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Battle of the RAGE - Wildcat, Moo or Panda...WHO SNAPS FIRST?! - GOLF IT

May 30, 2021
oh my gosh, Scottie, what are we doing, we're playing


, look who's here, it's the tire wall, okay, don't lose, he'll tie up the wall, thanks for having me guys, I appreciate it, we're playing a map of


, I'm glad about that. Staying here for four nights anonymously as part of my 12-step program that required me to play video games that I used to play in the past or all of Tyler's patrons, so what we're going to do is torment him with the troll matte box, the only. What we're building here is friendships, okay guys, and then this map will knock you down, let's do it, yes this is a troll map, so expect some staring, some getting angry, some, some pulley, expect some neighing Strangers of Brock, the horse, we're already rolling.
battle of the rage   wildcat moo or panda who snaps first   golf it
Tom is trapped late, it's good, it's good, it tells you some details on this map, each room has two to four traps, look, but it's positive, good for everyone, we'll have a good time with Rach, a good moment of anger, that's an oxymoron, by the way, if you keep streaming. I will follow you, we have arrived, gentlemen, the end is near, enjoy, enjoy, where is the pulse? Brock in our backyard monkey where C I'll take a four I think it's a bull, it's a pair, look at that, yeah, yeah, I mean did you like it, did you see oh, did you see that, oh, I saw that's a troll, Ha ha, because it's a troll map I get it, damn, I'll slap my cat, slap, slap, slap, slap that group, oh, I'm going down, I don't know what, where you going , so how are you going?, oh, you are going like this, well, no, oh you.
battle of the rage   wildcat moo or panda who snaps first   golf it

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battle of the rage wildcat moo or panda who snaps first golf it...

You are a son of much. Oh look, this map works. I can't even climb high enough. It doesn't go up oh oh, heads and falls. I'm rich, feel free to suck my ass. Okay, that's a good horse. Back there, everything's fine, hey, hey, why did you restart? It doesn't stop you. Dingle head, he stops, he just rolls, he didn't stop at all, oh my god I see, oh no, he's lost it, oh I don't like being. On the other end of this, it's great, uh, I can assure you that's not our stroke limit because I think it's about to be 120, oh, to me, usually, oh, you gotta trust the wood, it's going to insert. alone, oh, here we go, okay, strokes.
battle of the rage   wildcat moo or panda who snaps first   golf it
Oh, okay guys, it was a fun time playing golf. Thanks for inviting me back to spend the night. Not Luke. Oh, what the hell are you waiting for? This one has some Bruce Lee pads. No, oh wow, I still have it. Ok, that's an attention. He was trying to see if there is something like there is a hole. No oh oh, I know I'm inside the hole. Oh, it feels good to be inside the hole. Are you doing Brock? Don't know. I don't think it's a choice and so it begins oh great, are you supposed to get older?
battle of the rage   wildcat moo or panda who snaps first   golf it
Oh, that way you bounce on butt plugs and candy. Cron is the sounds you make. Promise, go straight or it was the sound of a moose. You have to take the paths without momentum and just get in there. What did he bounce off of for sure? What's one more? Maybe the wood was on his screen. Yeah, oh my gosh, I want to be nice, this one's actually pretty quiet, oh my gosh. thing I don't even know what thing did I have a condor what kind of bird is that wait that little bit what Bing whacker will come crazy Anthony's sponsor you'll see him come out right there on your right I know I'm so nervous I don't see any crazy guys, They weren't hit, missing, trust me, oh, that's money for a good record, that's sick, man, cool, oh oh, and now look, I'm back.
I can also reboot. and I'm at the bottom now oh my father that's what you want words oh no no god what is this thing behind us it's down follow this is what you don't care there is no oh my god I'm back so confused oh okay okay, oh, sorry, okay, well, well, this is horrible. Oh, straight through the hole or I'll just make rain sounds. Sorry, you can't outsmart the stupid guy, my boy, slap my pass. You all get 22 years to make up for mine some of us are going to oh they got this you got this there you go stay stay stay stay it's not going to roll now you're okay look there's even a little ledge there that's it there's space orbs why is it dark Now why is it dark?
What is flashlight? That makes more sense. Shall we enter the orbs? No, there's a small hole there and it just means you probably can't use it. Yeah, I don't understand, it's a troll hole. I hate you oh I accidentally restarted it I wanted to turn off my flashlight no yeah I did it right I know what you have to do look there's a gap wait there's another hole where it would come from. Why is there no glue? Looks like a little penis tip in his ball, that's what he's got, little German man with a penis tip, hit the ball, you've got your cow bacon, gangrene tip.
I'm so mad at myself, it happens, man, I did it too. I tried pressing F and R before, that's especially fun. in the really long holes, so how did Brock do it? Why don't you shoot him and find out? Uh oh, it's not a real hole. Oh, okay, where did that rope come from? Okay, wow, that was really stupid. Can this stop digging in your vagina? we got Santa Claus, boy, he's got sand in his boot, he's got a hand in his boot, he's got sand in his boot, sand, sand snipers, your luck with SanDisk, my ass, I can catch you, dirty emoji Sandusky boot, that's this full name, go the other way, how are you? just bogey I saw everyone go this way there is absolutely no way you can get a hole in one in this there has to be a hidden hole maybe there is Oh, you have me intrigued, this one is going to come back at me no, I don't I'll do you'll be fine, see you, we'll go, let's go, good and then just a little touch on the door, eh, that's delicious, excellent job, oh, the touch of our own pepperoni, yes, my favorite Italian, wait, we're lap.
Yes, there is a wall of death back here, wait, now it is the original hole. I bet you oh no, it's this way. Okay, look at that tree spin. Yes, I was. If that is not the case. This way, my anus is not that way. God, I hit that softie. I just saved my life trying to make that little mushroom tip. He was saved by the mushroom tip. He raises the tip. Oh my God. Oh son of a bitch. I didn't hit him hard enough. Here we go. Now I have triple bogey. I'm attracted, I say.
What's up now, huh, oh, this seems pretty simple, oh my god, one hit and one little hey, you never got it, you just got bigger than small and I jumped on Brock's dumb ass, this hole is so fun that I waited for it to open and then swallow me? inside himself, no Brock, it's all so funny, there you go, you've got a fit Dacian scogan idiot, Cuddy pulsing, oh look at that, something really gross, yeah, I don't see it, whoa, it's light, look, the flashlight doesn't help at all, no, hole. Oh good. move thanks little one are you going to move? that was a real perfect hole oh this little one I'm ready for you I'm ready for next time I'm ready for next time move for me boom oh if you like power there we go, everything's ten times easier, right? and it's this up here, this is the real hole, I go, no, I have, I have, and, yes I swear, guys, this was a million times easier, no, no, he's all we have after the cold . once this isn't very complicated oh god, because I almost got spanked oh bastard, right?
I didn't touch you, yeah, yeah, boy, uh, no, don't slap me, don't slap me. Oh, this with you, oh my God, go now. Oh, don't restart the technology directly, you will go to what I'm drinking, I'm digging this water, come on, I went into that hole, look at me, why is he looking at me? I'm not in a hurry, Scottie, just hurry up, okay? is waiting in particular okay here we go that's going to change let me it's you what is what does this mean what does it mean what does it mean what does it mean is it a hole are you sure you're on flat ground? to the right if you missed the dry rain uh I wasn't looking there it is the hole is here for me shoot 90 degrees to the right okay press our press R says push our if the goal ball if the hole is blocked, no, now go again.
Now yeah, the holes in the middle now know what happens in a win, so suck it. I knew what I saw. I'm not high, oh boy, oh we knew what move I'm in an elevator. Beat him. Is this taking me? You, what part of that took me back to the top is what just happened, yeah, what no, I didn't know, no, what is this, what is this, I think it's the elevator, oh, this is God , this is pure garbage, how the hell? you do this on a hole in one you don't that's the answer i'm so confused where everything even how do i get there?
I went down there but only because someone else uh oh I'm down here but now look, no chas, that's it, everything is safe from there, just go down, just like that, and you're going to hold all my gentiles, please don't touch my gentle, my gentle, my gentle, my gentle genitals, yeah, how are you? get on Panda I don't do it every time I try to shoot it it blocks me now it's working tremendous there you did it well you'll cut it man see you stop moving there you go there you go young Tiger Woods I like it I like the strategy oh come in Hey, well that's it What I get for trying to be clever.
I went before, but it's okay, I'll just go, eh, the fire took me away, oh yeah, I just did it to you and a hole in one. Event I don't like to trust her I don't like looking at this plant look little spicy no mom here we go I hit it too hard damn this plant makes me nervous plant makes me nervous plan Oh it makes me nervous I I feel like them, there are moments when that, my God, you guys should know that you're going to use phones. Sometimes the ground is faster than normal, you barely hit it and you're flying, you might agree, this game makes me question all of reality, though oh and the water. right here eat why are you so big whoa the balls are huge what is this daddy never why you guys are so big balls no no vember I touched a magic I haven't been milked in three months Fat Johnny Anthony got in my way while I was trying to go to the bathroom wait, it's not very nice to call me fat, I mean how did you get a hole in one?
Hello, yes, wait, this wasn't here when there was no glue, it just went away, oh it wasn't, yes, no. I don't know what you guys are doing, but you're failing under the ground, it's your butts, what's going on, this is what it is, get your little wooden dongle out of me, are you going to look at this thing? I really have to get over that part of oh, I hit Scott, you have to use it as a strategy to stop Tyler, up, he stopped on my screen before, okay, he won't stop anymore, I don't think so, oh, please come in, oh , he's stopping Elsa, there, a nice excellent thing oh we're just focusing on this pyramid what I was thinking I want to go into that hole oh I'm going in no, don't do it, don't do it, no, are you kidding me, yeah, what day to actually buy.
I hit you where the hole is now ask me oh it came back you have to do it fast enough I think you just have to have a huge ball look at this piece of I have huge testicles don't lie look I didn't say big cock just huge balls. I've tried to outsmart this little guy. There is another hole that I don't know about. Okay, time to get another hole in one nice and hot. I saw that Anthony, this one. I waited patiently. Everything said that no knowledge could enter for MU. Quality content should be available here soon.
I'll be behind this, though I think you'll get it. I got a bronze medal. You still know what it says, except Scott. This fits his head quite well. My face. it's our table

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