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Become Fluent in English in 80 Minutes: Live Conversational Dialogues

Apr 24, 2024
I especially need some new blouses and maybe a dress for my friend's house. wedding ew, a wedding that is exciting. I'm sure we can find you something perfect. Thank you. Thanks for your help. What are you looking for? I need some new jeans and a couple of button-down shirts for work. I have it good. Let's go to the mall. and start sailing, guide the way. I hope to update my wardrobe. The same here. It's always fun to try on new agreed-upon clothes and styles and it's helpful to get a second opinion from a friend. I will definitely give you my honest opinion and you.
become fluent in english in 80 minutes live conversational dialogues
You can do the same for me, deal between the two of us, we will be the best dressed people haha, no doubt, okay, let's go shopping and make some fashion magic happen. I'm ready, Lisa, let's shop until we drop and we'll have fun doing it. chapter 25 compliments listen and practice wow Michael, you look so handsome tonight thank you Jessica, you look absolutely stunning in that dress, it's so sweet of you to say I love your shirt the way the color really suits you. I appreciate the compliment, you look great. taste in fashion thank you I try to keep up with the latest trends and I must say your new haircut looks fantastic you are very kind I was a little nervous about trying a new style but I'm glad you like it, it really highlights your eyes, does it?
become fluent in english in 80 minutes live conversational dialogues

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become fluent in english in 80 minutes live conversational dialogues...

Has anyone ever told you that you have a great smile? You just made my day Jessica, your smile is amazing too. You make me blush. I can't help but smile when I'm around you. The feeling is mutual. Your positive. The energy is contagious. I think it's because we bring out the best in each other. Your kindness is truly inspiring and your intelligence and wit never ceases to amaze me. Stop, stop, you're going to make my head too big with all this praise, but you deserve it. one of them Jessica you are an amazing person inside and out Michael I feel so lucky to have you in my life the luck is all mine you make every day brighter just by being you chapter 26 quote conversation , listen and practice.
become fluent in english in 80 minutes live conversational dialogues
I'm having such a wonderful time with you tonight Adam, me too Emily, I'm so glad we finally had this date. I've been waiting for it all week. The restaurant you chose is lovely. I hoped you would like it. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening, it definitely is and the food is delicious. How's your steak? It is cooked to perfection. What if your salmon melts in your mouth? Incredible, excellent choice for wine pairing, by the way, thank you. I've been brushing up on my wine knowledge. Awesome.Very true, is there anything you're not good at?
become fluent in english in 80 minutes live conversational dialogues
Haha, but I try to learn new things and be the best version of myself. That is an admirable quality. I really enjoy our conversations. He is very easy to talk to. The feeling is mutual. Emily, I feel like I can be completely myself with you, that's how it should be life is too short not to be authentic, especially with the people we care about. I couldn't agree more and I definitely care a lot about you. Adam, I feel the same to you, here's to many more amazing dates together, cheers to Emily with you by my side.
I know the best is yet to come chapter 27 workplace meeting listen and practice good morning everyone, let's start with the updates on the Peterson project, Tom, can you? start, good morning, yes the Peterson project is on track, the design phase will be completed next Friday, that's great news, are there any resource issues we should be aware of? We may need an additional developer to comfortably meet the deadline. I'll look into it now. Let's analyze the budget. Are we within the projected costs? We are currently slightly over budget due to some unforeseen expenses. Let's try to adjust without compromising quality.
What are the customer feedback so far? They are very satisfied, especially with the customization options we have implemented. Excellent. There is no risk moving forward, just the tight schedule, but with the additional developer we should be fine. Well, we'll prioritize that now over the marketing campaign. Are we ready for launch? We are almost finalizing the promotional materials and should be ready for launch next month. ensure those materials accurately reflect our brand. What about the meeting with our partners? It is scheduled for next Wednesday. We need to finish our presentation. Let's be sure to highlight our recent successes.
Well, let's keep communication open and address issues as they arise. Thank you all. Thank you. Let's keep up the good work. Chapter 28. Project discussion. Listen and practice. Mike. How is progress on the new software project? It's good to know if we've run into any major challenges. The main issue has been the integration of third-party APIs, but we are handling it. We need additional resources to overcome it. Possibly an additional software tester could help us stay on top of things. I'll see if we can assign someone from another project. How does the team feel about the deadlines they rely on?
But I will keep an eye on the workload to make sure it is manageable. That is important. What about customer feedback? Have we had any recent conversations with them? Yes, we had a meeting last week. They are happy with the progress, but requested some additional features. Did those features slightly affect our schedule? But we have adjusted the scope of the project to accommodate the changes. Good fit, what are our next steps that we need to finalize? design adjustments and start the next round of testing, let's prioritize that in the next week. Is there anything else you need from me?
Just your approval on the updated project schedule and budget adjustments. You will have it tomorrow. Let's keep everything transparent with the client. I will absolutely schedule another update meeting with them for next week. Excellent keeping the client informed is crucial thanks for the update Mike you're welcome Anna we are all committed to making this a success chapter 29 apologizing listen and practice Tom I need to apologize for missing our meeting yesterday okay Sarah , I understand things can be busy, thanks for understanding, but I feel really bad about it, it was important. I appreciate your apology Sarah, how can we avoid this in the future?
I'll set several reminders and be sure to prioritize our scheduled times, that sounds like a good plan. Did something urgent come up? Yes, there was an unexpected problem in one of my classes that needed immediate attention. I see that dealing with emergencies is part of the job. Just keep me in the moment. loop next time I will definitely do it again. I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused. No harm, let's focus on our project and how we can move forward. I have already outlined some ideas to discuss at our next meeting. Great, when would you like? reschedule is same time tomorrow, that's fine for you, that works for me, let's make it productive.
Thanks tom. I'll send you the updated agenda later today. Thanks Sarah. I would love for it to arrive. I'll make sure to cover everything. Thank you. for being so understanding, you're welcome, let's continue working together to keep everything running smoothly. Chapter 30, Accept Apologies, Listen and Practice Sarah about last week when I forgot to send you the files on time. I'm so sorry, thanks for mentioning it, Tom. I appreciate your apology. I didn't mean to delay your work. I lost track of time and should have been more careful. I understand we all have a lot on our plates, just try to keep track better next time you set up a new system to alert me about deadlines, it shouldn't happen again, it's a good approach, thanks for fixing it, is there anything else I would like to do?
If you need me to make up for the delay, just making sure it doesn't affect our schedule too much, could you expedite it? current tasks a bit. I can do that. I'll put in a few extra hours to make sure we get back on schedule. It would be great. Thanks for addressing this quickly. I want to make sure our project is successful. Your understanding means a lot. It's all part. Teamwork Tom, let's keep communication open. Absolutely, I'll update you at the end of each day on my progress, that would be perfect. Thank you for your efforts, thank you for accepting my apologies, Sarah, of course Tom, let's move on and focus on our goals.
I'm ready to do things right and move forward. It's good to hear we have a productive week ahead. Chapter 31 cooking together. Listen and practice. Hey, Daniel, I want to come cook dinner together tonight. I'd love to know what you had in mind. I was thinking we could make homemade pizza. It's fun and easy. That sound delicious. I already know what ingredients we need. Let's see. We will need pizza dough. Ketchup. Mozzarella cheese and any dressing we want. Brilliant. I can bring pepperoni and vegetables. the ingredients are perfect. The rest of the ingredients come here around 6:00 p.m.
Sounds good. I'll be there if I bring anything else, if you want you can bring a salad mix to go with the pizza. Consider it ready. I'll grab a bag of mixed greens on the way to awesome. I can't wait to cook. with you it is always more fun together I agree that cooking with friends is the best, plus we can enjoy a delicious meal afterwards exactly and homemade pizza is much better than home de


ry. You're right, there is something special about preparing it ourselves. Preheat the oven and prepare the kitchen for a culinary adventure. I like how it sounds.
See you at 6. Ready to cook up a storm. Chapter 32. Night routine. Listen and practice. Andrew, what's your typical nighttime routine like. Well, Sarah. In general. I start by preparing dinner when I get home from work. The same here. I think cooking is a good way to relax after a long day. Definitely, after dinner I like to relax on the couch and watch TV. What shows do you like lately? I've been binge-watching The Office, it never fails to make me laugh. I love that program. Jim and Dwight's jokes always make me laugh. Classic comedy. How about you?
Anything. Favorite night activities. I enjoy reading before going to bed. It helps me relax and prepare for sleep. It's a great habit. You should probably read more instead of staring at screens all night. It's definitely a good way to escape and relax. Speaking of relaxing, I also like to take a warm bath. Sometimes a good bath can be very relaxing. I prefer to shower myself, but Maybe you have to try it, turn on some C-handles, add some bubble bath and let the stress melt away, that sounds heavenly. I'll have to try it sometime, let me know how it goes in the meantime, I think I'll put it together. a cup of chamomile tea and settle in with my book enjoy your tea and read Sarah I think I'll put on some comfy pajamas and watch an episode or two before bed chapter 33 punch talk listen and practice Mark how you feel about planning A vacation for just the two of us, that sounds like a great idea, Lisa, any particular place you have in mind.
I was thinking somewhere tropical, maybe the Bahamas. The Bahamas sound perfect. We could definitely use some beach time if we're looking for travel packages or planning everything separately. Maybe it would be less stressful to manage a package. What do you think? I agree. It could be easier. When would be a good time to go? How about early spring? It would be a nice break from the cold weather. The beginning of spring is perfect. We can start? looking for options this weekend Of course I will make a list of possible resorts and flights. Thank you, I love it, it's exciting to think about escaping together.
We've both been very busy lately. It will be good to relax. Do you think we should rent? A car while we are there could perhaps be useful to explore the island on our own terms. Great idea. I'll add it to our list. I'm waiting excited. This trip will be amazing. Lisa. Me too. Thank you for being willing to do anything. make you happy let's take a trip to remember chapter 34 family relationships listen and practice Tom how do you think we have been managing the balance with our work in family time? I think we're doing pretty well Emily, but maybe we could use a little more family time I feel the same way maybe we could set up one weekend a month just for family activities.
That's a good plan. It would give us all something to look forward to. What activities do you think the children would enjoy? Probably something outdoors, maybe a hike or a trip to the zoo the zoo would be a hit we haven't been there in a while let's put that on the calendar I think keeping a family day scheduled is important okay how do you feel about of our support system here are we connected enough with friends? and other families, I think we could do a little better, maybe we should try to attend more community events. It's a good suggestion,It could help us build stronger bonds with other families, plus it's good for the kids to have friends in the area, if we look for it.
Join a local community group or club, yes that might offer more structured activities, let's investigate some options. I'll look into it this week, thanks for agreeing with all of this, of course Emily, our family's happiness is my top priority, it means a lot. We make a good team Tom, of course, let's continue to make our family life as rewarding as possible. Chapter 35 couple's discussion listen and practice Sarah I feel like you've been ignoring my worries lately I'm sorry you feel that way Emily, I thought I was being attentive it's just that when I talk about my day you seem disinterested I didn't realize I'm sorry if it seemed that way to me I do care about your day and when we are together you are always on your phone I understand your point.
I need to be more present when we are together. It's important to me that we have real conversations. You're right Emily. I will make an effort to be more committed. Plus, we haven't had a date night in more than a while. month that's true let's plan something for this weekend what would you like to do dinner and maybe a movie something simple where we can enjoy each other's company that sounds perfect I'll make reservations for any particular place you want to go how about that new Italian? place in the center great choice I'll book it for Saturday night thanks Tom I appreciate you making the effort of course Emily I want us to be happy and connected let's keep this communication open okay absolutely it's important to me too I love you Tom I just want let's work together in these things.
I love you too Emily, we are always in this together. Chapter 36 Mysterious Behavior listen and practice Tom. I need to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me, of course, Emily, what do you have on your mind? I've noticed that you've been receiving a lot of calls and texts late at night. Whose are they? They are simply from a new client at work. We've been trying to close a great deal. It's just strange because you've never mentioned this client before. and he seems reserved I didn't think it was important to mention, it's just work, nothing to worry about, but last week I saw a text from Jenny thanking you for a wonderful dinner, what was that Jenny is part of the customer team that we had?
A work dinner and several of us were there, it wasn't what you think. It's hard not to think the worst when you haven't been open about these things. I see how it looks, but I assure you it's purely professional. I want to believe you, Tom, but I need transparency. I understand Emily. I should have been more open about my interactions at work. Can you promise me that from now on there will be no more secrets? I promise Emily I'll be an open book. Thanks Tom, it means a lot to me that we can discuss these things.
Thank you for mentioning it. I don't want there to be doubts between us. Let's make sure we both feel safe and confident in our relationship. Absolutely our mutual trust is the most important thing. Chapter 37 answering. to suggestions listen and practice Hi Jack. I have an idea why we don't go hiking this weekend. Sounds like a great plan. Lily. I wanted to explore some new trails. I was thinking we could visit the Blue. Ridge Mountains I'm up for it I heard the views from the top are stunning, they definitely are, and we should pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at the summit.
I love that idea. I can bring some sandwiches and snacks, perfect, let's try to start early. In the morning, to beat the crowd, it works for me. The earlier we start, the more time we will have to spend. Outdoors exactly, I can't wait to get some fresh air and exercise with you, me too Lily, it's going to be a fantastic day, thanks for suggesting it. Chapter 38, Party Planning, Listen and Practice, So Ethan, my birthday is coming up next month. I want to throw a big party, that's exciting Mia, have you thought about a theme or location?
I was thinking a roaring 20s theme would be fun. We could all dress in vintage outfits. I like that idea? It is unique and gives everyone the opportunity to be creative. Their costumes are appropriate for the place I was considering renting with no space in the downtown Loft. The Loft would be perfect for the 1920's vibe. It has that old school charm. We agree. Now let's talk about the guest list. I want to invite about 50 people. Sounds good. We should send out the invitations soon so people can save the date. I will definitely design the invitations this week and we can send them together.
Great, what about the food and drinks? We could serve some classic cocktails like Jin Ricky and Old Fashions, they love it and for the food. We could prepare a variety of appetizers and small bites. I can look into some catering options that fit the theme. You are the best Ethan. I couldn't plan this party without you. That's what friends are to Mia. I'll be happy to help. your birthday celebration Unforgettable chapter 39 weekend plans listen and practice hello Tom mom, have we decided what we will do this weekend? Hi Sarah, you still didn't have something in mind.
I was thinking maybe we could go on a hike or have a picnic in the park, what? Do you think that sounds like a great idea? The weather is supposed to be pleasant, perfect. Should we invite Jack and Linda to join us? The more the better I'll text them and see if they're free. Thank you. Should we prepare some snacks? full picnic let's have a full picnic I can make some sandwiches and maybe you can bake something. I'll bake some of my apple pies, they're always an amazing hit and I'll bring drinks and some chips. Great, do we need to bring something? something else like games or a frisbee, good idea, I'll bring the frisbee and maybe a soccer ball.
If we meet at our house and go together, that would work best, say around 10:00 AM. m. 10: a. m. sounds perfect. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be a fun day for me too. I'll prepare everything the night before. Thanks Sarah. It will be a fantastic weekend. Chapter 40. Christmas activities. Listen and practice. Tom. The holidays approach. Have we thought about what we want to do? Not yet, Sarah, are there any special plans you want to consider. I would love for us to go see the Christmas lights in town, maybe go to a Christmas market. It sounds very fun.
We should definitely do it. What about baking cookies? a tradition I would love to continue. Count on me. I'll help with the decorating and maybe we could host a little Christmas dinner for our friends. Great idea, how about the weekend before Christmas? Perfect, we could also have a gift exchange. Very festive. I will make a list of friends to invite and check everyone's availability. Thanks Tom, do you also think we should volunteer somewhere this season? I think it's a wonderful idea, maybe we can help at the local food bank, let's do it, it's important. to give back I will absolutely be looking for volunteer opportunities for us, we have a pretty busy holiday season ahead of us actually it will be nice although all of these activities really bring in the spirit of the season.
That's right, let's make it a December to remember, that's the spirit Sarah. let's make it the best holiday season yet chapter 41 travel stories listen and practice hey Leo, I heard you just got back from a trip to Europe, how was it? Oh, Sophia, that was amazing. I visited so many amazing places. It's fantastic. What was your favorite destination? It's difficult to choose, but I think Barcelona made it known to me. I always wanted to go there. What do you like? The architecture was impressive, especially the GTI works and the food was to die for. I can only imagine it.
You got it? try paa and sangria of course, I had the best paa of my life in this little restaurant near La rambla sounds like a dream. I'll have to get you to tell me the name of that place, I'll definitely send you any recommendations you have. to visit one day I hope to do so soon what else did you do on your trip? Well, I also spent some time in Paris. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Wow, I bet the view was spectacular from there, it really was. I could see everything. The city spread out before me, truly impressive.
I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful experience Leo, thank you for sharing it with me every time Sophia talks about it it makes me want to come back now chapter 42 sharing memories listen and practice remember remember when we met O


r, it was at that party in college Of course, I remember Lily, you were wearing that pretty red dress and I couldn't take my eyes off you. You realized he was so nervous about talking to you. He was really in love. He had nothing. idea I thought you were out of my league. I was in no way thrilled when you finally came and introduced yourself.
I'm very glad I did it. That was the beginning of something special. It really was. We've come a long way since then. Surely we remember our first date. I took you to that little Italian place downtown. Yes, and we talked for hours over pasta and wine. I didn't want the night to end nor did I know at that moment that I wanted to spend more. Time with you and look at us now, we are still strong after all these years. I couldn't imagine my life without you. Lily, you are my best friend and my soulmate. I feel exactly the same as Oliver.
We have built such a beautiful life. together and we have created so many amazing memories along the way. I can't wait to create more with you, for a lifetime of love and happiness, dear, I will always cherish our memories, Lily, but the best is yet to come, chapter 43. buying a house listen and practice Tom I think we should start looking at houses this weekend that sounds good Sarah do you have any areas in mind? I was thinking about the East Side neighborhood, it's close to our jobs, it's a good option, the schools there are also supposed to be great, yeah, and the community amenities are really nice.
If we contact a real estate agent. Oh, I'll contact Janet. She helped my brother find his perfect house. What is our budget for this? Let's aim for just under $300,000. We need to make sure. We stay within our means. We agree on what characteristics we are looking for in a house. I think a three bedroom house would be ideal with at least two bathrooms. I would also love a large kitchen and maybe a space for a home office. Those seem like reasonable requirements. I'll make sure Janet knows what's going on with the down payment, how much we need to plan for.
We should aim for 20% to avoid PMI, which would be around $60,000. It sounds manageable. How soon are we ideally looking to move if we find the right place? I would like to move before summer. Let's start preparing the documents we may need. Then it's a good idea. I'll gather our financial documents this week. It's going to be a big step, but I'm excited too. Sarah, will be our new one. starting chapter 44 hotel reservation listen and practice Tom, can you book the hotel for our trip next month? Sure, Sarah, where exactly are we staying? We decided on the Grand Hotel in the center.
Remember, I'll book it now, how many nights will we need? I need four nights from the 15th to the 19th. Okay, what type of room would you prefer? Let's go for a deluxe room with a view. If available. I'll check to see if we need parking. Yes. Add parking and check if they include breakfast. We will do it. Should I offer flexible cancellation just in case? Yes, it's a good idea, especially considering how things change so quickly nowadays. I agree. I will also ask about your health and safety protocols. Excellent idea, can you also see if they offer Shell service at the airport, of course anything to help you.
Make our trip easier thanks Tom, how will we handle meals? Are there restaurants nearby? The hotel is located in the center, so there are many dining options. I will send you a perfect list. Let me know once you have confirmed everything we will do. I'm on it right now we're going to have a great trip chapter 45 check-in at the airport listen and practice hello I need to check-in for my flight to New York here is my ID good morning let me check your reservation are you going to check bags today? yeah, just this suitcase, okay, I'll take it to New York.
Do you have any carry-on items? Only my backpack is the flight on time. Yes, it's on time. Your door is D12. Boarding begins at 10:30 a.m. m.. Great, thanks. How long is the flight? It will be approximately 5 hours to New York. Okay, can I get a seat in the aisle? Please let me check the available seats. Yes, I can get you a seat in the aisle. Everything is ready. Thank you. I need a boarding pass or I will. a mobile pass works a mobile pass is fine, but I can also print a boarding pass for you if you want.
I will use the mobile pass saves paper. Good option. Need directions to your door? Yes please, it would be helpful. Simply follow the instructions.signs to lobby D and its door is on the left. Would you like information about airport services? Yes, where can I find a coffee shop nearby? I just passed one. Security on the right. They serve excellent coffee and snacks. Perfect. Thank you for all your help. welcome, have a safe flight to New York Chapter 46 take a taxi listen and practice hello, can you take me downtown please, I'm headed to the Hilton hotel.
Sure, please make yourself comfortable, have you visited our city before? No, it's my first time here. Any recommendations on places to see definitely check out the Riverwalk and the Museum of Arts if you have time, they are not far from your hotel. Sounds interesting. How long will the trip take? It should take about 20


depending on traffic. Fine, thanks. Is it a flat rate or does the meter determine the fair here we go by meter would you like a receipt at the end of your trip? Yes please, I need it for my travel expenses. No problem.
Are you here for business or pleasure? A little of both. I have a conference but I also plan to do some exploring, that's a good balance, the city center has great dining options as well as any particular restaurants you recommend for dinner, you should try Laella, it's great for Italian cuisine and It's just a few blocks from your hotel, sounds perfect. I'll check. You'll love it. Do you need a taxi back to the airport when you leave? Yes, maybe I can fix it with you. Just call me and I'll schedule your pickup. Great, I'll do it.
Thank you for the information and the trip, you're welcome, enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to call if you need more travel advice. chapter 47 expressing concern listen and practice hey Liam, everything's okay, you seem a little down lately oh, hi Ava, yeah. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with work and personal things. I'm sorry to hear that. Do you want to talk about that? I'm here to listen. It's just that my boss has been piling up projects and I'm struggling to keep up with them. That sounds very stressful, it's important not to work too much, although I know this, but I'm worried about losing my job if I don't meet all the deadlines.
I understand that fear, but your health and well-being must come first, you are right. I just don't know how to bring it up with my boss, maybe you could schedule a meeting to discuss his workload and find a solution together. It is a good idea. I will try to make an appointment to talk to them about it and remember. you are not alone in this I am always here if you need support thank you Ava, it means a lot to know that I have someone to turn to of course that is what friends are for, feel free to reach out anytime, I appreciate you keeping an eye out. for me, Ava, I will definitely keep you posted on how things are going.
Chapter 48, giving advice, listen and practice. Liam, I could really use your advice on something, of course, Ava, what do you have in mind? Well, I've been thinking about making a career change, but I'm not sure where to start. It is an important decision. What makes you consider a change? I just don't feel fulfilled in my current job. I want to do something more meaningful. I can understand that it's important to find a job that aligns with your values ​​and Passions exactly, but I'm worried about starting over in a new field. What happens if I fail? It's natural to have fears, but don't let them stop you from pursuing your dreams.
You're right. I guess I just need a plan of action. Start by reflecting on your strengths, your interests, and the type of impact you want to make. That makes sense. I should probably reach out to people in fields too. I'm curious about a great idea. Networking can be a valuable way to gain knowledge and make connections. You could take some online courses or workshops to develop relevant skills. It is definitely always worth investing in your own growth and education. Thank you very much for your guidance. Liam. Now I feel more confident about taking the next steps.
Whenever. Ava. Remember that it's okay to take things one way. step by step I believe in you chapter 49 rent a car listen and practice hello I would like to rent a car for a few days while I'm in the city I'm sure what type of vehicle are you looking for something economical but comfortable maybe a sedan we have some options in sedans how about a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic? I will go with the Honda Civic, how much would it be per day? It costs $45 per day. Would you like any add-ons like GPS or additional insurance?
Yes please. add GPS I'm not familiar with the area no problem it will be an extra $5 a day for how long you will need the car. I need it for 3 days. Okay, it will be a total of $150 for the car and $15 for the GPS, will you return the car here? Yes, I'll bring it back here. What is the fuel policy? We ask that you return it with a full tank, as you will receive it full. It sounds fair. What do I need to provide you? I need your driver's license and a credit card for the deposit here are my license and my cardDo I need to check the car for existing damage?
Yes, I will walk you around the car to perfectly mark any existing scratches or dents. Can I leave immediately after that? Absolutely, once the paperwork is completed you will be all set. Great, thanks for your help, you're welcome, enjoy your time here and drive safely chapter 50 visit a lost and found listen and practice hello, I think I left my bag in the living room yesterday, could you help me check your lost and found items? Of course, can you describe the bag? It is a small blue bag with a floral print. Let me check it. Yes, we have a bag that matches that description.
Could you confirm the content to verify ownership? Yes, there should be a small notebook and a pair of sunglasses inside. Let me see. Yes, those articles are. Here it is definitely your bag, thank God, what should I do to claim it? I will just need to see some identification and for you to sign here that you have received it. Here is my ID, thank you. I will take note that you have complained. your bag, just sign here please, done, how often do items get lost here? Quite often, but we do everything we can to ensure they return to their owners.
That's reassuring. I am very grateful for your help, there is no problem, we are here for help, do you have any tips to avoid losing things in the future? Always check your belongings before leaving an area, especially in public places. I will definitely be more careful, thanks again, you're welcome, have a great day and take care of yourself.

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