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Feb 21, 2022
Alright y'all welcome back to another video we're playing some mid


recon with electrocute blood eyeball flavor last manaflo hunter gang and transcendence we're going to go belts rockets like our mythic for the lich's race to doom and maybe the third horizon. and then we have a duolin jungle because it's pretty hard to pull off just


doesn't have the most damage early on and works well with other champions because he can run into them though the e would be pretty useless if he didn't. I don't have


around, but we're up against a zed in this game.
become the bully of mid lane with full ap rakan stick to anyone   league of legends
I think this is a decent matchup for us as well. It's short range and when he goes in, he can't get out very easily and is pretty easy to gank. oh ok we dodge his whole combo give him a little slap oh he didn't like that so ap recons wave clear is absolutely terrible at first we'd be lucky if we got half the minions but actually we could get all no. push too hard but let's keep getting poked i got my w for this early gank it looks like he already guarded the bot sign and he has his w so i really didn't want to go in because i knew zed was going to run but he actually did they zoned out of the wave of minions i will try to use my w to clear this out nice oh wait he used his uh his w thats ok thats a zig night i think yea they still want them oh i missed there come on we got one got 12 seconds on this cho coming but also risky with cho'gath here maybe not right my mid wave is pretty fucked up actually i could stay without losing a lot of health give them a shock three hits one of these tails will land lee sin and then we'll catch him i know he doesn't have it lights up i dont really need to keep my health too high ok we got the wavin i got 1300 gold and i got the alternator.
become the bully of mid lane with full ap rakan stick to anyone   league of legends

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become the bully of mid lane with full ap rakan stick to anyone league of legends...

I think Aaron is fine. There are two levels here, so we'll pick up the alternator and the boots. burst they will remember my name they have a very good team for this they are all squishy except for cho'gath they all can be popped by my cc and explode and echo. I don't even think echo can change because it will mock it. very fast so i was going to put that game before or after this one, it really depends on which game is better but we have a lot to work with in this game and that's about it. i dont think i got the cannon i should be able to get most of these ok that was a really good trade i dont have enough to kill him though the waltz barely does any damage actually we could keep trading it that was a bad one its in the level six now i might try and all on me now is the part where we have to maintain our health we can wander about who's following me i might keep protecting lee well oh let's use our old one let's just get the echo first , i was going to hit the tic too but they split up oh malkai got it ok that was his turn on i guess ok we were outnumbered.
become the bully of mid lane with full ap rakan stick to anyone   league of legends
We won that. That was good. I don't want to go in here because twitch can show up and I can't use my other script to escape. Maybe I have to. a shield though fuck it i don't think twitch can kill us he's a backpot ok we have a big roam we can get sork shoes i think i'll try and finish the belt first before the shoes just because the active on him it helps us both with landing our combo what it says buy goes to lethality probably an eclipse like to beat him in a fight i pretty much have to wait for him to cast his shadow and miss and then i go in i'm trying to clear the say hello too wow , we cleared the whole back line with just our w, i don't have a knock up here but he's just in the turret oh that's funny he didn't even have a chance there. he can also block a lot of the damage and even think about it when trying this but i knew these two would work well together because of their mobility we have a sickening amount of cc and then leeson takes a lot of damage because he can pick up the kills and turn lethal if i can get a lining no i think echo is on top of me so im not going to run him over wow it took his


combo to break my shield thats really good shield 37 at level 8 is really very powerful oh they're getting four men yes I can get rid of my wave and try to help yes there should be something to clean here I don't know where that is oh is that still medium oh miss oh forget fall with that but like they went for i don't know what happened there lee sin he went after the wrong target i had two of them cc'd, maokai and lee sin didn't go for them so i guess it was just a miscommunication. hit the hit but i hit the taunt oh well i dunno we shouldn't have chased the the guy under the turret we should have caught the two that were here for sure see he got a lot he got two of my plates he didn't wander oh now he's dead though he's going to go over the wall giving me the kill okay cool electric you got it awesome ok that gets me from him getting all that nice siding our wave clears getting better we can get a lot of siding now also thanks to this harbinger it's ok perfect and then my alt is up damn echo we block it at least we got an echo z that got in the way of my q that would have killed him a lot of turret shots I tank 600 damage I like two or three we're 60 gold out of the belt might wait for it because it's such a big raise for us yeah we only have uh 30 gold to wait so y'all enjoying make sure like the video while recon is dancing go see modeling not much going on down there oh wait its a dive ok so echo is going to be the raid boss this game and zed is zero and five the last mid


r was zero and five two the zoey oh he hit that's good this is doing almost 400 damage should be a fish three seconds into this i think zed is in this bush i might have dove if karen got close oh what is this a rat hey garen aaron i really wanted it let's clear this up for the dragon maybe i'll train one v1z i think i can kill it oh yeah that was easy i didn't even have to turn on this looks like another dangerous situation yeah once you start rolling the recce i actually did he's really strong it's just his early game so atrocious in solo lane because he's not meant to farm he has to be a run support i think lichbane is really good because we do autoattacks we can autoattack with this guy while his cc' we can apply that extra damage and ap twitch his team's pretty heavy ap actually they're all ap with a zero six zed so he won't do as much damage unless we block him but I think instead they're going to echo.
become the bully of mid lane with full ap rakan stick to anyone   league of legends
Gain some cooldown boots that you don't have? The mercenary stomps, although the mercenary charges don't help him more in this matchup, those mercenary stomps don't work first, but they do work first, my taunt, I'm going, I have 10 seconds. see cho got its going to take a while for us to kill we just need to power up zed oh gee actually choka wont be able to go anywhere though here we go we are a team fight monster too i will try and help him i got it . zed, i can jump back in the garden and now run over twitch, run over echo, get everyone back on the team. good amount of damage since im in ap mode oh thats not me so dead she blinks i think if i stayed under that turret longer i would have died see 400 of this we ain't gonna get this turret they executed it twitch not even hit him.
The enemy team doesn't get money, so this is really good. We will be able to keep killing them what could be chasing here ok he flashed i got high three it's a bit too risky going in here we'll just go out brawler said ok perfect they don't have resistances they had nothing recon ap recon is better for squishy champions they had like a lot Some of the Cho'gaths are very hard to kill because we don't have sustained damage, we just burst and that's it. I try to fight this guy, the thing is I don't have enough damage to kill him and then I kill him again. he holds tight the dragons are really good for our alternates his teams just echo or steal or red or he's just waiting for the dragon they're scared of magic they're scared here why didn't that hit her i got behind the wave though that works a bit exaggerating but you know it kills a kill i got my lich bane now on base i dont want to lose that turret save it jump to it jump to it almost able to get echo idk this guy might be an exaggeration we have another herald that was twitch is ok i dont want to go into my too i am actually really tanky i have a great health bar what is the shield the shield is what makes it so great because i have an oh my god a 400 health shield that me it makes me have a lot more health than garen actually ok what do we want next i do horizon 10 more damage on knock up and alt ok we have just kill twitch and nami just going in i need to get a little closer co to them, though what is this? 467 there we go i didn't even have to use anything that's dead i don't wanna dive twitch bye rep stay protected they don't eat it they'll eat it ga ok cho has too hard to kill for us to go for echo i guess this would be the first game the other game only lasted like 17 minutes or something although there will be another game added at the end of this one if you want to see me play against zoe and make sure you stay tuned after we kill the nexus there will be another video my alt is ready for every fight i gotta keep guarding him well yeah i guess we could baron this is pretty free they're playing.
I give this kill 80 pretty big shields. We make this baron so slow though I'm going to save the rest of my man in case someone runs through here. It's coming so I hope you guys enjoyed another game starting now right after I check the damage chart oh stay tuned for that and we did we did the most damage in the game we did 18k ok see ya in the next game peace ok y'all welcome back to another video we're playing some recon in the mid lane and we're going to electrocute taste of blood eyeball ultimate hunter manaflo raid and transcendence so y'all wanted this in the comment section yesterday so i'm gonna try it out today and i think we're gonna go uh the rocket belt is our mythic because it has the little script commitment i think i need to tie this down i don't want to give it away but i'll start with q and im playing jungle duo this game because its pretty hard to play ll off recon just needs someone to run to and doesnt have the most damage on its own early on but can definitely set up ganks pretty well we are up against a zoe i think this will be a good matchup for us because she doesn't really have a run i wouldn't consider it all a run because she comes back to the same place so we can kill her if she tries Instead of using it to run away I'm going to run out of there so I don't take the actual damage if we hit it with a kiwi heel we just have that shield passive but our main damage will come from our w hit and our alt but the farming will be hard because the rocket belt is pretty bad for farming too, it used to be able to clear waves last season but this season it doesn't really do anything.
I'll try to use my w to get this. take that heel alright bubble this is going to bait her in she has no mana i'll take the damage i'll just walk at her two seconds on my knocko but she should die i think i'm going to die her run is going to be up before me yeah yeah ok at least we have to kill one by one ok i got too close to that turret so let's do the boot book i don't understand. a potion with this but i have some support with my q the wave is not in the best position but it could be worse we really only have enough damage to kill one of them at least rikon doesn't have melee cars we have a decent amount of range to him and then wired so yeah we don't want to push we can't even really push so we're just going to get spam ganks from Lee try and get some of these she's pretty aggressive she's missing she's on back he's getting corrupted so he doesn't have much health he shouldn't get hit by any more hits ok at least gank and up gotta clear another wave great he killed one that dies and i think i got these two let's see yeah ok cool we up on CS actually gave away her position but now I can fake play aggressive because sh We can think he's here maybe when she goes for these butts or just what he saw.
I don't know why she backed off there. Oh where did my cannon go? There was nothing alive to hit there. here she should know where she is lee ok this is ok once we get our rocket belt lane will be a lot easier i dont know if i can just kill her on my own cause we dont really have a way to take her down though she ran out of mana so maybe time opt for this bubble. this time she has no flash i can jump to lee and i will guarantee she dies on a cooldownnot that long and i think lee sin will be a good champion to play this way because he has a lot of mobility and i can run twice to keep up with that mobility i guess they dont want to fight thats ok wait we can fight him we can fight him we are going to win where's the gin? turned blue ok whats going on down here ok that works i guess great but in the jungle he didnt get killed but ok we dont have power up for zoe but our alt should be back in the next fight, so I want to go. alternator and im going to get the sword shoes right away mobility is key and a reload once we really ramp up and get all our items we should be able to shred the whole team ok the bubble is down im going to lose a cannon , but I can't really reveal that at least here I have to wait until he shows up to get in there let's go damn mouth went up in two seconds we got his flash though this guy is on my ass again I just wanted a plate he kind of like I just to receive a base because it will sit in the middle and won't let me push it, but I can't buy anything. g is he has two pink wards those aren't going to help her too much it's definitely there if I try to clarify that I'm dead so that's fine with me wait a second she had two pink words and now she has zero she can't put two though because the first one will disappear so he wasted a pink word he cleaned up he's telegraphed wow ok i didn't even hit the one we did half his health not bad there we go ganks so easy to set up especially with her alt we know exactly where she's going back ok i'm going to buy i think i can get an exploding wand it's just hard because rocket belts are very very very expensive we're pretty bad until you get it but at least We're killing, we're making plays, what do I want next?
I might get horizon since we cc that would do us a lot of damage it might go cosmic drive cosmic drive is pretty broken I think if I spam with the cooldown reduction though we might run out of mana fast maybe I'll go to the doom of the lich or we have a little more gust, can i delete this? oh ok i didn't expect to clear the wheels on a w how much does this make 378 and this makes 163 is 191? ok the alt doesn't do that much damage but it does can be applied to everyone and has cc five seconds on this i should probably clarify that rosa will fight me for this he's going to be there i guarantee you look at it here she's coming no why would i kick her out that doesn't Never mind oh okay there was no reason to even kick there she did well we got four assists yeah I guess I guess a lich curse for our car we do auto attacks and he has good auto attacks. at least we can get one liner we might even get two yeah we got two ok that makes me a lot of money we got the belts we got we got an extra run now its so much easier to get in she got a standard turret oh , wait, she's dead to the jungle, though I think just close, he has no kick so he has to be careful with this Oh, I'm not close enough. pinky let's see if that saves me oh she flashed wait that's her real flash I think I was there come on okay now I'm starting to do damage it's so much fun to play once you start rolling he he has a really bad early game if you're up against someone who's tanky this won't work you need to be up against a squishy champion like a mage lets see i really want horizon maybe i'll get him third i think it would be a cool item for him to do that for the car and something from ap their mana costs aren't too bad i have the manaflow raid i try to visit the bot lane ok they dont need me i cant 1v1 their jungle though i dont have enough burst to kill someone tanky still i probably could 1v1 zoey now because he's dead five times see this clear oh i hit her and i wasn't even trying oh okay she erased ed oh there's more more friends a little shield lemme catch this guy i might blink but i don't know if i'll get there alright at least i got it awesome let's push i wonder if we can get the rags up on the tower next to our the dragons are really good for us we want our cooldown to be low we need 300 gold could i try killing her again i got ignition really get high for one lost alison close not bad though im going to try to protect the dragon no i dont think they are going to ok we should have lichbane by the time i base yeah we have a cool tower so this adds 243 on our car okay perfect we got 243 of this 160 of this uh 400 of this or 50 of this and 300 of that might be enough probably not enough to kill Bruiser but with ignite just maybe but we're teamfight champions, we're really good at teamfights, oh my god we blew it, I had to go all out before that bubble hit. yo i dont think zoey can stay in the lane i might just shoot her fiora can stop my pregnancy pretty easily tho ugh i just have to hold it all the time and hope she uses it randomly trying to predict oh yeah ok that was quick i'll add this game to another game or this will be the first game and the second game should start now i'm just going to go over the damage real quick and like i said there should be another game attached to this .

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