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Batman Tumbler Tribute PART 4: ALL FINISHED *Final Assembly*

Mar 25, 2024
here's our configuration foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign, so before we put the roof on the daily piece de resistance, the last piece in the glass, uh, there's one more piece that we went ahead and Bob pulled out, it's


of the panel of protection or Dash, you could say and uh, these guys, I can't thank them enough Mark Irvin Bob monkey Chris, we just call it us, but these guys, these guys have to sign this protection panel, so, my God, this It is the crown. jewel in the crown Jewel in the glass look at these guys, I love so much work, so much time and Chris, I wouldn't have made it across the finish line without you in all that wiring and everything, look at that beauty you said you are. telling people it's beautiful, boom, should I drop it so the rear drum wheels look like a pretty harmless detail?
batman tumbler tribute part 4 all finished final assembly
Well, Mark, somehow, I don't know, this whole ring was made by some guy in Las Vegas and it's billet aluminum, okay? so this whole ring, this whole centerpiece weighs, I don't even know, 40 to 50 pounds, it's all solid Billet, literally, like that Apple box, they were about half the size when they started, just a blank piece of Billet aluminum that was each spoke is supported by a center shaft that was also machined from this guy to aerospace grade and when you think about how deep it is and the fact that it's there, you know we're spinning four 44-inch Super Swampers here , is next. level you guys, I can't tell you how crazy it is to be in this interior after all these months, all this work with this team to put this baby together.
batman tumbler tribute part 4 all finished final assembly

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batman tumbler tribute part 4 all finished final assembly...

I mean, it turned out really nice, okay, so I'll show you the inside a little more. in a second, but let's start here, so the first thing you do in the glass is turn on the accessory. It won't do the whole boot procedure here, but that's how we know we have power, that's some USB. to charge, so here we go, the greens come on across the vehicle, you've got your right lane, you've got your rearview camera, you've got a, we've got a PC here. A central computer, our central main screen with information and then our left camera, there is our personalized Center home screen. programmed overseas and this is pretty cool too we have some switches here for stuff here are our interior lights they look a little better here okay so I have a passenger seat you can see all the aluminum trim work we did.
batman tumbler tribute part 4 all finished final assembly
Billet, you can see, here we have this control for our flames, our flamethrower and our two accessory drift brakes, okay, and then here we also have headlights that are extremely bright now, you can't see them here. You can see them outside but working, turn signals on the headlights and on the front of the vehicle on that side as well, and then let's go ahead and turn on the fan. The indicators light up, let me. Turn off the headlights so you can see a little better, so we turn on the fan. The indicators now light up. These light up green at night, but during the day they're like a clear white glow when you're outside, but let's move on. and now let's start with this, honey, these guys, now we have our window switches here so you can see we can turn off Windows.
batman tumbler tribute part 4 all finished final assembly
I'm going to turn this window on right now, lock myself in here and, yeah, we've got our pretty crazy firewall. So yeah, this PC is really cool, we can connect right now, we're connected to Wi-Fi here, so we can literally use the Internet or something, but the vehicle also has its own, it generates its own Wi-Fi and it has Bluetooth , so anything you want to do Spotify things like that and then up here we have a CB radio that's working. I haven't taken it off the edge or turned it on that much yet but yeah this works so if you want it's a p8 you want to be able to tell people to be careful or stop following you home flip over some things that fall over uh so that's how you do it foreigner alright guys now she's loaded and hydraulic tilt we're fully tilted up Obviously the sky is a little stressful loading something that big on a trailer like this so yeah , she's there, and Mark and I are traveling down the road today, and if you're heading to Las Vegas from California, you might see the glass. uh being pulled by the black F250 on the road today, so we'll see you at SEMA.
I thought I'd do a little documentation of getting the dryer to Vegas, so yeah, I'll do some filming if we stop. anything else interesting happens look at this line like you can pass me in the left lane we have a car here taking pictures what's going on oh I have to stay on the road every time I look to my left I go off the road a little bit I go off and this is what I see attracts all the kids I have the Halloween costumes it's amazing I love it I love it you guys look great so everyone who passes by literally stops and takes a photo like this the road is wide open. in front of them, the right one stops, takes a photo of the glass, it's very funny, okay guys, so we're here in Las Vegas, uh, we're outside, there's no way I'm going to get you this clip without people inside because everywhere the glass says, I try to do it outside of the Hilton, uh, the hotel I'm staying at, the new Resorts World, they took care of it last night, they did a very good job, we got here, it was chaos on the highway , I'm sorry.
The second half of this video was a little choppy. Thank you very much for watching the construction of this thing. We're taking it to SEMA, so it'll be there. We're in West Hall if you want to see the sink. I've been here all week and after that I can't say where it will be, but thanks everyone, please, if you like the compilation, like this video and if you like the content we post here, please subscribe. I don't make videos. You know that, but I promise you that when I do it you will be fine, thank you all very much, peace abroad.

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