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Baer Plays Darkest Dungeon: Bloodmoon (Ep. 14)

Jun 08, 2024
Hello everyone, welcome back to Blood Moon Estate. Greetings to VOD viewers on YouTube. Can I like the video? I know this isn't typical of me, but just to show that you are still interested in DD content. Show him that you'd be watching another Blood Moon property and say 2026 when I inevitably run out of new things to do again and I'm still desperately trying to hold on to that remnant of nostalgia we all hold so dear. That's what the go-ahead is for, that's what I'm requesting, if you're ready to move forward, press that button for me and let's form a team.
baer plays darkest dungeon bloodmoon ep 14
Damn, stop the yard once again, since the bloodsuckers have arrived once. more and we must defeat count vi and I've been debating, I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to open the map for this one. Honestly, I can't even remember if this map is as bad as the Baron's map, but I just can't fight the feeling that maybe the experience will be better for all of us, even if it means more suffering for me, if I don't. , if I let this become fresh one more time because it's hard to get it. to make it like that, don't you know, not all the time things are willing to completely escape your mind, it could be more, it could be more entertaining, none of the other maps are as bad as the baron, okay, that's it quite reassuring. will be enough for me, the other element of this I'm debating is whether or not I want to try using this as well.
baer plays darkest dungeon bloodmoon ep 14

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baer plays darkest dungeon bloodmoon ep 14...

Just no, I think it just occurred to me actually, there's no point in sending anyone except a level six. This is because they don't get any experience unless they actually beat the vi count. So which level six squad would we want to send could form a completely curse-free team? In fact, we're going to make a team mostly curse-free. team, since only the keyboard player has been affected by this so far, I guess it's okay, in fact it could work where we can focus on the keyboard or have him be our main tank and that way we don't have to.
baer plays darkest dungeon bloodmoon ep 14
I'm really worried about it spreading, maybe even get two tanks and that way if it gets applied to one more person it will at least be somewhat controlled. I was definitely thinking about taking out V aial, our rage. Zar bista will give him some Most likely they'll give him an extra boost to his accuracy and then I'm hovering over s'mores because this seems like a decent build to me man I don't know yeah especially with a fight in good weather around it, actually, that's something we could take advantage of. Every once in a while, especially with the amount of guard we have on a revamp, welcome back, maybe we should let the chat look at the map and we can get hotter and colder.
baer plays darkest dungeon bloodmoon ep 14
I mean, maybe I imagine at some point maybe. I'll get tired of the whole experience and want to do it myself, but I'll let Future Bear decide. I guess Gazzer, thanks for the 7 months, welcome back to the stack, thanks for the Bear Hugs form. I appreciate it, my thoughts with Blood Moon, you could consider that you might be expected to use knowledge from previous playthroughs, yeah I know, that's kind of the justification, I guess I was using it too. I think it makes sense anyway, let's double check this. guys in the guild here and make sure we have all your skills ready to go.
I think this will be a pretty strong team, we even have some stress healing along with additional stress prevention from the manat arm. so I am optimistic, I will give 30% total protection against the bull. He might be packing an impressive punch every once in a while, we have him equipped here after all, so yeah, I think we'll go ahead and level up. Also, we'll be raising our booster to rank five, which we've already done, so no thanks for the 82 months. Welcome back to the stack. Give him some bear hugs. Please appreciate us seeing here. The demon pole isn't very necessary, I guess.
I wouldn't mind extra accuracy and crit chance on the stab and that's all we really need, let's double check his survivor too, but I think we're in pretty good shape here, tactics are good, I'll upgrade that or unlock that instead and equip it with that I have the stimulus there we have the stimulus there I also have the rering the classification that's all pretty good I like it I think this is a very good team here I think they're going to be able to handle business, we're going to equip them with the best we have oh yeah we also have the necromancer necklace that's fun the Baron's whip plus 75% debuff resistance and more for Curse Speed ​​that's good enough for me I mean , how much?
Do I really care about a fast crossover? I'm not really sure I'm going to continue with this here. I just want to try to get as much accuracy as possible not to mention that 10% crit chance is good. I don't think your lack of dodging is going to have that much of an impact because we have the man-at-arms who will most likely shake the defender this time to hopefully prevent her from taking too many hits. I think so. I'm going to go ahead and give it an extra 35% protection along with a fully upgraded Defender. Here I was being stingy about this before, but now that I said out loud that I intend to do it, I should probably go ahead and give it full protection. benefit, which means you will have an additional protection of 65% R.
Very good welcome back Cody Schroer. Thanks also for the resub. Welcome back. I appreciate it. We have the double cauldron build again for the occultist, but I'm pretty sure. I've been happy with that build on him lately and that leaves us with a crusader who could happily use a legendary focus ring combo. I agree with that, actually, maybe even just do that, yeah, less stress that way seems nice, okay. To me, pretty good man, pretty good, you know why we got the bank, for God's sake, let's use it, let's enjoy our extra funds here, okay? And really just put them in the best possible position for success and not to mention do a damn I'm sure we at least have the rank one skill of each skill unlocked in case you want to do some kind of spin later.
It looks good, from the vi count, so let's get things going in a big way to start. The day here, uh, we'll fully provision this time too because why not a couple of keys, very little holy water, put a full stack of blood in there, a couple of stacks of torches and some Lum, let's go crazy with that , maybe it's not the Lum, yeah, will we get it? The Lums, okay, send it, but the feast and the rry would last for weeks at a time. Large stone tables were laid out with such an abundance of rare delicacies that we gorged ourselves until the exotic became mundane when the sumptuous variety began to happily spoil a hungry Gand. proposed that we take a sample from FedEd's compost waste pile, the idea was dismissed as decidedly unhealthy, but days later he was found laughing madly atop a pile of stale groceries, licking his fingers at the height, now that Among Us is no longer He laughed madly on top of a mound. of groceries like let's not put his feet too close to the fire so he gets full let him dine on sharp steel tonight zoinky zoinks that wasn't my best zoinks I have better zoinks in me I'll find one later thanks for the two months, thanks for Prime, welcome from new, I appreciate it verman Sizzle and pop, it's my morning routine to instill fear in Fe in the patriarchy.
Amen, I started running next to yours for fun and it's going great, so the game decided to quintuple the critical. I killed my Dodge Highway man and he died instantly. See, that's the thing as confident as I am and how things have gone. This brings back even the boldest look. We are still a consecutive case of impossible probabilities coming true far from a similar situation. I know I know this as well as anyone, I hope so anyway, so I'm still careful. I'm still being cautious here. I'm not well. I admit that last time I threw most caution to the wind in the form of throwing away all of our consumables and going through an entire


without a torchlight, but overall, like in the grand scheme, I definitely feel like I'm still playing with a certain degree of fear and terror, which is a kind of constant state in this game is inevitable, especially when the first fight looks like this, this is already becoming a worrying touch, let's make sure we don't lose our cultist immediately here exposed to a Death blow, oh don't say you know, I think I will. go ahead and get stronger after that, actually, maybe you would have even wanted to start with this, okay, we're in trouble, this is bad, I'm going to bandage that we're going to go ahead and eliminate the extra 40% of stress. per round here and uh, how do you feel about a stun?
It's not very good, try it anyway, okay, that's a big help to get rid of the horror there, that'll do and we're back, we're dealing with some big numbers, apparently, a lot is clear. That's not a bleed either, that's pretty amazing, wow, the difference in critical damage on his Rend is crazy, okay, we're still going to heal. I'm going to go ahead and light another torch to get some precision, too, holy hell. Okay, apparently you're dealing with big numbers too, bro. I appreciate that I'm still going to have the mark on my manat arms to at least do everything I can to prevent them from completely controlling the situation here.
This has already gotten tremendously out of hand. concern, this is indicative of this team, oh, never mind, we're fine. A weak hope falls and blossoms. Not once did I worry. All is well in the world. We actually have a little bit of use. Mark too, that was excellent, it consumes the mind. There we go, okay, it doesn't fit Mark. I think it's probably time to move on and start trying to do this, since that's only going to get worse and luckily it gave us a way out with the howler failing. I think we have enough. damage elsewhere too, let's let the cultist do a few stabs, so it'll take a minute, but we'll get there, we'll get there, and hopefully this will only take us a couple of renss. his part or not, he could just ignore it completely and give us 35 stress, a stun and a hit, this is not going well, wow, teetering on the edge, facing the abyss, oh, I don't remember what that means, let's say he ignores stealth . he also doesn't want to be healed anymore, okay, the ghoul is Balan, by the way, yes, no, this is very fair, what just happened there I didn't realize a death denied, I guess it's clearly been enough time since I got it, that means we lose. he after this really sedated, okay, I guess we'll have to keep an eye on him.
I'm not 100% clear what to expect with that prison and being able to enjoy Aralis' precision, at least you feel like you're going to kill quickly, man. Not likely, but give it a try, good bear, optimal, maybe give it one more damn howl at the end, yeah hey, there's a triple Dodge, at least, okay though, that's a nice uncertainty, the birthplace of dread Jesus, that wasn't the star we were looking for. Silly horrors lowered and driven into the mud eldrich Hunter's ring worth a little more than Jade I guess we'll go ahead and change that thing that stinks, that stinks really bad, there's the huus, yeah, right away, I mean, I was halfway through way of describing the The fact that I felt like I was one of those away from a pretty terrible circumstance and I think we've avoided that circumstance, although I'm still not sure, I really don't, I don't know, so what the hell do we do?
Now what's become very clear to me is that if I sacrifice the Crusader's damage in a given round, it's a pretty important choice, he's a big part of this team's ability to kill shit, so I don't know if we can necessarily do too much or at least we should try to get a numerical advantage first, okay, confusion, nerves and speaking of which, here we go, come on, that might be enough, obviously we still have a big Str press problem here in the form of the servant , you have a good chance to stun him, okay, we'll probably try this decimated, that will help, okay, we put the defender on the or not, we reinforce here for sure so we can avoid any more stress from her and then.
We can take the opportunity to hopefully take at least one person down a notch. Damn, what I wouldn't give for a campfire here, this is hard. Two turns marked with 80% probability, it doesn't even matter, we give it a bit. of a portion there and then let's finish it off at least to get close to this, this is really brutal, at least we can deny the horror there, a huge Dodge, okay, that helps a lot, uh, uh, I probably won't need much more help. with the damage, a couple of stabs, a couple of smashes there that should be enough.
The crusaders have already acted, we are ready to continue, the man of the attack, destroy them all. It's not a good start, the first hallway, theseveral Legends available now in the list, looking good, healing them and preparing them to move forward. Chances are I'll soon increase the vi count, hopefully, or at least make an attempt to go further down the yard route. Thanks for watching. I know you already left a like on the video because I begged you at the beginning to go ahead and do it now if you haven't already if you're watching on thank you so much for the support here on the back to the moon campaign of blood.
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