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Aug 12, 2022
Hello everyone, welcome back to my trivia channel,


is one of those videos that I don't like to


, but it is absolutely necessary in recent days, especially since I have received quite a few emails from some of our viewers that I have received letters from your Internet service provider. I have printouts of them here and I'm going to go over them a little bit in today's video because these are serious allegations. Streaming is the future. Transmission is where it's at. It is what it is now. what it's going to be, but you have to do it the right way and I


sure to lay the foundation for all my viewers.
attention don t make this firestick mistake
Unfortunately, some vitally important steps have been skipped, so let's talk about these cards and what they are. I mean,


is a copyright thing, guys, this is serious stuff. They want to stay in this video and they want to stay until the end of the video. I promise you it's worth the time. Let's do it right now, what is all this? on whether to use an amazon fire stick like the one I have here or an android box or even a gaming system to stream this applies to you now these letters let me put this aside here these letters that I received recently are quite disturbing and in I've actually talked about this in a few other videos, but I know a lot of people might skip some videos and that's why I don't want you to skip this one.
attention don t make this firestick mistake

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attention don t make this firestick mistake...

This one is very important here, so I'm going to talk about these. letters, obviously I'm going to leave out the names, but I'm going to read them very, very quickly so you can understand what's going on and then I'm also going to have the law right here and I want to make sure. everyone understands the law when it comes to streaming, it's vitally important and how it applies to you and I'm also going to share with you a way to avoid this problem completely at the end of this video so I'll put a qr. code in the corner of the screen that way, at any time during this video, you can go and protect yourself with what I'm going to share with you today, so let's talk about these letters first, so I have one from comcast and one from Spectrum. another one from comcast, so what are these?
attention don t make this firestick mistake
These are Internet Service Providers and what's happening is these companies are here, I won't say their name, but these companies are going out and contacting your Internet Service Provider to tell them that this IP address was registered as a download. certain information that is copyrighted they do not have the right to do so, whether you are streaming it, whether you are downloading it, whatever you are doing, they have identified that content as not legal, okay, so let me read this to you . real quick, blah blah blah, he has filed a federal lawsuit, so this is a major lawsuit in the united states district court of new jersey. you have been identified in our records through your assigned IP address, Internet Protocol address, that is vitally important and I want to make sure.
attention don t make this firestick mistake
What I mention in this video is the IP address as they identified you, do you know what an IP address is? If you don't know which one, really quick, it's your ID address, so all the content that goes to your device from anywhere. in the world comes to you through your router, that's your unique address to you, yes, you can change it and I'm going to talk about how to do that. In the video he goes on to say that it is unique to each Internet user. I mentioned in this lawsuit for allegedly infringing the copyright of said companies on the Internet by uploading or downloading a movie without permission, so when uploading or downloading a movie, let's say you are using Cinema HD or one of those third-party applications and you downloaded content that is not proprietary, that is a copyright violation and this was egregious in this case, it was supposedly done using a device with the IP address assigned and they mentioned that IP address and then there is a date and time when the court ordered Comcast to provide their name, address and other information of said company and then it goes on and on and this is how they provided that information you should be prepared for, that's just a letter, here is an email from Spectrum, the same kind of thing, just a quick scan.
I mentioned the same at the beginning and it says that this activity may have occurred without your permission or knowledge by an unauthorized user who is underage or does not fully understand copyright laws and that is what I want to make sure you have it or even as a result of the computer virus that you mention here as well, which could absolutely happen if you have it if you don't have good protection and then this third party is also from comcast and this is more of a warning but this talks about slowing down your The Internet turns off or turns off completely, so this is called throttling, which is very common if you have a lot of activity on the Internet, so if you are streaming a lot or you are downloading a lot and your IP address is designated or assigned to Yes You determine that you have been doing all this traffic, then the Internet Service Provider might reduce it to a speed where you will not even be able to use the Internet with difficulty, so how can you fix it?
I'll talk about that in a moment, but I want to talk about the law here because I really want you to understand what copyright is and how you can avoid it altogether. You don't want this. You don't want this. letters I feel bad for these people. In fact, I have provided you with videos on how to avoid something like this in the past and maybe you just haven't seen all of my videos and I understand there are a lot of them out there, but let's talk about the law for real. quick and I have my laptop here because when it comes to law, I'm not a lawyer, I'm not licensed to give legal advice or anything like that, I'm just reading on the website here that says that if a copyright holder , as a specific company, believes that a person has downloaded protected content without permission, it can take two courses of action, it is important that you understand both here first, they can send a notice to the Internet service provider serving the offending individual.
When that happens, the ISP will immediately send a notice to the customer in question accusing them of copyright infringement and demanding that they stop, which is pretty much what two of the three letters did, one of which was a little further and that's the second one. Second, they can sue the alleged infringer and subpoena the Internet service provider to obtain the infringer's contact information. This will result in the Internet Service Provider sending the infringer a letter notifying him/her of the same, in accordance with the law and based on all these letters. It's clear that it's all about your IP address, which is your identifier, that's how they know what you're streaming, what you're downloading, everything you're doing and these computers today are incredible, they can determine anything with anyone. without having a manual person. checking and spying, you don't have to do that anymore, the computer will tell them that you are downloading a large amount of activity or streaming a large amount of activity, it will be a red flag, they will scan the content with their computer send it I tell you they will know what what are you doing and it bothers me to no end when I get emails from clients who are stressed what do I do what do I do and I've shared this with everyone before, if you've seen my videos, you need a VPN if you're a streamer, whether it's a Fire Stick, a Android box or even a smart TV, it doesn't matter if you're streaming over the Internet. to protect yourself you need to change your IP address, a VPN changes your IP address and I know a lot of people say, well it will never happen to me or the VPN slows down my internet too much, first of all it will happen to you.
It's just a matter of time and it will slow down your internet, but only if you have a slow VPN, the key is that you need to have a VPN that is good and with a speed that doesn't slow you down terribly, what a VPN basically does is it takes your signal. , sends it to a remote server and then sends it back with a completely unique IP address. The VPN performs three functions. The number one thing I'm talking about today is your IP address. You change your IP address by doing that. By sending it to the server and returning to you, it changes your IP address so that your Internet Service Provider or these infringing companies have no idea where you are and don't know that it is you who is downloading or streaming a large amount of content.
The second thing is that hackers don't know where you are. You could be in Chicago, but your VPN says you're in Seattle. They don't know where you are because your IP address is the specific address they assigned you. different, they don't know where it comes from and the third thing is the blocked content. You can change your location, as I mentioned, to virtually any city or country in the world that your VPN offers and you can block the content of a football game or a baseball game that is blocked in your area is no longer blocked with something like that, It gives you a lot more content, so a VPN is more than just a name people don't think they need on their Fire Stick.
It's vitally important if you're streaming, so what can you do to avoid these letters here and getting into trouble with copyright infringement? You want to stream but you want to do it without stress. All you need to do is get a VPN and the one I use is expressvpn. Why do I use them? They are the fastest in the industry. They have the most locations in the industry. They are extremely safe. They are very affordable. Everything you want in a VPN and if you're out there and already doing it. I have a VPN, I want to test you on something here, so expressvpn has a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee.
I want you to do a speed test on your current VPN, if you already have one, and then download expressvpn and take the test. with expressvpn do a speed test on both i think you will find that expressvpn is much faster and when you are streaming nothing is more frustrating than buffering and i want all my viewers to have a good safe streaming experience and don't worry about fight legal issues, there is absolutely no reason for it, just follow what I tell you and you will be fine. I'll put a link in the description of this video where you can get expressvpn for up to 49% off the regular price.
By clicking on that link, if you are watching this on a mobile phone, all you need to do is go to the end of the video, click on the title of the video, the description section will open and you can click on the link where You can get up to 49 off at expressvpn, so why not save some money if you're watching this on tv? All you need to do is pick up your phone camera, open your phone camera, hold it in front of the screen. the qr code in the corner and then you can get expressvpn also at the same discounted price very easily it will just appear on your phone open your browser so I just wanted to make this quick video because when I get emails from people who are struggling because to transmission problems, it really bothers me.
I want all my viewers to have a great experience when they stream, a safe experience where they don't have to worry about legal battles because there's no reason, there are ways to do it without having to worry about that, that's why I made this video. Anyone who has any questions feel free to comment below and if you are using expressvpn already comment below and let everyone know. you are using it how much you like it because I have tried them all and expressvpn is by far the best, they are the fastest, they are the most compatible, they have the most locations, without a doubt, it is the top VPN and again yes You already have a VPN, just try canceling ExpressVpn after 29 days if you don't see a difference, but I assure you that you will probably see a significant difference in your speed and when you are streaming, which is what it's all about, I really hope you enjoyed it .
Like the video if you did it again. If you have any questions, comment below. Now let's move on to more fun videos.

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