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Auf der gamescom wurden über 30 neue Spiele angekündigt - Hier sind sie!

Aug 30, 2022
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2022, many new games were announced and of course even more games were shown. It's easy to lose track of things. That's why we've searched for all the games that actually appeared first. in recent days, even if of course there are some borderline cases, we go to commando two now the name of lords of the fallen does not change the fact that the game has already been announced there too, the two were finally shown again at


, but that the sequel would come actually is already old news, so we are uploading the two games are not even closer now, but there are also other borderline cases like the new open world game from konnex as developer or the mystery in everywhere where, even after the announcement, it's not very clear what it's actually supposed to be, so let's start our overview with these two titles in this video that is brought to you by destroying everything humans 2 travel back and in a deadly mission this time the king of conquerors of alien worlds is making the 60s unsafe, he has to take revenge for the destruction of chronic mothership so turn your anal but also agu do and grab the invasion partner once the story campaign completes this time you can play through dreaming 2 solo or in split-screen co-op starting august 30 for playstation 5x box about sex and es and for pc de juni wake in the there were already first images to see a few months ago now that's the whole project, but also a full name and a first trailer, currently no graphics of the game, but a panoramic view of the edges of the desert planet, including Bremen , which is only preparing to mount a huge sandton, we now know for sure that juno's rating will be an open world survival mmo by building and expanding our own bases experiencing sandstorms with some of the ikoni the schen vehicles of the famous template They explore the vast desert seas and fight with thousands of other players for supremacy in arages on land and in the air.
auf der gamescom wurden ber 30 neue spiele angek ndigt   hier sind sie
There is no release date yet but the ca ification juno should be out but for pc ps 5 and xbox expedia consoles if it does after some nebulous announcements on gamescom, sie es and his Rocket Boys photo team showed off an in-game trailer for their open world game in all parts, there was also a lot of pia buzzwords and then a lot of speculation as to whether or not the game would live on blog chain content and lfc sits, devs deny that even though it's currently half but completely convincingly long as edano bland, in no case should there be two almost biweekly haifa worlds of bright colors, but also very dark, more realistic. player-created UGC worlds and integration of streaming and social components are said to be important elements of the game we still don't know if that means level building kit player decisions or a fts means that the statements were too vague for that, however, it should already appear in 20 23, maybe we will get our answers shortly before gamescom revival also announced a survival shooter with a sci-fi setting after the earth was invaded by aliens In the 22nd century, we search for supplies in the ruins of our world to build a base and search for survivors, but the main thing that he does not want is a mirror of creation, but a pv ego shooter in which we shoot the remaining aliens together on the stack, even if the campaign can be played solo, a chorus partner is recommended in the endgame at most t blaze to get to the ki behind the news from the development studio by the way there will be dance soon who also owns tik tok and who is also using revival wants to try the first time on the game market from September 2 k already can you play a closed beta game?
auf der gamescom wurden ber 30 neue spiele angek ndigt   hier sind sie

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auf der gamescom wurden ber 30 neue spiele angek ndigt hier sind sie...

Do you still know that Tintin, the curious reporter and his four-legged companion, are actually almost 100 years old? die made the couple's cigars and turned it into an action adventure the first trailer time an open but abandoned tomb of pharaoh and silhouettes of tintin in the screenshots we see them live and in color the graphics are based on the familiar comic look but in 3d Environments The game is supposed to be out in 20 23 and if you don't want to wait until then you can read the comic template. It has been available for 90 years. The popular business simulation railway empire is having a successor with which we are starting anew. a small railway company in the 19th century and we are building through clever planning our company gradually becoming a railway monopoly on the tracks this time covering the entire United States as well as continental Europe we can play five campaigns and 14 scenarios with six characters there are also a free mode with a freely adjustable difficulty level as well as a build mode where we can fully concentrate on building perfect railway networks, which should be much more fun thanks to improved track building.
auf der gamescom wurden ber 30 neue spiele angek ndigt   hier sind sie
The terraforming of the dungeon series will also continue. also building here a dungeon in which our creatures feel comfortable and defend home sweet home with perfidious traps against annoying heroes to increase our power we take control of the upper world with our dark army or face the dwarves underground the campaign of The story should include 20 missions with sound and there is also a two player co-op mode for double vice. The story campaign is said to include 20 soundtracked missions, and on top of that, there is also a two-player co-op mode. Endless double vice bombs is the name of the new addon for farming simulator 22 that adds the dlc. freshness to life as a farmer in September sprain manure separation and configurable biogas plants so that we can not only fertilize much more efficiently, manure distribution and raw material storage are also upgraded when the house is chargeable but also contains 30 brand new machines that are designed for the new game features and if you have a nose full of endless traffic jams, citi skylines may be with the plaza celebrity nails expansion which will soon transform the city center into a pedestrian paradise with social guidelines in pedestrian areas that include street music with speed limit or sugar train the new fathers specialization in residential metropolitan area offices and commercial area and buildings f For municipal services you can keep your city clean, calm and free of vehicles and make residents be a little happier now, when Braker announced it, they surprise gave two camps of fans at once, on the one hand the fans of subotic the underwater survival adventure the previously published by the development studio unknown worlds, on the other hand the fans of the fantasy author brad anderson, who had previously only announced a video game cooperation but moonraker back tactics game has nothing to do with fantasy or underwater setting but is a digital sci-fi tabletop conversation game where we pit our units against the opponent let let the battle continue each with their own ability now can be painted individually our buddy fabiano has a lot of fun playing the man the others can give us feedback from September 29th when Moan Braker goes into early access The Planet Survival Stranded Alien Thorn leaves us the fortunes in the k.
auf der gamescom wurden ber 30 neue spiele angek ndigt   hier sind sie
Leading a group of colonists stranded on an alien planet, we must eat to warm up, relax and much more take care of ourselves to keep our people alive as we upgrade our camp from a mere roof over our heads to a magnificent fortress. We must attack simultaneously challenging the locals who do not like our presence at all, not surprising from their point of view because after all, we aliens have settled on their planet, it does not continue with a game, but an announcement nonetheless important to play sony is reacting to the success of xbox elite and has opened gamescom announced its own pro controller while xbox users had had a modular and adaptable first-party controller available for a while with the song, playstation gamers had to turn to 3rd party manufacturers but that will soon be over attorney has interchangeable sticks Cap buttons on back and bar modules Freely adjustable buttons Storable and adjustable control models and a few more features Price and release not currently known , but we move on to the main title with which you can finally take the stress out of moving Go to the couch with his friends. you can experiment without breaking yourself 20 23 continue to intimidate two you have to deliver entire households in the basket as efficiently as possible or damage goods or your friendships so we don't have much information about the new game yet but already a first look at the new ones homes and avatar customization options, among other things, we can choose between a toast or a pink cloud as the head, this is a continuation of the tell-tale adventure tales of the borderlands, which we have known for a long time since the ohren l But we still know a bit about the singleplayer narrative d The adventure gets three new heroes and each of the figures brings their own motivation of interest to the story, so our decisions can come up completely differently with all three.
There is also a little talking stick footed weapon which are your choice of words with fan favorite nonsense can contain your dress bloody features in part a dlc revolving around and carnegie hall an opera house turned arena where gladiator fights are held for the amusement of the masses and we participate in them as players he is, should be the target from the zombie game and by the way it's coming out on oct 13 steve gallen otherwise he's got too much action with us he might be happy with the turtle pirate style we're buccaneers at sea here too but be aware how battles shouldn't be fought in explosive real time in turn-based tactical duels on the road to meeting power and wealth we expect numerous historical pirate captains to become staunch allies or enemies depending on how we decide the game is by the way of the creators of port royal leaves the economic part this time but probably outside of the release the trailer is scheduled for the beginning of 2003 and 2020.
Also, the two painful extensions look completely different from what we are used to from the shooter. This time we are going to the colorful and futuristic city of Namie, where the legion of shadows and the guardians are fighting a bitter battle between energy palm trees and skyscrapers. Besides the city, the thread is also a new ability of the new runner people. of clouds, which allows us, among other things, to jump between obstacles with an energy loop depending on the situation. class, there are routes with different characteristics waiting for you detroit got human has announced its new narrative adventure with under the waves and that which takes place in the north sea could be extreme only developed by the publisher as the side studio title the story is supposed to it's about the power of pain what exactly that means but we still don't know if you get into the suit of a professional diver in the deep because the north sea goes in and experiences things there that change your life forever under the waves appears 20 23 for pc playstation and xbox friends versus friends combines online pvp shooter gameplay with deck building mechanics in london or tour it's all about matches we compete against each other powers weapons only benefits are determined by our deck of cards we have to aim correctly but we ourselves have to choose between 10 playable characters of crocodile dog bite is all there is no date exact release date yet but the developers promise no one will buy into the microtransaction game advantages can put something in front of the action-rpg direct quest creator In a desert world where both weapons and monsters feed on the magic of the arena, similar to a monster hunter our enemies are plunged into the arena like flowing water but unlike the monster hunter our weapon changes based on what we create with our magic gauntlet and that is also important because the fights seem fast and offensive here good reflexes and a tactical vision of what happens in the fight are an advantage it could be said that our opponents do not treat us with kid gloves there are still more bad jokes and information on our website and from 2023 if he will suppose the game will be released killer clowns from outer space is actually an 80s horror movie but now also soon to be a Asynchronous horror survival multiplayer in the style of Friday Hertie, we play 13 aliens dressed as child clowns who want to harvest the inhabitants of an idyllic board of directors or one of the seven people who hang against thealien invasion, so to speak, rauber and gendarme only with laser beams animals with lethal balloons and pizza somewhat evil games a development studio involving many potassium-filled and dragon age veterans has released a first teaser for its RPG Word Song, therefore we show you the names of the players that the developers were involved in because that is the only concrete information that is in the trailer.
You couldn't watch the game nor were there any details about the story. However, we know that we move to medieval Portugal and that the Knights Templar should play a big role because that game is in an early stage of development, but there isn't even a release period or age of empires 4 target platforms aren't they are new, but the two factions that were revealed in the uml have already been revealed at least. for age of empires october 25th brings a free update namely new challenges and champions of the art of war for already existing civilizations as well as the ottomans and malia as completely new peoples which in smeet seem at first glance a mixture of techno and ghost. from china with its fast-paced battles and the hero and his entourage but the setting is completely different, he goes to china, more precisely to the nordli che song dynasty as the end of the era of the ten kingdoms see duels with sword and bow as in the trailer also how magic and traditional martial arts are intertwined we don't know much even who in smeet wants to give us a lot of freedom in the game also a system of professions with jobs farmer doctor maria or architect brings their own missions but so far there is no period we don't even know if the title will come out for pc consoles or both in fat hellcat we play you, whose mother watches over a theater in the house of demons until one day the seal is broken and the inmates of the theater kidnap its guardian in the depths of the building, now it's up to Joline to find her way through the fantasy world of the theater and save the mother she found with the help of magic theater masks and hedge/fights dynamic in the hellcat, 2d and 3d graphics are mixed and between the battles you also have to use platforms r passages contest the finals is a new shooting game developed by the former creators of battlefield that features a crazy game show in which the Teams compete against each other and not only aim well but, above all, they have to cooperate.
About Glory Honor and fans cheering are based on what exactly this will look like in the trailer, which is not updated yet, but those who are interested can sign up on the website for a playtest which will have place soon century we seize control of the imperial star observatory and lead the rise of science from there or at least try to do it the better we do with our experiments and production the better for us and science and even if the rest of the world suspects Only the agave, a little mushroom people, runs the machines for us and helps us optimize our processes.
The plastal by 2023 should initially be steam in early access states in Flatland. We are rebuilding the world after an apocalyptic catastrophe, only this time aliens haven't even attacked the earth another nuclear experiment went out of control the reason for the collapse of civilization was climate change devastating storms and rising sea levels resources are scarce and space is scarce that's why it's up to us to provide our little colony with as many important lost things and rediscover technologies and steer society in the right direction with laws by the way part of the flatland team already worked in the smith mine so im preparing myself for tough decisions and tough fates as neuroscientist joshua hayes we try in first person adventure our family passed down a rare genetic ect that triggers a type of dementia slowly dissolves each person's memory family member which also has an effect on your mind and personality j Oshua wants to stop the disease and participates in an experiment he shares that it's supposed to help him but he soon becomes deeply involved in it the intrigues of the research company the more he loses himself in his memories the more he has to wonder if he can really trust himself nico it's a schleich play revolving around a raccoon in a precarious situation he loves snacks but they've been banned by the government now he's sneaking the streets and houses with the chicken to find the latest bands in the world and, of course, to save them.
There hasn't been a release period for the PC game but age of sanity is visually very reminiscent of dancing this time we had it but it's not to do with dark fantasy it should be to do with lovecraft horror as investigator stopped We set up your base camp to survive, but we only find the resources for this in the extremely monster-infested world around us. Fortunately, we also meet other survivors on the way because we reach the camp and fight on our side, that's okay because the monsters are powerful and every encounter with them can end fatally thomas aller the one man town developer you almost ace fight with falcones changes with falconí bastion chronicles from aerial combat to urban planning for the city by air to the nozzles we build on the inhospitable cliffs and mountains of the towns of the world powerful settlements that defy the elements and a bit of gravity once built, we have we have to find commanders and specialists that not only unlock new buildings but also units that we can use to defend our newly built settlement against attacks from the air we will see how that works in 20 23 when work for kenya comes out chronicles for pc The game has just been announced too real time strategy bagram western fro nt, in which we direct the fate of the western front in the first world war, we will choose between the war zone and the fallen commanders who either direct the deployment of troops and divide resources or carry out direct battles in time battles real with units in the battlefields in case the traces of our fights carry weather changes also make life difficult for commanders we play with the allies or central powers and use different tactics to decide big and small battles and the whole war from the platform pose a tesla graduate gets a second part just like in the predecessor here too the electromagnetic force is the key to survival and not only helps us pull all sorts of things out of this way from the creature but also to solve the riddle for them, so to speak.
We not only have to use our brains but also our flexible training. and climb passages and boss fights to be mastered flyer 2 will be released next year half has singer is a rhythm shooter crysis nico denz is a rhythm dungeon crawler and god of rock is a rhythm fighting game with twelve different characters we master 40 rock songs and at the press of a button, the right moment to carry out many small blows and then also powerful special attacks. Works alone or with local multiplayer. The brother has an online multiplayer brand. If you're really sure what you like, we've probably never beaten it melodically, these were the games that were recently announced during gamescom, which ones were you particularly excited about and which ones did you miss?

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