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Audi A6 vs BMW 5 Series vs Mercedes E-Class vs Lexus ES - which is best?

Jun 06, 2021
Stylish saloons are the basic transport of business executives, offering impressive luxury, the latest technology, decent space and driving, but what can you choose between the BMW 5 Series, the new Audi a6, the Mercedes E-Class or If you want to think that there is a little more left and you don't like diesel the new Lexus ES to do that I am going to compare their designs yes, I am a total and absolute carb critic their cabins I like the interior look how practical they are keep going stuck and figure out what they like to drive, we're just not like mice in the nation first, although let's look at how much these cars cost, the Lexus starts at £35,000, the Mercedes around £38,000, the Audi costs thirty nine thousand pounds and the BMW £37,000, however, you can save an average of four hundred pounds on the Lexus, six thousand pounds on the Mercedes, almost seven thousand pounds on the Audi and around five thousand pounds on the BMW.
audi a6 vs bmw 5 series vs mercedes e class vs lexus es   which is best
The price you actually pay at the dealership is very important. Check it, click the pop-up button in the upper right corner of the screen in the link below the video to go to the car. Wow, there you can configure your ideal car, choose all the engine specifications you want and you will get Offers from the dealers, so make sure to do it with these types of stylish vehicles. Part of what you're paying for is the badge on the hood and how expensive the car looks in the executive lot. You know that the e in Mercedes means e. -class means elegance, it's actually not that attractive, but it could work because it's a very classy looking car and now I'll give you a little tip when you're driving at night and you think there's a Mercedes behind you.
audi a6 vs bmw 5 series vs mercedes e class vs lexus es   which is best

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audi a6 vs bmw 5 series vs mercedes e class vs lexus es which is best...

You can tell what model it is by the number of lines it has and it is daylight, like the headlights, if it has one line, it is C class, if it has two like this car, it is an E class and if it has three, it is an s-class Yes, I'm a complete and utter car guy, now Aldi's design is often criticized for being a bit boring too, but I think the Asics are just understated and not just boring. I really like this Brethren Court car for its true haunches. It just reminds me of the Quattro from the 80s and that silver stripe across the lights looks really cool.
audi a6 vs bmw 5 series vs mercedes e class vs lexus es   which is best
Now a lot of people may say it's a shame because of the face, but I actually also like a big open DS grille, two of the three German ones. the more reserved looking BMW, the 5 Series is a pretty smart looking car, it doesn't exactly stand out. I mean, it's quite nice and you definitely have to go for the m-sport because then it has more aggressive front and rear bumpers. and some side skirts, in fact, buying a 5 Series that isn't an M Sport is a bit like going to a black-tie event in just a tuxedo, however, if you're the type of person who would wear a white tuxedo just to be different from the rest then this could be the car for you this is easily the most distinctive looking car of the bunch it looks like it's wearing a samurai mask on the outside the interior of this car is very distinctive won It won't be to everyone's taste because they are happening a lot going on here, but I like these features, like the way these metal parts and accents are supposed to mimic those of a samurai sword.
audi a6 vs bmw 5 series vs mercedes e class vs lexus es   which is best
Yes, there are a lot of samurai themes with this thing. and the quality is impeccable, so that straight line, that seam made by the hand of a man, not by a machine. In fact, the quality of the materials overall is actually very good, it feels luxurious, I definitely like the interior, but when it comes to luxury, surely. a Lexus can't be too Mercedes, well next day this car is quite Australian, the interior shows, it's a bit shiny and look at me, I like the wide design and the open Paul Ward and the materials in general are quite nice .
You feel like the quality isn't as deep in the other cars, it's more than just in the vicinity, like the tap stuff, it can feel a bit hollow and cheap, also some of the details they really hit, I mean the door. The handle is really bad Jet New Jersey, that's the lower side of Asics, on the other hand, it does a better job of combining style and substance year after year and always nails car interiors. There is something simply Bauhaus about this interior. It's minimalist, it's just industrial. I love it. the metallic of the place and it is so ubiquitous.
I mean, really, if you turn this car on, you should think it will automatically play techno music and the overall qualities are good and smoother. Tell us about the place. It feels solid. There are only one or two places. where you'll find cheap plastics that scratch and although it's a big block of plastic it looks expensive enough not to matter, finally we come to the 5 Series


doesn't have the inner core of the other cars but that's not necessarily a problem . I'm going to come and say it. This is the interior that looks the least interesting.
However, I can't fault the quality. In fact, I think it's the


overall. You won't find even a bit of cheap plastic here. You can look wherever you want, in the other cars you will find something, but not here, not in the BMW, it is super strong, well built and has a luxurious feel. The BMW also leads the field with its standard entertainment system, you get a widescreen, digital display. dolls, everything is very easy to use via the touch screen or click wheel. It's a shame that while it has Apple Carplay, there's no Android Auto. The next


system is the Audi,


has Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
You have to pay more if you want a big main center screen and fancy digital dolls, but then it looks glorious and has very easy to use menus, unfortunately, being just a touchscreen that is mounted relatively low, it is quite difficult to use while driving , especially since the climate controls are operated via the lower center touchscreen. This is less of an issue with a system in the Mercedes E-Class, as it has a physical touchpad to navigate through menus, although it's still not the easiest system to use, lower-end cars have it too. a smaller touchscreen center with basic navigation, a digital display for the driver is also not standard, while all the infotainment is the old Mercedes system, it's not the latest or greatest you get in the A-level class. entry, although it is still far ahead of the a. system that frankly sucks, it may have a good bite screen, but the complicated menus and strange mouse import method make it as easy to use as eating a steak with chopsticks, it would really test the patience of a saint with Valium, talking about what the Lexus is good at helping its passengers relax well, it all depends on their height, there is barely any room here in the back, that's really good, what's not so good is that that Sloping, attractive looking roofline means that if I sit back my head hits the roof.
Maybe it's because this car is Japanese and Japanese people are a little shorter on average than Brits, so the average height of A man in Japan according to Google is 171 centimeters, while in the United Kingdom it is 175 centimeters, but he is very short compared to him. Dutch, the average height of a Dutch person is 185 centimeters. I wish I was Dutch. Rear headroom isn't an issue in the E-Class, but it also has its own minor issues. It's perfectly fine here in the back, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you're going to be picky, which of course I am, it's my job, so the knee room isn't as generous as on the others. cars.
The front seats are quite low, making it difficult to get your feet under them to also stretch the seat. The bases don't provide as much support under the thighs. Is there anything else? Is there anything else? No, it's hard to fault the BMW's rear seats, but that doesn't mean they're perfect, it's very comfortable here in the back, not by much. and plenty of room which is both head room and knee room, the only complaint really is the fact that if someone in front has a seat like yours, you can't really get your feet under it too much, it seems like They can't stretch as much as you'd like. then you could use this really deep seat base that gives you a lot of Alexa port.
Fortunately, there are absolutely no reception compromises in the Audi. This is super comfortable here in the back with tons of space. I'm very happy you know that. What would happen if I ordered a super executive? I'll pick one with an Audi a6 for sure and if you want to split your super fare three ways the a6 wins again as it's the best for carrying three adults in the back at once. followed by the BMW and then the Mercedes, last of all is the Lexus, which feels quite cramped due to its narrower cabin and that sloping roofline.
However, there is little to choose between cars when it comes to installing a child seat, they are all spacious enough. However, the Audi does even better as it also has mounting points to repair ice on the front passenger seat. The A6 also has the most practical boot here – its square shape helps. This car doesn't actually have an automated tailgate, but it is on a spring. so it opens by itself anyway, you have to close it with a little slam, no problem, although the trunk is really good, very easy to use. It has a nice square shape.
Plus, the opening is very nice and wide too. Look at this view and enter the ground. storage or for tile repair kit, this has a little hook so you can hang it there. Another thing I like is this aspect. I can fold down the rear seats, including the middle one, individually or obviously they all have plenty of space and looks that I can do. which in a nice way I like the Audi the Mercedes does not have folding rear seats it is standard they are an optional extra but that is the only real complaint regarding the boots this is more than up to the job and there are a couple of features that really like look at this bag hook so you can hang things and when you go around corners your groceries don't slide everywhere and this is fine, I'll show you there's a pretty decent amount of underfloor storage here and you can The City Box Mercedes folding brute looks perfect for your trip to Waitrose darling, but how does it compare to its German cousins ​​in terms of practicality?
One of the things I like about the trunk of this car is that the low light isn't too much. hot, it's easy to lift things in and out and you don't have much of a loading edge either. This particular car has folding rear seats, let's pull these levers here, you have to run back to lower them, though you'll see. There's a decent amount of opening to push things in and I'm going to put the seats back because you can get them to split into three parts and luckily you carry things and people. I'm stuck, yes, I'm definitely stuck, you won't.
Have you ever been stuck like this in the Lexus because it's not available with folding rear seats, but it has a power tailgate as standard and lights up with those from Mercedes and BMW, it doesn't get nervous if you try to rush it, look there. go and then I can slam it if I want, don't worry, look, it's not broken, of course, it's Alexis, well, okay, I don't really like the boots ones and that's nice, the capacity of the lake is too is. Not great for Alexis, it's about 20% less than the other three cars, although its deep design helps offset this.
The Germans are pretty even in trunk space, but the Audi simply outperforms the Mercedes, which in turn is slightly better than the BMW in transportation. luggage, but surely that doesn't matter, after all, the 5 Series will surely win when it comes to driving, Miss Bendall. It definitely has a sporty feel to it, the way you feel like you're actually sitting in it, it really feels like a smaller car than it actually is, it's also responsive, although it's not because it grips really well, it stays nice and flat, the rear-wheel drive pushes you through the corners and the steering is sharp, but it's not the best, it's not.
It feels as good as the steering and the Mercedes, say, which is strange, but that's the engine's only weakness. As for the engine, it's very little diesel, that's all you really need. It's punchy, maybe a little noisy, although I can't fault the 8-speed automatic gearbox. It is bright, smooth and responsive, it is quite safe, however, when accelerating it can seem a little noisy, these two little diesels, then there is a suspension, it is comfortable over bumps, this car has a normal suspension, it is okay, but you can make it even better with the adaptive suspension it really is the whole package it can be fun it can be comfortable it can be both I like the Audi a6 it's pretty much in the middle of its two German alternatives in terms of how it drives it's almost as comfortable as the Mercedes and it's almost as agile to drive as the BMW, it's fabulous, fabulous, off road and with agile steering, although I don't really feel much of what's happening with the front wheels, that's my only complaint, oh I have another one when you step on itflat out with this 7-speed gearbox you get with the 2-litre diesel is a little slow to respond and can be a little choppy when maneuvering around town; you get an 8 speed with a three liter diesel and that's actually a little bit slower but smoother when you're just going until it becomes legend this car is powerful enough to be a diesel this kaizen It's fabulous and fabulous, if I'm going to buy it, there's a grade of oak that it would have. and that's the air suspension because it's even more comfortable than the Mercedes with its air suspension.
It's sublime, but people don't tend to buy suspension in the UK, we tend to buy options that we can see like huge alloy wheels which, ironically, actually lower. comfort levels we're just not the smallest nation, the Mercedes e class is all about that comfort and it totally nails it. It's a quiet ride, it's comfortable on the pumps, in fact the standard suspension is probably the best of the bunch in terms of dealing with bumps and you can do even better if you get the optional air suspension and then just float down the road the automatic gearbox is very smooth you don't even notice it changing gears when you put your foot down it is very responsive , very fast and the two-letter diesel engine in this car is powerful, you are economical, the surprising thing is that the steering actually feels quite sporty. oh wait a minute, so you took this into a corner and it grips and turns, okay, it doesn't lean a bit more than its German rivals, it gives you a total feeling of security because actually, at the end of the Today It's more of a cruiser than a sports saloon and that's fine because as I said it just plays that card brilliantly so all the Audi Mercedes at BM will drive brilliantly in their own unique way but will it be the same for the Lexus, there is one thing you have to accept with the ES and that is that it doesn't particularly like to be driven fast, if you suddenly want to accelerate it goes fast, the engine makes a whining sound and if you throw it into a corner it doesn't really like it either. , it's a bit bulky and cumbersome, so just change your attitude, just sit back, relax, enjoy these super comfortable seats.
I think actually, do you know why I'm more than fine with the way it drives? It's just super relaxed. just don't share it with the Germans because then you'll realize that not only are they skilled at driving, but they're actually a bit more comfortable and quieter. Oh boy, this car gallops on one thing, though that's the economy it's getting. 45 miles per gallon, which is a little better and I've gotten out of all those German cars, but this one uses gasoline instead of diesel and a lot of people are trying to avoid diesel these days, so where does all that leave us?
Well, the Lexus. It's a good car, I like its badge and if you don't want a diesel, this hybrid can give you good economy, but it's not really as good as the German ones, but how do they compare well? I think I probably would. Choose the BMW or Audi instead of the Mercedes. Just say it's between these two and I think I'll lean towards the Audi only by a very narrow margin. You know, this is a great all-around car, it looks classy and feels classy inside. It's very spacious, good to drive and has decent technology and that's why the twins are doing this test.
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