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Barcelona News ft Joao Felix, Raphinha, Xavi future, Injury Updates (de Jong, Pedri)

Apr 04, 2024
Hello and welcome here to talk about FCB and welcome back to the channel here today guys and what has been another successful weekend for Barça. Today we'll talk more about that win in the last P, some of the great performances in that game. Some of the conclusions that we can have with the Chavis suture are once again a big topic in today's video because we will be looking towards the PSG first leg that is on the horizon now that the UCL is approaching and in that we are also on topic. I'll have a full


update today with lots of good


right now on Bar's path, it's all coming your way, sit back, relax and enjoy, and let's do it because I want to give a few shout outs here on another special weekend.
barcelona news ft joao felix raphinha xavi future injury updates de jong pedri
Thanks a lot. He comes from Romania and has been watching the channel for many, many years. We also have two super shout outs here from California and another from Norway and I must say guys, it's absolutely amazing here, this is what I always dreamed of. When I created this channel first of all to make it a community here where no matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are watching Barça from, we can all experience it together, we can all be close even if we are far away. It's absolutely incredible, with the support that's coming in and I have to say, guys, seeing where we are now with Barça winning last night over the last Palmer, looking at the calendar, it's a strange feeling right now because we've just had the international break. we had a long break there and it seemed like we were waiting for Barça to come back, we played last night and now we have another break, you know, there are 11 days between the games, the game against the last Palas, then PSG and that is our next game now PSG a week on Wednesday and that is what we are going to prepare on the channel.
barcelona news ft joao felix raphinha xavi future injury updates de jong pedri

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barcelona news ft joao felix raphinha xavi future injury updates de jong pedri...

That's what we're going to be excited about every day, what are we going to do in that game? How are we going to face it? What do we have to do to win? It's going to be a very intense moment. I can't wait and that's why I'm so happy that on Saturday Barça was able to come back from the break and get an important victory. only by one goal, but it was important to maintain that feeling of victory. Now we have achieved four victories in a row. The trust is there. The momentum is there. We continued like this yesterday and that is the feeling that we have to continue. now against PSG and I also have to congratulate Óscar Hernández, who has already overseen six Barcelona games this season in the absence of Cha, of course, and has won each and every one of them.
barcelona news ft joao felix raphinha xavi future injury updates de jong pedri
Óscar Hernández has a 100% record and Now we understand why in the locker room they call him Oscar Klopp. There is something special about this man and in fact he will be in charge once again for our next La Liga match against Kad, but I want to talk about Rafin here. I want to talk here. about the game you know who impressed who maybe had the most to give and I think with Rafia it was very clear once again yesterday for me when there is space behind because the way the last Palmer started the game like we said they came out and played.
barcelona news ft joao felix raphinha xavi future injury updates de jong pedri
They left space behind their defense, when there is space, Rafin can play wide, he can play on the right, he can even play if necessary, as we saw yesterday on the left, and when there is space to exploit, he can do that. He was doing some really good things. runs behind, he was receiving Joy, he took the red card from the last paddles, but when it is a deep block, the game changes after they received that red card, the last paddles fell very, very deep and when there is no space behind them, although for me, Rafia can't. playing open, that's a very different game for him, he's not good enough one on one, he's not good enough in small spaces for me to be effective in wide areas.
I think you see that very, very clearly in a game like yesterday and when you then move him centrally, although it's a different story again because I think against a deep block, Rafia in a central area is much more effective making those runs from deep like he did for the goal, they didn't see it coming, they didn't do it. Expecting that kind of run behind them and they can't pick him up, so I think when they put him behind Rafin he can do some wide work, he can certainly get opportunities in that role, but when there's no space against those.
Deeper blocks, he's much more effective on the field in a more central role and I'm really glad that we're starting to use him that way and of course today we also have to mention the Xiao Felix guys and I just want to say this . type of game this type of action on his part is why Barcelona wants to keep him next season because he has the ability and none of us can deny that he is the winner of the match, he has the ability to change the game because not many players can do what he did yesterday: you come in and in a moment of yours a little bit of genius tilts the game in Barça's favor and you need to have players in your team who have that kind of quality but, on the other hand, like well, that's what Barça needs and wants to see Xiao Felix's Mo, they want to see him come, they want to see him play every minute with that kind of energy, with that kind of hunger and ultimately maintain his focus every minute that he is. the field to apply himself in the best way because yesterday he was brilliant when he came on, he really changed the game, he had a lot of exciting moments, but he still should have scored, you know, you have that opportunity in the area you have. to be focused you have to be focused put it aside be clinical be ruthless and that is why there is definitely still a high level that Xia Felix can reach, there is definitely still more that you can get out of the talent that He has and that is Why Barça is thinking about next season, they think there is still more things we can get out of it and the real hope is that they can see all this magic in a more consistent way, but speaking of consistency, I must talk here and it deserves this mention with difference, it is IL Guy Gundan Boys because I think that throughout the season he has undoubtedly been one of Barça's most assisting players in the team and yesterday again I think you can see the quality he has with the ball. the vision of him, the ability of him to time everything absolutely perfectly, you watch a game like yesterday again against a deep block for most of the game.
It's difficult to find a way to pass, it's difficult to choose the right pass to unlock the defense and I just think that with him he has such elegance with the ball because certainly there he can receive it on the edge of the opponent's area, he's looking, he's waiting and many Sometimes he will take his time, he will do everything in his own time. He'll spin, he'll spin, he'll wait for runs and he'll release the ball at the absolutely perfect moment. Not a second too early and not a second too late with Gundan and he is always absolutely spot on and he did it two or three times in yesterday's game. to really separate the last few blades and that's the kind of thing that Sergio Buskett used to be so good at on this team.
You need someone within Barcelona who knows when to play the ball, who can see a pass and who can execute it. Absolutely perfect and I think so too guys, considering how many minutes ILY Gundan has had to play in this midfield, not only because he has also played many games for Germany this season and given the demands that have fallen on his shoulders in his first season also the way he did so well, he coped with that workload absolutely fantastically and you wouldn't expect anything else. He has so much experience, he is also a very influential leader in the dressing room and I really can't praise him. enough at the moment, but that's also why there will be some element of concern for ER in Barel because he, of course, he was booked in yesterday's game.
He is very unhappy to have done so and rightly so, but now he runs the risk of being suspended if he receives a yellow card. card against Kadei would miss El Clásico and we know how important that match is for the whole team and Gundan wants to be there, he will really want to play and perform against Real Madrid, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that Cadii match. If Gundan finally got some rest, that will also be between PSG games, so it could be a very timely rest for him because we can't afford to get him suspended and with La Liga referees you can never guarantee anything if you put it.
He will be at risk there, make no mistake about it, so I'm thinking that Gundan could miss that game against Kadei, but talking about suspensions doesn't end there right now when it comes to suspensions in La Liga for Barça because Robert Levandowski will miss the next game because I thought I was very curious. In fact, when Levandowski was there as a substitute with 10 minutes left in the game, he looked absolutely furious. He looked at Ben to say no way, no way. Coming out I don't want to I can't believe I'm getting out and you saw the way he walked away so incredibly slow there like he was absolutely furious and then he booked him for his trouble and that meant he missed the next game completely so he didn't will play Ki now and I'm wondering in the back of my mind if it was a strategic booking there because, again, he would have been at risk if he hadn't been booked now.
He's been one away from that suspension before the Clasico and Levandowski will now conveniently miss that game against Cadii and be fine to play against Real Madrid, so maybe there was more to that yellow card than meets the eye and so will Xiao Canelo and Enigo . Martínez were also booked against the last few palas and will also miss that game against Cadii, so Barça right now are looking a little light ahead of that Cadii game, which again let me say falls very conveniently between those two PSG games , so it will be Barça may look to rotate a match, but it could still be an important match in the title race, but then we move on to the man who is in charge of everything at the moment, Chavy Hernández, and I often get so many different questions here. about Cha's


here, whether his decision is likely to change.
Would we like to see Chavy stay at the club? Is it too early to decide either way? And you can see here do you think there's another trainer that could come in and give lamb? Mia, the priority that Chavey has, do you think that a new coach at Barça would really put faith in young people? You can certainly let me know your answer to that very good question below, but I want to talk to you about something that Raphael said before the game. Of course, the vice president of Barça came out openly and said I hope and I hope that Chavey is still here because we are thinking about a project long term with him and not just one or two seasons we are all in.
I will try to convince Chvy, but in the end it will depend on him, so another public comment here, as La Porter did a few days ago from within the club, saying that We want Chavy to continue. We are actively trying to convince him. changed his mind and that's too bad for you Deco, everyone is trying to convince Chaffy in private and in public, but even before the game again, the Chaffy boys came out and said that nothing had changed even despite the great support, even despite of the true demonstration of confidence from within. At the club he has said that his decision is final and I think we have to be careful right now because I would only say that it doesn't matter what you think of Chavy as a coach, it doesn't matter what Barça does.
This season we must be careful because if he does not feel it, if he no longer has the energy, motivation and desire to coach Barça, we should not pressure him, we should not try to force him to change his mind. If you don't feel like it because at the end of the day that is a recipe for disaster to be able to accept Basta's work and put in the effort every day you have to be ready, you have to have the energy you have to have that maximum desire and, for True, it could be the case here, guys, that what we're seeing now in the last few weeks is Chavy putting everything into his last few months of work. a man here who ultimately looks to the end but wants to finish on a high, wants to have a great run in the Champions League and feels like he wants to retire on a high, that's how I want to go and if he has made his decision.
At the end of the day, if that is really what he wants, we have to allow him to make his own decision, we should not put too much pressure on a man here who may feel that he needs a rest and that would be understandable at Barça because one of the problems that Chavey has really had to suffer at the club and certainly something that would have left him many sleepless nights. I'm sure it's the


problems, but we're actually doing well right now.


, we have good injury


today because Ono, first of all, I just want to clarify that there is no problem with him, he just missed the game against the last palas as a precaution, they don't want to exaggerate it, they don't want to.
In a way, we demand too many things from AO. We know that he has had several muscle injuries in the past, so they want to make sure that he is absolutely suitable for PSG and that he will start and be ready for that game, but also the boys, Andreas Christensen. He didn't play yesterday but alsoHe will be fine because the good news for him is that today he trained without any problems, he had some pain in his Achilles tendon, but he will also be ready to play against PSG. Come back into midfield and really help solidify things defensively but the good news doesn't end there because we also have to talk about Frankie D Young and this is another player here who I regularly get questions about, a lot of people are wondering if he'll be back in time , what's going on with Frankie, thanks so much for the super thanks for that and it seems very likely at this point that he's fine too.
That PSG first leg has an extended break now there are no games ahead. He has plenty of time to be back and ready for that game and he's on his way. He is expected to return in time for the first leg, which is excellent news. by the way, it would be having Frankie back and then he's pedre because apparently even he's ahead of schedule right now, the club is absolutely delighted apparently with how pedre's recovery is going, with how he looks, we've already seen him come back there . the pitch in his recovery and the club's medical staff are very happy for him right now the first leg against PSG may still be beyond his reach at this point no one has ruled it out at all, but it may still be too much soon, but we are looking right now at Pedri in the second against PSG and in fact the Clásico which will happen in the same week and it is really good, it looks very good here.
Aro is fine. Christenson is going to be fine. Frankie D Young is doing great and even Pedri is going to I'll be there ahead of schedule come on let's have a party this is looking very very positive right now but the biggest thing I'm wondering now from all of you is our next game will be ped s g, getting ready for that game now. How do you feel? What are the emotions? What are the expectations of the fan base ahead of that important first leg? And as I say here on the channel, we will talk about every detail about the next game we go to.
To leave no stone unturned, everything will happen here. I can't wait to get started with that preparation and I can't wait for all of you to join me so thank you today for participating in the All the support is pouring in video and ultimately I'm looking forward to the Basa matches with me here on the channel. I will see you soon with much more to come and great times ahead. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Have a good time guys, but until next time, as always. vishka elb w

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