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BBC One X-CARS - Episode 2

Jun 04, 2021
Manchester undercover with the XC


and it should be noted that the program contains flashing light sequences Manchester 10:30 p.m. yes YES at 26:37 looking for a Subway right back towards High Le right xr2 on Sand bien stre right on Sandy well put some lights on the rescue it's not at the entrance yes it's ex it's the open prison Hotel 237 is Hotel 23 Tango uniform Bravo, it's a NOA uh Sandywell Street Steve Man and Paul Filan are part of Manchester Police's exclusive pursuit squad. They're chasing a stolen car they believe is driven by an escaped prisoner returning to Louis the Street, oh I can.
bbc one x cars   episode 2
I don't think Louise Street is going to go to 2637 Louisa Street, it's Louisa Street, it has gone down an entrance that we have lost sight of. Can you ask 99 as soon as you can? r c not working damaged light pole makes them waste vital seconds looking for car for 3 weeks, you see L post three floating it, they had sier 1163 breaking up, I lost the vehicle, it stopped. I just came out and saw this car shooting here, I thought it went right by there, it must turn right and go around someone. Taking out the B who could have been seriously injured could minutes later Paul finds the car but there is no sign of the escaped prisoner.
bbc one x cars   episode 2

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bbc one x cars episode 2...

He has been abandoned near where he was stolen. Before long a man appears C clings to being the owner JC What is the number of that uh record yes you know what this is for I am what is this for I'm fine tell me what the record is a piece of paper you need well it What you need is to remember the registration yes my only place The Bling c h there it is is that yes, of course, I will suck it, no, you are not going to suck it now, you are fine, I think he lets himself be driven when outside his house, you can't drive that friend too.
bbc one x cars   episode 2
I'm not going when you bring it. you care about the car been drinking here tonight you have any left ah I have a couple of cans left in the house if you want, one sounds good to me, sounds good to me sounds good to me, go Ace, I'll see you later while you clean, the owner still seems Decided to test drive your car where you live, okay? I am these keys at the Plott police station. I'm not going to let you start this or go anywhere and not even Starting it right, if you start it, you're a trash in charge of it now.
bbc one x cars   episode 2
I've locked it all up for you, nothing of value here, get your Steno out of the PL police station tomorrow, okay, let Blakey in the house, hi Steve, yeah, nothing. Dude we're leaving now, what Ste got, mate, fer feris, he closed the roads, he's still living this, but he's still alive when he was going down, he just contacted the highways, it's not a light pole on a concrete light pole Yes, like us. I got to the end of the street, I think he was trying to make a U-turn here, and when he saw us coming down, he came back the other way and opened up a little bit, I think he cut him off the front and first.
What I've seen is that he starts to stagger and luckily I was able to brake to stop him and he fell in front of us, there he is back on Louisa Street. Oh, I can't believe the escaped prisoner still hasn't been found. Three nights later, Department Paul Filin informs the unit that the objective of the operation is to attack vehicle related crimes in L Bron open sh and ab area um we have five1 vehicles they are going to be working until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning now from the AG with control CK they will not link channel 3 and channel 5 but they will link them if they chase them, not who said that who C hello, it's CK's turn now sir, here's the bullet.
What I would like to do is have a double car in each area, the low broon and the open coastal area with the rest of the There are patrols out there, we're not actually in the areas, uh, and that's it. The difficulty of not linking channels has been overcome, so if a chase situation arises, you may have to remind them because don't forget shift changes at some point, some C, etc., okay, whatever Another question, let's do it with a car stolen every minute in Britain. Manchester Police have decided to tackle the problem head-on by using unmarked high-powered


with an on-board video camera operator, like tonight, which have worked well in the past to virtually stop all serious car crime in the targeted areas.
After 3 years, since the head of the unit, Peter Arenson, knows the identity of the criminals they are targeting, he can count on both hands the number of people committing this type of crime in any of the large areas of the Greater Manchester, the ruthless types, have their own culture, their own working hours, they treat it like a job, they cause misery to thousands of people year after year and will do anything, absolutely anything to evade capture. taught them that it's hard to stop a determined criminal now toward Ogden Lane, yes, directly across Ogden Lane, now the general direction as the former department driver slows down toward the school, the car thief becomes even more, his act final shows how well you know your route.
I guess the vehicle has gone where we can't follow it. They never caught him. Tonight's operation has just started to heat up. It was for Sierra. He was taken from a parking lot outside the city center. We're making an educated guess again about the barrier, where he's likely to go. We will have a scout around the area. Paul and Steve spend an hour searching familiar locations until their hunch pays off and they discover the stolen Sierra 637. its link channel 3 and five please the Sierra is towards L Bron now we are not immediately behind it we link three and five we pass by 2637 CK Did you get the last one?
Yes, we have lost sight of it. It's back to Bron the sier continues hello hello, it's hello, yeah, forget it, we're in a chase, turn around, sit in the car, this radio under my foot 2637, we pick it up again, it runs parallel to Delphie Street, We just left North Hill. Road I don't know the name of this road at the time they are on board the video records the action as evidence that it will stop even better, yes, Cannon Street, it's Cannon Street, CK, it's Cannon Street, we're behind it now . has stopped we are right behind him the reversing lights are on and it is smooth there are four on board three on board B you P three on board looking towards a dead end Dam dam masab you are reversing, ramle CK and se move away again, it's a dead end of Damask Avenue get support as soon as you can as soon as you can CK is still in the dead end he has rammed us and is trying to ram us again he's out he's out he's out Damask Avenue back to Cannon Street CK has hit us three times now I don't have an ID for the person on board Cannon Street, heading back toward uh L, we haven't seen it, I think it's heading straight toward Delia, which runs parallel to Delphia Street Yes, it's so Ford Sierra.
Excellent Ford Sierra, we have a section truck in front of us, now it's turning left, left, down, left, yeah, right, come on, sure, come on, oh come on, I don't have an eyeball, We don't have an eyeball where you're going, it went left. On the way to L BR we no longer have an eyeball, we have to leave it here, no, he controls it, he has hit us several times, the driver won't stop, it's going to be one of those days, yes, we're not there, I think he's just checking the radiator because it's going up quite a bit, oh, It's going down again now if I should have kicked Paul and Steve they go back to the area where they think the car is missing 20 minutes later they find the car abandoned you didn't see anyone rescuing Did you know you didn't see anyone rescuing anyone?
Did the footage from your Onboard video lead to the identification of two young men who have since been jailed for stealing the Sierra? It seems to be a case of what is known as riding, there are very few people it is a Jo, although for us the number of patrols that are here, members of the public who live here, it is relatively early in the evening, the children still They are playing, obviously, come here, you can see the footprints they have. Come on, with complete disregard for anyone alive, it's dangerous, the way they drive, you saw yourself on the tape, it's dangerous the way they drive and you simply intend to escape at all costs, even in treacherous places. conditions car thieves have shown how determined they are to escape the Rover car was stolen and even though the thief had changed the number plates he was still seen.
I have the driver was sentenced to 18 months in prison and disqualified from driving for 3 For years, the former Department's teams are used to dealing with the dangerous acts that desperate people have used to escape, that's what it is where ten were hit . They were chasing the Cavalier. I think there were three aboard the Cavalier and then they went up that path along here. get stuck go back to the rad get stuck in traffic 3849 urgent 03849 urgent 49 gra su 99 up please let's wear black box shoes all roads in Cavalier Rockdale City uses to stop three men on board November Hotel 64 women Yan on board passing by C Street C Street r on C Street, yes, Roger, that's involved.
Street continues, it's turning left, left, left on the clock. Road clock. The road will go out again. Ondale. Road correction. M Lane comes out. M Lane turns left. Left. Left onto M Lane. a m Lane is going to abandon it they are going along the pedestrian path going along the path fo there are red lights of Traer goes straight through the red lights of Traer goes straight through the red ATS still Mo Lane look at him tell him still M Lane got stuck in traffic Mo Lane is putting it in reverse he is calling yes Poli vle is round as seen in the video the exhaust actually I think it is a windshield it is like inches from jul head traic has put it in reverse it is ramming these car thieves have no ha been caught, the unit has decided to stay as close as possible to the cars they are chasing to reduce the impact of any ramming.
We are now halfway through tonight's operation. Very high St Ro, yes, do you want us to go by force? Cop, where is he? Find it, yeah, we'll find it, uh, we're not too far away, right, Pat? All on top of that, at least someone has the right idea in this area. Ungodly people will be judged and destroyed. No, I can't destroy them. All the fun Paul and Steve have been called to check on two cars driving recklessly into their target area to drop off the other. This type of report is often your first indication of a stolen car.
Beamer and be with you soon anyway as Try checking the registry to see if it is listed as stolen. Two men deliberately hide the registration number 2637 CK C 2637 from the PNC. I got it. Please. 2637 looking for a Volkswagen c t thousand. Roll Clear is gone, will stop now on November 9th. 964 Victor Victor Oscar stay in that affirmative greatness Street Junction cheetah Mill Road no lights crossing at about 50 no you turned them off again do you want to discuss it head BR do you want to discuss it well if you drive it at 30 mph with your lights?
They are not going to stop you, since you have the name Muhammad, date of birth 31579, despite his unconventional driving, the driver is released with a warning. Steve has no doubts about his motives, takes the court and takes out the package. section if he could have found something slightly wrong with the car, they would have pinned it down and taken it away. Nice V6 car driven by an idiot. The car was not stolen, but the driver has since been jailed for his involvement in a quarter quarter. million pound credit card fraud stolen car drivers have shown how they will drive to escape yes now come to the roundabout on um 162 we will take the forced side owe the L side 7 hours after the operation and another stolen car is being chased through the city towards s D1 the vehicle entered a park a fairly large park between mustard and bl the information is r in the park we still made it The call sign of the Department X India 99 helicopter uses a camera heat search to search the park for fleeing car thieves, uh, they could, they could be anywhere there, they could stay there all night, all we're doing here is opening the helicopter, picking someone up and sending out patrols to where the helicopter can pick them up.
They have sharp brown hair. presents a light m quite tall in the seat, is about 58 to 6 feet and wears a jacket, that jacket behind behind behind 163 OPP sou the other side continues down to your right back there 63 you went out, bring it in 2637 urgent, yes, two M white cross above, Char Toown, they entered the shops on the back of the white MK India 99, it is directly in front of you, below you, now we are nice and sweet. Paul catches the driver hiding in the alley, he has the South, but okay, there, the helicopter directs the police. dog trainer atpassenger business 40 criminals are caught every month with the help of the helicopter they tried to lock him up we were looking for what we thought was a stolen car that had just been stolen but we didn't know what car M it was When we cornered him nose to nose he reversed, turned and the chase began, they turned off the lights and finally reached all the side streets, but they were under suspicion of theft of the motor vehicle that they had reached a considerable distance from where the vehicle was abandoned, so Qui sent it to escape, but they both retired.
And to drive to such extremes the two young men pleaded guilty to stealing the car and driving it recklessly, each received 180 hours of community service and were banned from driving for a year. There has been a report of two armed men in a tattoo shop next to a bank, yeah okay we are seconds away from the RV point. I just tattooed the place and a chemist just wants to check if we can, uh, Rick, are they making mention of any vehicle that came out of any vehicle? No, that's what he says. He said he was in the store and then he and them went in there and he saw the guns and he left because he was scared and he took his partner with him.
You take the next path to the right. um uh Lands Down Road Lands Down Road turn right, you will be able to observe the facilities and you will also be able to discreetly spot the X apartments used to block the escape of armed criminals. Each officer wears his own bulletproof vest to stop these people. Yes, what is it? It only covers the front. of the store is covered by the sun now we, the other two are 20 seconds away, you can see the chemist's boots, look where the taxi is, it's that store to the left of the taxi, so Steve confronted the gunman before, yeah we went to uh a robber it turned out they had a firearm when they shot us unfortunately for us they were blanks that could very easily bend the real thing we won't be here telling the line if it's 2637 yeah we're just crossing the street you are on. yeah I can see you coming in uh we'll back you up we'll get through the traffic the two men are discovered in the store.
Paul and Steve question them as a detailed search begins, get down, I can see, mate, okay, that's been two rifles now. found the two suspects, okay, I'll explain a little in a minute, there are no weapons, yours are, sure, okay, if you have nothing to hide and nothing you do is illegal, then what do you worries? I am not worried. about anything I just don't like being treated like that how have they been treating you as more weapons are discovered in the store the search moves to the back rooms what we are doing is continuing to search for paper for ammunition just check the then we have a small piece of White Paper on them PA and Steve's ammunition search is turning up a number of suspicious items.
That's life? Jim, but none of you know, since the weapons are secured. The team finds some more interesting objects, including a set of scales that are often indicative. of illegal drug use hello, they also discover a stolen photocopier in the basement a motorcycle chassis that was also stolen outside and see what they see as they search for more they discover a makeshift shooting range dug into a tunnel to the garden there another bag in the back here we' You'll find a tribe here, an Amazonian tribe in the middle of Crumel. You go through that computer. It is not clear whether the weapons are air rifles or illegal firearms, so they are taken back to the station for detailed examination.
I certainly would have seen air rifles. I would have seen air rifles. Look at that one with all the sights on, although they appear to be air guns. There was nothing to say. I didn't have the real things hidden somewhere in the house. I should have left things low. He established this house for a while. wash because you need one in the end it was discovered that all the weapons were air rifles, but the case Daryl pleaded guilty to handling stolen property and drug possession. In the case of his brother Steven, all charges against him were dropped.

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