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Baugasm | Vasjen Katro | TEDxTirana

Jun 04, 2021
so in 2016 I decided to challenge myself and I decided that I am going to design a poster every day for a year last year I said I finished the first year and I said I will do it for another year and I finished the other year. and now I'm doing it for the third year so in total I've made seven hundred and fifty-six posters and the fifth and sixth is the one I'm going to do today after this the designers call me artist the artists call me Designer, it's hard to think of what I am, but I'm just a guy who likes to create things and be creative.
baugasm vasjen katro tedxtirana
I am from Kochi, Albania. I don't know how many there are here from Kota. When I was 14, I really liked electronic music. I was listening to electronic music like crazy going as much as I could to the evidence about electronic music I started producing electronic music and got a contract with a German label where they signed me in the work they wanted me to publish my first EP and when they proposed an album for the EP said do you like this? I say no, I'm going to do something on my own and I made something, I sent it to them, they loved it and kept asking me to do it for others. artists too and then that was the point where I discovered that maybe this is cool, maybe I can pursue these two things together, but in the end it wasn't like that.
baugasm vasjen katro tedxtirana

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baugasm vasjen katro tedxtirana...

I switched to design and music, you know, I left it as a hobby. Besides, I have been in electronic music for a long time as I said and it is something that I am very passionate about and if you combine both there is one point that everyone agrees on and that is the design of posters for electronic music and some of you here in Tirana may know some of these posters that I made for friends of mine who organized events here in Tirana, that's how I got into posters and that's why I thought that posters were always a cool thing, because you can express something that you can design. it catches the attention of a lot of people and so on Six years ago I challenged myself to create a pulse every day for 60 days and I failed at the day by day and the reason I failed at the day is because I always kept stuck there is that I failed as a project, but I also failed with the project because I was sharing my process on my personal website, so the only people who knew about it were just friends and family and people who I asked to go there from maybe social media. most of the posters i am sharing are on instagram and i decided to share them on instagram because i have a personal vasin gada account where i only shared photos and i didn't have space to share my designs at that time.
baugasm vasjen katro tedxtirana
I was thinking: Okay, I have a lot of work for clients, but do I really want to share that? And it was fine. Now maybe it's time to go back to that project I failed at and create a new account on Instagram and just share this. design and design these posters every day so that's what I did and then the account became big, many blogs and many websites started getting attention and started posting which made me participate and increase the audience for me the same project. Six years ago I failed because I was just sharing it on my personal website, but for me the writing medium was Instagram because I could have shared those posters.
baugasm vasjen katro tedxtirana
I would be responsible for many of you who don't know our websites where designers share their work and portfolios, but I didn't share them because the problem would be getting the same audience of designers who have already seen my work, but I share it on Instagram and on Instagram you could see many fans who really like the design, maybe so. They don't get their hands dirty and delve into design, but they are also hobbyists who like good aesthetics. I'm going to quickly show you some of my favorite posters, so these are some of them. Thanks if you want to see the 700.
You can scroll if you like the last one. I know you're a stalker, so I'm going to talk about 10 things I learned while doing this. It's a project in my studio. I have this dashboard where I have all these tools and On the left side here, this thing is the Photoshop toolbar for many of you. I'm not going to get technical, but there is a tool with all those tools that can do something in Photoshop, so it's basically the same thing with a pegboard. I have in my studio and if you think about it, you have all these tools and if you combine them all you always get something unique, so that's the approach I was taking in Photoshop, like there's a liquify effect in Photoshop that's basically used. just from photographers to manipulate movements like slightly fixing faces and portraits and things like that and I started using it as a tool for design and that's what I mean by pushing the software to its limits, like trying to find all these tools, all These things I never thought would be using InDesign, so that's what I did and these are some of the posters that use that technique.
Then the other thing I learned in Cinema 4D Cinema 4D is 3D software, a program like Photoshop that allows you to create 3D objects, so I was always intrigued by Cinema 4D, but I always tried to learn it. I would watch a tutorial, learn something, come back after 6 months and had completely forgotten what I did six months ago, so I did this as a project because I had to. Every day I had to come up with new tools, new ideas, etc. to create, so I basically learned the basics of 4D cinema. I'm still a fan. There is a lot of work to do in that aspect, so these are some of the posters that I learn designing 4d cinema you have to get your hands dirty because most of the things were being done by our digital Photoshop the 3d program so I was what if I start experimenting inked with acrylic ink and that's what I did?
I started taking acrylics, making kings, mixing them, taking photos, going to Photoshop, changing the colors a little, taking them to the 3D program and adding all these textures on top and creating these types of posters, if you think about posters. You always think of a poster as something printed, but with the digital age, most of the posters and the designs I was making there were mostly shared on social media and on the computer, and then it was okay, what if a poster on the street outside? animated, what would it look like if this moved? That's what I tried to do, this is one of them and then I said: I love electronic music.
What if it had some sound? So you have to do it every day. Each of us could. They find an hour to do something that they are really passionate about and love to do and that's what I did. I didn't think about time. I didn't think about anything else, but I'm going to do this, so I have friends here. My family here knows that I went out partying because, as we say, I love electronic music, but then I said that I wouldn't go out anymore, I'm not going to take it for my friends and I will sacrifice myself to do this as a project. and that's what I did, so I disappeared from the Tirana lifestyle, but that helped me manage my time while doing this, it's a process, especially every day, you know, how do you stop?
How long does this poster take me? Could some of the posters. take me five minutes, some of them take me ten minutes. I think the first one took me like five minutes or something and then how do you know when it's done, when I should post? And what I learned through these ears is that I have to publish it so I don't care how good it is when I know it's good enough you have to publish it and there is no finish line but I had to draw it so that's another thing that I learned and the other thing that I learned is that you are going to get better over time because being consistent and trying to think about different things every day makes you think, improve and learn from it, so here are some of my first posters from the first days and these are by At the end of the first year you can see a big difference there and my style evolved and is still evolving to experiment with new things.
The other thing I learned is that consistency is key. I also have a tattoo about it because I kind of heard people say it before, but you have to be consistent, but unless you try, it really works, all those things that people tell you work, so being consistent me It helped you learn new things, learn new tools and generate new ideas. every day and that point, by the way, is cheat days. I had to post it at midnight, but sometimes I posted it at 5:00 am. m. in the morning because I had to wait for the 3D program to render and finish itself, so those are By the way, cheat days and the other thing I learned is that people will copy or work with more audience, you will get more people than They will be inspired by you and start replicating your work and I didn't know how to handle it at first. but then I said I had to get over it like this is what was happening.
I don't care anymore and there are 8700 bowgasm hashtags on Instagram that I don't use because I've only used 700 crosses, the rest are from other people and these are Some of the posts none of them are mine. The last thing I learned is that when collaborating with other designers you not only meet other people and learn from their experiences, but you also have to make very good friends. I have done many good ones. friends by doing this as a project for the last few years that I would have never had otherwise, so connecting with other creatives by sharing yours because I have to make the posters every day when I started thinking why not invite another designer to remix your work and put it.
Spread it and help them increase the audience as well, that would help me increase my audience as well. I guess you're all wondering why the bar comes in, so it's from the Bauhaus and the other thing you all got your orgasm from, I know. very cool and then I was sharing Instagram stories while I was designing the posters and a lot of people were telling me why don't you do a class with a full tutorial on how to teach what you're doing and I was like, okay. I'm going to make one and see how it goes and I posted nine classes showing how I made the posters and in one year there are 60,000 students watching my classes, but let me put that in perspective for a real teacher teaching at a university, that's probably how it is.
It took me two lifetimes to teach so many students. It took me a year and this is only because of the Internet and something I am very happy about is that the Internet exists because I would never do this without it. 1.6 million watched the classes. and over 1,000 student projects submitted with the same design, so if you hurry and I have t-shirts that say hurry if you hurry, good things will come later, like I was contacted by Adobe and Coca-Cola, they were doing the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. and they asked me to make them just one circle design, one for each day.
There were 20 designers hired to do this as a project just to design a piece of art and I ended up making 16 and they ended up using all 16 so when I go to their website and that ended up being cool because when I went to their website they saw like 20 designs from other designers and 16 from me and I was like, “Okay, I learned something from this and I have a book that I write all about.” the things I learned and one of them is to give clients more than what they asked for and something that in Albania does not usually exist and then Adobe Adobe contacted me again and this is one of the best projects I worked on and I think I would .
I never thought this would happen in my career. Adobe contacts me and says we want you to design Adobe Illustrator, which is another program like the Photoshop splash screen of 2018, basically every designer who uses this program when they first open it. go to work in the morning the first thing you'll see is this design thank you so one last thing is after doing this as a fun project I ended up working with so many clients and once that's the last thing I'll say before I leave is that there are no changes with a challenge. I did this in Albania and the internet doesn't have a zip code and this is something that every creative and every young person in Albania should know, no matter where you are born, where you live.
It matters what your ambitions are and whether you really want to challenge and change them.

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