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BBC Presenter SCANDAL: "I Know Who It Is" - Kevin O'Sullivan and Nigel Pauley On The Latest Update

Jul 09, 2023
as well as a national guessing game right now uh who is this top bbc star and sex pics? Massive professional story on the sun front uh the BBC is apparently in crisis, they tell us a very, very important name, uh, so, uh. uh the anonymity that this person enjoys so far, they don't think it will last and when everyone finds out who it is they will be shocked, believe me, now is the time to talk about this with the media commentator, it's BBC style at its best. suspended a well-




is accused of giving a 17 year old teenager over £35,000 since they were 17 in exchange for sleazy sex photos ordered images uh now this teenager's mother gets furious and says that when I see it on the tele I feel bad, let's talk to media commentator Nigel Paulie, hello Nigel, afternoon Kevin, yes, carry on, this is quite a bit, it's a huge story isn't it?
bbc presenter scandal i know who it is   kevin o sullivan and nigel pauley on the latest update
It's strange how the BBC have gotten themselves into this mess yet again because I've seen all day big stars come out and say it's not me so Jeremy Vine, Rylan and several other people have had to come out because they're all being named as the main star or has it been speculated that Is It Okay? Yes, it has been speculative. I mean, if you're trending on Twitter, if you look on Twitter, there are three famous BBC names on the Twitter side and the radio side as well, so you


the BBC. You have to be innocent until proven guilty.
bbc presenter scandal i know who it is   kevin o sullivan and nigel pauley on the latest update

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bbc presenter scandal i know who it is kevin o sullivan and nigel pauley on the latest update...

Yeah, but there's something that you don't see in this story that's interesting, you don't know if it's a boy, you don't know if it's a boy or a girl, it's um, the age is 17, now they're uh. It's about 20, I think it's 5,000 pounds in cash, it's the fact that the images were coming from the beginning in the work now it's very significant also it says they're currently off air now I think off air could be off radio and also television. personally I think I think I know who it is yeah well I know it is so I'm not going to say anything but uh uh uh um so yeah, we know we both know who it is but we're not going to say anything because legally we can't say anything, but now You know, we'll speculate that they'll do what we have to do, but the basic point is that this is yet another


for the BBC, yes, it's yet another case of someone who is vulnerable and we've had the Scofield problem with ITV, the vulnerable young man whose life was ruined by being involved with a star.
bbc presenter scandal i know who it is   kevin o sullivan and nigel pauley on the latest update
Now there is nothing wrong with the BBC, I mean the BBC with their history of covering up this sort of thing. They tend to cover up, that was their knee-jerk response to all the potential


s was to batten down the hatches and try to keep it a secret, that's what they did with Martin Bashir and the way he calmed down Princess Diana that we didn't find. We found out they had covered it up for 25 years, that's what they did with Jimmy Savile. They covered it up. So I would suggest that after those scandals that continue to cast a dark cloud over the state broadcaster, but in this sense.
bbc presenter scandal i know who it is   kevin o sullivan and nigel pauley on the latest update
In this story they will be very transparent and extremely vigilant, that's right. I don't see how they can't at least say that someone has been suspended while this is happening, because in any other workplace, unless you. If you are in local government they name you if you are suspended, if you remember the CPI guy and several other people their names are published there and to the politicians and also to the army so you know the army people have been and the Arrows Red, so if you look. the fact that you can't if you wanted to be on TV or radio or wherever and suddenly you don't feel well, that's going to be interesting, but the other point of view is that all your other stars are being condemned by suspicion .
Just because people don't like certain people, their names are connected to this, so you have a duty of care to the rest of your staff who face horrendous things on social media because of this, but you also have a duty. attention to the person who made this place this is not just the sex scandal it's someone who pays a young man who is a drug addict I'm getting addicted to cracker and I pay for his crack if this story is true uh on the front yeah it's true yes it's true uh and as I say there are no names involved but I myself and many other people know the name that is being talked about uh but if the story is true then the BBC will have to navigate a minefield themselves and they must behave absolutely flawless in this because in the past he has committed the most appalling scandals and has come out, you know, covered in brown stuff, so he must do it right this time, right?
And it started because I think a lot of people said, "Oh, the sun has done this" and it was dismissed, but the BBC very quickly confirmed the sun story, so I don't think we know that they have confirmed that the allegations are. The BBC knows. and that someone has been taken off the air, so I think we can say that the accusations have been taken seriously considering that this is coming from the parents, I mean the Schofield thing, he worked for ITV uh and the boy who was the person was older when he worked there, but there was no indication that he was paying him money or that he was paying the guy money, all there was an element of sleazy drugs here, this shocking story is, you know?
Yes, you're sending money to someone to tell them to show us your parts, but also the person was clearly vulnerable because, whatever it was, he was addicted to drugs and people, I mean, there was a £5,000 payment supposedly made in a bank. account, well they're talking about 35 000. in five years supposedly again, that's a lot of money in the bank account, yes, but the BBC first of all, as I just said, will have to behave impeccably in the way it handles this scandal because it has always been a disaster in the past, but even if it goes down this path, you know, with diligence, care and correctness, it will still be a very bad day for the BBC because this is the kind of thing. one of their biggest stars does it and it's going to be pretty shocking because I think the dam is going to burst with this and you know, yeah, there's dark speculation, but the fact is this name is going to come out.
It's a question of whether the police will be involved, whether the age of dependancy was a man or a couple, a woman or a child, uh, a child, whether the age and payment for the laborer were legal, there are many things there, but there is reputational damage, some would say the BBC doesn't have much of a reputation, they have done a good job of destroying their own reputation, but considering if this is a well known and loved figure that many of the people who have been involved in this, you've got Jimmy Savile, Philip Schofield and Rolf Harris, by the way, let's stress about the way we don't even know if this star is a man or a woman at this level, as I say.
I know the name on the painting and so do many people in the media. If it's that person, this is going to be huge. Could be? It doesn't say that we don't know if he is a man or a woman. I thought the mother in the story said that every time she sees him, yes, yes, she has, yes, you're right, I stand corrected, so I think we can assume he's a guy, you're right, the mother says this, Well, we don't do anything about it. gender Kevin yeah well you know what I mean according to the mother it's clearly a black building for the mother it's a he yeah every time she sees it yeah yeah so she knows what it's about speaking, so I stand corrected on that.
He's a guy, uh, however, as I say, if he's the guy I'm told, this is going to be a huge problem for the BBC, believe me, yes, and it's something the BBC doesn't want, but the fact is that Yes, you should. I say that again, but the fact is that it's quite shocking that this could happen again on a BBC-funded property because there were photographs that looked like BBC-funded Peggy was dating and yes, they're going to have I have to lie very, very harshly about it. I don't know the chronology of this but I'm guessing the BBC probably didn't even know about this until yesterday unless the mother had complained because I don't know but I think the sun has made contact. with the BBC and the BBC has gone into overdrive immediately suspending the person in question, yes, I think from what I have gathered I may be wrong, as you have just learned, because we all hear different things.
I understood that the first claims of this were it was made on the BBC or attention was drawn to them, yes, last month, yes, I understand that, so the mother complained, but I think it is the son's involvement that prompted to the BBC to act, yes, I think it was fair to say that. the mother went to the sun because as you said the BBC covered things up well, it's been about six weeks and she obviously felt that nothing was happening on the BBC and the person was still on the screen so she went to the sun, the sun wrote the newspaper and brought in the BBC now you said the BBC has to be transparent I would suggest they have to be but the fact that they tried to cover this up for six weeks without doing anything made the mother go to the Sun to try why you know this came to light because she was very worried which is yes the BBC said again yes well if they have done it they will be in trouble it will be the same old BBC story.
It's great. Talk to you uh Nigel as always thanks mate thanks for your time.

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