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BALANCE On The SNOWBALL Or DIE! (Human Fall Flat)

May 03, 2020


why is that the game we are playing today i love it can we get a like on this video for that really fun intro? I also want to know what your favorite game is so let me know in the comment section let's play this 15th floor is where we need to go guys it says we won a prize yeah a million is a lot of jelly I'm the only one he gets a surprise we agreed ok no we divided it by three the base of the first object is in geometry thats just my weird face oh my gosh you owed me terrible.
balance on the snowball or die human fall flat
I just attached a photo of my face to my face. I go. stuck on the floor well maybe on my own without any of your losses help i'll try no i helped you oh come on come on thanks from the other level get rid of him my plane ok let's go Let's see Oh guys, okay, three legged shuttle, sorry I drowned, okay, hello, okay, so what's next? We have a rope here on a tree that looks int Eresting, looks like we need to take it off. Oh, we have a green cube here. to pull it down try to go to the next level see yeah I look at this guys I don't think it works perfectly no but it was good that was a nice try by John Woo hold on guys I could climb around this thing , OK? josh goes for the green cube you got the cube hey i can pass it through oh you got the cube this is going to give us a special power just don't worry i'll be there best friend better i'm gonna I'll hold on don't give it to me i feel like there's a way easier oh wait guys we were supposed to use snap to open the bar oh no no way no way i think we have this now that we have it the green cube gave us magical superpowers look josh ellie when i let go well you guys are swinging oh no no i still cant mom this josh we need your help wa seriously wait we lost with you the way the rope just swings back up and nothing at the end, you broke it, you broke it.
balance on the snowball or die human fall flat

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balance on the snowball or die human fall flat...

I opened the bars, you can go through them now, what are you doing with this thing? nice, wait, wait, no, we get out of here, we use that to get on this thing and then we jump from there. I opened the hole so we could go through. I need Cupid to tell me what could have happened. I just said that. like five times you're kidding well clever no how is it invisible to me hey i don't see it's invisible where i walk you can't see the bucket but just walk no i can't see what i mean run run up run run wait wait, I can't see it either.
balance on the snowball or die human fall flat
I'm walking on air, alright, alright, this guy's holding Joe, just throw him, the biggest role. I'm going to stand on him. I guess I'll bring the tail. I want to go too, guys, yeah, you're getting older. Very important piece of paper on the bus never leave me hey buddy open it up why would we need it? Guys, look at these security cameras, don't worry, they weren't saying there's a hidden one, don't steal it. drop the thing what is this? point this way or a fridge or something over the gulf oh Jenny we're trying to put that off but if it


s look what's on the door the door is open like a real big red button oh I did the door ok have one of you come out so i can see you on the tv oh oh oh actually it's the security camera we'll see wait wait you can have the security camera on that tv oh hello Josh you Look at me I see you on camera what are we doing here wait I think I broke this window quick so that's what I was thinking when I was there. the cube yeah the magic cube use it here we go go credit go yeah hey if someone brings the cube do we need the cube at this point i don't even know who life is anymore i just got sick of you the tail, hey we got a swing, Josh wing buckets, overrated, look Shelly we got a problem we got a problem jelly guys I think.
balance on the snowball or die human fall flat
I turn on the fan kamali help guys guys i think i turn this fan on by clicking the red button hold it down so i can do this nice huh yeah it's a ledge that's what i hey josh's cane wait for real guys oh hey guys the button landed yeah i need some boxes that are heavy enough oh yeah i think you're right we just received or used the boxes we need three so it's down here joshy is the third yeah probably here so ok good Work, Josh, come on, killer. Wow, yeah, he's the face, I think he's the hero of the face, John.
I'm usually quite capable of skipping an outfit of actual words. How is that the real work? Because I opened the door. it's not oh we have to work chicken here we go not me because when he goes the other way spin the wheel goes this way oh oh wait no julie wait really worth it guys look good we have to turn it to make the rope go up, no wait guys what is Josh doing with no toys in this oven? wheel guys I'm pretty sure by the way we look oh Tilly is rubbing it all up dammit Sammy I think we need to use this guy on the roof to get the little link so hold your right and then we use the stick Make it a block.
I feel like a hamster. This is great. Keep running. That was the Craner man. Wait, does he go to the middle or does he just slide under? Oh, and then we have a little bridge. works oh that's gonna trick the giant rock we're gonna roll down the hill the gang wall right guys alright maybe we need to put it on the wagon or something let me pull the lever oh yeah there's a lovely guy wait Josh you can pull the lever yeah pull the damage Josh I don't know oh oh oh what is he doing he's changing this thing a crane. uhhh i think about the tow truck hang on guys you can jump off me or push me back yeah birthday boy josh i can take it guys go go go jump josh jump hold on hold on I'm coming maybe they can, okay, yeah, he did it. and now we're not going to make him look at this tow truck it's his first you know ok what do i do yeah oh jerk we eat that wall josh if it works it works it works it's kind of dented push it i'll take care of this it ain't helping the tow truck on this, you just see what, wait we need to get it out I think it's ok go ahead first we need to activate the button oh yeah hit me can we get rid of the wrecking ball?
Please I got you I get you how come this isn't enough yet? Put it all there. Okay, I'm driving the car. I am driving the car. No, absolutely, you can't even speed up. I don't think he has a clue about us, oh, it's so hard to go out of his way to jump into the r. However hey here we go oh I feel like I'm teaching Jelly to drive a good point and then omg hey come on I can drive perfectly fine and then the guys go can you tell me why we're at is this ok?
I am, it's going left, see the wheels to the right, pull over guys, oh my god, turn the wheel to the right, Kelly, it's a bad idea Josh is stepping on the gas, yeah, oh, you guys could do it. It was easy to see oh here we go it's coming Josh holding on to my hand it won't do much there let's go walk the plank walk the plank I blame Josh Ellie come on Oh hook you have to wait with the hook can you we can put it do you like to speed up there and after?
Oh, I snagged a thing. Oh, and then what is not going to be throttle, even stick. Well, it might speed something up. So I move that way. there's a ladder guys we can use the line ok don't kneel they ain't super important now either wow jelly you just blew it uh-huh that made me say dumb oh oh guys that wasn't my god that was whoa oh ok we did that to climb it no we needed to walk on us. i'm going across you should have checked the gates first ok let's pick him up now we walk together how does he always


I need to drive through this wall yeah drive don't cry no jelly there's fuel in there for Josh of course there's fuel in the tractor that wouldn't have fuel in his tractor. I think we need to break his way I need reverse reverse reverse I need to put it in reverse we need mall drive reverse reverse reverse tapping the wheel is so hard I don't like this so bad driving jelly I'm fine oh and he acts like we clearly need the tractor no I think we need this ax jelly can you stop hav ing it run jelly you don't see where we have to go buh-bah stupid trick hey guys why did you put Reverse Drive on quite a lot cause I'm at the wheel I can't do two things make it wrong look we need to fill it up with cold ok ok new tractor please don't be a cutter freighter stop you just put it on the throttle i think that was all i think i'm telling you it was silly to ruin it immediately keep on accelerating craner you left yeah i like driving it.
Well, I put a lot of charcoal. I think we'll have to use that in the oven that's on the next level. Right here gonna mess it all up, we'll be alright, alright, alright, so you're always driving, yeah, yeah I'm on both, I got it, are you sure you'll be able to try? It's going to be okay. It's definitely. I feel like we better walk in the cold up to this platform, don't we, Dad? I think we figure out what we're doing here while josh is doing that, yeah, look ahead, forward, forward, forward. the call on the oven ain't next to the craner oven we got my same idiot no I would never need a stick to light it too I'll go get the stick guys don't worry it's ok never mind there's a stay there apparently, yes, there's a cranky blame stick, but my theory is that that lever opens this one.
I know how to get to him. No, no, don't touch the car, don't touch the car. we can use this as a ramp uh i can't reach wait this is an arrow. it opens I know what to do I know what to do to verify Put it there oh that's an override Kate is opening the door with this a button here and it's ok we're good we're good elevator that will bring us yes it's this thing Oh on the rope on the rope oh hold on to you jenny i need to hold on to the back yeah no way he's gonna handle this no i will it's alright and he fell he missed oh ya cuz who pushed me okay no guys no go without me guys i hate you guys you are the worst people the whole universe doesn't want us to come here. at launch he's teasing no oh hey josh can't even do it ok we're trying to work as a team. let it go first right now oh i thought go i would die it was a joke. en ah thanks come on dude i found this lid just kidding i see you got it it's a cow someone always says you have to jump too by the way wait is it a cow? yeah I think we take that jelly out and use it to pull up yeah and pull yeah the way it's off the rails yeah you don't wanna push ah here maybe we can use Betsy Betsy let's get something out of you guys I need some help this is too heavy no no we thought Betsy hook me up we're good we're good we need the gold thing Josh what for oh I think we need to put it on this type. the planks are breaking ok grab the gold block mm-hmm there's something up here by the way walk the plank how did you get there Josh biking inside this unit you have to go here ok yeah but we need to finish the bridge arch I'm Bernie whoa Oh, Josh just jumped, what are you doing?
I think so, he goes up to the top and you go flying, I really don't know, Josh on the floor. Frank is not well. Josh, why do you have to have my whole head messed up, guys? Josh please let me go for what's in your entire life, can you do something on your own? Okay, the major is also stuck. I have a headache wait I got it right that's really cool Jenny no that's my price Billy blue didn't work Josh sorry you have to push it now I see it works omg whoa kidding ready solar boat ok ok huh go to the boat, I'm on the boat, little problem, what I am, I'm just getting out, all I have is a big golden egg and now I'm dead.
Guys guys I might get hit Craner has a golden egg oh boy all I got was a golden egg which is pretty bad.

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