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BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year: The Nominees - BBC News

Feb 18, 2020
they will turn to adversity and discrimination to get to the top of their game. The role models proved to break barriers and enabled women in India to dream big and the public will decide which one of them wins the top honour. I have been a runner for about six


s. and i can't imagine life without it but when i was a girl growing up in india in the 1980s i hardly ever played any sport mainly because women weren't really encouraged to play it that's changing but little by little, the last big marathon I did. A few weeks ago in the city of Mumbai, for example, less than a fifth of the participants were women and this is in a developed urban part of the country, so it is not surprising the kind of struggle that women have had to go through.
bbc indian sportswoman of the year the nominees   bbc news
India's best sportsmen. The first of our five


for the Women of the Year sports award comes from perhaps one of the most patriarchal parts of the country. Venetia Fo'get is a feisty fighter who has overcome social taboos, injuries, and various other obstacles to participate in the Olympic Games and win medals. gold for India at Commonwealth Games and Asian Games I would mark my idea I can see a Kabaddi clinic and Meleager can peda or Italian vocabulary at my University Luca thinking like Hatake driveability Capcom brave Ducati but you beat Venetia and her five Premiums were trained by her uncle, she says he was a strict trainer who kept them focused.
bbc indian sportswoman of the year the nominees   bbc news

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bbc indian sportswoman of the year the nominees bbc news...

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bbc indian sportswoman of the year the nominees   bbc news
Time for low-quality Kia cars. Duchovny spell amber nothing would change tomorrow half board of sabers nothing more honey Larry is fine Larry appears as link Ethnic Iliad that Korea had to meddle in second Venetia folk art success has helped boost the profile of wrestling in a nation long obsessed with one sport in particular cricket despite all the attention it receives though fear would know that India's women's cricket team does just as well as the men's team internationally and in some formats even it is ranked higher but our female cricketers are still treated differently I have come to a cricket academy in south delhi to hear the views of up and coming players Rita calf Jo facilities Milty hey cricket me Tojo o tocome LT am i Lancome LTO Joe men's cricket community hey who's Mia biscuit Alfred she's made of hot spot vs athletic composed a disfigurement L lady Kyoko in case after comfortable tear smell or just say shells are a purist stadium of coking retarded asthma full stadium rat accommodation a Let Go Go - whoa - accommodation will bind her my Pelini melted or 2017 well it will bother me accommodation Mennella why the success of the women's team has begun to open doors for young devayani cricketers You are 13


s old.
bbc indian sportswoman of the year the nominees   bbc news
Did you get a lot of support from your family when you decided to play this sport? Parents moved from Lucknow today and I feel like I am the luckiest here because we cannot see every girl get the same kind of support in India now, be it cricket or any other sport. The challenge facing gamers in India is that they can. We can't afford the training equipment. Our next nominee duty chant comes from a poor rural background. She is a sprinter who has broken several records and recently became India's first openly gay athlete, but when she started running she didn't even have a pair of shoes.
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It is very important that we believe in ourselves, that beliefs must always be present. no matter what you can do in life that's what i believe in and that's my strength you're not playing for someone else you're playing for yourself so you know it's only you and you know you can do anything. PV Sindhu is India's most successful female badminton player The thing about dad's volleyball players mom and dad used to play My dad is now usually into volleyball or jab like volleyball till today barge umeå badminton codes his Tomei who dares to start Keita 2016 but we could shake it up a few first Olympics a year so Chucky I have to play well I have to do my best but a cake my theory G or purpose or Father's can be man hundred people K DT/T unfortunately it was the anyone's game but overall my experience both Achara has and yes Jame a man of theater Tora you know I felt bad but on his return from the 2016 Olympics he had a great reception in his hometown Hyderabad, a lot of people have been saying that you have no idea what it was like here when you played. you know the big big screens and there were a lot of people so as soon as I went down I mean the epithelium of the airport you know right up to the stadium it was like they were holding and there were people standing there even little kids at school . kids and i felt so happy to know people loved me so much people support me so much and that's when i thought you know i still get goosebumps like seriously it's in the media it's an amazing feeling , but because she had lost to the finals of international tournaments a couple of times she was criticized and everyone was like kia-ora until Coria final merica Kia with a final phobia but they put her there in a but for me I'm like fine, I have I have to give an answer with my racket and I have proven myself last year I won the World Championship which is also one of the biggest victories five times two bronze those silver and you know finally gold you have to enjoy your sport it is not that it is it's that you shouldn't I don't feel like a burden where you know people ask you to play and you play, it's just for you, you have to keep playing for yourself and yes, that's it because in the end you need to enjoy what you do, caress yourself 2020 are the ones saying I want to medal for myself which is definitely one of the biggest dreams everyone would have and my ultimate goal would be for generations of women in India to be told their place was inside and that sport was not for them.
In the last decade or so though a group of female gamers have created with their success a path for young women in India to follow. I'm with a group of university students who play different types of sports, so there's basketball, soccer and rugby shooting, which is very intense contact. sport tell me when you as a woman wanted to take that what was the reaction as if they were surprised because rugby is a very difficult game they need strength stamina agility all kinds of fitness but my father is very supportive and told me to join and encouraged my mother told me not to play if you get scared no one will marry you so after marriage i am thinking if i will play or do it as a career you are not just a football player you are also a coach the girls who are in school what attitudes do they have towards girls who play football and also what about access to equipment rural areas may like my job as a karate coach in a way because it let the uk gradually German Zabuza the night can not play and volcko fools can take a line of hickeys but when it was done it's not potentially a jump ok lay here so what isn't the best date here even yeah grass tomatoes water joy happy to be my karate say you're not convinced turkey is going out here efforts could throw both of you best friends or i keep you in a couple f word milton or passionate robot oh dear how hard is it still for women to consider sport as something they can make a career as you play basketball, would you consider pursuing it professionally?
I really don't think so because basketball in India festival is not a recognized sport even for boys but speaking of girls it is a screw choice to choose basketball as a messenger only if I go abroad like USA. ., where the WNBA is and there are little girls' camps and whatever it might be, I could think about it, try it, but not in India right now, what we've seen happen in India over the last decade is there's a handful of athletes who get really popular, who become true icons and have broken glass ceilings, you know what this show is really after?
To what extent does that inspire players like you? who has been successful, that's one of the reasons I guess our society has become more driven by women in sport and now they're supporting women and not really opposing it, it's been a positive factor for us for people who were trying to play sports in In fact, our next nominee is a sporty woman who is seen as an inspiration by many in India. MC Mary comm is an Olympian boxer and has won gold for this country in several international events and among the many distinctions she has is that she has returned to the sport after having children, something that is difficult for women in India to do, even for those who have regular jobs.
She has been the women's boxing world champion six times during a career that spans two decades. gave me a focused curfew she comes from a remote village in north east india alright boy whistle a k-mer cana good to know what pysanky aha dash america made cube games soccer galaga gulman winder guinea lts reba kelly kelly you know kazan a channel in Taylor larkey salmon in a lark Alocasia Seco Emeril EMS dr.FYROM log and intercept the argument Jose Caban a fair fight was a time mummy Papa Nagar if a daily job can come car key and Encarta mentos education we could from time to time I am connected respeaker me for a uniform dress will be a chai Americal says that fight he Hobart from the americans one year tag level pygar from nepal i have gone to be a son only when i am almost twenty years of fighting mera kaam has three children and returned to boxing after becoming a mother a significant foot in a country that sees a large number of women quit their jobs after having children so desperate to achieve kiya that much about health or mana ki baat a boss kia vato may could be miss body fanny panamera game talk series technical energy zero skill zero the years Dada wants keyboard mix groggy Maris Pete Bieber G Amira skill be improve on Allegra technically improve on our food wall improve on Allegra mera kaam won a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics and now has her sights set on the games in Tokyo this year will boost Olga mentally stronger, stronger, toe miracle, say joe tomorrow, patient who scored, phil, condo, heathens, if i can make it, why can't you?
It was on her road to recovery that she turned a childhood hobby into a profession in 2019 Manasses Oh, won gold at the Para Badminton World Championships nine years ago, lost her leg after being hit by a truck Miami deported hinting shoots from badminton other them i feel like tomato points i probably swallowed out there Kobe Kobe a lot ko Raksha soldier in sparse hair challenges too heavy but what an island just go phase chemical solutions be here he Monty was introduced to badminton when he was kid first turkey meatballs almost start off best friends think or school K was a badminton coach it's much harder nowadays second reason tacky lots of vocal cavity Masada or Kaffee crazy love like you can yell at kinloch you can be yourself and you are playing the sport Nancy is a qualified engineer and was working at a technology company when she had the accident many of Mary Angelica bought many sports. really the achievement of barbara or paris portsmouth obermeyer 2019 my apartment in the world champion bunny the pitiful high will move like a coffee or was it like a spike so there are times i can't differentiate myself properly due to imbalance i want to work on that area where i can define better you know what steps sorry a level of challenges there are sports like sport chase karma christopher playgrounds milna unlock a superkey matrix i have to go back to where the prosthesis i have to go up a few steps so yeah i was very lucky i prefer my sister name i have become little target Orion such a vote i will get some arenas from quixote dexter hekia cheap targets and so no I have another option, get up, come here. she is not an enemy to support keyaki pooja see what you come kill him at first you know that's the kind of support i had in my life mine told abu omar a change of hopper coffee there or


a buzz the coffee it was strong they were crying or yes but Lao Cham apnea specific to the commercial act rocky you know we have done it Mansi Joshi there what ended up forgot duty Chand MC marry calmly and PV Sindhu have done it collectively is they broke down the barriers for girls and women in India and gave them role models to Admire one of them who will win the BBC Indian Sports Woman of the Year award and it is you who can make that choice in an online vote.
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