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Beef & veggie pasties with Curtis Stone

Feb 15, 2022
This recipe reminds me of my childhood. We used to have these at least once a week when we were kids, and I just learned how to make them. Now I'm going to teach the rest of Australia. They are beautiful empanadas. You use some ground


, some beautiful greens (onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, some fresh corn, some tomatoes, spinach) and some parsley. All of that is wrapped up in some beautiful cakes, and they are just fantastic. This is how you do them. I'm going to turn my skillet on to sort of a medium-high heat and then you put the meat right in.
beef veggie pasties with curtis stone
So what you're trying to do is give the ground meat a bit of color. Now, of course, get the best meat you can find and that meat should have…? No added hormones. That's how it is. So you better go and buy it from Coles. What we do is put a little bit of color in that meat and you can see it there and you can see that little bit of excess oil in the pan. To get rid of that, we're just going to take a strainer here and we're just going to strain a little bit of it.
beef veggie pasties with curtis stone

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beef veggie pasties with curtis stone...

And then while you're running out of some of that oil, we're going to start on some of our vegetables. So, in the same pan that we just cooked our meat in, we'll add our onion and our garlic. You add your meat back to the pan. And then it's time for some of our other vegetables. We have our carrot and potato. That goes next. Next I have a corn, so take your ear of corn and take a nice sharp knife and run it through the side. So let's shell the corn. Cut it out. Beautiful. And your tomatoes too.
beef veggie pasties with curtis stone
And we keep cooking that. Okay, do you see these beautiful colors that we have here in the pan? If you have a particular vegetable you want to incorporate, go ahead and do so. You could use fresh peas. You could use some zucchini. You could use some roasted peppers. You should use whatever vegetables you like because, again, cooking is all about what you like to eat. So this is my recipe, but it does not mean that it cannot be adapted to you. And then I have some baby spinach here. It withers to almost nothing. Now you can see how that spinach begins to wilt.
beef veggie pasties with curtis stone
OK, the last thing we're going to add is some chopped parsley and that's it. You want to make sure that the vegetable is almost completely cooked. Now, don't forget, when we go ahead and put these empanadas back in the oven, they'll bake in there for another 15 to 20 minutes. Ok, once we're done, just turn it off and now it's time to assemble our empanadas. What I have here is some shortcrust pastry, which I have left to thaw. I still have it in the plastic, you can see. Four leaves. I have an 8" bowl, which will be my mold and I'm just going to cut around that 8" bowl.
And then you'll see it peel off like this, okay? So we're leaving it still in the plastic for now. Now that we have our puff pastry discs, what we are going to do is turn them into empanadas. So the first thing you need is an egg. Crack that egg. And now we have an egg wash. This will be the glue that will stick our empanadas. Take a small brush. Brush the entire exterior, which will allow the batter to stick. The next thing to do is divide the filling evenly among the four patties. And then, because you still have the plastic on the outside, this should be pretty easy to deal with.
Just pull it up, and I always go straight to the center and then pinch it and then you can continue to pinch it, or 'crimp' is the fancy term for that, and then down on this side. . Now of course what you need to do eventually is remove the plastic. And if the stuffing starts to come out the end, you literally push it back in, continue to pinch it... ...and then just push it down at the end. The pie, or Cornish pie as it is known, was made for coal miners in Cornwall, and the way they would take their lunch to work was that they would store it here, right?
And because they were coal miners and they had dirty hands, they would throw away that piece of cake and then they could still eat their lunch. That's why it was designed that way, so that coal miners could literally pick them up like that. This is how our empanadas are made. We have these beautiful little creations. The last thing we need to do is get a little knife and cut a couple of air vents. So you just poke them a couple of times each so the air can escape. We don't want any of them to explode in the oven.
And then to give them a nice glaze, I have some beaten egg and I'm going to give them a quick brush like this on both sides. Perfect. And then you could sprinkle them with some poppy seeds or some sesame seeds. I have some Parmesan cheese because I love Parmesan cheese. I'm going to grate just a little over each one. Perfect. Then they go to the oven - 200 degrees for 18 to 20 minutes. Come out, some ketchup and you'll be smiling, I promise. Just under 20 minutes and they look fabulous. Ha ha ha! yum. Check it out. Beautiful. The nice thing about making empanadas is that you can either make a big batch, let them cool, and then you can make them again later in the week, or you can do what I'm about to do and that's just enjoy them. (LAUGHS) Of course, you can make a nice tomato relish or get a nice chutney or you can just do it, like my family always did, with a little bit of tomato sauce.

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