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Avoid This HUGE Money Trap After the Pandemic is Over!

May 04, 2020
From Ramsey Solutions HQ Broadcasting from Dollar Rental Car Studios It's The Dave Ramsey Show Where Dead Is Dumb Money Is King In The Home Paid Mortgage Has Taken The BMW's Place As The Status Symbol Of Choice I'm Dave Ramsey your Host, we're glad you're with us today for the past 30 years and I, from the time I turned on


mic to now, we've had one goal and that's to help you have a better life. He does it knowingly. Knowledge is power. you do that when you transform your life your actions your habits your behaviors as part of that power that power gives you the ability to transform your life and God working with you blessing it makes it absolutely amazing and that's why one of the things that keeps people winning at an area of ​​your life like


is bad financial products things we do that fall under the heading of stupid that are set up to benefit the company by selling and ripping them off we talk about them all the time we tell you not to buy life insurance whole life we ​​tell you don't rent a car we tell you don't use credit cards for god sake stay away from the payday lender lot and don't go there and pay 800 percent interest don't buy a timeshare stupid we tell you these kinds of things all the time there are some of these spaces where we tell you that the product is not only bad but the vast majority of the people in the industry are bad these are bad people selling bad products in a bad way and that makes it a triple loss you have to stay away from


but the vast majority of payday lenders fall into that category the the vast majority of credit card collectors fall into that category and the vast majority of timeshares fall into that case Gouri bad people who sell a bad product in a fraudulent, lying, illegal, disgusting, disgusting way, as standard practice of business, we come across that all the time, we come across the horror stories, we hear from you how you got screwed, now I grant you got in t here is the quote free vacation that turns out to be a high pressure sales event that lasts two and a half hours and it's promised to be 30 minutes and there's no vacation you spend the whole time trying to get this person out of you who is lying cheating stealing scheming whatever thing they can do to make you go for one of their stupid but tom shares before you go and every word out of his mouth is a lie they are scum it's unbelievable i can't in every industry some car dealers have told people that Dave Ramsey leased a car, which is obviously a lie.
avoid this huge money trap after the pandemic is over
Some people have said that Dave Ramsey is a credit card, which is obviously a lie, but I hear every week that sometimes The Chair Salesman is telling someone that Dave Ramsey has a timeshare. I have never had a time share. I've done just about every horrible stupid thing you can do with


, but timeshare isn't on the list. the people selling timeshares are the super high end ones you might want to think about doing but I still won't recommend them for example disney disney timeshares are a whole different class of timeshare but most of these things are just bottom feeders you wouldn't let any of these employees you wouldn't let the owners of these companies into your home and yet you buy them a week's vacation and it's terrible if you've had eight words to spend this hour to begin the process of uncovering all the bad behavior in the timeshare industry.
avoid this huge money trap after the pandemic is over

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avoid this huge money trap after the pandemic is over...

It's amazing when you get into this how dirty it is how dirty these people are evil if they have lied to you cheated on you they have pressured you they have beaten you whatever for the moment sure call me I want to talk to you right now I want to hear real people's stories real i got a lot but if you want to call right now the phone numbers triple eight eight two five five two two five three of the biggest bad behavior three of the biggest scumbags in the ma Buy our Diamond Resorts International they are the king of baddies westgate and the berkeley group sinking into vacation villa resorts now just go and google it will take you ten minutes just google diamond resorts international or westgate or the berkeley group and you'll see what I'm talking about. on Google Wyndham you'll see what I'm talking about just ask TripAdvisor look at Yelp look at the Better Business Bureau just find directly no one or two complaints pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of misconduct by these absolutely amazing people they don't transfer that date no they let you use the other property like they said they don't give you the tickets they say they're trying to kick you out after promising you a free vacation like they said you know it's amazing and they get sued all the time Westgate loses a lawsuit over high pressure tactics and Tennessee here's an article timeshare buyers Nathan and Patricia Overton claimed they were promised man and stuff when buying a timeshare unit in Gatlinburg that later turned out to be false when you promised something in the business that turned out to be false because of the way it's called fraud, for For example, they allege that they were promised a specific room during the Christmas season, but were later released. it was said it was not possible for the rooms to be allocated just days before the visit Westgate lost an appeal of the case obtaining a critical opinion from the appellate judge wearing him down involved in the judge said Westgate engaged in willful and fraudulent conduct and who violated both Tennessee timeshare law and Tennessee consumer protection law wrote in his opinion and this guy this article goes on and on and on and on Westgate says this is an isolated incident if it was an isolated incident there wouldn't have been pages and pages and pages and pages of people saying the same things about Westgate about Diamond Resorts International about the Berkley group all the time over and over and over and over again er and they are amazing here are some of the are here some of the posts are deals with Diamond Resorts International Lisa says they are terrible the last five years has become horrible rising HOA prices through the roof i've been trying for six months to get a reservation i have annual points it's gotten disgusting they're out of control the owners the owners need to pay or they garnish our credit but our resort time is never available this is a scam i'm looking get out of this i think i need a lawyer or class action cliff says to put it bluntly international sellers of diamond resorts are the scum of the earth and will tell you anything to get you to buy so whenever i visit a resort, they'll want another arm to suffer. twisting the confusing sales presentation and you'll learn that everything they told you last time was BS and proceeded to feed you new lies. it's for resale instead of retail this goes on and on and on I can read these four days but I'm going to talk to you two about the experiences you've had with the timeshare process the filthy dirty apartment that's supposed to they must be getting the rent how bad it is in the way people lie they lie did i mention they lie this is the dave ramsey show we are talking about timeshare outings this hour we are talking about timeshare problems this hour we are talking about the the timeshare industry and what a scam this hour is and i want to hear some of the stories i've heard but just talk to some of you phone numbers triple eight eight two five five two two five let's go to shirley in wisconsin I surely welcome to chef Dave Ramsey.
avoid this huge money trap after the pandemic is over
Hi Dave. How do you do better than I deserve? What's happening? About seven years ago my husband and I went to Florida. We love going there and seeing the water and winter and constantly coming out of the woods. cold we went to a timeshare because we rush we go to Disney and the tickets are so expensive we thought we would save money go listen to the timeshare we are going to say that we do not only have free stuff and we leave so that our two hours become five hours you are in your sales room for five hours yes sir why didn't you read for people?
avoid this huge money trap after the pandemic is over
Are we in Minnesota or do I just live in Minnesota. You can say Minnesota nice. Oh, you're nice. We said no we walked out of there with our three tickets we were so proud we stayed the night because all we could think of was you know it's right outside of Disney and everyone will want to go there and they showed us the unit that would be like buying , that would be our place to stay it looks beautiful everything was updated we had grown up kids or empty nesters preparing to be empty nesters at the time we thought oh they will have to get married we can use it for their honeymoon and it turns out which we went up the next morning ing and I practically begged them if we could still get a second chance at that same timeshare because of that low maintenance fee of $300 per year so now we have $4,000 left.
Seven years ago it was good as long as we would be at financial peace University we started it at the end of January so we know how stupid we are going through we will be debt free including paying this off in 2023 it will pay one hundred and thirty five thousand dollars and we will only have the house and that will be i paid two years after that wow good for you on that so they kept you there five hours and it worked because you came back the next day yeah yeah and they are better so negate the normal so the $300 in maintenance fee how? that works that hasn't changed but we have a feeling once the unit is paid off once our loan is paid off it will start to go up yeah they get it with the loan or the maintenance fee they keep getting the same amount, right?
That's what that's what we keep hearing in them because there's scum so who owns this particular timeshare what company is it that is through Silver Lake Resort through RCIA ok ok and where you promised you could change it to a different one if you wanted to go to a different location yes yes yes we are trying to do that yes they showed us the map we went back there three or four times while we could we go to Florida every year no we can't find anywhere to use your timeshare for that so we've given it away to a few people we had a daughter get married we shipped it it was great so you've been able to get a few other places yeah but it's very worn , there have been, you know the places where we get our summary.
They are not exactly what they showed us. In fact, we have also stayed at the resort, but we didn't get to places like they showed us. so it's just a bad deal the maintenance is the thing has deteriorated and he's complained yeah we were there in february and we said ok we just want to put it back we know we got 4,000 we won't pay the 4,000 just take it back just we want to end that because we don't want any dates on our credit or you know I know we're not going to use credit but yeah but they wouldn't do that of course they said they would only pay them back at certain times and this is no yeah not when you're here yeah that makes sense yeah so with all you've spent with all you've spent over the years you could have gone to nice places right?
Oh sure yeah absolutely yes so it doesn't end up being a money saving event and it ends up being a money pit and you stay in places that are pits yeah exactly we can never see where we want to stay like we like to stay on the beaches You know the snow never have nothing. I had a continuous search for eight months that they promised I could always find. something if only used that. I've been trying for two years and they haven't. They paid you a dollar an hour for the time you spent searching. They would have refunded your money.
Sorry, you got scammed. You're not the only one Jeff is in Idaho. Hi Jeff. What's happening? Hey, I just wanted to show you my history with the city in 2018. We went to San Diego. you can only pay the price in cash which was a couple hundred dollars to be able to stay three or four 9th account remember the exact number of nights but we checked in and of course they also pushed ourselves and said he would come and take the tour and after the tour you will get a free night stay with any of our resorts in the future so I got back in the car and told my wife and she was a bit perturbed.
I said ok we'll try it. They said it would be at least two hours I think it was about three three and a half g My God and the biggest thing, yes, the biggest thing we find is what we are singing to this lady, we have more beautiful ones and she started to tell us how their parents we were because we were not providing vacations for our children. no little eNOS yeah I'm serious like my wife got kissed and I was like we're done we don't need more on this so focused probably 30 40 minutes to get out of there.
I tell them no, we're done. we're going to move on i think we're going to get the vacation free but we're so mad it was thebeginning of our trip our three or four days and it made our trip terrible it was kind of annoying and then like you said the resort was like a very low end motel like that's what we felt like a new fantasy. just drive you remember codeine IME there and i think world brands is that son right? smart young brand would be oh my gosh be yeah okay yeah yeah good the terribleexperts my wife felt and she was so mad and trying to sell the parents we were and like you said they start to mess with yeah yeah how old did you have?
Like I said, that was a couple of years ago. 'Cause I just man I think if that happens to you again there's no way you're going to stay there three hours right right I can't think of anything we buy anywhere that takes three hours to buy you know not I spend three hours shopping for a car you know it's funny how just tampering with this is amazing hey thanks for sharing you were told you were a bad parent if you don't buy now that's a technique that works it pissed off the customer . I'm telling you these people are scum scum scum Regina's in Kentucky hi Regina tell us hi this was years ago but my husband signed us up for one of those tours and Myrtle Beach you know and we had like two free three night hotel stays and then they offered tickets to t or some of the attractions and free food like a restaurant and stuff so we go and check in and seven of course you have to use a credit card to check in they have been were going to pay you know if i went I'm sure of her so let's go and at that time we had three children and I left him with my friend she had children well she had to go like three to go look for her to go look for her children and I think yes I'm remembering well, the tour was like on the news come on come on my 2:30 we're still sitting in that big room where they were high they got promoted through the sales pitch and i had tried like a zillion times. they just say no no we're not going to do this and she kept saying well the soldier has cried you know go out and find this freeze she can go and I was like I have to go so I went picked up to the children and I returned to the children and he was glad. my husband was still sitting in that room and they won't let us go i mean they just won't let us go that's exactly how they work Wow i would pinch the kids and make them cry oh the disgusting timeshare industry we're talking about it today this is the dave ramsey show we are talking about the disgusting timeshare industry and the horrible products that push and push and control the number of times they get sued there of course as if there are any scummy in any industry , a whole spectrum of bad actors from extremely bad actors to not so bad actors probably the best people in the business as you might not be surprised like Disney and they have the legit products not fans of the product yet but at the less you can sell it and they don't lie and they don't get sued for fraud and all these other things like Diamond Resorts International or Westgate or the Vacation Village people. resorts the berkeley group makes the number of complaints when you google the names of these companies on the internet is mind boggling.
I've never seen anything like an industry that their customers hate so much across the board so we're taking g their timeshare nightmare calls their experience buying or trying to use a timeshare and over the years I've done this periodically I have never done a full hour but I know many of you are getting ready to think about vacations as you come out of your quarantine and I don't want you to fall into one of these things the last thing you want to do is sign up for a timeshare vacation and stay stuck in a room for five hours the norm is in michigan the norm for me your timeshare story yes so days thank you for taking my call truly true honor speaking with you sir triana you too sir yeah i'm known in michigan don't be afraid of the nice people from minnesota i'm michigan yo so yeah we went to las vegas.
About 15 years ago my wife and I just ran away for a while and we said I'll take this free tour well exactly the free tour turned into four hours and the last two hours we got pressured in the office and I told the guy no no no up to five times and i got up and walked away twice only to turn on my own and come back and i'm done it's almost an argument and it was right between me and him because i wanted to let my wife understand so it's not very good and i would just say that you know they are trying to gain a job trying to do their job but on the other hand you have to realize that you are setting yourself up for a bad future in your home life so people think about it.
I know the other side of that baby, my brother and sister. in-laws have a timeshare and we go with them and we have enjoyed all the digits within our state you feel but we pay them for the use of their points yes we take a vacation hope you remember the company theirs is worth the sorrow? a good one there I think with a Marriott yeah yeah I'm a Marriott timeshares are up there with Disney at best they keep their properties and it's a much better situation much better I've actually stayed at a few Marriott resorts just as a customer but not as a timeshare user and it's the same situation I swim in the same units and we do a lot of business with Marriott so great do you remember the company we did you almost fight?
There are a lot of them in Las Vegas yes yes but we were there on vacation but once again it's a real honor to talk to you sir and i followed you it was not offensive like i said I paid my own university. I went to college in my face with all my stones and when I was done with college I was 24 and I made a list yeah like what you said I made a list and while I was doing this before I heard from you and I paid from low to high the loan my car could buy my books like license plate my blah blah blah and really an honor Days you too sir thank you thank you for sharing your story norma.
I appreciate your call and congratulations. Very good stuff. Very well. a year like two years ago and th at I Hotel there were people in our lobby and they were saying what were the free tickets to the car show of course one of three TVs with lots of other people they were giving away I think instead ok ok you have to go to the pool or whatever and the next morning we wanted to say we had free transfers and it was all like five hours Neels kids and we were ready to go we had to go but they kept pushing about you know you can go on vacation with the timeshare that you go for free and it was all like 20,000 or 30,000 dollars so what was the ticket that the tickets they gave you what were the tickets that gave you value that you got for exchanging five hours of your life was like $200 Wow it was like $200 for five hours yeah here's a sign and well we can't go home and check it out it's just until at one point we try it out and we get back to the hotel.
I started researching and I was like filled with an idea and it was 48 hours before he could advise me so the rest of my vacation was miserable because I had to stop by the library on a library card. Write the calculation because we were there because they will be there for a week, but we only had 48 hours to advise me, so I spent the rest of my days. and days trying to count them this timeshare, but this way it's like I read it before I went home or I would have been sucked into the timeshare. after that i got to the hotel i went and did some research and it was more than a good idea yes the best part of all the negative reports i am talking about that are all over the internet about all these companies yes you remember the name of the company Wyndham yeah okay they're one of the big guys yeah okay yeah and they said we had I was worried about maintenance when I was there and they said oh you could buy groceries with this car and then you get points if you know that i will charge a fee but then i researched it has for me minus five thousand dollars worth of groceries so much outfit even though the fee is as low as yeah absolutely fine.
I'm glad he's out of that five hours, five hours. a proposed class action lawsuit against Diamond Resorts International Club on its land, its collection arm and Experian Information Solutions over alleged credit report inaccuracies arising from timeshare accounts terminated according to the Central District of California lawsuit plaintiffs obtained a alleged membership with the Diamond Resorts International who were told they would acquire points from Tom to redeem for the right to use accommodations at certain resorts family family Lurie I can't even say accused that Diamond Resorts International is no stranger to the litigation of class action lawsuit used deceptive sales practices and made numerous oral misrepresentations and false statements during their sales presentations were intended to induce consumers to contract with the company the lawsuit alleges that the plaintiffs went so far as to file a proposed class action lawsuit against Diamond Resorts Inter national for this alleged conduct following the lawsuit that Diamond Resorts International agreed to release the plaintiffs from their contracts pursuant to an agreement that waived and canceled any and all remaining balances, so they had to sue them to get out after they they were lied to over and over and over again and that's one of the biggest players in the market Diamond Resorts and really this this this regular you hear it over and over again we were stuck they wouldn't let us go awesome if you have a timeshare history you can call me crippled eight eight two five five two two five this is the Dave Ramsey show our scripture for the day romans 14:9 then let's follow what contributes to peace and mutual edification Arnold Palmer said always make an all-out effort even when the odds are against you José says first I will stay away from this company they are sharks and they will lie and say anything to get you to buy their land Shared mpo recently went on a Westgate Resorts tour to get a discount on Disney tickets as usual We went and they went on the tour and listened to their presentation.
The seller I dealt with promised just a two bedroom condo anywhere we wanted for $247 or $500 depending on how busy it was. They promised us that he wouldn't. it was over five hundred dollars and it was 100% sure 247 or five hundred two months in this has been a complete lie our timeshare was about ten thousand plus the annual fee and all the resorts we have researched are $1200 more for a two bedroom and we can't choose our dates they give you the dates of your choice are westgate resorts there you go Robbie is with us Robbie is in New Jersey hi Robbie how are you doing I'm great Dave thank you so much for taking my call sure they're trying to get with you for two years.
I'm glad you told me about your timeshare nightmare so it was with Wyndham and I was stupider than what I bought at a Wyndham in San Antonio Texas in 2010. Fast forward to 2017. I've used it in Maryland and the guide He told me his mom had cancer and I'm married to a boxing trainer Olympic boxing trainer even though he did this whole cajoling thing and we ended up walking away from $19,000 up to $70,000 seventy-seven thousand dollars and he told us we had to go from having full access to a deed we would never get turned away so fast forward to 2018.
We got turned away for my birthday to go to National Harbor Maryland. We went to the Poconos. It was an end. and i called and they moved us across the landing on stairs we never had said we couldn't do stairs because we are older and then they refused to give us the key so we couldn't get out we were stuck there on my birthday all day i finally got a chance to to leave and then they didn't bother us for a while because apparently they changed president transformer by the end of December 2018 we were young in virginia and they said we had to leave so we left the young man ended up threatening us and told us that we had to going back to the whole accent i told him you know what to use was you told me all i could do this i would be able to do that i would never get turned away and he said well if you don't drive this for an extra thirty thousand dollars will come after you show up at your family and I said oh really and something inside of me snapped and I walked out I went and stopped the payment I wrote them a letter I went to the credit reporting agencies and said heh this is fraud, they have lied to me and let me terminate the contract in November 2019 and tried to get out of the timeshare.
I was not impressed with a man and at the time it was me and our last debt when we first thought of women as joint owners. with a deal you made you walked away from seventy two thousand do The dollars I walked away for had been reduced to fifty four thousand so you still owed them the money yes your finances what was the interest rate you do you finance? I was sixteenpoint nine nine percent oh my god, but then you finally talk to me completely. another deal threatening to sue them omg a $72,000 timeshare Wow Robbie thanks for the call ok let's go to Chasity Chastity in Alabama Chastity told me your timeshare story hey babe me and my husband we stayed with someone from windham in florida and we got there and they wanted us to go to one of those performances to get free disney tickets but they held us up for six hours.
We ended up buying what they call a discovery pack. We got three trips for $3,000 to discover your show. People wanted Sign up for life and every time we went on a trip we had to go to one of those presentations that lasted at least two hours. Wow, at what point did you say that I never want to go to a timeshare? presentation again really bad then you signed up to discover more of them discovery packs right because once you discover them why would you want to sign it long term sample is like hey try a sample of our cookie is bad whoo i dont want your cookies ok yes you have to go they paid you you paid them $3,000 to get more presentations ok Wow now what was the condition what was the condition of the properties as well the ones you actually stayed in compared to the ones they showed you in the presentation, the one my friend gave us and the closest to making means one was very very nice the rest was ok not as nice as that but you can't even walk into Odie's like she's one of the people from first tier and I might only get there one day Wow I don't even want to think about what it takes to be one of your top tier people it gave me the creeps oh my gosh hey thanks for comp start the story, we appreciate it, open the phones to triple eight eight two five five two two five so what's the moral of the story?
The more the story is, there are 18 million of you listening and me. I'm trying to tell you when you come out of quarantine don't look for a 6 hour presentation in a pressure cooker at a timeshare to get a free night your life is worth more than that don't sell your time so cheap you've heard the saying you don't get something for nothing you don't get something for nothing something for nothing not if it sounds too good to be true it is oh you just go on a little sales president presentation or a little tour and you get a couple of free nights in the meantime you end up staying in a seedy situation dealing with salesmen from the scum of the earth who aren't even real salesmen calling you a bad father you hear that story that was wild you know you get threatened the number of seniors in these complaints we found on the internet is unbelievable and this industry is full of scum and i have to tell you man i mean the marriott group and the disney group i can i can sell you those products they are raz onables I wouldn't buy them because I don't believe in timeshare period I think they're a bad investment I think it's a bad use of your money but it's really bad when you're dealing with people like West Gate this Berkeley group which has these holiday resorts all over it and certainly the king of scum that is Dimond. international I mean these one guess guys is where you're going to find a lot of these guys Gatlinburg and Myrtle Beach is where you're going to find a lot of these guys and you just need to be you know not just don Don't get into those situations and what a lesson ask yourself what's wrong with me that would allow me to sit there for six hours because I have to tell you I'd be there for 30 minutes and be gone, but that's just me and me.
You know I'm obviously not easily intimidated so I don't understand that they take advantage of people being nice they take advantage of people with manners they take advantage of you trying to be nice and that doesn't work being nice is not an option with these seemingly lonely people they understand one thing a and that's a punch in the nose so we'll be giving you a like for the last hour telling 18 million people you suck here we go there's a punch in the nose while you suck your industry sucks you're trash people it's a business rubbish it's a scam people stay away from them please stay away from them i hope i wasn't being unclear i never wanted to be unclear what puts this our dave ramsey show on the books we'll be back with you before you know it in the meantime remember that ultimately there is only one path to financial peace and that is to walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus.

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