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Jun 08, 2021
Hey guys, I'm Missy Lynn, welcome back to my channel for those of you who are new. Thanks for stopping by here. I really hope you enjoyed today's content. If you see more of my content and feel like you want to rock with me, then don't do it. Don't be afraid to hit the subscribe button and hit the notification bell that way you'll never miss another upload, so if you can tell from the title, I'll share with you all the items I'm


to go. with me to my bbl


now if you are not a fan of bbl surgeries or any elective


go ahead and get out of this video.
bbl surgery supply list packing for my bbl surgery
This video is only for interested people and only for people who want to educate themselves and improve. prepare for your surgery, all relevant information will be


ed below in the description box to include my doctor's name, the facility I actually go to, my height, weight, and pre-op measurements, and any vlogs that correlate to my journey in bbl. So like I said in my previous video, that was how I prepared for my bbl surgery. I said you want to be well prepared. If you haven't seen that video, I'll be sure to link it in the description box that way.
bbl surgery supply list packing for my bbl surgery

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bbl surgery supply list packing for my bbl surgery...

You can go back and check it and then you can come back to this video. As I was saying in the previous video, you want to make sure that you are really preparing early for your surgery because not only will you have to pay for the surgery itself, but you will also have to pay for all the accessories and vitamins and anything that relates to the surgery. pre-op and post-op care, you'll have to budget for that since my surgery was delayed from September. From July 1st to July 28th it wasn't really a problem because I was already somewhat prepared for it.
bbl surgery supply list packing for my bbl surgery
You know, I just had a few more things to buy. All I was really waiting for was for them to send me my medical clearance and lab documents. to get down to business since I was already in a surgery group I was pretty aware of certain items I would need to purchase in most surgery groups there is a good chance you will find an actual bbl


that has all the items pre-op and post-op care that you will need to make sure you have a smooth surgery and a smooth post-op care, so in my surgery group I looked at all the different lists that the administrator put together and then paid attention. to the items that almost everyone said they didn't use and I just made my own little bbl bag so I'll show you all the items I've purchased so far.
bbl surgery supply list packing for my bbl surgery
I'm still waiting for a few more things to come and then there are a few things I'm going to buy once I get to Austin, but for the moment I think I'm pretty well packed, so let's dive into what I actually have to make sure I have a smooth recovery, so I'll start the medications first, including vitamins and things like that. Now, whenever you receive paperwork from your surgery coordinator, they will give you a list showing all the medications you can. take up to 30 days or two weeks before your surgery and even up to your pre-op appointment and then there should be a list of medications that you should avoid because of course taking certain medications can cause complications when you are actually receiving the treatment. surgery or after, so you want to make sure you pay attention to the list of medications that you're not supposed to take and then pay attention to the list of medications that they recommend that you take, so the first item I have here is hemaplex now this is basically iron with essential nutrients and this will help keep blood levels high.
I know many women suffer from low heme levels. I myself was once that person. Surprisingly, every time I had my tests done, my hemoglobin level was like a 14 going to be a 15, so thank God my levels are completely up because before it was literally like a five and I had a blood transfusion. Most surgery sensors will have a certain limit, like your levels can't go below an 11 and then. If you are right by 10 and a half or something then they will require you to pay an extra 500 for the cell saver which then helps with the blood loss which my surgical sensor actually recommends for us to take the flora. decks, which is liquid or you can take hemaplex, which are soft gels and I bought it on Amazon.
The next two items that are recommended to take up to 30 days before surgery are vitamin C and folic acid now with these two. You have to stop these 30 days before your surgery, but let's say you book your surgery a year in advance. You can start taking them every day for that year and then also the Hemaplex is the Fluoredex and literally your stats will be incredible. I can start taking vitamin C and folic acid after surgery and then you are supposed to stop the hemoplex I think the day before surgery so on the pre-op day you are supposed to stop taking these and then the last medication that I have. that's literally mandatory um it's tylenol, I have tylenol here extra strength, it has to be the white capsules at least for my surgery sensor and then tylenol pm now they will write you a prescription for pain medication that you will receive at your pre-op appointment that way you can start fill them out and that way you won't have to wait for your medication immediately after surgery, but they recommend taking extra strength Tylenol among your prescription pain relievers if I'm not mistaken. it only takes about 12 to 15 of the actual narcotic and then you have to stretch it with the tylenol and then a lot of women talked about the tylenol pm which i already had thank god but it helps me fall asleep a At night you're supposed to lie down face down for about three or four weeks, you can't put pressure on your butt.
I know some doctors say you know after a week you can lie on your stomach or you can start sitting on your stomach right away, but I know from my surgery sensor that they recommend that you either lie on your stomach or find some kind of contraption to literally keep the pressure off your butt on your hips, which is why many women recommended Tylenol PM that way, you can sleep comfortably. and it's going to relieve some of that back pain, that lower back pain, so the next item that I bought is this antiseptic skin cleanser. This is the same soap that your surgery sensor should give you to wash before your actual surgery, like the day you go for your pre-op, this cleanser or something similar should come in your little take home bag so you can wash your body well the night before surgery and I think not the morning before surgery, don't quote me.
I haven't been to my pre-op yet, but I think you have to wear this the night before surgery in the morning, but I'll tell you for sure the night before, but you know, I wasn't sure if they were going to go. to give me a small bottle or a large bottle, so I just bought another one on Amazon. I feel like you can't go wrong with this, you are going to prevent infections by using this so even if you run out of the bottle. which gives you your surgery sensor, it's always good to have a backup next, I bought the gold dial antibacterial soap, antibacterial antibacterial bar soap and I also bought a small bar holder, I bought it at Walmart, you will be asked to use antibacterial soap.
You don't want to get an infection, so you want to make sure you stay away from anything that isn't antibacterial. Switch between bar soap and small antiseptic skin cleanser, but just make sure you have antibacterial soap. and you can buy them at the dollar store, like you could probably get a bigger package for no more than two or three dollars, so I'll just bring a bar of soap and the bar holder, um, and then I'll go. leave the other bar here at home and then put the other one in my travel bag, okay, okay, so now I have the arnica gel.
I literally bought two of these because it was highly recommended in the surgery group I'm in and you will basically rub this all over your body every time you get massages or if you have someone to help you do massages. If you're going to do your own massages, you really want the arnica gel and this was very, very, very, very. recommended so I just bought two because I saw a lot of dolls saying they went through this gel and it's great for muscle pain and stiffness and also helps with bruising and swelling so you'll want to use this one. every time you massage your body to help with swelling and bruising, so remember when I was telling you that women talked about how they spent unnecessary money buying things that were highly recommended by everyone and ended up unused. all the items, well yeah your girl did that just a little bit so I have three different versions of the arnica tablets.
Now each of them will do pretty much the same thing, but I read a lot of different


lists and they had different, um, different ones. different types of brands, so I thought, you know what, I don't know which one really works, so I'll buy them all. I have heard a lot about arnica plus 12, this is the extra strength and Of course this will help with muscle joints and back pain relief. This is the added tension and then these two are literally exactly the same. This one is from Highlands and then this one is from Byron Bio by Byron I thought it was Bio but it's Byron the only difference I really see between the two okay this one has 60 tablets this one has 50.
This one now keeps getting drowsy , but they both focus on bruising, swelling, stiffness, soreness and muscle soreness, there's nothing much different so Yeah I have two boxes that I can't use so the next item I had was arnica tea and this is literally intended to do the same as the tablets, but it is recommended that you drink your arnica tea to help. the swelling and bruising and then you can still take the tablets so yeah it's just some natural tea bags that you put in all natural water and have a glass in the morning so yeah I picked up those dry brushes now.
You can find dry brushes at Walmart, you can find them at Walgreens, I'm sure it's CVS, but I ordered mine on Amazon. It comes as a game. I've heard a lot of good things about using dry brushes, you literally just follow the little guide. that shows you how to actually use a dry brush to start moving those lymphatic fluids out of the body, it will help with drainage so I literally think you should brush from top to bottom if I'm not mistaken so I'll have to get a bit. some deep knowledge behind it and some instructions but that's what youtube is for.
I may upload it to youtube to see how I can do it on my own but honestly I don't know when you will start using this I think maybe as soon as I think two weeks or like next week but I know your skin is very, very very sensitive so I have to double check to see exactly when dry brushing comes into effect but I know it's necessary so I went ahead and bought it because that's what I want to be prepared for, you should always be prepared , so the next item I took is liquid lymphatic drainage.
You are supposed to add a few drops to water and then consume, but the main function is liquid lymphatic drainage. is to naturally help your body perform lymphatic drainage, so you will do this along with lymphatic massages. Removing that fluid from your body is very, very, very important and you will see a significant difference with your body healing. post surgery body, as long as you get those lymphatic massages, you need those massages because honey, some of those photos that I've seen of women who really don't have the budget for those massages are not getting those massages the way they're supposed to. and thinking that the body is going to do its thing on its own, I am completely prepared.
I'm going to take these lymphatic drainage drops in water every day and your body knows when it has fluid and when it needs to get it. a massage so for me I give massages anyway so I'll have to substitute my real feel good massages for my post op massages and I've already budgeted for it and taken it into account because I need it for a quick recovery. I just want my results to be bomb, baby, I'm paying all that money to roll over and start slacking off, no, no, no, no, I haven't been happy with my body since I had a body and now I'm about to have it. a better body and why wouldn't you take care of the new body, what, what, okay, so the next two items are dedicated to scar removal.
Now I have skin care with organic oil. I don't know how effective this oil is, but I have heard a lot of good things about it and I have read a lot of good things about it within the actual surgery group. This is basically to help improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, new and old scars, and you literally just rub this all over the areas that have scars and it's supposed to just help rejuvenate the skin and all that, it helps with uneven tone. of the skin, aging and dehydrated skin, stretch marks and scars, and is only applied twice a day for three months for a minimum of three. months and then I foundsilicone sheets to remove scars.
I don't even remember how I found this. I don't know if it was like on Amazon when I was looking for some things, but it showed up and it was there. like you know what it doesn't hurt to try this one is from bouquets to bouquets um and it's basically silicone scar removal sheets for c-sections and other scars and then it says it takes three to six months to work on the existing ones. Eight-week scars with new scores and then a course of therapy with advanced patented silicone technology. Water bottle now. like I said, you're going to be on your stomach, it's recommended to lie on your stomach for four weeks straight, you can't sit on your butt, that's fine and once you're lying down, especially that first week, you're going to be in so much pain. like if you keep hearing the same thing you're going to feel a lot of pain and if it's not painful it's really uncomfortable but it's recommended to get a water bottle that has a little sippy extractor here so you can actually adjust it and you can just put the bottle on your pillow and then just sip like that instead of trying to have to sit up to drink from a bottle or trying to sip through an actual straw.
Here you can tilt it and then just put the bottle down and take a sip of water, so the next item I picked up is a female urinal, it actually just arrived, this is the bell. I heard many women talk about using a female urinal using a red plastic cup, depending on how big the hole in your girdle is, some women have different opinions on using urinals and using the plastic cup and things. like that, but I read a lot of good reviews about this little bell and bought it on Amazon, now there are urinals. which are a little bit wider and I should probably order another one like a wider one just in case because I feel like that.
I don't know, I don't know why I ordered this one. I feel like I read it. There are a lot of good things about this one and that it was a little more precise and a little more comfortable, but I don't know that now that I'm looking at it, I'm just saying oh ciao and it's supposed to practice using your urinal, you know it for one or two weeks before going into surgery, so you feel a little more comfortable, but it's flexible. It's supposed to. What does it say? You're supposed to literally fold it. for storage like this you fold it and then comes a bag that you're supposed to put your potty inside the bag like this, let's see, does that talk about what you're supposed to do?
Place your thumbs over your thumb. break, where's the thumb rest? Let's see, I guess okay, place your thumbs on the thumb rest with the two fingers under the hard shell part to point the spout downward for a proper seal, this will allow the bell to seal against your body. I wonder if they have any YouTube videos on this because I don't know, this seemed a little complicated, I don't know, but yeah, Tinker Bell from Amazon, my female urinal, I bought the extra large cleaning cloths from Amazon. I watched a YouTube video and there was a girl talking about making sure you have some kind of baby wipes or feminine wipes to clean in there, but she was also talking about using extra large cleaning cloths because being that, your new butt will be gigantic. and it's going to be a situation that you're not used to, it's better to use an extra large cleaning cloth so you can floss between the cheeks, you know, just floss real quick, just floss, like they do children.
Floss real quick, but it's going to come in handy every time you go to the bathroom and do number two, that way you can floss between your new butt cheeks and you want to clean up any debris that's down there, okay, you don't want to. Don't leave traces behind baby, you want to floss between your cheeks, spread the floss, but nice and gentle, it's okay, we're almost done, guys, I promise, listen, I told everyone I needed to be well prepared, it's Well, I had some more liposuction. foams now in my bbl accessory pack that i bought in my surgery sensor.
It comes with three foams, but I've seen a lot of videos and heard a lot of horror stories about how unpleasant the foams start to look after a while. with all the drainage because you basically have to put your phones in your girdle with your advertising board and your lumbar compression board and while you're draining it gets all the lipo foam on it, now you can wash it, but of course, being that it's white, they started to look dirty after a while so I just needed backups in case you never know, if I don't use it I can always give it to someone who wants a bbl later but for the moment you better be prepared they aren't prepared compression socks now you will get surgery sensor compression socks, that's one thing everyone who gets a bbl will walk away with a pair of compression socks, but the compression socks my surgery sensor gives to patients they are like a beige color and every time you are draining and bleeding everywhere it runs down your legs and then gets into your tan socks, if you are like me and you are very mental and you think too much and you analyze too much and it makes you sick many things then having beige compression socks is a no-no so I went ahead and bought an eight pack of black compression socks and you're only supposed to wear them for 10 days, I don't even know why I needed eight packs but the price It was really good, so I bought a pack of eight.
You know, maybe I can give it to someone I don't know, you're supposed to use it. compression socks for about 10 days, so I have more than enough. If I use them all, I use them all, if not I can always give them away, but I'd rather be well prepared than not prepared at all. the price was really decent like I mean maybe no more than 12 to 15 it wasn't it was nothing like crazy expensive shower liners now if you're going to stay in an Airbnb or a hotel every time you go . for your bbl surgery you want to make sure you pack a shower liner to cover the bed, you don't want to bleed and have fluid all over your hotel bed or airbnb bed so basically you want to put this shower liner on and then you can bring a couple of your own sheets, like a couple of old sheets that you don't mind throwing away, and then you can put the sheets over this liner and then you're going to put the pads under the sheets, now these.
The pads are meant to go under you. You're going to stand on top of these because you're going to drain and you want to drain into these pads. Fortunately I didn't have to buy them. My friend came to visit me about two weeks ago. a few months ago and she had lipo before, so she had this bag, um, um, of chucks, sitting at home and she literally had this done a few months ago, so she was like, girl, don't believe it, I'm going to bring You have some um and I think I counted like 35 or 40 so it's a pack of 50, but there's about 40 uh left in this pack and I really don't even think I'm going to use nearly as much as what it is. in this bag so I can always pass this package on to someone else, so look, I saved some money right there, so my loved ones will be with me and take care of me and I'm not going to have a private nurse, I ordered a personal thermometer to that they can check my temperature to make sure I don't have a fever or, if I do have a fever, to make sure that they are trying to bring the fever down and that there is someone on duty.
Number that they will have for emergencies, if they notice anything out of the ordinary, they can contact my doctor and his team and then I also have this oximeter, the finger pulse oximeter, that will literally read and tell them my oxygen. level, thank goodness they have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to reading stats and stuff like that, but I wanted to make sure I was prepared, so I literally have these two things that I think will be useful even if they don't get used. during my recovery it's great to have it at home, so now we're getting to the last items.
Sorry, it's a lot, but I just had to make sure I was prepared. I just had to make sure it was there. I made a boppy pillow. I bought this at Walmart for about 20 dollars. I've seen some people in the surgery group get these boppy pillows from friends or loved ones who recently had a baby or from Ross for about ten bucks. but unfortunately for me I don't have any friends that have newborn babies or have these lying around the house, you know, right now, so I went ahead and bought this at Walmart, I don't know if I'm actually going to use this, but It's really important to have something to sit on because you don't want to put pressure on your butt, so I wanted to make sure I had the boppy pillow and my bbl. pillow I ordered this bbl pillow on Amazon.
I have a bbl pillow waiting for me in my surgery sensor because it came with my bbl accessory pack, but I have read a lot of reviews about their bbl pillow being extremely hard and uncomfortable, so my plan is to go to my pre-op, ask them if I can really feel the bbl pillow and if I don't like how firm it is I will ask them to remove it from my payment receipt and tell them. like I didn't want it but I wanted to make sure I had one waiting for me at home in case I decided to cancel the bbl pillow order during my pre-op now if by chance the one in my surgery sensor is very similar to this one then I would go back home and I would send it back to Amazon, but I honestly think I can keep this one here because it comes with the back pillow and it has a strap here that you can put it around the back of a chair or around the driver's seat and that way you will be very comfortable when sitting and I don't think the bbl pillow on my surgery sensor comes with the back pillow so I think I paid for this one. like 75 on Amazon that comes with both pillows and I think the bbl pillow that they offer me in my bbl accessory pack is 85 so here it's a two for one deal you know so I have my bbl pillow and I have My boppy pillow and basically my bbl pillow will be basically for driving and then possibly for when I have to sit and do youtube videos but again I'm going to try my boppy pillow if my boppy pillow is comfortable enough for me. to sit for 15 to 20 minute increments while I'm filming or if I'm having dinner or something then I'll keep my boppy pillow inside the house and then I'll put my bbl pillow on the lumbar pillow in my car that way I have something at home and something on the car and I don't have to do a bunch of transfers, but I need to be able to try them out and if I like it, I'm going to keep it, if not, I'm going to return it.
Bobby Pillow is coming back to Walmart, so I basically shared every item I have here physically with me. Now I am going to share with you the items I need to choose. above which I don't currently have with me, but it's pretty easy. I made a checklist here on my phone and I have everything checked off that I already have and the things I need to pick up are not checked so I need to buy some Benadryl because I heard it's going to be really itchy, after surgery I need grab some balance pads and this is great to put over your incisions and this will help catch that drainage. so you just place the pads over your incision and then you put the foam boards on so i need to pick up some balance pads.
I already have sanitary gloves. I need to pick up some cleaning supplies and I'll do that once it gets to the airbnb because we're going two days early so grab something like um lysol and some wipes to clean things up at the airbnb. I need to pick up some cough drops because I heard you have a very dry throat, I think. They put a tube down their throat I have my water bottle I'm waiting on my mattress bbl if you google booty bean bag dot com there are different types of booty booty bean bag mattresses and um like really comfortable little gadgets so that you guys can sit comfortably or lay down comfortably or sleep comfortably after surgery so I ordered a mini bbl mattress and it will be here in two days just before leaving some peroxide to wash my brace.
A little detergent. I have hand sanitizer that I need. to bring some old towels with me, some old pillows, I have the shower liners, I need to pick up some stool softener. I'm going to bring a rope, a nice terry cloth robe that I don't mind wearing after surgery and draining. because any gown I leave on I'll have to wash or probably throw away, but nine times 10 if I just give myself a black gown, it can be easily washed and disinfected and I should be good to go. I already have my black plush robe from YouTube so I think I might use that one because it's black but we'll see I need to pick up some rubber slides a shower cap and then pack the air pump for my bbl mattress and that's it really.
Other than that, I'm ready to go, I ordered some dresses to take with me. From Misguided, these dresses were on sale and I heard that wearing dresses or button-down shirts is literally the most convenient and comfortable. Actually, wear because you don't want to wear sweats and you like to have things rubbing on you and you want to pack like pajama shirts instead of actual pajama sets, this is just what I know, so Mrs. Gotti was having a 40 off. and then my nephew is at school so he has another 10 um discount i.e. 50 offdiscount and I just ordered some dresses, you know, to make it easier when I travel, and then I'll like my post-op appointments.
The dress is oversized, it hits the floor, I don't even care, I just want to be comfortable, it has some slits so I'm not going to be confined to a dress, but I ordered a size 4 and it looks pretty big but I didn't want to nothing too tight and then I ordered something in black so of course if I drain I don't have to worry about it being noticeable that I have this black tank top. maxi dress has pockets on the sides and is in black I ordered this one on amazon. I wore this to the memorial day we just showed at my mom's house, but it's very, very, very comfortable, so that's two dresses I already plan to wear.
I asked. This black two piece set comes with an oversized t-shirt and then comes with biker shorts. I ordered this just because I wanted something cute to travel with, like my post-op, so I think I'll just wear it. This for my post-op. I was a little wrong because I ordered my normal size, which is a size two. On the bottom, not really, this is a complete set, so I ordered two in the entire set. It stretches, so I think with my new butt I should still be able to fit these in, we'll see, but nine times my 10 I'll be looking completely black the whole time I'm out of town for my surgery, I don't feel like it. you have to spend an arm and a leg to buy some dresses if you have a ross or a tj max or even a Walmart clearance rack, a target clearance rack if you have a flawless rainbow or something you can go see if I have any type of long dresses on sale and you will also need some camisoles.
Now I didn't buy any camisoles, but I have camisoles in my current wardrobe that I will carry with me. The shirts are basically for wearing. under your girdle so you're going to put on your camisole and then your girdle and then you're going to put your boards between the camisole and the girdle um and the reason you want to wear a camisole is because every time you put your bulletin boards um or your boards They tend to leave marks on your stomach and skin. I'll be there from Sunday until Saturday morning, so I have my pre-op on Monday and I can wear whatever and then from Tuesday until literally Saturday morning.
I'm going to use dresses so you can literally travel with three or four dresses and then just wash them and then put the same dress back on to rotate them. I took this oversized t-shirt, I don't know. If I'm going to be exhausted all the time, I hope not, but if not, then I have the option of going out um in black, um, but at first I was going to wear this as my sleep shirt, but I actually like it. this this shirt I really like so um this is just a shirt I thought oh it's an oversized it's going to be comfortable and I should be able to wear this and put my shapewear underneath and be comfortable and that's important to finding an oversized T-shirt to wear over your shapewear or as oversized dresses or as long maxi dresses over your shapewear because you won't be able to wear jeans anytime soon so just get a couple of long dresses and things that you can wear. your girdle and you can still go out on the town without you knowing that you have to worry about your girdle being exposed and stuff if you guys feel like I've left out anything if you've had surgery um and you feel like I've left out anything whatever. very important for the surgery, definitely leave me a comment below and let me know that I'm also going to link as many items that I have as possible, but I hope you guys are taking notes because these items here I feel are the most essential items these items were the items that I saw on many bbl lists that I read to you that I currently don't have in my possession right now those are literally last minute items that I can pick up at Walmart once I get there because I have to go shopping and all that a time you get there, so the things you can actually buy when you're there if you're going to get there like 48 hours before that, take some time, like go to the store, get the food you need, cook and prepare, pick up your medications, pick up last minute items you need inside the house and let that be to wrap it up. all the items i'm


for my bbl surgery oh my god it's getting real it's getting real if you enjoyed this video make sure to give me a thumbs up if you're not subscribed make sure to hit the subscribe button first. you exit this video and hit the notification bell so you don't miss another upload share share share share share share this video also bookmark it save it to your favorites that way you can reference this video if you ever need it in the future, like this that I think I have taken you enough time until next time, beauties, be beautiful and I will see you later, bye, a little conversation.

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