of ​​creation what is the difference two differences one is that the dream characters don't have a tangible reality I can't really punch them in the face I mean I can hit my brain, which won't be too wise.
Our existence has a tangible reality. What we call physicality. There is also another difference. The characters in the dream do not have free choice. They are complete products of my imagination. They do not have the illusion of independence where we can walk our entire lives and it should never occur to us that everything is nothing more than divine energy and that is why the Bible does not say that God thought and that there was light, that God thought and that there were animals , what God thought. and there was a man who says the bible god spoke what is the difference between thought and speech thought is intimate speech is projective you don't know my thoughts my thoughts can never be distorted in your mind because you don't know what I am thinking the thought is always there inside me the thought remains inside my space like my dreamsI don't know what you're daydreaming I just know you're daydreaming back there but what you're daydreaming is beyond me I hope it's something interesting When I speak, you listen to what I say, you can interpret my words, in fact, let me tell you this, it's good to know what most speakers say and what people hear, they are not the same.
I have often asked people what you heard. I say I'm happy if it's something new and not the opposite, it's usually the opposite of what I wanted to say, especially when you tell a story, especially with Jewish crowds, because I told you before that they don't listen, they immediately develop opinions, so it's It is very difficult for them to retain it, so speaking can be distorted. In fact, you can take my words and use them against me. distort my words misinterpret them misinterpret them it happens constantly you remember the game of telephone we used to play that's exactly what happens that's why creation is not the thought of god that's why creation is speech of god because it would be the thought of god there would be no room for distortion I would look at myself and I would look at you and what I would see when I see you I would see what I would see in you mercy thoughts of god that is what I am that is what you are what would make us one but now I look at myself I look at you I have an ego you have an ego at least I have an ego some of you may also have an ego ego as I told you is facilitating the departure of god and therefore there you are and I why Shabbat It is holy I want.
You must understand this so that the next Shabbat will be different. What do we say in the Bible? God worked for six days and what happened on the seventh day he really rested God worked very, very hard but he lifted weights, he lifted 350 pounds for six days. God, God, God is not good at what he does, God is really exhausted, it's like I have to switch off when it's a hard week, I mean, God rested, what kind of God is he if he has to rest, dear friends ? it means something much deeper, much more sophisticated for six days god speaks of the world on shabbat god thinks that the world the world rises from a product of speech to a product of thought and because the world is godliness, when god thinks that the world is now absorbed in his presence so that the whole world becomes a holier place so that even the food we eat and the nap we take and the conversations we have have a quality of holiness to them, so when you turn on the candles on Friday afternoon, what do I love you?
Meditating and imagining is for the feminine souls among us, that is, at this moment you are welcoming into the world a product of speech to a product of thought. Now the world is no longer God speaking, the world is God thinking it, so he stops doing it. work, which means it's not a matter of words, it's a matter of thought, so remember that at camp you once had a counselor who told you these scary good night stories, okay? So I was a counselor for quite a few years and I had to entertain my kids, so it's 9:30 at night and I don't have a story to tell them, so what do I do? 300 years ago there lived a man in a forest and I make up the story while I'm going well, but imagine that my words can actually create those realities that is creation in every moment God thinks, therefore I exist God speaks, therefore I exist so what is the eye of me who am I if you can untangle me if you can remove all my layers what is the eye of me if you?
I can get to the core of the character in the dream what will you find me my thought my energy my mind the eye of the eye is divine energy so now when we say hero israel the lord is our god the lord is one and the bolshem says God is the only reality , what does that mean? The answer is very simple, if you are daydreaming, you are in a giants game, okay, go back to the giants now and there are 30,000 people in the stadium, oops, 30,000 people in the stadium! to ask you if you feel less alone because there are 30,000 people with you now you are 30,000 people instead of one why not because all these 30,000 people are what is your thought is your energy is you they say what is the definition of chutzpah you go to the therapist because you have a split personality and you want a group discount, so when you say there is god and there is me, no, no, no, we have to get rid of that, the balshemptav got rid of that, there is no god and me, the eye of I am God, the reality of reality is God.
Now let's go back to the Torah and this is a major paradigm shift and I want you to understand that this was probably the essence of the Hasidic revolution of the balsamic teachings. Okay, open a Bible anywhere, it's not fun. book to read, trust me, I've been reading it my whole life, I've been teaching it my whole life, especially when you get to these parts, okay, God commands you to do it, so if you follow the commandment, you will be blessed If you disobey his command you will be cursed God wants you to obey his commands all he asks of you is to obey obey obey his will and then it will be good and if you are not going to suffer let me give you the translation okay? this word god is a very problematic word listen to this I am doing the same verses well the essence of your reality dictates that if you live a life in accordance with your own core you will be blessed if you live a life of dissonance in which you are alienated from your own core , I could never feel good, I could never function if I eat food, I have a history of diabetes in my family, so these withdrawals are lethal for me, so I stay away from cheesecake, right?
I love cheesecake, that's a fact, so I say I love cheesecake. I will eat it, yes, but 30 minutes later I am in a bad mood because I ate something that was at odds with the makeup of my physiological self, but just as I have a physiological self I have at a deeper level the core of myself which is energy divine, so when the Torah says do this, don't do this, what the Torah really says is that by doing this you will be in touch with your reality, which is God because god is you and you are god the eye of I is god in fact god is not a great term god is not god it sounds like there is god and god is great god is smart god is kind god is tough god there is no business you are god you understand, isn't this a script? reality is god, we exist in reality, we are reality, we are part of god, the term god is a very confusing term, it sounds like an existence outside of ourselves, so monotheism often breeds atheism, nietzsche said does god exist I would like to be god because he has all the power the answer is god there is no god there is existence there is no existence outside of god even if there is a god outside of existence so when there is a mitzvah it is not a commandment a mitzvah is not a commandment, It is a very primitive translation, even if it is very popular, and at some level the true definition of a mitzvah is what is a way to create alignment between you and yourself. a mitzvah is the ability to relieve ourselves from the burden of spiritual schizophrenia a life mitzvah torah means the opportunity to relieve ourselves from the burden of being made to believe that we exist, that is a terrible burden, which is why living a Jewish life always means relaxing and living in the moment because living with god means living in the moment because right now you and I are being created so when I live in the past or I live in the future I am not living with reality living with reality means leaving in the moment it also means stopping worrying so much not Don't be so anxious, don't discover everything in your life forever because it is being created in every moment, something out of nothing, imagine someone is carrying you and you are holding a suitcase and you hold on to the suitcase and they tell you why not You don't leave your suitcase they tell you that it's not enough that you carry me I don't want to bother you to take my suitcase too and you tell them that you're in a car it doesn't make any difference I do carry you and carry your suitcase sometimes we live life and say oh you have all these burdens what is going to be what is going to be what is going to be and we carry these burdens on our shoulders like a washing machine on our shoulders and god turns to I don't understand you I am creating you right now every moment how do you think you are breathing ?
How do you think you're walking? How do you think you are breathing in and out? How do you think you're walking? The heart beats. Right now I'm thinking and talking that you should exist. So you think I can take care of your suitcase. Just let me go. Give me a suitcase. I am creating your entire entity. Something out of nothing. Of nothing. Literally out of nowhere. Which means there is. Another very powerful consequence of this idea is: how important is food that like how meaningful is a word that I say, compare a word that you say or a piece of food that you eat with the largest galaxy in our universe and say that this is insignificant memory when ilan ramon came out of space and they asked him what the earth was like, they interviewed him I remember that I listened to the interview, unfortunately he never came back and he said that such a small planet, what is all this about fighting against our planet? our earth a marble we are like motes of dust, how can that meaning be given in relation to galaxies, hence the Greeks and the same is true?
Many philosophers today human existence may not be that meaningful, but from a Jewish perspective, wait a second, the galaxy really isn't. exists and I really don't exist we are nothing we both exist why because God wants me to exist and he wants the galaxy to exist so from his perspective we both have the same value and the same meaning and that is why in Judaism we give equal value to a single act thought speech of a person as we give to the largest planet but how can it be compared I am a little mortal nothing today I am here I do not know what will be tomorrow the answer is yes I am looking from my own perspective then everything is nothing then the galaxy bigger is there is nothing in life the whole universe is nothing everything is something out of nothing if I'm looking at it from God's perspective the fact that something exists is because God wanted you to exist in this moment right now and that means it has infinite value and infinite meaning and means that I am never a victim of the past.
I can always recreate myself because creation is happening right now, so you have to tune into the rhythm you have to dance to. music lives in the present when you live in the present you recreate every moment every moment has infinite value every moment has insignificance so finally, in conclusion, how many of you have read Kurt vonnegut Breakfast of Champions? He has a scene there and I have this scene. I want to finish and I want you to think about Kurt vonnegut was a Jew and a strange guy. Well, like many of us at the breakfast of champions, he has a novel, but it's not a normal novel, it's a novel about a novel. with an idea, he doesn't tell a story, he tells a story about a story about a novel, so there's a guy in the novel about the novel who's sitting in a bar drinking minding his own business, very relaxed, suddenly he hears footsteps and starts sweating. as the footsteps increase, his sweat increases, look at me and then this person whose footsteps he heard makes an entrance into the bar and the man sitting minding his own business fades into nothingness, ceases to exist and Kurt Vonnegut asks who entered the bar . anyone, the author, the author walked into the bar, in other words, remember this is a novel about a novel, so the character in the novel is minding his own business, having fun and feeling good about himself, then He hears footsteps and begins to sweat when the author walks.
In him he realizes that there is no reality outside the stroke of the author's pen, so imagine that you are writing a novel and with the stroke of the pen you are creating characters, you are giving them imagination, you are giving them emotion. you are giving them physical characteristics but they have no existence outside of your stroke of the pen but they have no consciousness imagine that you could give your characters in your novel consciousness and they would really think that they are independent and then one day you appear well my dear holy friends this tells us It happens to each and every one of us at some point in our lives.
Sometimes when we are 10. Sometimes when we are 20. Sometimes when we are 30. Sometimes it happens in a few moments before the end. The author of the novel enters our consciousness and we realize that we constitute a stroke of the author's pen when I make peace with that I become nothing and infinite at the same time thank you very much if you like video press the subscribe button and the notification bell below to see hours of the best jewish content online

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