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BASE WAR AGAINST BABY YODA! - Garry's Mod Gameplay & Funny Moments

Jun 08, 2021
Guys, we arrived at our resort. It looks fantastic. Wait, what's wrong with Komodo? Wait a second. Komodo, he broke through the ground. Come on, get out of there, is that you,


Yoda? That's it, Komodo, we've had enough of your antics, don't look at me. so you're going to come home yes, no, don't stab me if it's a pencil, these guys are idiots. I guess that means we're going to have to do a gmod


battle once again, so build a


, eh, throw one of these at The goal is to place c4 on one of your enemy bombs, wait in a corner, like this When the yoga


drives you can't see him.
base war against baby yoda   garry s mod gameplay funny moments
Okay, it's going to be a little crazy. Komodo. I found my island. My island. I'm going to start building. It will be an incredible base. The best base you ever saw had the biggest wall and there will be a base inside it, well I have the biggest brain, most of the biggest in town, they all spin, well I'm using trinkle plops, yeah, where is that done? cheat, how dare you, yes, swittel plops trinkle pops competitor, yes, wait, there are literally three of us on the same side of the mat, wait, since we all have to be helped, pass a super team, that It makes sense, no you can't do it. that everyone is a free for all until you die no I don't think so yeah we can be free for all but if everyone attacks us at the same time dude that means I have to build a super big defense photo my face is um.
base war against baby yoda   garry s mod gameplay funny moments

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base war against baby yoda garry s mod gameplay funny moments...

Really bad, you guys made me do it. What made me build a hotel in this complex? What are they doing? I have the right to be outside so we all know what time it is. I hate everyone. Have they been an absolute monster? Today, what do you want a free VIP hotel room? I want one, no, no, because you were trying to scheme against me. Bran joined because he would die. It was my idea. Is a lie. I want to be IPI in the hotel room. Look, whoa. I'm going to Spice Hotel, it's beautiful here. I chose because it is not open yet.
base war against baby yoda   garry s mod gameplay funny moments
Sorry, no, no, uh, so guys, oh my God, what are you building there? You're Billy, uh, yeah, oh, my builder, because I'm. I'm going to change you like $500 a night at my Resort hotel, okay, wait, sausage, what if my bass shakes violently? They are in trouble. See, this is my plan. My plan is not to put the strongest base minds to build the strangest base. to confuse them and then they die of confusion oh I don't know what they just said thanks for saying my base is practically finished. I don't know about you newbies well I can't go through this too because you're a new bat he told you noob noob noob tube hello everyone shut up well worry about yourselves you shut up with your face battles over I love you no you don't really a I love them little bit my base is bombs made inside and the hotel is open to the public, okay, I'm always going to bomb inside yours, that's the purpose, Brandon's regulations, too late, they already hated.
base war against baby yoda   garry s mod gameplay funny moments
Oh I defend myself to rebuild okay I do too much damage you get a speedboat you get a speedboat I love people he is the Oprah of speedboats speedboat great people great wisdom and obviously the viewers of the best planet channel this is my base now you Sophie stop talking too much you're saying it yourself this doesn't look like a base but look at this, wait. I'm going to introduce my island very quickly. It's Coney Island because I put a lot of cones in the ground. We have trees above us. Are you going down there? Yeah, I'm just going to hide it, oh my God, Brandon.
We're having a visual tour here where you're not allowed to go inside the base to see where the bomb is, but you can. I am disqualified. Remy I want to leave my team. Yes, join mine. Free entrance. Free hotel rooms. Alright. I'm Jordan, spy, yeah. Yes, Brandon, yes, so this is your room, so you guys ready for this, yes, ready, what's down here, three, two, one, okay, spirea, in bad taste, to me, I don't think it's owe it Everyone says they have two people on their team, yes, I brought the. Spy buddy, hey, let's do this together, okay, wait to defend, okay, yeah, wait, what do I do with this c4?
We have to blow up their base in your mouth here, where can we use weapons to shoot? Yes, yes, I have to get some weapons. They have bumper things. Aspire to you and your race right now, yeah, are you lying? I'm in Brendan, get ready for what's going on up there, but hey guys, come up, we're not here, but what if you go up to the top floor and you could get a free massage? you have massages flying back to the base wait where are you flying to the base wait what the hell sorry I know I know Claire Meade ah Oh I got it right damn that Yoda is invisible it's a feature it's a feature hey it's an orbital strike it's part of the Health brand fork I bought for the garden, where did you put your well?
Maybe you shouldn't say it out loud. What's happening? Thank you, top floor. Alright. Brandon. I'm doing this. What are you doing? What are you doing? window sniper rifle oh I see you I see you several I'm defending him spy don't worry about your life I have to find my vase I'm going for my base I'm going to hit I'm in your base don't worry it's an invisible maze I can see his bomb wait what bomb no it's hot no I don't think it works like that it has an invisible maze yeah boy so I shot him in the face and he didn't go down wait OB I abandoned him that's why I'm sorry okay I'm coming to kill, oh, there it goes.
Oh, Obie blew up too, although yeah, that means I win. Oh, good point, wait, none of you blew my mind, although yeah, Bran is totally cool. Yeah, I messed up my DUP, so hold on, we're all on. Team Komodos, so guys, keep going, fighters, oh, oh, oh, wow, well, what are we supposed to do now? fly the ball in the second round, oh dear, oh, I think you got it guys, we did it. You know what? I'm choosing a different island. to build my base right now I'm helping you build thank you where are you and I'm going to help you build food guys based on it.
What makes you think I need your help to build my base? This is a great foundation. like this little compartment here you can't get into what is this this looks like Freddy Krueger's basement exactly what I wanted I wanted it to be a cross between Freddy Krueger's basement and hello neighbors broken house wow you nailed a friend's route off the top of your head, you're welcome, man, look now Brandon has the advantage of where I can go. The Brandon base is open to the public. He returns to your base. I'll put my poop everywhere. I'll place it for you.
Brandon's base looks amazing. and we are here to find out who will be the sole survivor and winner of this challenge, okay three, two, one, spoiler alert, it will be me, we will be thinking, here we go straight to Brandon, why didn't I do it, you can . Don't do that, you know what I'm good at for OB, so come get me. I see a little baby Yoda driving a boat. How about we all meet in the middle with our boats and do Ram boat things? Rambo, I'm coming for you. Obi, you're done, what did you do?
Rambow, it's okay, I'm here with you, really, okay, are we teaming up? Oh guys, are we going? Brandon, yeah, we're not afraid of him, man. Oh, guys, now you're in trouble. Brenda defends, that was ours. boat oh sorry buddy, sorry Brandon, I had to do it because he's always my best friend in the whole world. I'm very confused. I'll stop shooting hard. He is my friend in most states. Komodo Brandon did something, dear base, but I don't do anything. I don't know, I'm here with a rider, wait, okay, I don't even, I don't even think you have to shoot me open.
Obie's bass is too confusing for a moment. Kay, I'm at Brandon's base, oh, did you blow it up? Yes, I'm going back to my base. I explode there. Yes, my equipment brands protect your base twice. Brandon, you always have a place in my house. Some kind of offer sounds. You can keep the master suite. I have the master suite. he just made some turns I'm sorry about this but I have to do it I'm coming to protect your base just hum yeah yeah I'm here no I'm here to protect him I already killed Branded twice Okay, I have a secret operation, your brandy, you stole my key, it's still on your team, buddy, sweet, you can have the second master suite better anyway, oh, okay, I've respawned what yeah, Brandon, you got it, do it, he defended it with a wide sweep for the Obi base, okay, okay.
Okay, be careful, there is a hidden mini Yoda, it's like moaning underwater. Brown tells me every time. Well, come on, you're coming for you. Great, it's really great. Jump to the sprouting person. Do not shoot me. Oh, he's so small. Brandon has no spawn. to a worried Agent Yoda, he's here to do it so well. I need to get a different weapon. Your guts are much stronger than anything I'm using. I have a plan here. No, you're dying. What is this? Oh, problem, it's on your base now. I know I'm at his base, my boys are in trouble, I think we're in Brighton, you blew up, I'm here, oh you're there, red, he's going in there with the rocket launch window.
B oh, me. I could have just placed the bomb outside yeah yeah yeah okay yeah that was the gmod base battle leave it like this video and thanks for watching and subscribing and remember I'll do it oh this too .

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