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Barney's Musical Scrapbook (1997) - DVD

Apr 12, 2023
Foreign children love Barney and for over a decade Barney has been an invaluable resource for parents and caregivers. healthy habits love and care creativity and imagination early learning and physical skills children learn manners and good behavior from parents and caregivers who are better at reinforcing those valuable lessons than their friend Barney, whether it's reminding them to say please and thank you or sharing their toys Barney Model these behaviors in fun and creative ways. Barney is perfect for developing minds and bodies, and you can trust Barney to give you the best start in life. Stay tuned by following this slideshow to preview other Barney Home videos.
barney s musical scrapbook 1997   dvd
Barney's friends are big and small where they come from. many places after school need to play and sing with happy faces. Barney shows us lots of things like how to play pretend alphabet and one two three he laughs oh that was a special day we played and everyone brought presents then we had a cake for Baby Bob and she blew out all the candles . Oh DJ looks so silly in that big party hat. Oh hello everyone, it's good to see you again. photo album and it's full of loads of photos of happy times I've had with friends like you, oh there are so many happy memories, oh look, do you remember this?
barney s musical scrapbook 1997   dvd

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barney s musical scrapbook 1997 dvd...

It was a warm day and the man and I were going round and round in the sun. we got a lot of fresh air out here


i hope we make it man all this spinning is making me dizzy oh thank you guys i kind of let myself go a bit because it always feels so good to be out in the sun. shine on me please shine on me oh yes Barney you said France needs lots of light and fresh air to grow well so this should help the bean plant grow well Sean there is plenty of sunlight and air cool coming in through this open window. ok but look at this thanks that could be too much water it shines ok i won't give it too much water but i wish you would hurry up and grow don't worry sean why bet your plant beans will go away? towards the sky one day, like in the story of Jack and the beanstalk, wow, do you really think?
barney s musical scrapbook 1997   dvd
I can imagine what that would be like Once upon a time in a small home, Jack and his mother lived alone, then one special day like Oddly enough, Jack traded his cow for some magic beans. Jack planted the beans and expected them to grow, but they would. Jack did not know that the earth rumbled and trembled. The soil in Jack's garden began to break and rise. grew a bean stalk up to the sky straight into the clouds jack started climbing into the air what would be on top when i got up there i wonder what will be on top when i get there i cant wait to see oh the castle the Giants Jack wanted to hide but bravely chose to tiptoe in Jack found a hen that laid golden eggs and broke the chain that held its legs he found a harp that played without finishing that's a guitar hey we're just pretending that Jack took the treasure and he was ready to run when he saw the giant he said the giant was terribly big and scary he was wearing an old hat and his face was all hairy Jack Lim from the castle and he went down when he saw his whole house he jumped to the ground his mother was waiting with a small ax and he gave that Beanstalk some really big black ones and down he fell with a crunch leaving the giant trapped in the clouds and after a few kisses and hugs and laughs they all lived happily ever after the end good job thank you all thank you but it sure should have an eye planted it would grow as fast as jack's magic beans oh plants take a long time to grow sean it must have taken a long time for this tree to grow that big it's so pretty and gives us lots of shade and a home for the birds and the green grass grows everywhere foreign well the tree in the hole and the hole in the ground and the green grass grows everywhere everywhere and the green grass grows All around and on this tree there was a branch , the branch in the tree and the tree in the hole and the hole in the ground and the green grass grows around and on this branch there was a nest that you ever saw. nest on the branch and the branch on the tree and the tree in the hole and the hole in the ground and green grass grows everywhere and green grass grows everywhere and in this nest the most beautiful bird will be the bird in the egg and the egg in the nest and the nest on the branch and the branch on the tree and the tree and the hole and the hole in the ground and the green grass grows everywhere and the green grass grows everywhere oh and the green grass It grew everywhere I'll attach your head flooding watching things grow that day the theme oh well what is this?
barney s musical scrapbook 1997   dvd
It seems this old tree has another kite that always gets stuck on these limbs, a crazy thing that reminds me of the day we found another kite. here in the tree house i have a picture somewhere here oh here it is let's see Sean pulling the kite tension look it's the rhyme prison what does this say? it's so much fun when you can fly nice kites in the sky I know fun but we only have one kite well I think we have more than that they are great let's fly them flying so high with the tail in the breeze in the air with the biggest of these flipping and dipping with such brilliant colors. i love meeting my guys watch them flutter and dance all around hear the wind blowing high on the ground feel the spring pulling but just hold on tight and you won't be able to fly great wow thanks for the kites


you're welcome tasha it was no fun barney my card mine has a tail too that helps them fly better it's easy to tell what type yours is Barney how is that one Carlos because it has spots like yours my kite looks like a butterfly flying through the air like that my little butterfly is coming back soon hey look what is that looks like another note what does it say is another rhyme listen butterfly wings flatten flap flat make your hands clap clap clap clap hi let's try this is a song in the clapping game it's so much fun to play you can do it with a group you can do it you can just do it almost every day try listen now you got it oh that's all together now it will be your turn to try the clapping part you can make it real loud or make it real soft but get ready cause we're going to start here we go now one more time now oh good job everyone now let's try something different the good thing about this clap is the beat will never change but the things we're going to clap for men see my little stranger on your stomach now on your shoulders let's try that again the good thing about this clap is the Rhythm It'll never change but the things we're going to clap on might seem a little strange on your knees though on your hips now oh that's my favorite once again here's the end of the song Clapping it's sung in Many Lands just to make us feel good last time everybody clap your hands here. come on now last time now yeah it's so much fun well i can see why someone was flying this kite today the wind is just right oh looks like the kites are o'clock oh my face flying hey did you find my card Barney looks like you lost something else I know that blew my hat off my head oh thank you for what you did today well i've been looking through my photo album actually the wind blowing your head reminds me again you lost your hat remember that day , I sure do, Barney, everyone I tried to help me find another hello everyone, you look different BJ, uh-huh, something doesn't look right, you feel good, well, I've been feeling a little sad, I lost my hat, my hat favorite, how did you lose it? the wind blew it from my head and flew into the back of a truck.
I yelled but the driver just walked away. He had my name and address written inside the cap. I just wait for the driver to return it to me. sad when we lose one of our favorite things maybe we can help you find another hat Vijay that's a great idea oh you think you could be sure there are all kinds of tricks around here let's take a look ok look all the hats there are. lots of them, how about this one? BJ, a drum major hat. I don't know why you don't try. Follow me guys, the little one stops to climb a tree, come on everybody, let's March, yeah. pick up sticks I went come on let's see what else we can find ok hey BJ why don't you try this hat on?
What's that? It is a chef hat for cooking in a restaurant. I'm a little hungry too I might as well make something to eat PJ yeah okay but I want to make something special what's that peanut butter and jelly no oh bologna sandwich no alligator pie I don't want to make s'mores you get a a cookie graham and you break it in two you get a piece of chocolate and you put it in there you roast a marshmallow you make it very hot it makes marshmallows and we like them so much you squash them all together and take a big bite your dreams do it again do it again I tried many different hats that day a beanie and top hat even a construction helmet for helping me find another hat maybe one day I will find one I like we hope BJ we will.
See you later. I'm going to the tree house for a while. I wish we could have found a hat that was just right for BJ. What if we made one? It's a great idea. Well this sounds like a job. you better have triangles, huh? The trails together make the top of the cap go up with a button. Good job everyone. I can't wait until he sees it. I'll tell him to come down. surprise for you a surprise i'll be there ok what's my surprise something you've been looking for huh wow oh for a second i thought it was my head it's your hat we made it for you it's ok it fits great how come? looks like thanks a lot guys this is great well that story ended happily ever after didn't it?
BJ oh sure Barney my friends made a new ad for me and someone found the old one and mailed it to me now. I have an extra hat whenever I need it so be careful the wind doesn't blow it away again or you'll need that extra hat. I'll be careful, Barney. you start oh thanks Barbie see you later oh it's fun playing on the playground isn't it? I love playing hopscotch jumping on the different numbers oh one two three four five six seven eight nine ten oh there are so many other ways you can also have fun with numbers.
You can count on your fingers or write numbers on a piece of paper. Oh, there are numbers everywhere. Oh, Tasha showed us a new way to have fun with numbers. me from a story about a very lonely little number why is it stella i mean tasha the storytelling giant which means hello in swahili in kenya thats a country in africa wow i love your clothes tasha you made a great dress out of it parachute thank you men my parachute dress is not exactly like what women wear in africa but sometimes their dresses have a lot of pretty colors like this my hat is called the fool you said you have a story for us about a number why indeed i do jason it's poem about a lonely little number well she's going to tell us a story once upon a time there was a number whose name was just one he often played alone but didn't have much fun he felt sad and melancholy until he met number two them They were very happy when they were introduced to number three.
Soon there was a knock on the door and instantly Jolly number four they all beat the drums with little sticks brought by Numbers five and six. Jump rope was really cool when numbers seven, eight and one came together. he was very happy when he became friends with nine and ten now i don't feel lonely anymore he said number one to number four we will be your friends and we will play again he said numbers three and five and ten i had a lot of fun today number one it was hard to say they were done from playing many games, can you help me say their names? these numbers for fun let's go to limbo ok let's see how low you can go we love to do number limbo as we go we see the number settle to number three as we go number two , number one so you can start back to limbo. number one so we can't go under another number until we renumber limbo.
I love doing number limbo. How low can you go? thanks what are you doing today baby bop sailing my boat on the ocean oh it's fun pretending to go places on a boat yes i've been looking at pictures in my photo album today and i think i have a picture you'd like to see again what is it oh well you remember the day stella told a story about sailing oh that was the day we said hello everyone hello stella you gonna tell a story yeah baby bop a very special story and everyone is going to be in on it okay let's start again once upon a time Once upon a time some sailors who went to look for a treasure in Cocoa Island that was far away, so they loaded their boat, lifted the anchor and prepared to set sail well, everyone, are you ready to sail to Coco Island to look for a treasure?
We're Stella Barney, well I think we'll see her before long, she really feels like we're in the ocean, Barney, no, it's fun to pretend she is. If so let's go on an adventure sailing adventure there's a big game world to explore let's go on an adventure sailing adventure we can pretend we're sailing a sailboat or pretend we're climbing amountain we can go to. anywhere surprises and more we can pretend we're flying in a hot air balloon or pretend we're in a rocket we can go anywhere are we there yet? Barney not yet but I think we're getting close hey everybody I think I see an island my compass says we're headed in the right direction well then I bet it's Cocos oh it's starting to start , look at these coconuts, we must be in Cocos Island, maybe we'll find some treasure here, maybe Carlos, oh, I guess the storm washed us up here.
Sure there was wind, yes. I lost my boat in a bottle. It must have fallen overboard. I lost my compass. I lost my binoculars. Everyone is sad that you lost your things, but maybe they will wash up on the beach. At least we're here and we're all okay. but it looks like an island far away from the houses we know it's a very sunny place where it's fun to go you can't get here with a car or drain but when you look around you'll be glad you came The Legend all the fun things make you hungry for tasty food there are bunches of bananas that have a beak around the trees oh that's what an island is once again me and i found a nice rock barney and we found mysterious footprints on the sandals hey look footprints so go over there footprints here what happened hello hey the parrot is gone huh someone must have let it out is this your hat is funny is yes it has one two three corners you're right it's not like that my hat has three corners three corners has my hat and if it didn't have three corners it wouldn't be my hat yes that's true it has corners corners good good night has my it wouldn't be my good did you come here to find the treasure Stella would you like it yes I did and I think I know how to find it.
I found this note here and it says that the pieces of an old ship will lead you to the treasure. Are you ready to watch now? let's get started Look at this. Oh maybe we're supposed to look through the porthole it looks like a great big egg that's ok x marks the spot I mean the treasure is here and then it's right under that thing oh let's take a look at it oh come on to open one two three good my bottle in a bottle my camera that looks good I never thought I'd see this again How did our stuff get here?
I found them on the beach and saved them for you. I put them in the chest because I thought a scavenger hunt might be fun. about the real treasure you found it no but that's ok because i like the rule the pirate found something even better new friends it was a fun day oh it was i think i'll sail my boat back to Cocoa Island right now I'll have a good time baby , say hello to Stella, I mean fancy LaRue the pirate, if you see her again that's fine honey, but still her three-quarter hat was so funny and that reminds me of another funny hat, oh I think that It's listening to my closet somewhere, okay, here it is boy, isn't this hat fun?
I wore it on a very special day not too long ago I think I have a photo from that day in my album oh I found it here look it all started one day when I was playing with friends on the playground I'm going to have a party with a lot of food and decorations I am going to have a party that I am going to have I am going to have a party that I am going to have I am going to have a party that I am having my dear my dear oh let's see there will be food and decorations but what is this party bar a birthday not barney it's just a party for a very special guest but we can't tell you who it is because it's a surprise i love surprises let's get ready for the party oh our special guest is really going to be surprised. yes thanks man we are shopping for a party and we would like some fruit juice please add balloons too we certainly have balloons and fruit juice we have fruit juice in a bottle like this or in these little boxes I suggest the small boxes for a nice party, in which case I'll take the boxes, look at all the good things to eat, but there's no one here to help us, um, let me try this, oh, can I help you, Tessie?
Make Mr. Baker look good, what are they? Hot Cross Buns also have bread, rolls, and bagels. Oh, everything looks great, but we'd like some blueberry muffins. Do you have any? hot and some of them are cold, we even have some that are five days old, no, instead of calling you The Baker Sean we should call you the muffin man. Do you know the man with the buns? The man with the buns. The man with the buns. lives in drury lane hot cross buns hot cross buns one one penny two one penny hot cross buns foreign make me a cake as fast as you can roll it up and pat it and mark it with a b and put it in the oven for me and barney to do you know the muffin man muffin man muffin man because you know the muffin man who lives everything is just beautiful everyone has done an excellent job but when will the special guest be here?
I can't wait to see who he is. It won't be long Barney yeah I think it's surprise time come on Sean is always on time for the surprise guest yeah and we made a special party hat just for him oh it's a big hat there's only one person it will fit and guess what's already here that's right Barney we think you're the best friend anyone could ever have oh thank you what a wonderful surprise. I love you, you love me, we are a happy family with a big hug and a kiss from me. Won't you tell me you love me too We're best friends like friends should be With a big hug and a kiss from me Won't you tell me you love me too now that Barney knows he's a special guest come on Have the confetti from the party Ok everyone ready Here we go one two three The surprise party was I'm so glad I have pictures of her in my photo album and you know what looking at all these pictures with you has made today one of my favorite memories. and i want to take a picture of you to put it in my


don't forget to smile and remember i love you i gave foreign cheese thank you

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