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Jun 11, 2024
on Long Island for a very important guy D, in fact, today we will go to bed first, we deliberated on that or that ball was also very happy on both sides and they support us, it feels very good B, very good and we played his third match here in New York for Bangladesh because they got Ja and Mustaf Roman even though they won against Holland, there were four of them, well, Bartman, what a step forward we are in New York for what this will be a very important match and here we are. Long Island, what a feature, this is going to be fantastic at the Nel County International Cricket Stadium, it's the 21st match and there is a lot of enthusiasm for this game, there is a lot to play for because South Africa have been good, but they haven't had a chance to get that spot yet, but they are very close and Bangladesh are fresh from their last victory, it was a thriller in Dallas.
bangladesh vs south africa full highlights icc t20 world cup 2024 ban vs sa
David Miller was outstanding in the last game. Noir has been outstanding throughout the tournament so far, so that's one of the releases. the way and I chose to bat first so we will come to you live match 21 from New York it's Group D and both sides will want to shoot the batting order which will be the feature today the bowlers have been really good. The Bats have to stand up as we look at the table South Africa, even if they get another two points, they have not yet qualified for the super eight, mathematically they can also join Bangladesh, with a bit of luck, let's hope so.
bangladesh vs south africa full highlights icc t20 world cup 2024 ban vs sa

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bangladesh vs south africa full highlights icc t20 world cup 2024 ban vs sa...

Well, it takes a little time to get going, but this guy is a pretty special World Cup game, so they'll be teaming up this year for necessary races, that sure has a couple of windows on the AR front that have on the back of the hand. It has many varieties, but it just moves forward and maintains the length, we know that when you do that, you are good a day three on this field, teams that have chased the last game, so important for it. D is a match with that first one and what happens? your guys are fair here and do it well, especially for the pi who wins the toss and decides to back off and hit the toe first, yeah, nothing really bothers 20 too much, it's over immediately the next re Hendrick Place went so far on the leg side just two miles outside the circle, that wouldn't matter, I'd have to be in the stands to catch it, what a shot, what a fantastic shot, it's all about length once it's in your zone, coming back to the leg side that has.
bangladesh vs south africa full highlights icc t20 world cup 2024 ban vs sa
From there it's another four, six and four, 10 and two for Quinton, that is the intention we are talking about. This is much better from Quiny Deop. We saw it the other day. Nice line. Taking the rhythm off the ball will be the key. Go to Africa, Bangladesh, this, so it's a firm grip on your way, there's still work to do, but we know that this with the new B AFA big shot from Bangladesh, shot B and up, CL with that finger, for what they picked up a wicket there, RZA Hendrick. I have the first ball, now he's going to chat with his teammate, look at the explosion support, that's the end of re hendri.
bangladesh vs south africa full highlights icc t20 world cup 2024 ban vs sa
He has looked for the most expensive opening here, but it seems that so far in this T20 World Cup the ball. it's the angle to see this, yeah there you go, then this, yeah, just done, just P picked that one up and his hit was beautiful, so six runs just over the IF were there, a good shot from Qunon , we go out with some. fire today, it's probably the area that every team has struggled with: hitting the ball over the Deep Square leg boundary on this pitch all this time. I went to approach the surface early in the morning SP like mik a little in Stars to very Actually, it was a good game in Dallas, but it's one of those fools who would think him in the scene, they just came back like a good ball, that time only two from South Africa, so far away, what day is it today, it seems to listen to some of the players.
Gather the rhythm of circle B. Teresa Hendricks is the man who has managed to back up three good balls. She landed in a similar area, she just got stuck in the area. The excellent save from him on the right of the box was also very good B. It's great viewing for Bangladesh fans. that's the end of qu co 18 for two and now number four Tristan STS at the moment his international career and teaching him with the first line delivery of him ended right now with the desire to move on quickly. Maiden BR works 19 for two, oh that's it And now the pressure is on, Bangladesh, put more extra bounce on this occasion, but not long ago he got 100, it's that simple, there you have a fantastic shot, he stays upright and Mar, he has big and strong forearms, he is able to do it above. plus delivery smother it if you can get an additional fantastic shot it is a beauty it was a really good setup from tanim that almost stopped it and it is very experienced again with another three for 23 this is an exceptional job from Bangladesh they are in business today. and look at that stand Bangladesh bowlers are on fire, that's exactly what they wanted to see and the fans are loving it, what a delivery, how we have got these three wickets so far for the length of the Bangladesh ball, yes it is fantastic and obvious, both are CS naturally aggressive forward with two hands down and lost another, four down inside the power play.
This is something extraordinary from bangl. It's 23 for four. Look at it, it's very close and you also need to give it credibility. STS bowlers all look towards the pitch, it's just when you decide that the first half of the volume took the lead effectively looking at the pitch. I B has really had problems. I think you should prepare your game but it will be really helpful as India made 13 140 yesterday it is very competitive it is certainly necessary at times and that is what slips keep attacking it is a risky option for him keep playing shots and he will find the gap, yes, it will go deep in the middle, long, right between it and to the end. cross seam delivered reason for the cut feel like you have something on the surface attach excellent over


since he wants to get yes poor bowling that on this surface even a slow ball or a cutter was too


yes that length is asking for problems back from the length he throws R back up and down on the ground if you throw it up here if you throw it up here you go the distance it's good mentality clear of being hit by the delivery of Spin be skill because he plays that shot and goes towards six, that's Clen's skill, you bowl it up, it goes for six, so you drag your length back and he is waiting for you to pull it back for six.
A brilliant one at the game, better than Park on a regular basis, an easy run the other day. because Shak was bigger back then and stra has come down what a time this bre oh before B came down he probably got up a little he goes on and just drops it a fraction before if he had enough he hits it with real rhythm and he's going to walk away for a four, yes that's what they can do with the B back in all T20 strokes with over 100 124, but he seems to like that ball, he can a little more air and a little bounce there too2 for four Rishad bits. on the surface and that's been the Dr. has put a little finger there but this is things can change because this partnership is now making a real comeback from when they were 20 and um I'm just thinking about who you want to end up oh wow oh wow David Miller just hit that up and over to finish the over for six 80 for four.
I guess that's part of if she caught that, if she caught that here in New York, they just came back. Toc finished off the heart, let's look at the good field, this is my first look at this pitch. You to do that. I think the way to play is to overcome two great limits. a 3 of 18 on the floor. He hit it for six. It's a very good shot and immediately an apology from Madula. to his captain because he floated him and said he's using all of his from the moment he looks, so he's about 10 off B's ​​stump, that's what they need to do to break this stand, the vice-captain has done it, that's why don't Don't go kill York's bowling on this at 20 yards for four at number seven for your AFC ball watching them hit those long legs also moving a Classon 105 important Wicket To make the ball that is four in a row consist hard on the ground, there is no half an hour. stop and a Scamper back for the second that gave them that advantage to do that and they will end up with 113 on the board and that is an excellent performance by Bangladesh now it gives them the new ball and then the first time they are They have a big problem , not even the Captain has recognized him and has even made a second mistake.
The Ro Bowlers have rescued the team, but who knows, I've seen a lot of low scores here, some mistakes, sometimes there were, especially, found guilty. and and and down or three down within the power they play a tanim and tusin with the new camp at the moment and of course they have high quality batting and they make sure that if there is something lost, they keep it a little bit in shape and, um , the batsman just has a bit of Look at him there, I think I'm familiar with the bowlers' conditions. The batsmen haven't done the job and they throw it to you and that's an absolutely beautiful drive thrown and delivered, yes, a little over the pitch, according to the K reporter, it's going left-handed.
G thick Fuller again this time a little off but squeezing it through Gap boundaries back to back here it's raining boundaries yeah another one bowled this for kg R and maybe Bangladesh are acknowledging Ballers did that they just looked the speeds around the Wick, we saw Bangladesh do that and he is out there, he walks up to the umpire and confirms it after being pumped for two boundaries. Tanzid was caught behind in the second over 9 for one. Tanzid wasn't the best of R's deliveries there. There are still two slips in play, that's one of Marco Jansson's deliveries, but he almost has that seam pointing.
Oh well, it's a bit more complete, but that means Nashmor can run for the Wicket and go for the first tick of the day at most. Bangladesh doing their homework. in Bartman knowing that every attempt to get it has done some homework on the bowler I will put him under pressure, you know he has come up and there is a field in the deep, but it doesn't matter, he is in front of that fine leg. another boundary up, he didn't hold back, it was a very similar delivery to the previous one and days lost Bangladesh 87% oh, it's just a Maraj in the attack oh, the first ball went straight to extra cover and Miller takes the catch and Maraj already has an impact with the ball there, a soft layoff, so disapp goes for n Bangladesh 29 13 set, but it seems that Shak will do a good role with the bers, two left-handers in the area, Wonder with up. in the air in the middle of the missing wickets continues Falling ferris wheel hitting the field hard Bangladesh has lost its third is 37 for 3 noia again hard in Bangladesh 37 for 3 runs in the last game played very well careless going back from South Africa these moments could be moments you look back, towards the ground, in the middle, he's a tall man, but not tall enough, that's what he can do, that's what he did in that last match against Sri Lanka, he faced hanga and smashed it with 3 sixes and what that does to the run in the air again and it must be taken again, it is the short ball because no, here it is doing the damage and they continue to lose wickets four down now yes, 146 chanto goes for less than two overs plus B again should be a wide 50 for four those last two deliveries we showed when he took four for just seven but came back to fit charge that's fine and well that's going to be for four they need a couple of boundaries running R is starting to slide down just wondering if Bangladesh has decided that we saw Ridoy come in and They decided that yes, why do you know Wacker didn't have to change anything afterwards in his?
I think once you have your fastest Outfield oh the over B so far in the tournament so he's been such a man so much and he believes in his uh at the start of the World Cup 4 out of seven in the SC could be out of range by the limit should have been taken yes should have been taken I agree with you he is a great man he has good hands Marco Partnership of 79 between Miller and Clone as far as I'm concerned more

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