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Assassin's Creed - All memory corridors

Jun 11, 2021
Stay in peace, you and all your kind will pay for this. It seems that now you are the one who pays, my friend, you no longer benefit from suffering anymore. You consider me a little death dealer nursing at the breast of war, a stranger. objective, don't you think why I, when so many others do the same, you think you're different then, oh, but I am, but I serve a much nobler cause than mere profit, just like my brothers, brothers, ah, but he thinks that I am nothing but a peace? man with a role to play, you will soon meet others and they will not like what you have done well.
assassin s creed   all memory corridors
I hope to end their lives too. That party will destroy your son. Let go of your part. Oh. unless now the endless dream calls me but before I close my eyes I must know what will become of my children. You mean the people made to suffer your cruel experiments will now be free to return to their homes Oh, what alms the sewers the portals the prisons that we would hide from them you took these people against their will yes how little will there was for them twelve you are really so naive you appease a kind child simply because whale but I want to play with fire father What would you say however you wanted?
assassin s creed   all memory corridors

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Ah, then you would answer for his bell. These are not children, but adult men and women in body, perhaps but not in mind, which is the damage I sought to repair. I admit, without the piece of Eden you stole from us my progress slowed down but the mixes and the extract My gods are proof of this they were crazy before I found them and fed them from the prison of their own minds and with my death man and they will be again you really think you were helping them it's not what I think it's what I know you have nowhere to run now share your secrets with me my part is to play the Brotherhood is not weak enough for my death to stop its work what brotherhood al mualim is not the only one with designs on the Holy Land and that is all you will have from me, then we will end, we beg forgiveness from your God, he abandoned us a long time ago, he abandoned the men and women that I took in my arms a long time ago, what do you mean bears, horse addicts, lepers, they beat you like? suitable slaves, not fit for even the most menial tasks, no, I took them not to sell but to save them and yet you would kill us all for no other reason than that they asked you to, no, you profit from the war with The lives lost and broken, yes, you.
assassin s creed   all memory corridors
I would think you were as ignorant as the wall of fire. They say it's what your kind does best. Do you see the irony in all this? No, it doesn't seem like it yet, but now you will be at peace. His words can no longer hurt. Why did you do it? This, you stole money from those you claim to leave, you sent it for some unknown purpose. I want to know where it went and why, look at me, my very nature is an affront to the people I ruled and these noble robes did little more than cushion it. their cries of hate, so this is about revenge, so no, not revenge, but my conscience, how could I finance a war in the service of the same God who calls me an abomination if you do not serve Salahuddin?
assassin s creed   all memory corridors
Because who will arrive on time, you will know. I think that perhaps now also then why hide why these dark facts are so different from your own work you take the lives of men and women with the conviction that their deaths will improve the loss of those left behind a lesser evil for an evil Major well we are the same no, we are nothing alike ah but I see it in your eyes doubts that you can't stop us we will have our new world to rest now your plans have come to an end what do you know about my work?
I know you are I'm going to murder Richard and claim Appa for your son Conrad Conrad, my son is an idiot who is not fit to lead his host much less a kingdom. Richard, the oshino, is no better blinded than he is by faith in the insubstantial arkla, so he belongs to neither. who owns the city to its people, how can you say you speak for the citizens, you stole their food, you disciplined them mercilessly, you forced them to serve under your command, everything I did, I did to prepare them for the new world , I stole their food, no, I took possession then? that when hard times came it could be properly rationed my district has no crimes except those committed by you and your ilk and that is for mandatory military service, they were not training them to fight, they were teaching them the merits of order and discipline, these things are no matter how noble you think your intentions are these acts are cruel and cannot continue we will see how sweet the fruits of your labors are you do not liberate the cities as you think but you liberate them and in the end you will only have yourself to blame, You who speak of good intentions, your work here has finished, no, it has just begun, tell me what is your part in all this.
Do you intend to defend yourself like others have and explain your evil accounts to another community? what the city wanted it wanted power there was an opportunity an opportunity to murder innocence not so innocent cutting dissident voices as deep as steel disrupt the order in this I also agree with the Brotherhood you kill people simply for believing differently than you of course not I killed them because I could because it was fun. Do you know what it feels like to determine another man's destiny? Did you see the way the people cheered the way they feared me?
I like a god, you would have done the same if you could have had that power once maybe but then I learned what happens to those who rise above others and what is that here let me show you are you afraid of course I am afraid but you will be at Except now held in the arms of your God, my brother has taught you, I do not know what awaits me for all of us, if it is not your God, then what nothing expects, nothing expects and that is what I am afraid, do not believe it, how could I have given what I know what I've seen was proof that this life is all we have, so stay a little longer and tell me what role you would play in the blockade if I can stop the foolish kings and queens from sending reinforcements one day.
Once we have conquered the Holy Land, you vanished, fool of the world. tyranny of faith freedom you work to overthrow the control of the city the minds of men murdered anyone who spoke against you I followed my eldest son believing in my cosmic just like you why have you done this men should be free to do what they believe is not our right to punish one for thinking what they do, no matter how much we disagree, then what you should know is the answer, educate them, teach them right from wrong, it should be a knowledge that sets them free. , don't force them, they don't learn, fixed in their ways as they are.
You are naive to think the opposite for which there is only one cure, you are wrong and that is why it must be put to an end. I'm no different than those precious books you seek to save a source of knowledge you don't agree with but you're quick enough to steal my life a small sacrifice to save many is necessary aren't they ancient scrolls that inspire the crusaders who Do they feel Saladin and his men with a sense of righteous fury? Do their texts endanger others? Do they bring death in their wake? I was also making a small sacrifice.
It matters little now your deed is done and I would see your eyes too before you die I feel like you were waiting for someone else what witchcraft is this there is no witchcraft we knew you came Robair needed to be sure he would have time to escape so run away We can't deny your success, you have ruined our plans, first the treasure, then our men, control of the holy land escaped, but then he saw the opportunity to recover what was stolen to take advantage of your victories. Al mualim still has your treasure. and we have defeated your army before any of Robear's plans fail again, ah, but not only will you face the Templars, now talk sense, Robear travels to AUSA to plead his case that Saracen and Crusader unite against the murderers, that will never happen.
They have no reason to salute, but now you have given them 1/9, in fact, the bodies you have left behind, victims of both sides, you have turned the


s into common enemies and ensure the annihilation of your entire order. Well done, no. nine-eight what do you mean? You are not my goal I will not take your life You are free to go But do not follow me I do not need it It is too late We will see what is done Then your plans as if they had put you to rest You do not know anything about plans You are nothing more than a puppet You betrayed boy just when he hit I would speak with sense Templar or nothing nine men told Pierre yes the nine who guarded the Secret pleasure, so what?
It was not nine who found the treasure killer, not nine, but ten. A tenth it may be that none of those who carry the secret will live, give me his name, oh, but you know it anyway and I very much doubt that you would take his life as willingly as you do. I have taken mine, who is your master, you are dumber, but he is not a Templar. Did you ever wonder how he knew so much how to find us? How many do we count? What do we aspire to achieve? He is the master of the


s we dominate. of lies, you and I, only two more ties in his great game and now with my death only you are left.
You think he will let you go knowing what you do. I have no interest in the treasure. Ah, but he makes the only difference between your master and me is that He didn't want to share ironic isn't it that I your greatest enemy kept you safe from harm but now you have taken my life and in the process you ended your own impossible the student doesn't defeat the teacher they? Say you walked in the race of mutlaq bell and moonkin so it looks like you've won then go and claim your prize you had fire in your hand old man it should have been destroyed destroy the only thing capable of ending the Crusades and creating true peace never then I'll see about that

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