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Awesome $50 Tiny Spot Welder - Better than Expected - 1031

Jun 08, 2021
Hello and welcome to my playhouse and the basement and today we have a little Chinese thing that we are going to see. It's a



. I showed this in a well. The first video of the year, you can see that there was a preview. Take a look, but today we'll look at it a little closer, a sort of review showcase. I've been trying to get a working



for a while, a while ago, probably about a year ago, we built a spot welder. This power pack is actually designed to start your car, if it stopped starting and you also had a compressor pump built.
awesome 50 tiny spot welder   better than expected   1031
It was actually the compressor pump that failed on this device and I wanted a compressor pump in my car so I replaced it with a small one instead of this chunky one so yeah I managed to make a video and build this on a soldering iron by points, you have a problem, you have an old acid battery on, which is fine, you can do something. really powerful spot welds, which is actually a problem because it drains the battery really fast and burns holes in the batteries if you do that, so that's a problem, so hmm, I guess it's totally dead now, that's unfortunate , but I did that and I quit and therefore moved on to the next one, which was a professional spot welder.
awesome 50 tiny spot welder   better than expected   1031

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awesome 50 tiny spot welder better than expected 1031...

Well, I actually managed to persuade Banggood to give me this to review and being professional, this turns out. It consumes a huge amount of energy like an incredible amount of energy. I have 13 amp fuses, 220 walls in here and those just blew up like it was nothing. I hooked up a generator to it and was able to do some spot welding on low settings to use this, I'll have to do that. making changes to my electrical system and such, so I abandoned that idea. I should probably put it up for sale. Someone else might be very happy with this, but move on, but what if we still have some batteries that need to be soldered well?
awesome 50 tiny spot welder   better than expected   1031
I found this one online and it was actually one of you who pointed me in the direction of this one and I bought it. This is not sponsored. I paid and bought and didn't get anything for free but I got it from banggood and it's a spot welder and it's all contained in this little device it comes in a little box like this while I took it out and charged it and made sure I knew really what I'm doing, it's not always like that when we try it and, yeah, it's just a box. I forgot the cable.
awesome 50 tiny spot welder   better than expected   1031
It's okay, there is also a cable because it charges from a USB. It's a USBC connection in the box. Here it goes in the back. There's a connection right there. usbc you can turn them both ways it's


so I have it ready to go I charged it to max which is really cool it doesn't say anything on the front when you do that but on the back there's a little LED here while it's charging it lights up red and as soon as it's done it turns green, very easy to figure out, so that was fine, there were the cables and these two. spot welding cables here, I've been checking these out, they have this copper pointer here, I'm a little confused about it, it seems like you can't replace it, I think it's strange, apparently you have to replace the entire cable.
I've been feeling this too and it feels like there isn't much, there might be too much insulation in here and too little wire inside, it feels a little strange, yeah as long as it works fine I guess we're fine then it comes. With a little spot soldering tin, it is 0.1 millimeters thick and eight millimeters wide. There are maybe four meters here. I'm not sure it's an estimate, along with a manual that, well, gets most of us Europeans a little closer. There is a problem here because there is absolutely nothing in English, well there are some numbers here, by guessing you can guess that it is the internal battery and it is charged at 4.2 volts and a maximum current of yes, a lot 639 amps and something more, 1200 amps. and micro usb and a hand and blah blah blah, but other than that, it's all in Chinese and yes, I'm not very strong with that, but I found that on the back of the box, in very small letters, there is something in English and this.
It's very useful, there's only one button on the device and it's on the other side, but it tells you what that button does, as long as you hold it down it turns on and off, double click to enter, exit power settings , okay, oh, actually we turned it on, let's turn it off. again, short press chooses r2 shot or regular shot, automatically discharges to 50 after five days of inactivity, that's nice, green light, battery, red, power level, orange, discharging, okay, that's it everything, then there are the numbers again, there is output current of 639 amps, there is nothing about that 1200. amps here and it tells us five volts folder and one amp for charging, it took a little while to charge it, but it was fine, so let's go through the settings here and as I mentioned, I fully charged it to turn it on. you press the button until it turns on, there's a nice little light show it does there and it's setting up right now.
This is what it is. This is called a regular trick. Every time it beeps, it will do a spot weld. I guess to change that we put pressure. put it on once and it will automatically finish in that mode you put them together and if they are shorted it will work fine in a few seconds or half a second or something like that right now the batteries are full of green dots. full batteries, if we double click here we go to the power level, that's how strong the solder point is going to be and it's not a good idea to just set it to maximum because actually, from what I've seen on the internet, it's going to burn holes. through the nickel strips if it's at maximum, but you can change that four points is the maximum, you start again with one, two, three, so we're going to start with two, which should be a good start, so now we have configured it and press. twice to get back to the main menu and we should be good to go, so here are some spot welds I did on one of the other wheels.
I don't really remember which one, but they weren't very good. Well, that's it. Well, it was actually pretty good, totally melted, so let's just be how I remember it. They were just waste batteries that were no good and I was just testing the spot welder on them so the batteries wouldn't. It matters I just need to remove the stuff here so let's try these things that come with it oh and we'll see when I do this I'll have it everywhere lovely can we minimize the damage maybe and just make a strip that's long oh this is nice and wide, it's almost too good to try it a little bit and we have to take off these elastic bands.
I haven't tried it, this is the first time we are going to try this. they go in really tight, I guess that's good, I want them to point in every direction so they don't run out of sugar for fun just because they can, okay, let's connect all the kinks, which is usually the hardest side when we're soldering the batteries because there are more metal to heat up here, the other side of the 18650 is just a floating piece of metal that is here and much easier to heat up, while the downside here is the entire body of the battery, you don't heat all of this up, it gets very hot right there, but yeah, we should get less of that with this, so let's try to put it on and just in case I'm wearing a pair of glasses and of course, um, I also have the new safety shoes on, so let's see how that works. this, let's see very interesting, see how it works, I'm going to try one of the middle ones, um, did you see that that wasn't that, it wasn't bad, let's try it?
Again I didn't line this up correctly, yes I'm having trouble here but it's spot welding and it's pretty quick, oh that wasn't good, okay it didn't take long, is it there or do we need to increase the power? Come on, it's really not easy to get out of here, yes, they are spot welded, they are not going to fall off, yes, I am impressed and as for the size, this is amazing, this is great, I have these nickel, gallium, nickel metal. nickel metal hydrate batteries and they are really hard to solder and you can see they are spot welded, so I made a battery video not long ago, a very unpopular battery video that no one wanted to see, I guess it was okay, it is possible to take it.
Turn it off again, we'll see that it blew holes in all the point worlds, so it had a good connection there. It's very difficult to learn those things. Can we raise it slightly to get the same height? Can we detect it? there I would expect it to do that, I'm just giving it a cup, it doesn't actually carry anything, oh I have a sensor light down here, it's fucked up, yeah, there it did that and it'll break the wire if I try. To achieve this, we are going to try to do it. The wire broke so I did a lot of spot soldering, but that means I can add a spot.
These nickel metal hydrates are terrible, but yeah. I can, if I want to, okay, when I'm building my battery banks, I put in fuses, I have a little wire here that will act as a fuse, I'll see if I can, I can actually spot weld. So we're going to need my glasses, let's see if we can do that. Where we are? I need to capture it right there and then we'll try to grab the other one and check to see if it's connected. Hey, definitely, yes. It might have taken me quite a while, the camera is in the way and getting the magnifying glass and all that so I'm not sure how long it will take if it's not in the way, yeah it might be okay, no.
Bad, yeah, it actually didn't take me long to get good and these aren't going anywhere, they seem to be there, really good, amazing. I usually have a bus bar that they need to be connected to, so let's see if we can do that. okay, it needs to cool down, that didn't work because the nickel is melting. I understood? No, that doesn't work. I have to say I'm very impressed with this little guy. If I have to point out something negative, I would have liked it. if I had a rubber casing or something this is going to get scratched on my table in no time and these little wires can oh I turned it off I just don't want to short out these metal rats here and yeah it's going to get scratched in no time time, so you might want to put a little bit of protection on it just to protect it and make it look good a little bit more, but yeah, even after all the testing we did, it didn't even drop a wire.
Power Strength I guess there are many points to this before it has to be charged again so far it has done everything I asked of it. I also increased the power to see if I could solder that fuse to the copper. It didn't work and then I tried to tack solder a piece of solder tin onto the copper which was a bad idea and it exploded. I think it's those little drops of flux inside the solder that just exploded and I think. It was a good thing I had my glasses on. I'm not sure I didn't see any debris falling on me, but hey, it didn't sound good, so overall I'm very surprised at what this little box can do.
I think there's only one thing left to do, let's open it up and see what's inside. I cheated and removed all the screws. I removed the back plate and the front plate also comes off and this seems to stay in place. something up here oh, it comes out pretty easy okay, wow, this is very well built, it looks great, there are two batteries here, I can't see which ones they are, they could be lithium polymer batteries, probably lithium polymer batteries that are here , they could have been straight but they aren't and they haven't spot welded it, so these must be the switches, uh, the ones that turn the power on and off.
I will say that the build quality is very good for the price of this, I think it was about fifty dollars two hundred and some Danish grain, but around fifty dollars and as such it's not really expensive. Nice little charging circuit down here, yeah it's very well built so that was the interior and I must admit it had much


build quality than I was expecting around 50 and kind of funny I noticed that the bottom here and the top here are PCBs that are painted and screen printed and I actually found that on the bottom it says there are lithium ion batteries in there.
It's almost the same, I think I'll take a chance here and recommend it. It seems to be a very good solution for doing some spot welding and is small enough that you can take it anywhere. Let me know what. what you think in the comments below, like this video and visit my little shop if you need any server hardware or just want to support what I do then just buy something random that no one will want to buy. Great, but thank you very much for watching my videos, subscribe to my channel so you can see me again and have a very good day, bye.

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