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Becoming Canadian: The Alphonso Davies Story

Mar 04, 2020
okay, so Davey is running it. Fisher sees the exterior of Fisher, the long-legged 67, can he reach the foil and can he hold the babies well? I plan with him because if I look back at where we came from wrapping him, he came without food or clothes. and we're at this yeah all I see is Fonzie's God is level headed which is important certainly he has great skills but I play with a lot of players who have great skills and it's that determination and that attention to the details what's going to take it to the top whatever the hierarchy which heroes work hard to live there because the only way we survive at some point is to have to leave too and somehow with the app and we'll be interesting to think about at Jack's wish. a scary time for a lot of librarians, very scary people like you going somewhere, have to cross bodies to go get food, so the best way to get that out was to be safe to live there kid, it's hard to live there, yeah, 'Cause it's all like spending money, voila, dummy, so, it's all off, I have to buy it soon, so half of us refugees, life on life, if they put them in a party, no, and then I love them to everyone, there is no way out, you can go far from the camp, anything can happen to you, yes, we were worried because hunger kills people in a camp; anyway, exactly, and the walls on board in the camp there is no food, people died, so sometimes, if you don't have it, we think how we would like you to bring also the change of water and people in putting it do that all this has significance for you in a lifetime occasion and they have a program called really start man-seok you have to fill your phone for canada so i dont even know if i would let me know i studied it so your hi


study in Absolutely but I know I didn't even know anyone here in Canada I was fine I went to the interview everything and the young man who came home with me was sad because all my family are back home and I don't have any family here but in por On the other hand, I was happy because it came with my host mom's cake to become better people and yes, today we are living in a can of refugees so I was in school, but when we came here, school started and now it is it was. poufy I can go back to my country for that reason if you don't have money your children go to school everything had to be something small we go to school after Christmas after a semester those fools we have to send them it's more difficult for him it's fine for the cognition i go here i am here no problem nothing so alice active this would be the second time i only have this call now attend finish i am very thankful i am thankful for what you have done over the years bringing the family to a safe environment like canada a safe country and i'm so happy they did that for us and what does it mean cane spacing is such a great honor not many people can say they're a


citizen especially knowing kevin was one of them. from the best country in the world o It is a great honor to be able to call myself a Canadian citizen.
becoming canadian the alphonso davies story
I'm not really going to be a part of my life because that's where I started. live it's a big party we're in clear view right now this is the clear view rec center this is the outdoor turf field


the train used to come train here a little bit he lives two blocks away so it was a Have a good trip just a quick step I remember when at 10 years old Alfonzo was taking care of his brother and sister they were babies I was changing diapers I was with them alone at home just because their parents worked shifts and there were only three of them the three children in that moment and I think he had to mature very quickly because there was a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, you know, he was making this food for them, they didn't have to know the means to have a babysitter, etc.
becoming canadian the alphonso davies story

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becoming canadian the alphonso davies story...

When they didn't have roses help them so Fonzo started at a very young age we are both 10 years old we were probably playing more video games and with toys at the time and Alfonso was changing diapers just a very good kid you know very respectful and it's hard, you know? when you coach youth soccer, you work with a lot of different players and with a lot of different mindsets. Alfonso was always you, always a team player, always a team leader and you know those who remember that as a coach because he contributed a lot to the game he contributed a lot to the team he set an example his hard work and simply maturity is even at an age very early i just remember that and i look back now and you know i see what's now gone and hopefully just he's that guy he's he's the real deal so we're in the hallway of high school from chant Nicklaus this is our football academy wall these are the three MVPs in a tournament we had back in the day at the football tournament archbishop Allari and Glori a mountain is in the middle now he is with the team Vancouver USL and the cons are on the right there this is our football record wall beep test this is the one all the old farms currently have this is our gym this is where we did a lot of the training with Alfonzo our director did a big poster of Alfonso and put it up on the wall we are at the Cigna Cliff gym Alfonso and Glory worked out here every day after school Alphonse was a leader and a role model to many of the younger kids in our Academy this is my classroom this is where Alfonso had his main room in grade 9 and I caught him in grade 8 and we ran the health component of the soccer academy directly from this room so when Alfonso came to visit me he went to some of his teachers and wrote a letter to his teachers dear boss Co thank you for being there for me thank you for all your support and all your advice i was excited to reach the pro level and probably play with stones focus afonso was a young prospect and obviously in Edmonton and Saint Nicholas school, who had a connection to us, they bought their young players every year from our academy centers and they came to, as you know in, season visits and the head coach highlights our positives and at the time he was 12 years old. 13 and a half and this scrawny little player who was having so much fun at his school and his school system so he gets on our radar and at that point we bought Alphonso for a tryout and they branded him or the head coach of the football school went out with him and yes he is an interesting character who was unassuming he had that big grinning smile as we know and everyone loves now but yes he was very nervous I would say and he had one of his wary eyes and weak. he was wide open and he did well he wasn't a player at the time he said silly it's a play we need we need to get out there right away you know it was a good intro for him but that's how it was. i'm not ready to come at that t age i was too young and mostly not ready for it but then we took him out a year later and he had grown in all his capacities emotionally and his character and physical qualities had improved and that in that time is around 14 14 and a half and we were very interested in that and we worked with his school and his community coach Nick and his parents to find the right time to bring Frankie in.
becoming canadian the alphonso davies story
I was Italian. I wanted to come, but my mother would hesitate to let me go. go fetch at the age of 14 he was going home going home he doesn't even look at me so she's really husband today yeah before then he was like acting 14 i was cool god knows i had seen him funny sometime see there on tv what is he doing oh i see the industry what is he doing i dont want him to become a bad boy so i said oh god i know he ain't living and maybe if he has 16 17 she can leave but she promised me with faith that she would not be the same our novel friend that changed our lives I am proud as I see she told me that I have t do my school even if I am training even signing with the first team she told me that i want him to go to school i want him to finish high school so that's part of the deal that's why i fought so hard to finish high school after the required culinary studies. like the code I see with commercial success aside from making some good pasta balls, you know, a little bit of sauce in there, a little bit of garlic bread on the side and so on and I see the salary Oh oh and I thought it wasn't this time I see the ish in supervising is ok lianca can do it just little people ok so we put it up but it's thought you could do it and you will and you had no time to waste I guess and whatever you want from me son, don't impress our happy for him for agreeing. to say congratulations song I know it well on the other hand and you will be key in the government from the beginning when I can see when he was born he is still in those teachers still or calmer I do not want to come to my country Alfonso is this one not only said that he stepped on the leg of your roof d I don't want you to lend it to me, even if you know the best you can do.
becoming canadian the alphonso davies story
You can respect people. No one will know like you. a more humble all the time you don't want to get carried away by anything you do so stay humble in the face of fear the ground you came from are out of nowhere you know and you're getting somewhere so you get it keep that mentality. I did a great job raising them because you're such a humble kid you know I'm not white to them right now but as the Train creeps along and more people get on the train and more publicity goes with it because it will come as develops as a person and lights up and gets better every day and every year, then there will be higher expectations for him and that's when young players especially try to find it difficult and get it easy because there are always people who love you make things difficult for you So it's important based on his upbringing, you know he's been great, he's down to earth, the kid keeps his feet on the ground and our job here is to keep our feet firmly on the ground and let this football be a reporter, a player coming. in training you can tell if they have that ability to produce in games or track running backs as little things like that, they're not tangible things that people might not see on the outside, but on the inside every single day of training, you see that that's what Fargo has and I think not just personality and work ethic but also those little intangible things that might not be very useful on paper but when you're in the grind, when you're in the game, you know that he will support you, you know that he will do the right thing through little things that at the end of the day will give you those three points to keep the victory and for him the success in the future and that is what I see in Alfonso, yes, I thought that our hindered course is i see n many kids doing too many things like i said in one day no one ever comes to our pond so we saw a pencil in your corner smoking cigar smoking this looking i know i follow it that's why my chinese i love him and i always speak for him , do not peel it's because of friends you're a cool guy you're good Yahoo boy it's John Baku good for him I know you're not gonna do that okay I'm a good barracuda hello how are you waiting today i have been very kind our language brother will listen to you and wash you should not pressure you to do now we will see what we are waiting for to wash you we should be the best location for how many children are going today is ok thank you is going from home ok i guess the confrontation his whole life and that his friend will continue to do why he does it because he promised me before he left for a year, so I know he will keep his promise.

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